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  1. Where is Greyman...??? is he kicking a swell up christening the new boat???
  2. Decade of Aggression Live...
  3. What is that Kanny mate?? it looks like my post vasectomy sample...
  4. It's decent mate int it... see my mrs in the background looking for a bargain vino!!
  5. These Cloudys take some beating... so tasty.. KD... Morrisons at Bowser last friday...✌
  6. Raiding the co op earlier...
  7. "My bad" What the fcuking fuk does that actually mean!!
  8. I love the UK mate, although i totally get what you're saying. Flown allover the place but it's always good to get home. I'm pretty much smack bang in the middle of the midlands... and it's great for getting about. Sush a contrast of countryside within a stones throw. Got fenlands and wolds east in an hour.. east and west coast in 2.5 hr... If you want mountains and God's country the Lakes is 3hr.. or like we did last week, drop down the M5, salmon cob and a pork pike and before you know it you're surfing in North Devon. 4.5 hr.. pop out other side of Glasgow... a different world altogether!! I'd personally never leave... fcuk that..
  9. I'll look for that episode mate.. Good watching isn't it. Just had a week in north Devon/ Exmoor.. looking for some local pussy.. Watched a good few meat eater episodes, pre downloaded, no site wifi!! it's good shit ain't it....
  10. Get up North mate.. I'll put you up when we're safe to do so.. Bring your lurcher.. poke about around sherwood forest.. Then up to gods country.
  11. Yes mate, just giving the hounds a spin out no doubt before things get serious. You based down here pal??
  12. I do remember mate.. just west of Simonsbath.. my mrs was moaning at me.. We'd book in for dinner just down the road!
  13. Good shout mate... you probably know more than me though!!...
  14. No idea.. Watched a small pack today from the roadside for 10 mintues in deepest Exmoor if that counts! Amongst the tree line, just seemed to be the one mounted follower though. Gun pack perhaps?? Apologises for the poor pics.. but I'll put them on for what it's worth..
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