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  1. Not in this country you would spend more time digging than ferreting the average dig here is an hour+ so it's not a viable option in most places unfortunatly
  2. Not one I would have picked good job.
  3. I dyed mine purple on the ends
  4. A traditional long net without posts might work can't see why not, these are a lot wider I bought two cut one in half so 2 at25 meters long and the other into 3rds so 3 at about 16 meters long
  5. It's horses for courses, they are deadly on large warrens stops a lot of the hole hopping
  6. Out and about with the boys, a lot of laughs, a few bunnies and the boys Jack and Harry showing off their video making skills, brilliant day with great company. Enjoy!
  7. New additions to the family say hello to Luna and Chance both from seperate lines, Luna ( Lunatic ) savaged my thumb when I picked her up but after getting home she settled pretty quick after a few minuets of handling. I now have 10 jill kits to start this year, cant wait to see how they go 7 that I bred and I brought in 3 other lines to try out.
  8. Not sure mate I don't do pubs anymore.
  9. Just over a month ago our house was flooded by water from the Murray river in Echuca, I relocated to Great Western a beautiful part of the country with an abundance of opportunity for a ferreter such as myself Ive got to say I'm settling in nicely.
  10. Good job mate you won't have to worry about heat now
  11. Shaping up alright, plenty of speed and puff time will tell
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