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  1. A bit later here but I backed Kitty's Light back in November and took 25's on it. Little story behind it. We were on holiday in Wales back in October and had a ride out one day and we pulled down a little lane to look at some castles ruins. As we were getting out of the car load of what were obviously race horses went past us and waded through the river that ran past the castle. I had a quick Google and the trainer Christian Williams has his stable along side the little lane down to the castle ruins. Anyway, I got Googling and his stable star Kitty's light was being targeted for the National t
  2. No worries mate! I did look for the full episode on YouTube to include a link in my reply but I could only find little snippets of the interview. Anyway.. I've found the full thing on my second attempt!! Lol.. Yes.. I agree, very much like rag and bone man with that distinct voice!!
  3. Joe Rogan had him on his podcast last year mate. Was very interesting hearing his story and his rise to fame. I'd not heard of him until then!.
  4. Cracking pics there mate! It's some place isn't it. The scale of the mountains still always does it for me even after year's of visiting! I was up there a couple of week ago for walk out with my sister who's lives up there. She's 49 and a still a full on space cadet!! Lol.. Sorry.. put this one up before on here somewhere. Can't help but keep an eye out for camp spots!
  5. I should imagine that's a handy bit of kit for spotting roosting birds mate. Handy for sorting a Magpie problem out amongst other numerous things!
  6. Looks proper nice that mate! I'll put that on the back burner for when I'm after a little getaway with just our Doris.
  7. Looks the bizz that mate! Do you use any particular charcoal?? I've mostly used aldi/ wilko bricketts in the past on the cheapo basic no frills bbq. Decent heat and burn time once they're fully ashed over. Found lump wood lights easier.. and you can cook on it sooner.. it gets hotter too but doesn't last as long as the bricketts. What's your preference pal?? Also apparently the cheap stuff is full of crap allegedly. Too late for me.. the damage is already done!! Lol..
  8. Ahh! Lovely mate! We were looking to get somewhere for a Monday to Friday in the Bath to Bristol area but was struggling to find something so now we're heading down to Devon. We packed our daughter back off to Lincoln Uni today on the train but she's only going to do her couple of shifts behind the bar where she works then she's heading back home on Sunday. Yep.. I won't argue ..God's own county as they say. Has a bit of everything!!
  9. Funny you say that about Greyman mate as I do the same! And no doubt I will do again at about 9:00 am Monday morning when I'm stuck on the inevitable M5 carpark!! Lol..
  10. Spot on that is!! Did your grand kids make you a plate mate?? Has it got a great big f@@k off black leopard on it?? Lol.. I look forward to the day when I'll be a grand dad.. not just yet but one day hopefully
  11. Up in the Lakes last weekend. Bagged an 8 miler from Mardale head carpark. Picked a nice camp spot out for another day. Loads of fox shit on the way up. Shame I wasn't out with a fell pack really. Me and my sister..
  12. Sorry mate only just seen this. Yes they are and it was Ace Ventura. It was Jim Carrey's Idea to get them on. Believe it or not he's a big metal head!! Thats was the 3rd time I've seen them. I'm 47 now and I still get to the front at every gig like I did in my teens! I can't resist it!! Lol.. My Mrs waiting for me after the gig.
  13. I really want to see Ngannou dismantle this pretentious dick. Thank you... good night!!
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