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  1. j j m

    Westminster crash

    at least this time there were plenty armed police on hand to deal with it
  2. j j m

    Has anyone seen this before

    that's a big blood clot
  3. j j m

    Vermin hunters

    watched a few last night very good
  4. j j m

    Scope recommendations

    I like the old mtc scopes the new ones are no where as good
  5. j j m

    AA Pro-sport

    lovely guns ive owned 5 ,3 tuned 2 out the box excellent
  6. j j m

    AA Pro-sport

    most air arms guns like the pro sport are good to go out the box
  7. j j m

    Badger dug out wasp nest

    I like that picture
  8. j j m

    A good crop

    very good mate
  9. j j m

    2017 youngsters

    lovely mate
  10. j j m

    My nephews fowl

    very nice bud
  11. j j m

    Small song bird

    looks nice mate
  12. j j m

    Show today.

    glad it was a good show mate ,years since ive been to one
  13. j j m


    my mate does his own cider tastes lovely
  14. j j m

    Pickled Squid

    very nice bud
  15. j j m

    Song birds

    I put plenty of good seed out for them
  16. j j m

    The Siskin

    nice pics mate
  17. j j m

    Building new runs up for ma mate

    looking good mate
  18. if there only after a few rabbits I leave them alone ,not worth the bother
  19. j j m


    very good bud
  20. j j m

    Knives and multi tools.

    I use a leatherman
  21. j j m

    25yrd head shot.

    top shot mate