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  1. Is that the same thing as dehydrating mate where just add hot water after to bring it back to life??
  2. I felt sorry for these poor little f**ers. Didn't quite go to plan did it! Not sure which I'd prefer.. this or a one way ride on Sputnik 2!!
  3. Just rinse it off over the bath with the shower mate! Eliminate the need for the shite eraser's!!
  4. Yep. Got 400 shit rolls in the loft. Bring it on!!
  5. I've had a nice result here. My youngest daughter.. she's 15. Has finally.. told me..that she wants to go wild camping with me! I've been asking her for a while now. So.. i didn't need telling twice! Sorted a nice set up out. Cost me way over £600 but a worthwhile investment hopefully! Tent wise.. went for a 1 man Helm. It's a little tank. Loosely put it up in the garden. I've got the 2 man option. I know she'll be sound in there!!
  6. Nice one mate! One rule in life to standby.. never ever let anyone shit on you!
  7. Premium bonds are hit and miss but that's part of the attraction.. obviously you never know what you're going to get. I find over the years your wins will average whatever the interest rate is so you'd be getting around 5 k in wins over a year I should think if you maxed out 50k each for you and the Mrs. 50k is the max per person. I enjoy having a flick through the big winners each month hoping to see holders with small amount landing a big prize! I know I'll win one of two 1 million pound prizes each month but wedge of 50 or 100k would do nicely! High value winners | NS&I
  8. I've got the cnuts in the works sweep!
  9. It's not an aeroplane coming in to land and approaching you square on before changing course and aligning up with a runway is it? Had the exact same thing before. Might be worth getting one of the apps that track the aircraft just to check.!
  10. Did Madonna and Guy Ritchie marry in Dornoch? I'm sure my mate who used to live there had the old girl vicor around who married them one night for a drink! Nice they chose Dornoch.. they could have gone anywhere really!
  11. I've never had the need for anything with that much capacity mate. I just use a small Anker one. Gives me about 4 phone chargers. I'm pretty sure it's actually just 4 AA's encased together. I've often wondered if the power banks with the inbuilt solar panel are worth it or are they just a bit of a gimmick! Obviously they're weather dependent. Probably next to useless in the UK then! Let us know what you go for..
  12. Got a nice card a t-shirt of my daughters despite me telling them not to bother. Had a ride out and ended up at Matlock in Derbyshire. For people that aren't familiar with Matlock.. it's basically a little seaside town that is 90 miles from the coast and a magnet for motor cyclists! Nice little place to kill a hour or two.
  13. Sorry.. I seen him peeping in!! Lol..
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