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  1. Sirblessed

    How to tell a good ferret

    I don’t use Bucks, shovels or locaters much, won’t keep or breed a ferret that stays with the kill, haven’t lost more than 4 ferrets in over 45 years and put away more in a year than anyone I know, so must be doing something right. Proof is always in the pudding. It isn’t rocket science, a big buck will kill more underground and get stuck behind more than a Jill, each to their own but the digging game isn’t really an option here, so you learn fast to avoid it at all costs, yes a buck will kill them fast and move on ( If you keep a line with this trait. I do) trouble with that is they have a tendency to drag them backward into stop ends and get caught behind them sometimes. I have tried both and found the way I do it now seems to be the most time efficient method for this country anyway, thats my two bobs worth a bit different here than UK, wish we had soft ground to ferret and run dogs on.
  2. Sirblessed

    View From Your Swim

    Went down the river for a couple of hours today, beautiful day and a nice yella to top it off.
  3. Sirblessed

    Good Day Out

    Good job mate would of been busy and fun day
  4. Sirblessed

    Lucky fella

    Good on ya mate good job. I find the odd one here and there, most I give away mainly because I dont work hobs which most of them are, no surprise for the wise there.
  5. Sirblessed


    Glad you enjoyed it mate Cheers
  6. Sirblessed


    Thanks mate the Jok box is still going strong.
  7. Sirblessed


    Out again with my mate Big Kev Ferreting in the morning and a relaxing afternoon fishing for a couple of hours.
  8. Sirblessed

    Another new property

    It is pretty small, Just over 100 acres mate
  9. Sirblessed

    Another new property

  10. Sirblessed

    Another new property

    Out and about with the dog's and stinkers on another new property this morning
  11. Sirblessed


    Food for thought! Where I ferret most of the time, there are visible rabbits most of the day from where I am ferreting, if my dogs didn’t pick their runs they would be dead from heatstroke or exhaustion within half an hour, running from one rabbit to the next with little to no chance of catching them before dropping in a burrow, most pups will run themselves to death without intervention, that being said the same dogs on the light usually give their all once slipped, just my two cents worth, I wasn’t there and can’t comment on your dog, but as stated above there can be MANY reasons.
  12. Sirblessed

    Bloody Running Dogs

    While out running the dogs yesterday young Fleet somehow managed to chop off about 1/3 of his tail, to my surprise it dint even slow him down, back to the car bit of antiseptic and a bandage, bleeding completely stopped by morning. It should be fine in a couple of weeks. Bloody running dogs!
  13. Sirblessed


    1949 Australia
  14. Sirblessed

    Sad day

    Sorry for your loss, I know the feeling and it sucks.
  15. I haven't seen any, then again I'm not a collie anything fan.