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  1. Out of town jack hargreaves View Advert Has anyone got the full series I could buy ? Old or new Advertiser donnyc Date 17/09/21 Price Category Miscellaneous  

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    Has anyone got the full series I could buy ? Old or new


  3. Been in and out of hospital so not bothered advertising it plus I was shielding
  4. S410 and theoben sirroco tx200 I’m in the Essex Suffolk border
  5. think one barrels sold mounts and risers are all good condition the reg was tested by Ian and is quite a snappy reg depending on which barrel might be sold one is screw cut and carbon fibre tube over it other is good condition .Got so much stuff to do not just getting rid of my collection and not knowing how much time ive got left
  6. With my health problems that are extremely serious it’s taking time. Got 2 16 inch barrels open ported few sets of scope mounts a reg mk2 inlet that’s standard and mk1 one as well a 400 bottle so pm me a price
  7. View Advert For Sale BSA Scorpion pistol nickel finish .22 fitted with an old webley 1.5x15 pistol scope...Nth Essex just stuck the scope on quickly round the wrong way will change tomorrow LOL Advertiser donnyc Date 12/01/21 Price £60.00 Category Airguns  
  8. View Advert For Sale Webley Hurricane .22 bit of dust on it but its like mint condition job finding one as clean cant see any marks on it.... Nth Essex Advertiser donnyc Date 12/01/21 Price £80.00 Category Airguns  
  9. View Advert For Sale TX200 MK111 .22 in really nice clean clean condition shoots as it should.Stock totaly unmarked action very clean Advertiser donnyc Date 12/01/21 Price £300.00 Category Airguns  
  10. donnyc


    The best price I found for broadhursts first edition it made £600 on eBay darcys book is the leather bound one a limited edition . Chapmans book knowing the man near on 50 years is worth about £20 second of broadhursts book I’ve seen them at £200 mine haven’t been out the cover thanks for your imput
  11. .22 one is clean enough the other is in the white a blod nob barrel forgot what he called them both are open ported and the one in the white is threaded
  12. Due to serious health problems I’m selling all my hunting gear and books. Not been price watching so no idea of prices so any of you can give me some idea. First is J Broadhursts first edition terrier man and terriers then a new unread second edition of it then a new second edition book . Chapmans my hunting life as new. Darcys book little dogs big hearts number 18 of 25 the leather covered one with the outer hard sleeve as new TIA
  13. I’m in north Essex next to the Suffolk border postcode is CM74HE. It’s a .177 nice gun really
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