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  1. I'm f@@king hungry 2 hours after eating that fish dinner!! Fish and veg i find is very light.. and doesn't keep me full for long. Looks like a crafty pie sandwich for supper..
  2. Sea Bass, veg and what not...... (Kanny stlye pic!)
  3. Decent isn't it mate.. yes, steady collection here building up too. It breaks you out of the cycle of having the same old meals all the time.. only so many spag bolls you can eat in a week!! That Laksa doesn't ring any bells here pal... I'll get our Doris on it...
  4. My mrs be doing a fair few of these Hello Fresh meals lately. Order online and you get all the exact ingredients delivered to make the meals you've chosen. Not a bad idea i think, gives you the opportunity to try different things that you wouldn't normally bother with. Knocked out her first ever Risotto today and it was absolutely bang on i thought. The meal card... The end product... https://www.hellofresh.co.uk/
  5. Excellent mate.. I'm going to take my caravan and have a week in their yard!!
  6. I really must stop posting here.... (only a pisshead at the weekends...honest!) Love this stuff.. but our Doris says it sends me "stoooopid"....
  7. Got wild killer whales on my bucket list... one day hopefully!! Did actually see a whale pop up whilst we were on a ferry taxi between Mevagissey and Fowey few years back. Not idea what type it was.. quite close to the boat though.. my eldest daughter was terrified!! Great to see though.. even if it was for only a few seconds.
  8. Fire looks grand mate...
  9. Party day.... 3 Double gins for starters.. 2 bokkles of Pino for main....✌
  10. Agree with Stiffy.. I've got a pair of the Ibex and they're top notch. Mountain Equipment stuff is the real deal. Also had a pair of these.. Revolution Race Adrenaline trouser for about a year now i think they're spot on. A nice slim fit which suits me. Absolutely great quality i think, really well made. Have had heavy rain come through on the thighs a few times when I've been caught out. Got the grey ones. Adrenaline Outdoor Jeans Men Black | RevolutionRace WWW.REVOLUTIONRACE.CO.UK Adrenaline is a completely new kind of pant that looks like a
  11. It's even worse mate when you've had a break from riding.. after the comeback ride it feels like big Denzil has been sock upto the nuts in you!!
  12. A selection of the various shelters..
  13. Not mountain biking, but thought I'd share last Fridays epic failure here.. if anyone wants a laugh! We'd got 3 nights booked at Skeg Vags.. so i had the bright idea to book the day off and bike it over there.. my mrs was picking the girl's up after school and driving straight through. It's good pull from here..80 mile.. I've actually done it twice before but not for a few years. Ride started fine.. made decent ground and i was feeling decent enough.... until the heavens opened!! I don't mind the wet too much.. but it was the cold that came with it that done me. I'd
  14. In a van at Skeg... never again..
  15. Mix em together mate... it'll have green smoke coming off it!! Got some pint cans of Kronenbourg myself for later..
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