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  1. hawki

    Eagle owl missing in Leinster

    it could of escaped from here https://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/public-appeal-for-help-as-exotic-birds-escape-from-dublin-aviary-1.3415573
  2. ever since i bought these worm tablets out of aldi and gave them to my dog (patterdale) hes acting weird he looks frightened and every now and again he chews his back legs, he is also not eating his normal amount. he is drinking fine, im just wondering if anybody that bought these wormers had the same symptoms with there dogs?
  3. nice pike theirs a good fishing section on this site if you go to forums have a flick through
  4. hawki

    Action man

    haha remember them! every second cap was a dud
  5. hawki

    Action man

    anybody have one of these badboys lol
  6. hawki

    Anyone good at quirky naming

    black nipapple thank you ill get my coat
  7. hawki

    World Cup 2018

    that was the best world cup i have seen Congratulations to the French B@stards
  8. hawki

    World Cup 2018

    this sums it up lads
  9. hawki

    world cup England

    Luka Modric doesn't look too happy
  10. hawki

    World Cup 2018

  11. hawki

    World Cup 2018

    well done girls
  12. hawki

    World Cup 2018

    Southgate at the moment