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  1. Had about 25 new fence panels and 2 big gates, all tanilised, about 18 month ago. They've dried out nicely... but are now looking a bit drab and in need of a coat or two to give them some life. Lookig for something clear.. don't really want to commit to a colour. Just something that will enhance the natural wood colour whilst adding a bit of protection against UV bleaching and prevent mould developing ad some of the fence doesn't get direct sun light. I've wasted far too much time today reading into this... Thought job would be done in 2 minutes on amazon.. but no, so any sugges
  2. Cheers Newkid and TOMO.. just what i wanted to hear. .. I'd probably make a trip of it and take mrs and girls if i was to go all that way.. 4.5/ 5 hrs from here. We love Devon.. i bet they wouldn't let me go solo. My eldest (15).. she's got a righ soft spot for Brixham!!
  3. Does anybody else go who doesn't actually fish?? Would i be hanging about all day scratching my knackers..
  4. Did we get butt fuked at rugby Ted... i ain't looked!
  5. Not had a lager for a while.. It's only Aldi shit.. but is decent enough. Their take on Kronenbourg. 5% on the fuktometer scale...
  6. I might buy it when my mrs kicks me out!!.....
  7. Crikey!! I'd have to think about that one!!
  8. Proper quality time with the kids that mate.. What's the little building with the windows in at the side there?? Looks like a poor man's version of that place where Dawn French lives over in Fowey..
  9. I'll definitely try and sort them out pal.. Just been through all my attachments on here, i know i did put some pics on years back.. but the file type ain't compatible anymore. I did find this though of me though with my nice camera set up!!..
  10. Beat me to it!! I used to go down there when i had some decent camera gear and got some cracking action shots. I should still have them saved on a hard drive but I'm struggling to get the files off. I'll take it to someone who knows what they're doing when things are back to normal and see whats on there..
  11. I sure did mate. I was only a young un back then. I think he finished with the racing when i was about 10 due to health reasons. My grandad actually used to live next door to us back than and i'd spend most of my spare time around there. Some right characters always coming and gowing, trophies beiging dropped off, odd litter of pups on and what not. I took it for granted being so young, but i wish i could go back in time and re live all again. On a Sunday morning back then from our garden you could hear the Whippets racing on the local rec, the game of footy on pitch opposite the track an
  12. Couple more... if anyone wants me to check for any paticular club results.. let me know...
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