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  1. Fleet 6 months hasn't done a lot yet, plenty of drive looking like he might be ok.
  2. Sirblessed

    Nice Day For A Walkabout

    No thank God, not like over there anyway.
  3. Sirblessed

    Nice Day For A Walkabout

    Yeah it's a hunters paradise game everywhere
  4. Sirblessed

    Nice Day For A Walkabout

    I got a friend from Scotland coming over to stay, I will be out with him a fair bit while he is here, he will love it, plenty to go at smorgasbord here
  5. Sirblessed

    Nice Day For A Walkabout

    Gods country here Its huge
  6. Sirblessed

    Nice Day For A Walkabout

    Still mid winter so you dont get snakes yet. see the odd one in hotter weather, and they kill a lot of dogs over here, I have been lucky so far.
  7. Sirblessed

    Nice Day For A Walkabout

    All the ones that kill you Tigers Browns red back spiders all common here.
  8. Sirblessed

    Nice Day For A Walkabout

    Thanks. No crocs around here mate they are 2000 k's north lol, there are a few pigs
  9. A few Snaps from My walkabout today with the dogs stunning place here.
  10. Sirblessed

    Fred,Andrew,Bill,and Kim's propertys

    Thanks mate, Yea he looks like he might bo ok once he finds his feet in a few more months.
  11. Sirblessed

    And so the fun begins .......

    Good luck with the pup mate! I see you are getting even tighter as you get older; not sure downsizing dogs is going to save you that much money on food f Ha Ha. Decided on a dog that doesn’t turn like a bus, well done nice cross A.T.B my pup now 6 months
  12. Sirblessed

    When's everyone starting back

    You would be surprised what they can handle if you get them use to it mate. The trouble is over there; your dogs don’t get the opportunity to acclimatise. We do run them in summer, but when it gets past 25 Celsius I stop, even the whippets seem to handle it up until that point.
  13. Sirblessed

    When's everyone starting back

    Starting back, I never stop even in summer, I pick my days and work the early mornings, and do a lot more lamping.
  14. Took a trip out to Fred’s today, while we were doing one of the burrows Fred called past and asked if I would take a look at one of his neighbours property’s that was having an issue with the rabbits eating his young Lucerne paddock, so I took his number and met up with him, and his next door neighbours from those meetings we picked up all of the adjoining property’s too, we did a couple of burrows as well and managed to get a few rabbits, the dogs and ferrets worked well, and it was another very enjoyable day out in the field again, only been living in this area a month and already have enough to keep me busy for quite awhile.
  15. Sirblessed

    Best quicksets these days.

    He was away, he just got back try now, My mate just ordered some for himself and a basket for me, I already have these long nets and they are best I've used.