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  1. well out soon this morning took the decoy eagle owl out put a Maggie at its feet and managed 3 maggies in a hour with the rapid 20,paul sewell done a lovely job on this rifle sounds like a mouse farting when you fire it
  2. my mate went to pauls to pick my 20 rapid up from paul that he has done work on ,been up the range with it today it is shooting fantastic paul is a geniuse with guns id not let any one else touche my guns now ,they always go to paul ,thanks again mate for another gun you have made a pleasure to shoot
  3. j j m

    Crow Hawking

    very nice mate
  4. j j m

    big thank you to paul sewell

    I don't know how you find the time paul mate,hope your well bud
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    Out last night

    top shooting as usual billy
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    First time out for ages

    shooting napper mate
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    Tree rats

    nice going bud
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    Got out again this morning

    very nice napper mate
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    Returning the invite

    nice going chaps
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    Leaf suit

    very good bud
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    welcome bud
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    .38 special reloader

    welcome bud
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    Hello all

    welcome bud
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    New user

    welcome bud
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    welcome bud
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    Hello There

    welcome bud
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    Red kites heading south

    lovely birds
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    MY FIRST AIR RIFLE [and only]

    lovely guns they were,nice write up bud
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    Lucky permission

    very good bud
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    Thanks for invite pav

    that's some shooting chaps
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    air rifles

    welcome bud
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    Me troy and rapid

    nice going bud
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    Topping up the ferret food.

    nice going bud