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  1. Sirblessed

    Couple of days to go

    Just make sure you don't spoil her, or she may take liberties ha ha
  2. Sirblessed

    Mixed Bag

    Out with big kev and another morning I was out on my own, I never tire of this game, love to be out and about.
  3. Sirblessed

    A business of ferrets .........

    That Jill looks a cracker
  4. Sirblessed

    Old Sandy Tip

    Not much I could do to stop them, something about those red dogs my dogs hate them with a passion. I don't deliberately chase them anymore but have done quite a bit over the years with staghounds and bull crosses, the dogs kill the odd one here and there
  5. Sirblessed

    Old Sandy Tip

  6. Sirblessed

    Kelpies as a stud,

    Judging by some of the comments, there are a few on here a little more than a ¼ touched in the head or it may be dementia, one of the two. yes Ray 1/4 is plenty
  7. Sirblessed

    Fu*k the dried crap ........

    This made me laugh, Aussies just do it better - Doug grins.
  8. Sirblessed

    Kelpies as a stud,

    A lot of fox dogs around mate, check out the running dogs FB pages Australia most are stags and bullgreys I talk to a few of them not many kelpie only the odd whippet x for rabbits
  9. Sirblessed

    My Lad Jim

    Yea I thought so too, nice looking mutt
  10. Sirblessed

    My Lad Jim

    I have owned a couple over the years, some take awhile to come on they make a good all rounder if you get one with heart, very popular breed here in Australia. Few of my old dogs here
  11. Sirblessed

    She's finally here!

    A.T.B with it mate looks a cracker
  12. Sirblessed


    THL boxing -
  13. Sirblessed


  14. Sirblessed

    Old Sandy Tip

    Hey guy’s. Was out again with my big mate Kev, the three dogs and a few ferrets, after ferreting a local dairy farmers garden that only had a couple of rabbits, we looked around the local area found a very old tip on some sandy ground that looked to be holding a few, so spent a few hours poking around, another fun day out and about. Life IS Good!