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  1. Said mate..bints nowadays spending all day trying to impress people they don't even like on Facebook and such.. smartphone zombies.. rather than prioritising their priorities and spending time where it matters most!!! I actually had mince and veg last night... She did a belting job of it in all honesty!!..
  2. Those greedy buxom wenches seen through his fancy atire Mort... and were thinking purley about the said coin to be made from this much sort after living relic... from a bygone time. A bit like the said beddy!! Who had the last laugh..... f@@k knows!! Seemd like he lived a geart life and reached a reasonable age. I'd sign up to that now... RIP fellah...
  3. He had more women than Ken Barlow.... he could certainly f@@k em...
  4. https://www.amazon.co.uk/First-Man-Leading-Ant-Middleton/dp/0008245711 Decent.
  5. I'd love to see a genuine beddy/grey.. proven doing the business.. going over a pure greyhound.. my dream dog!!!!
  6. Apparently Holmwood had a similar reputation for that thing mate..
  7. Just finished with it lads... if anyone wants it drop me line and I'll bung it in the post...
  8. Just been to our local Aldi.. and there's not a single shit eraser in the place!! Luckily... I've got about 300 of the f@ckers in the loft!!
  9. Bush Rummager


    Even better Gav when you spray it onto your material when in dip mode... keeps the spatter off!!! Get a tub of tip dip for the hot nozzle mate.. works wonder... i keep one at the side of the bed...
  10. Is that the same company Cheivn?? He might have moved up north i suppose. That looks a flash set up compared to his little unit he had/has on Ireland Close.... Sound fella though.. i used to go there a fair bit back in the day... pre web..
  11. I've got you.. sound's nice that. I'll get my mrs to have a look at it..she does all the booking!! I fancy getting a boat out on the broads.. but she hasn't got any faith in my boating skills!! I don't fish either by the way... but I've got an urge for a mackerel trip..
  12. Looks a nice spot.. Burgh Castl. You got a tourer pal?? I dred that massive roundabout at Kings Lynn
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