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  1. hawki


    interesting clip
  2. she really thinks having the corona virus gonna stop me from hitting that
  3. yep thats a good link thanks mate
  4. any other links martyn, i got to many pop ups and congrats things on it, i closed the pages, i cant get through barricade of ads, any other links lads
  5. f#cking idiots https://twitter.com/i/status/1224030677299056644
  6. hawki


    walshie's taking names for hide the sausage at the fishing comp if anybody's interested
  7. social media is seriously screwing up peoples mallets, my conclusion is - the human race is f#cked beyond repair
  8. Derek Acorahs wife is donating his old clothes if you know anyone who will fit in them. He was a medium.
  9. Music pioneer Gershon Kingsley, who wrote the top 10 hit “Popcorn” and played a pivotal role in popularizing the synthesizer sound, died Dec. 10 aged 97 in New York. .R.I.P.
  10. I've had enough of Xmas already! Every year I work my fingers to the bone to earn enough money to buy the kids expensive presents and what happens? That fat f****r with the beard gets all the credit...... Still, its my own fault for marrying her.
  11. that's so sad R.i.p Jiggy
  12. fair play to the public sounds like it could of being much worse Well Done
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