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  1. donnyc

    Freshwater eels

    Love fishing for them my PB is 6llbs 12 oz caught on dead gudgeon there are the small mouths and larger mouths..Caught mine at midnight in a small lake full of them ,We always fished a little bay ..Strange but true a year to the day I caught my PB at around midnight I had a run hooked it and it was stalemate for nearly 10 minutes I got it nearly ready to net it and could not move it just thumping away 15lb braid supple ss hook length then after 10 minutes bang and away it went ...I just stared at my mate not a word said..My brother has caught many this year from the Ouse ledgering in the daytime on worm he hates them but cannot stop catching them LOL Always return them
  2. donnyc


    At times yeah
  3. donnyc


    GF was not GF as he changed his name when in prison .He was putting dogs down for people and went overboard .Met him way back in the 70s right character
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    Yes Ive got it here for when he makes the trip over bit of a delay as they were out of stock but its here now
  5. donnyc


    strong piece of kit
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  7. donnyc


    A Mate wants a sharptooth wheres the best place for one ? TIA
  8. donnyc

    suggestions for a private license plate

    empty your messages
  9. donnyc

    Beware fake Leopold

    Been going on for years
  10. Yes I did but have another youngster coming back to me out a litter thats been bred
  11. donnyc


    fishflex isnt cheaper than proper ammoxicillin
  12. Prick You dont know what your talking about
  13. Danhand you might do that No Highest bidder FFS it will be gifted along with the working mother and black that is also working. I’ve never been in it for £s as many many would tell you. I also have a 15 16 week bitch to place in a proper home very tidy white one with many many years of working blood behind her but it has to go nearer to me . f**k the big huntsmen names one known for 40 plus years trust no f****r now if the right homes not found then it’s the other option 2inch cartridge
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    Can you look in your inbox
  15. Webley Senior or junior pistols View Advert Wanted parts for the above no matter what condition PMs Please Advertiser donnyc Date 01/07/18 Price Category Airguns