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    Funny Joke Thread

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    i don't believe he is broke, far from it.... https://realitystarfacts.com/is-noel-fitzpatrick-married-to-wife-or-dating-girlfriend-his-net-worth-revealed/
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    Funny Joke Thread

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    Bloody Sunday

    listen to the dirt if your on youtube, slow the vid down 0.5 and read what they say, that's why you have to sign in to view it, they admitted the people were innocent. Fookin w@nkers
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    What you listening to at the moment.

    used to listen to ub40 on my come downs from clubs from friday till monday morning smoke blow all night with one nighters and got to work next day, i would give my left ball to do it again
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    Funny Joke Thread

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    Bloody Sunday

    Go away and boil your head you simpleton
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    Liam Neeson