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  1. Looking at your drink... and knowing you're a tight fuker... i already knew that!! I've got a bottle in the fridge!!
  2. Little!! I like a baileys myself mate.... but don't tell any fuker!! Tommy Walsh used to sup pints of Baileys on a night out whilst filming groundforce with Dimmock and Allan Titwank.. big lad though wasn't he!!
  3. Can't go wrong with a Nelson Mandela mate.. Take it you're not going to the fens in the morning then?!....
  4. Always viewed cider as a summer drink but i'm having seconds thoughts lately on that front.. Aldi 'Westons' tonight. 8.2% on the fuktometer and £1.49 blip blaps a bottle.. It could actually be Westons in there... it's grand lad's if you're partial to a cider...
  5. I found this footage from Oz interesting. They're in the same position as us here in the UK as regards having big cats living wild there. No doubt some smart fcuker is going to come on say it's a Koala Bear dropping the kids off in the bushes or something along those lines.. Thoughts??
  6. Windsor.. Pure genius who ever named this the long walk!!
  7. Yesterday's sausage dinner... 10 vedge count on there!! Had the air fed welding gear on today.. suction is on a belt pack straight above your arse. Any methane that you release is instantly sucked up a pipe and blown through your helmet right into your face!! Excellent!! lol.... Today's home made quiche... without the paistry ffs. Our Doris is a fully fledged member of the fat club... aka slimming world. Acti fry chips, normal and sweet potato. Decent plate full but i still had the obligatory 2 slices of wholemeal bread because i'm a greedy b@stard!!
  8. A Tea cake you say mate?? nahh.. aren't those things full of dried fruit!? What you want is a big fuuk off mahoosive white 'COB'!!!...
  9. Beans and sausage.. that's 3rd world food ffs!! Joking aside.. good point you make there. I've just seen the freeze dried meals on Amazon prime and they're £7!! That's £1:50 more than in the shop so obviously your 'free postage' from Prime ain't free!! Like we didn't know that anyway!! Tried one of the curry freeze dries meals on a day hike last winter with a couple of mini Peshwari naan breads and it was decent enough. Good thing about those packeted meals is you've got no pan to wash out after. Just boil up your water.. fill and reseal the bag and wait ten minutes whilst you enjo
  10. Looks a good setup that mate. What's your Jetboil food of choice if you don't mind me asking?? I was in Cotswold outdoors in Bakewell today checking this lot out. I was wondering how the ready to eat meals compared to the dehydrated stuff..
  11. Not suggesting you trawl through all his videos... but he does a decent review though and you get a real life demo... usually out of his flat window!! https://youtube.com/c/AdventureSportFlashlights
  12. You'll meet again with your mate at some point pal.. he'll be up there waiting for you...
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