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  1. All the time Gus, especially considering the activity above ground with the dogs etc makes them hesitant to run away from the burrow at times, amongs other reasons.
  2. Had Haley out today for a first look at her and I must say I like what I saw, another fantastic day and I had rabbit for dinner life is good. Enjoy
  3. Not sure I was not there.
  4. Tomorrow I’m picking up a Jill kit that is the result of a breeding we did with Spike (my Buck) and Marlins long Jill (pictured below along with marlin and a huge rabbit) I took quite a liking to her and Marlin has graciously given her to me also so happy days.
  5. A few weeks ago Graham sourced a couple of young polecat jill kits from Christian in Geelong, they are about 15 weeks old I was gifted one, this is a look at Mazey’s first day in the field to say she impressed is understating, I also ran a few of the older heads yet another fantastic day in the field. Enjoy
  6. His Brother Fred lives on the neighboring property and he lives in Melbourne works as a dentist, probably hasn't been there in 50 years , subscribe to my YouTube page and you won't miss any. Plenty you haven't seen there I'm sure.
  7. I have made plenty just haven't been posting anywhere but Youtube, I do at least one a week and usually a couple more than that.
  8. Hey Jok hope all is well, as you can see I got a new box not as light as yours but does the job
  9. I got a message from one of my YouTube subscribers asking if he could come over and meet myself and the rest of the animals Ha Ha, sure no problem was my response after meeting Larry the following day He came with me to do a bit of ferreting another great day with good company, I love this game and all that it brings Enjoy.
  10. Checked out another part of Shian’s property today, we walked about a bit to get an idea of what needed to be done and there is quite a bit I will endeavour to tackle at some stage, I was joined by Shian, Louie the dog and her neighbour Hannah enjoyable company and we manage to get a few for the pot so another great day out and about. Enjoy guys.
  11. It's a worry with a dog that holds no regard for its own safety heart in mouth stuff
  12. Hey guys hope all are well, I was back out at Kev’s today cleaning a few more round the house with still plenty left to do, ferrets and dogs done a great job so we managed to get a few for the pot, Sunday I will be out again on yet another property so looking forward to that until then take care. Enjoy!
  13. I'm about due for a new pup a.t.b with it looks a likely type
  14. Out and about as usual, back at Kev’s today with 6 of the girls they did an awesome job as did the dogs, ended the day with 36 in the car and a few missed chances all in all another fantastic day in the field. Got to love lif right? Enjoy guys!
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