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  1. hawki

    Funny Joke Thread

    I went into a brothel and said, How much for anal? She said, "Sixty quid". I said, "Ah, that's a bit expensive". I think I'll leave it. She said, "Tight arse." I said, "Oh, go on then."
  2. hawki

    Funny Joke Thread

  3. hawki

    Funny Joke Thread

  4. hawki

    Funny Joke Thread

  5. hawki

    UFC Tonight

    that red fooker is a sly little bitch
  6. hawki

    UFC Tonight

    dont even start connor got battered yep but that weird russian peado raping bear fooker deserves to get kicked to death for that, i hope the irish boys dont let that go
  7. hawki

    UFC Tonight

    anybody nerdy got a decent link? asking for a friend
  8. hawki

    What you listening to at the moment.

    This song is a timeless gem
  9. hawki

    Funny Joke Thread

  10. hawki

    Rip little kyle

    Ahh God poor lil guy...... R.I.P Kyle sorry for your loss Delboy i wish the kid the best send off
  11. hawki

    Elon Musk

    good taught provoking podcast on Joe Rogan yesterday with Elon Musk he comes across as strange and robotic like as if hes programmed have a watch/listen if you have a few hours to spare
  12. hawki

    Eagle owl missing in Leinster

    it could of escaped from here https://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/public-appeal-for-help-as-exotic-birds-escape-from-dublin-aviary-1.3415573
  13. ever since i bought these worm tablets out of aldi and gave them to my dog (patterdale) hes acting weird he looks frightened and every now and again he chews his back legs, he is also not eating his normal amount. he is drinking fine, im just wondering if anybody that bought these wormers had the same symptoms with there dogs?