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  1. My Mrs thinks I've got gay tendencies because I like doing her from behind. Truth is I don't want look at her face gurning away whilst I'm knocking one into her thinking about her sister.. puts me off my stride a bit!
  2. Righto mate thanks I'll do that. Just trying to gee the female's up here.. I fancy a ride into the peaks (actually a camping shop in Hathersage I want to go to.. I don't tell em that though!) They'll only leave the house if it involves food!! Lol..
  3. Sound mate thanks. I'll take our Doris.. she'll get moist just thinking about it!
  4. Nice that mate! The one in Sheffield I take it?? I fckn hate driving in Sheffield!!
  5. Little update.. if anyone's interested. Picked a Rab accent 700 down bag up after a fair bit of research and it's one that Zandy recommended. Mega price from Go outdoors.. in-store price of £174. Cheapest online is around £220. Seems proper good quality. Fingers crossed it will be tested soon.. Packs down nicely to about the size of a honey dew melon!!
  6. Wasn't going to bother today but started fancying a bit late on so just nipped down the local corner shop and got my ass reamed out paying 15 Queen quids for 2 bottles. Obviously my choice. I could have gone to Aldi and got 17 bottles for £15. I do like these 2 mind. Should get nicely anhaliated on these.. lol
  7. Sound job mate.. that's me sorted for later..
  8. When I read 'The Reindeer' my mind went straight to Edingley mate. But, after a quick check, that's the 'Old Reindeer' there!! I'll try and make it over there at some point.. Mrs will be up for that. The Lion at Farnsfield is decent too just up the road.
  9. You got company tonight Drifter?? Sorry in advance!! Lol..
  10. I didn't back it. Didn't have a bet all week actually. The horse above ran a blinder and and came 3rd.. only 3/4 lengths behind the winner!
  11. Obviously.. st Grorges day!!
  12. Where are off too mate?? I'm at Rick City same day!!
  13. What do we win Walshie?? Oh hang on... don't tell me.. fak all!!
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