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  1. Sirblessed

    hectic 1st day of the season

    Good job mate, good looking dogs too. A.T.B for the season.
  2. Sirblessed

    Short & Sweet

    put him over your Bitch he made 21.5 tts
  3. Sirblessed

    Short & Sweet

    He is getting better all the time, mad as a hatter, brilliant spotlighting too
  4. Sirblessed

    Short & Sweet

    Out and about today, nothing I like better than spending time in the bush doing what I love, dogs and ferrets worked well and another great day was had by all. Enjoy Guy's
  5. Sirblessed

    David platts

    Run all day and turn on a dime if you know what you are looking for, I love the Scottish deer hound x whippet/greyhounds great dogs and make 1/2 decent all rounders for the smaller game and they can and do get used for pigs here too. this is zip yesterday down the river. The purebreds are as you say too big and not agile enough, not sure why the ones you have seen lack stamina but here that is there strength, run all day.
  6. Sirblessed

    David platts

    Plenty of stags here being worked mate, my 3/4 whippet is no world beater but she is handy enough
  7. Sirblessed

    View From Your Swim

    Beautiful day to be out and about.
  8. Sirblessed

    Had an hour out this morning

    Good job mate, done a few golf courses over the years, need a good dog for lamping them here and ferreting they are usually stubborn must be all the activity not to mention the fox's
  9. Sirblessed

    Best region or land you've ran?

    I think you are safe mate long way for a ferreting trip here
  10. Sirblessed

    Another good day

    Murray Cod, Golden perch, Silver perch, ( protected) Red fin, Murray crayfish, trout Cod ( protected) trout all nice to eat, and a few carp, not so many carp anymore they are being eradicated taking some doing but they are getting on top of it now.
  11. Sirblessed

    Age start your ferrets

    I start most of mine at 6 months old some a bit earlier if they seem mature enough for it
  12. Sirblessed

    Kelpies as a stud,

    Fleet ended up 21.5 he is doing good mad as a hatter
  13. Sirblessed

    Another good day

    A few snippets of today's outing
  14. Sirblessed

    Couple of days to go

    Just make sure you don't spoil her, or she may take liberties ha ha
  15. Sirblessed

    Mixed Bag

    Out with big kev and another morning I was out on my own, I never tire of this game, love to be out and about.