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  1. j j m

    Bad day for hunting

    not good at all
  2. j j m

    Picture tells the story

    nice going bud
  3. j j m


    very interesting
  4. will he ever learn what a muppet
  5. j j m

    Hot x buns

    Very nice
  6. j j m

    Bless the Christians

    We are to soft with all these foreigners
  7. j j m


    Welcome to the forum bud
  8. j j m


    Enjoying the Easter hols in Tenerife this year weather has been great
  9. j j m

    Help to cull corvids wanted

    Kind offer for some one bud
  10. j j m

    A few woodies on a lovely day

    Nice shooting bud
  11. j j m

    Ferals take a hit

    Nice shooting bud I was I could shoot these bloody doves in Tenerife there's loads of them here they start every morning
  12. j j m


    Nice shooting bud
  13. j j m

    joey barton assaults barnsley manager

    He was a hard fe cker hunter
  14. j j m


    Some people don't mind getting drunk and making a fool of them selves
  15. j j m


    Got here last night had a good drink /got up this morning jumped in shower thought it would be lovely and hot outside but its not nice/hope it gets hot after dinner as going to the sian park
  16. j j m

    Finished at last

    Looking good mate
  17. j j m

    joey barton assaults barnsley manager

    So they should for the money they get
  18. j j m


    Nah just got mottle and made a complete clown of himself in front of about 200 people foul language the lot
  19. j j m


    Welcome bud
  20. j j m


    Should of read Steve is
  21. j j m


    Well after talking to the lads wife this afternoon /he did not want to come out /so I done the right thing went up and talked to him what a decent las Steve is /lesson learned don't Judge people bye one mistake they make
  22. j j m


    Lovely quite place this apart from the one divvy who did not show his face today/I said to his wife this morning we all make mistakes best come out and mix with people rather then hide away/from what I've heardvabout the lad he's not a drinker and just got carried away on a empty stomach straight off the plane
  23. j j m

    joey barton assaults barnsley manager

    You should have no friends on the opposite team
  24. j j m

    New owner advice.

    Welcome mate/I'm sure the lads in the dog section will help you out