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  1. Bush Rummager


    There are 22 species of Albatros.. fact
  2. Bush Rummager


    Nice beach too down by the wood mate.. The chippy at Cromer wasn't too busy when we called in.. decent though if i remember right.
  3. Bush Rummager


    only upto 50 yards mind....
  4. Bush Rummager


    Any one???? ...... don't be shy lad's...
  5. Bush Rummager


    Len is on fire!!!!
  6. Bush Rummager


    The Humber bridge towers are leaning 36 mm out of square to allow for the curvature of the earth! Keep em coming lads...
  7. Bush Rummager


    Anything. What you got fellas???.....
  8. Next month apparently!! https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/47802617
  9. Bush Rummager

    royal baby

    Plenty of faggots sat behind a keyboard mate!!! on here... right now!!.... e
  10. Bush Rummager

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Should have nutted the cnut into next week...
  11. Bush Rummager

    Mountain Bike

    Check out the factory outlet section too pal.. Plenty of cancelled orders and such like on there. Previuos years models and that..some good bargains to be had. Funnily enough.. they even sell the Pros old road bikes... scratches and all!! You can actually buy a bike that has been ridden in the tour de France! Even tells you who has ridden it.... if that's your thing!!
  12. Bush Rummager

    Mountain Bike

  13. Bush Rummager

    Mountain Bike

    Check the Canyons out mate.. quality german engineering! Got a nice new Exceed last year. New road bike just arrived last week. All brand new. I like new. I know nothing has been tampered with. And with Canyon, the bike comes straight from the factory to you... no middle man taking a wedge!! You probably don't need a full suss?? My Exceed is rapid. Lock forks off, light as f@@k...
  14. Bush Rummager

    Newmarket.. ???

    Cheers ladies.. I've jusy checked. I'm actually stopping on a site called quiet waters. Just east of Huntington..
  15. Bush Rummager

    Newmarket.. ???

    Cheers for getting back fellas I'm actually staying just west of Huntingdon, so looking to hit a few places from there. Had a day in Cambridge before but it's some years ago now. Cracking place from what i remember. It's a family trip, me, mrs and two young (ish) daughters, so unfortunately there'll be no night on the raz for me!! I'll call into Newmarket anyway, have a quick poke about, bit of dinner and probably check the racing museum out. Certainly looks a strange type of town on the face of it!!