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  1. Do it as soon as you can there's a huge backlog the 20th feb is the last day you can sort out your details these corrupt lying b@stards are bending the rules, some life long already registered voters were only registered to vote on certain things some boxes were not ticked when they checked online like Dail, European, and Local etc
  2. happy new year to all white nationalists
  3. its kickin off alright, 2 garda cars on fire now one on O'Connell Street
  4. Healy-Rae Ukrainian accommodation contract worth more than €160,000 WWW.IRISHTIMES.COM Independent TD for Kerry previously refused to disclose details of department contract
  5. don't put your name on the tinternet buddy
  6. Awful news Sinead passed away at the age of 56 magnificent singer a credit to Ireland R.I.P Sinead
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