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  1. Bush Rummager

    Newmarket.. ???

    Cheers ladies.. I've jusy checked. I'm actually stopping on a site called quiet waters. Just east of Huntington..
  2. Bush Rummager

    Newmarket.. ???

    Cheers for getting back fellas I'm actually staying just west of Huntingdon, so looking to hit a few places from there. Had a day in Cambridge before but it's some years ago now. Cracking place from what i remember. It's a family trip, me, mrs and two young (ish) daughters, so unfortunately there'll be no night on the raz for me!! I'll call into Newmarket anyway, have a quick poke about, bit of dinner and probably check the racing museum out. Certainly looks a strange type of town on the face of it!!
  3. Bush Rummager

    Newmarket.. ???

    Yes, i've stood with some young Irish apprentice jockey's a few times having a laugh with them. Really friendly lads. They'd turn out for the odd meet with the Swaffam C.C. Often wondered if any of them made it big. 20 odd years ago mind.
  4. Bush Rummager

    Newmarket.. ???

    What's it like as a town? anybody been there? I've booked to stay down there soon. Had it on the radar for a few years but never got around to it... i like a bit of racing, or used to do i shouod say! Obviously it's the HQ for flat racing, with the hourse racing museum there... I'm sure I've read somewhere they've got one of the top greyhounds from back in the day stuffed in there, could be Fullerton, i might be wrong. I've been looking on Google earth.. it looks more like ares 52 down there!! It looks like you're average town.. engulfed by crazy amounts of welth to me. Madness. Any opinions folks?....
  5. Bush Rummager

    Galv panels

    Might be worth a try here mate for the steel. https://www.alanmosgroveltd.co.uk If it's just a few bit's you're after they'll cut to size for you and do it through the back door so to speak. In fact, they'll probably sling it on with their next load to the galv, save you taking it through youself. I was going suggest here.. just down the road.. https://www.wedge-galv.co.uk/plant-locator/worksop-galvanizing-ltd/
  6. Bush Rummager


    Stripping half a day.. clipping half an hour.. and will leave a double coated terrier with a thatched roof on it's back! All depends on the coat type mind..
  7. Bush Rummager

    Bempton cliffs..

    Just a few from this morning. Cracking day weather wise. Didn't spot any Puffins there yet but had good views of three Peregrines
  8. Bush Rummager

    New Low.

    Greggs is mass produced shite for people with no standards. My mrs and kids persuaded me to have a steak and cheese roll few week back. Rancid!! ..Taste like f@@king rat spunk!!
  9. Bush Rummager

    Bedlington x greyhound 1st 2generation

    Cheers Mort. Muchness thankness. Very true what you say when linings are not witnessed by a figure of authority or other such means to prove they are genuine. Bulging brown envolopes are ruining many other such things in life!! Thanks for not threatining to pulverise me by the way!!
  10. Bush Rummager

    Bedlington x greyhound 1st 2generation

    Mort.. does hybrid vigour still occur then even though the beddy isn't 'pure'?? Genuine question. I've still got all major limbs attached.. so not officially a nugget just yet. P.s... don't bite my f@@king head off!!
  11. Bush Rummager

    Bedlington x greyhound 1st 2generation

    Ahhh... come on lad's.. lets all play nice on here!!
  12. Bush Rummager

    Bedlington x greyhound 1st 2generation

    f@@k me... fair few reading this judging from down below!!⬇
  13. Bush Rummager

    vitamin D/suppliment's

    I can shit over nine hedges mate!!
  14. Bush Rummager

    vitamin D/suppliment's

    To all the whippersnappers on here.. read that up there! That's real life experience talking. Cut the processed shit out. Eat what mother nature provides... with just a few San Miguel's thrown in for good measure.. I eat 10 pieces of fruit every day..
  15. Bush Rummager

    Who do you admire?

    Quality that Bosun. Here.. have a like..