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  1. You could try a less popular way up.. think the Whatkin, Miners and Llanberis all start from more more accessible north side of Snowden. I walked it up the Rhyd Ddu path a few months back.. it's starts over on the west side though and apparently tends to be less busy. I hardly seen anyone on the way up.. mind, i was walking for 5:30 am though.. was spring bank week when kids were off so i expecting it to be busy later on in the day. I'd stick a few pics up but some reason i can't email them to myself anymore.. ffs. Yes.. get it done mate.. Route options here....
  2. Cheers for that TOMO.. that's exactly what i was after. Yes, i don't mind driving at all.. when we're away it's all about getting out and about and seeing places. Just whacked it in Google maps and it's 1hr and half from the cottage to Gaitloch via Torridon.. so well within scope for a day out and long as i get the mrs and daughters up for and earlyish start!! Easier said than done that is!! Plenty more for me to get my teeth into there and a few day's planned out. We actually wanted to stay further up.. somewhere near Ullapool but when we booked in January most of the size cottages we we
  3. Up there soon... hindered with the outlaws tagging on. They've never been up there.. or to Scotland at all.. i'm feeling a bit of pressure to show them some West coast highlights.. they're mid 70's bless em.. so i know for a fact they'll never come back. I've got a day on Skye planned.. we had a week there a few years back. So.. I'm looking for recommendations..pubs.. beaches.. view points.. good roads to drive... anything really along the wast coast. Cheers in advance folks... First week at the top blob... second week at the other.. near Oban..
  4. I actually love cats... love stuffing these little c@nts in a toilet cistern that is!! Perfect under the radar domestic disposal ... fuk knows where foofoo went Henryetta.. I've seen fuk all!!
  5. Belting job you done there mate.. bet you're well proud with that..
  6. I love a bit of uk holiday chitchat. Little heads up here Greb if you fancy a beach day with a change of scenery from where you're staying. It's a cracking spot this Treyarnon bay. Some absolutely ace rock pools along that north side including a huge one that doubles as a swimming pool! Toilets a food shack there too. I've got some pics on the laptop.. wherever it is. It It's cracking spot but there's no shortage of them in Cornwall i suppose!!
  7. I don't really know how to answer that mate, other than to say..... fuk em!!
  8. Travelling over night is definitely the way to go as D said. I use Google earth to find a decent lay-by.. usually just a mile or two from the campsite.. get some shut eye until we can get on the pitch. Loads along the A30 too.. some pretty big ones set back with a raised pavement type division separating it from the main road. Yes, f@@k that stuck in traffic on a scorching day bollocks mate...
  9. It's fake as fuk you daft twats..
  10. You'll be rummaging in the bin for that chicken when you get home starving!!
  11. In all honesty mate.. it wasn't that nice!! stick with the purebeds!!
  12. Fuk me.. I'd have paid good money to see you fill that c*nt in TOMO.. up his own arse big time!!
  13. I've put a Westons over a Stell to create a nice first cross snake bite.. with a fuk off dose of hybrid vigour!!
  14. Some good practice going on there mate!! And when you get the results like you have makes it all worth while!! Pegging a bag or tub over the seed is a cracking idea.. and a new one to me so thanks for that Yes.. same here on the airation front.. I'm mothballing the fork and picking up a machine on hire. I fancy doing a core hollow tine job on the lawn then dressing with something sandy to aid drainage. Probably overseed aswell whilst I'm at it. I might do that it the autumn. Check this channel out.. https://youtu.be/58X6XqFp9t4 I have a strong urge to touch my pl
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