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  1. I took the opportunity to do a last day out before the car goes in to be fixed, ferrets, dogs and myself enjoyed the day and we managed a few for the pot SHOW MORE
  2. Its all good they only kill ignorant tourists
  3. Surprisingly this is a very rare occurrence in 50 years Iv'e seen two exit a burrow, lost I suspect one or two ferrets to snakes and have only seen a handful enter a burrow when looking for cover when startled by our presence. this maybe why?
  4. Had no nets on that burrow was bolting to the dogs on a few and long netted a couple
  5. I have a vasectomised Buck to take them out
  6. Young Chase whippet x Greyhound Deerhound 4 moths old should end up about 23tts
  7. Out and about had old Sally & Grace out today they really enjoyed the run and even managed to bolt a few, Chase continues to grow and improve, the other young ferrets enjoyed their work and yes I am still alive and kicking Ha Ha. Enjoy!
  8. Out and about doing what I do when I'm not ferreting
  9. I usually wait untill their balls drop then take them in I have also had them done later in life 1 and two year old without any issues.
  10. No fish but still a great day out and about birds were singing and the sun was shining, and the new pup an endless supply of entertainment
  11. Hi pal. Enjoyed the vid. Little dog looks good.Jok.

    1. Sirblessed


      Cheers Jok we will see how he goes 

  12. Out and about today putting a few more in front of the pup young Chase is really showing some promise, he continues to make me smile and laugh a lot such a character, ended the day with ½ doz in the esky. Enjoy.
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