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  1. hawki

    Tyson fury jre

    joe could of pressed him on mtk global a bit more, he must of being told what questions he can ask
  2. hawki

    Tyson fury jre

    i taught he would be a muppet, hes actually coming across very well
  3. hawki

    Funny Joke Thread

  4. hawki

    Funny Joke Thread

    I went into a brothel and said, How much for anal? She said, "Sixty quid". I said, "Ah, that's a bit expensive". I think I'll leave it. She said, "Tight arse." I said, "Oh, go on then."
  5. hawki

    Funny Joke Thread

  6. hawki

    Funny Joke Thread

  7. hawki

    Funny Joke Thread

  8. hawki

    UFC Tonight

    that red fooker is a sly little bitch
  9. hawki

    UFC Tonight

    dont even start connor got battered yep but that weird russian peado raping bear fooker deserves to get kicked to death for that, i hope the irish boys dont let that go
  10. hawki

    UFC Tonight

    anybody nerdy got a decent link? asking for a friend
  11. hawki

    What you listening to at the moment.

    This song is a timeless gem
  12. hawki

    Funny Joke Thread

  13. hawki

    Rip little kyle

    Ahh God poor lil guy...... R.I.P Kyle sorry for your loss Delboy i wish the kid the best send off