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    Car Wow!

    got rid of my lambo......no room for me dogs....and besides i prefer this 17 year old Citroen berlingo ..complete with smelly dog odour and abandoned kids clothes and shoes...
  2. maybe us anti's have changed his mind mate..
  3. i think we all have different opinions on politics...religion....and other life stuff that we all wont agree on francie... but i like posts like this...few pics ..kids and dad enjoying life...nice
  4. i think thats bad advise.....its very easy to miss a broken leg in a pup....dont f**k around kingofthelamp...get an xray
  5. me and the mrs stayed Caernarfon last year at a premier inn...only about £40 for the night.....nice little town it is as well..had a cracking meal in a pub i think was called the black boy inside the castle walls.... but theres plenty of campsites over that way
  6. like you me and the mrs did the llanberis last sept which was very busy ....but the day after we went half way up the watkins path to swim in the pools which are the most cyrstal clear water you will ever see...so if your hot have a swim or let the dog have a swim....it was also quiet compared to the the llanberis
  7. that cant be true......cos ....."we're fighting men"......isnt that what hes always saying..every second sentence
  8. i dont know mate....i seen a few of the the vids on youtube some time back that old man fury put up..and that theo fella....but dont know any more than that
  9. how tall are you..??...pine or oak...lol
  10. yeh she was... and great fingernails..lol
  11. i think crossfit would be a good new sport in the olympics .. just noticed there is now 3 a side street basket ball of all things....just one hoop fucks sake....bad enough the proper 5 a side basket ball ...remember 92 with the dream team...jordon johnson pippin..barkely etc....
  12. I havent herd that story but it wouldnt suprise me.....i always remember Paula (female bodybuilder) telling me that she was at a show down your way somewhere ....and Linford was giving out the medals....
  13. didnt he use winstrol .....and isnt that in the system for a good while after you stop....im sure a few of the other test type PED's can by out your system in a few days.....he deffo had bad advise from who ever was helping him with his PED'S
  14. and i think the female 100 was won by flo joe.....and i believe here olympic record still stands....
  15. ben johnson ....but got disqualified ...which ment carl lewis got gold....linford got moved up from bronze to silver
  16. what about all the chemicals they use to grow it.....all them hydro systems theres all sorts of shit in the water
  17. just showing off on here....pretending to be Rambo...lol
  18. agreed i think Lincoln is a far better historic city than york
  19. i recon all these bivy and hamock camping set ups are just for show....cos you dont do any of that stuff at the fishing comp......8 birth caravan all to yourself ya puff
  20. yank bird that hates her own country?? whos that mate....there was a hammer thrower last month that was being a twat at the olympic trials in the usa....
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