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  1. Westons.... X5!! What could go wrong!!
  2. Great post that Bosun... i agree with all of it, especially on getting dogs fit. Yes.. you can keep an eye diet and do loads of road walking.. which is great for getting dogs out of the kennel but will probably benefit you more than the dogs. No better way to get fitness into a dog than a few spins out behind something.. soon gets em whipped into shape i reckon..
  3. Could do with a few cat killing eagles around here. The fella talking on this creases me up!!
  4. Do you know where abouts that was mate?? Just out of curiosity..
  5. Any suggestions for a two man campsite/ occasional backpacking tent?? Pitch as one would be nice.. easy set up.. 3 season job. No stupid colours. Any suggestions gaylords??
  6. Just found this video from the museum telling the tale.. Sounded like a nice place for a night out with the mrs!!
  7. Great bit of history in my opinion. Got a few pic's here.. just had to scroll back 2 years my gallery for them!! lol The monkeys ashes are actually in a small urn in a 'crime' museum down in Worthing on the south coast. We popped in when visiting for the day. Some interesting stuff in there to be fair... i wish I'd taken more pics!! Jacco's ashes...
  8. Dido is the man to ask I'd say.. I've only ever had hand full of outings up there over the years. I reckon you'd be fine with any of them though to be honest, it's no big issue. I did find Blencathera bunch came across a bit snotty once.. Barry himself was sound though. In their defence they have had trouble with the anits so are just cautious when outsiders show up. Talk your mates into getting some miles in stomping over the fells mate... get a thirst worked up and that!!
  9. Couple more to tempt you up!! lol...
  10. Take Dido up on his offer and get yourselves up there mate. Something else it is. I had a day with E&E few years back. The meet was at Little Langdale.. stunning place, one of quieter parts of the Lakes. I didn't get to speak to Edmund, i was cutting it fine time wise and they set off whilst i was putting my clobber on. The followers were sound though.. once they've sussed you out.. whch didn't take much doing really. Just introduced myself and land a few ice-brakers.. job done.
  11. Both daughters made a right fuss of me today. Started the day off with a nice pub breakfast then had a walk around food fair to keep the females happy. Spotted this on Amazon few days back.. tickled me it did!!
  12. By fcuk.. it took hours to fill the kids pool up yesterday..
  13. I was weaned on AD/DC.. as a kid. Check this intro out. raw sound and a cracking build up!!
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