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  1. Sirblessed

    Youg one coming along

    Out on my own again today guy's took a couple of dogs and a few ferrets and hit a couple of burrows i'm pretty familiar with, to give a bit more work to the young ferrets, and they didn't disappoint.
  2. Sirblessed

    Need a breeding Hob Scotland

    You need to import one ours are so good we don't need shovels Ha ha
  3. Sirblessed

    Two keepers

    I kept three back this year, from those I kept 2 both with pink eyes 6 month old now and doing well, have had good reports from the working homes, the silver I sold the other day was untried but she is exceptional was the guys words. I will probably breed from the sam Hob and Jills this year and change the Hob next year to breed his young. I'll put up a photo tomorrow but they can be seen working in my recent videos. P.S I only keep Jills for working.
  4. Sirblessed

    Couple of tagalongs

    They get plenty of time out with each other, I haven't had much trouble with any of my dogs with the ferrets, then again I teach them from a very young age NO means NO
  5. Sirblessed

    Couple of tagalongs

    Box gets a hammering Jok still going, but starting to show it mainly from the pups chewing it
  6. Sirblessed

    Couple of tagalongs

    My Daughter Rachael & Brian her better half, ( he better do this and he better do that Ha Ha ), came up this weekend so we took the ferrets, my dogs and Rachael’s dogs out for a run, it was a great day out, the dogs had a ball and we managed a few for the pot. LIFE IS GOOD
  7. Sirblessed

    Heat stroke

    I have seen this many times over the years, for no rhyme or reason
  8. Sirblessed

    Bush Bashing

    Took the stinkers and dogs out for a bit of bush bashing ferreting style.
  9. Sirblessed

    Heat stroke

    Many causes of these symptom's do some research, have seen them recover just with antibiotics it was a brain infection others weren't so lucky. Atb
  10. Sirblessed

    Heat stroke

  11. Sirblessed

    Chase and 3 corner Jacks

    Out again with Big Kev, we took Chase one of the young ferrets I bred this year, she is shaping up pretty well. The dogs had a tough time of it trying to manage the pain of running fields with three corner jack and they struggled, even the ferrets had a tough time with them, Bloody things. All in all another fun day out, we did manage to get a few for the pot as usual. Enjoy Guys.
  12. Sirblessed

    A short vid of today

    Yea pretty green here atm too, was out again today, love the weather this time of year going to be 21 all this week with little wind :-)
  13. Sirblessed

    New permission

    Just hope rhd and mixo leaves them alone A.T.B
  14. Sirblessed

    A short vid of today

  15. Sirblessed

    New permission

    Good luck mate sounds a good spot, see how many are left come season.