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  1. Bush Rummager

    Let's See Your Phone Shots !!

    Had an early blast out down some trails to Ashbourne in Derbyshire this morning. Cracking sunrise.. Probably a blessing this booze shop wasn't open!!
  2. Bush Rummager

    coastal mooch

    Byland Abbey is a nice spot just down from Ampleforth if you've got half hour spare, looks well lit up at night. Also Coxwold is a beautiful little village.. worth seeing even if just to pass through i think. I've stayed on the Golden square campsite a few times, just up road. Decet walk through the woods there, just noth of the site.. lot's of everything in those woods i think! I took a wrong turn a few year's ago heading to that site and ended up on some small lanes, way too tight to be towing a van down, east of Thirsk and it was absolutely teeming with rabbits crossing the road late evening. And i mean TEEMING!! It's a cracking coast too. Stayed twice on Thornwick bay site this year. Love Bempton cliffs for a walk round, usually spot a Peregrine too with a bit of luck. RSPB charging to get on there now though. Flanbrough another good spot, Roe and Barn Owls..
  3. Bush Rummager

    Hard men...

    Excellent shout mate!! That is what this thred was aimed at.. not some local knuckle scraper that likes a dust up in the local boozer on a Friday night... I'm from a miming town in the east mids.. and those types are ten a penny.. Cheers for the replies fellas.. been interesting..
  4. Bush Rummager

    Red kites heading south

    Kites are happy to live along side one another, so they've got no imediate need to dispurse.. unlike, say for example.. Muntjac deer... very territorial.. .. although they don't fly too often..
  5. Bush Rummager

    Hard men...

    Interesting that mate.. I'd never heard of him. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Goggins I'm going away tomorrow and would have picked his book up give a bit more time. Got the one by Ant Middleton.. not sure what to expect but I'll give it try.
  6. Bush Rummager

    Hard men...

    Why aren't you keen on Padilla Dido?? Genuine question mate.. I don't know a deal about him to be honest..
  7. Bush Rummager

    Hard men...

    Quality shout mate! Hat's off to the National hunt Jocks.. proper tuff f@@kers.. I read Dumwoody's biography few years back now... he's broken every bone in his body... twic!!
  8. Bush Rummager

    Hard men...

    Good point.. They'd more than likely get filled in On the flip side.. how many 11 stone boxers would get into the ring with a ton and half of raging muscle? Especially after you've taken a pointy one through your boat race and lost an eye.. For me.. that requires a fair set of balls!! Padilla getting rinsed.. again! I doubt many men would have gone back for seconds.
  9. Bush Rummager

    Hard men...

  10. Bush Rummager

    Hard men...

    Just a bit of stimulus mate.. keep this good old forum ticking over..
  11. Bush Rummager

    Hard men...

    Good spot mate!!
  12. Bush Rummager

    Hard men...

    So.. who are the real tough c@@t's out there right now?? Don't give me that Roy Keane or Conor McGregor bollocks.. I rate this fella here.. we all know him.. The nurse on the left.. used run with the Stoke city boys.... Probably a few tough boys on here???? Dibate...
  13. Bush Rummager

    Anyone on here taken steroids?

    Anavar ...
  14. Bush Rummager

    Golden Eagles.

    We got lucky on Skye a few years back. Spotted a Golden Eagle flying directly over the little cottage we were staying in. First full day there.Tracked it with the bins and it came down about 3 furlongs further down the valley on a craggy hillside straight onto the eyrie as it turns out!! Took my two young girls down to within about 100 yards of it in the car down a little single track road. Not only awesome to see.. but also to hear when you're so close!! Turns out, talking to a local fishermen, the chicks had not long since fledged! Excuse the poor photo.. taken using a small compact camera.. gives you an idea though! Eagle on the eyrie dead centre.
  15. Bush Rummager

    Recommend me a cordless vacuum cleaner..

    Sound mate...