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  1. Out and about again today with the young ferrets, birds were singing and the sun was shining, wasn’t there all that long but it was a very enjoyable quick few warrens, ferrets worked well and managed a couple for the pot, always a bonus. Enjoy Guys
  2. Gl with the pup mate, might get another myself shortly or maybe not see what happens. Looks a nice pup.
  3. Out and about with the dogs and ferrets another fun day and managed a few for the pot. Enjoy!
  4. Looks a cracker mate gl with it
  5. I do more ferreting than lamping these days but I have to say I still love dragging the lightforce out and running a dog.
  6. Took out the young ferrets and chub to a property I haven’t done for some time, another beautiful day to be out and about also managed a few for the pot. Enjoy guys
  7. Found an old picture of Horse he was some animal.
  8. We always ran teams some dogs were multi purpose, nose, holder, runner, I I had a monster called horse dane x ridge x bull Hunted all over this country and seen just about every type going at some point, only time I seen collie was in the bull arabs and it was never a standout in the look of the dog. I never used trackers like you weren't really needed
  9. More kelpie than collie in the pig dogs, they are a much better dog imo handle the heat well too, nothing wrong with a good collie x though they dont like the heat. We ran a few healer x's on pigs back in the day, great dogs when you got a good one. Best nose dog I ever seen was a Kelpie bull x bit like this one
  10. Still the odd one about Ha Ha, I'm to old for that business now iv'e taken more than my share with dogs over the years.
  11. He is 13 today no he is not working now retired
  12. Cheers Jok I'm ready when you are the other one is just about done.
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