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  1. Checked out another part of Shian’s property today, we walked about a bit to get an idea of what needed to be done and there is quite a bit I will endeavour to tackle at some stage, I was joined by Shian, Louie the dog and her neighbour Hannah enjoyable company and we manage to get a few for the pot so another great day out and about. Enjoy guys.
  2. It's a worry with a dog that holds no regard for its own safety heart in mouth stuff
  3. Hey guys hope all are well, I was back out at Kev’s today cleaning a few more round the house with still plenty left to do, ferrets and dogs done a great job so we managed to get a few for the pot, Sunday I will be out again on yet another property so looking forward to that until then take care. Enjoy!
  4. I'm about due for a new pup a.t.b with it looks a likely type
  5. Out and about as usual, back at Kev’s today with 6 of the girls they did an awesome job as did the dogs, ended the day with 36 in the car and a few missed chances all in all another fantastic day in the field. Got to love lif right? Enjoy guys!
  6. Took Ragnar to get vasectomised today, while he was in getting done I took the opportunity to do a little adventuring, ferreting and some fishing, beautiful weather to be out and about and another very enjoyable day. Enjoy
  7. Back out a Kev’s today done a bit of here and there ferrets and dogs worked well, wasn’t easy today but with a bit of persistence we managed a few Enjoy guys.
  8. I know a little bit about hot weather ferreting, good effort mate,
  9. Good job buddy. P.S You need better Jills for enough cash I can ship some over. Doug grins
  10. Up Down And All Around part 2 – You just never know what this game can bring, been at this game for 50 years plus and I still love days like these, awesome day dogs and ferrets done a fantastic job in very trying conditions, plenty for the pot and I can’t wait to do it all again. Enjoy guys.
  11. Out and about again, this was one of the most challenging and fun days I have had for quite some time ferrets and dogs worked very well, plenty for the pot after a slow start. P.S I split this into two parts otherwise it would have been too long, second part I will edit this week some time. Enjoy guys
  12. Nice looking mutts your old mans pup looks a cracker, A.T.B with them.
  13. With most of our snakes probably not, but a mothers instinct doesn't consider the consequences and the snake remembers not to try that again.
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