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  1. R.I.P Kass you were part of my family, an awesome hunting partner, great fishing companion and a true, loyal friend You could never be replaced and will always be remembered. Had to put Kass down today to say I’m shattered doesn’t even come close. Bloody bone cancer, her suffering is over.
  2. Sorry for your loss mate
  3. It would be impossible for hare's to outnumber the rabbits round here but they are in reasonable numbers in places I try to leave them alone, haven't run them seriously for over 30 years
  4. Out and about again today guys, it was Girls day out ½ doz female ferrets, Zip and Fleet we managed 13 by day’s end 10 from the first warren and 3 later on the way home after fishing, another awesome day was had. Enjoy guys
  5. Out and about today, a bit of this and that bit of ferreting caught two, then headed down to the river for a couple of hours fishing, life doesn't get any better does it? Enjoy
  6. Took Lagertha and a few other ferrets out for a quick few burrows this afternoon, Lagertha continues to improve and impress, bolted a few on her own today the other ferrets as usual worked well, another fantastic day to be out and about, got to love life right? Enjoy guys
  7. Out and about again Done a little exploring Lagertha’s very first day out and I couldn’t off asked for more from her, it will be interesting to watch all the young ones I will be running this year progress and access the viability of the cut bucks (Hobs) for my purposes so far so good I will be starting three more of my cut Bucks this week and a Jill, anyway have a great day guys. Enjoy
  8. It’s a mist air-conditioning system we get upwards of 40 Celsius. Most of the ground here is considered undigable, I only use collars and finders in winter or in sandy ground even the sandy stuff here below 4 to 5 ft down is rock solid, so we adapt our methods and breeding programs to accommodate our environment, it’s a whole different ball game here you only have to imagine how you would do it if you couldn’t dig your ferrets out, that’s how we have to roll.
  9. Just a quick video of the kits in the big cage two days after castration, I can not wait to get these little bundles of excitement out into the field in the next week or two, it will be interesting to see how they preform Enjoy the antics of the young. Have a great day guys
  10. Yea I have never seen it done that way before,I chop all mine off with a hatchet on a block at home, just goes to show if you are open minded and teachable you never stop learning, picked up a couple of tips that day, great bloke Graham.
  11. Out and about again, today with Graham, we went to a spot I was asked to take a look at by one of the local property owners so it was new ground for me, had a lot of laughs, the ferrets worked well and we got a few rabbits for the esky. Big thanks to Graham, another great day. Enjoy guys.
  12. If you are having trouble bolting in established and heavily populated areas, may I suggest getting better ferrets. Just kidding mate you got to laugh.
  13. Its the activity above ground on the day that makes them hesitant to bolt, no matter where I am hard when you have dogs moving around up top
  14. Glad you enjoyed it mate, always good to know they are appreciated Cheers
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