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    Yeh.... And look at the state of you now...
  2. TOMO

    NUFC Saudi

    Lennox. ..is the best we have produced. ..hands down....should I use the F word....I never have but it seems like the right time....F_ _ T.......lol
  3. Fred j Taylor. ..Yeh he wrote in the shooting times....ferreting and fishing.. Used to like his articles. ..I remember he like bags for ferrets not boxes...his reasoning was the ferrets made less noise scratching
  4. I recon it's just the tonic you need.. All the best
  5. In normal day to day I just feed once a day in the evening. ..and if I was going to just have a few runs local ...nothing to taxing I would just feed when I got back...
  6. I would also feed an hour or so after that night finished once the dogs heart rate are down...and he's had a good drink
  7. As above I wouldn't feed just before running a dog... But if I was planning a big night out with the possibility of many runs maybe a 100 or so runs...over many hours...I would feed 8 hours or so before the expected start of the night....typically around 4 pm for a midnight start
  8. this week I are mostly be speaking Africaans.....
  9. Africaans. ...for nice..or good...
  10. how do I see these youtube vids lads any links northernlight...
  11. don't really want to get involved in your chaps little disagreement...im just saying what I sore.....I will say this though she was small and lightweight bitch for what you see now in the bull/cross type.....I think the more modern ones are line bred...with more 3/8 5/8....ect....and you see some larger examples wich may excel at other quarry... funny though back then late 80's early 90's when we were running that bitch...most f1 bull/greys were smaller...l recon them old fighting pits were smaller leaner type creature ...and lets not forget bloody fit...takes some staminar getting in the ring for a fight... I think that's the thing with lurchers....you can generalise ....but there are exceptions.... oh and one last thing....whilst not exactly bull crosses....there have been a few lads in recent years that have done the Ton on the bunnys...the ones I know all had a drop of bull in
  12. I've watched a genuine f1 pit.grey...in fact not just watched. .but went out with for many seasons catch rabbit after rabbit on the lamp...she was a little 22 inch 45lbs...maybe 50 lbs. ...she could run all night....one of the best rabbit lamper I ever seen....had other bits of edible as well...
  13. they would be like 1.5 k on pets for homes... at the mo
  14. do a vid of the spicing tool working.....I used to use a needle
  15. cant say as the kelpie x grew lacked wind...she only had a 1/4 kelpie in her....and whilst she wermnt perfect....lack of staminar wasn't one of them....
  16. TOMO


    Lol....Yeh I'm a natural surfer. ..
  17. oh yes.......it will be all...."get down shep"....and for fucks sake stop chasing that car.....and will you get down of that sheeps back you ozzy c**t
  18. I recon if it didn't have the acd in it ...northern wouldn't of had it.....I just don't think he could bring himself to own a line bred collie/grey...
  19. TOMO


    wonder if the Israelis are helping out with the injured ....
  20. sound like Spanish....so I assume its spain....or perhaps mexico
  21. TOMO


    was booked for spain...driving down....bloody quarantine put paid to that....my 11 year old is starting secondry school in spet....can have him missing the first two week..
  22. TOMO


    I've managed to talk my Mrs out of going down there next week...cos I know it's going to be rammed ...a few days away in other spots around the uk
  23. TOMO


    How the hell is that help full. .lol
  24. TOMO


    Yes tickled me as well that one..lol
  25. Yeh i recon your right wilf.....insanity. . Why on earth we have nuclear power when we don't know how to get rid of the waste is insane....insanity is the only word for it....surly it's better to have the smoke from a coal fired power station. . Or like I have said to folk just recently. ..every building to have solar panels. ..and you would think that with today's tech they could invent a film/paint that goes on the walls of buildings that is a solar harvester of sorts...so not just the roof harvesting solar energy. ..but the hole building
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