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  1. Kaiser Sozé

    The terriers and terriermen of Ireland!

    Have to say FM in the circles we mix in it's still the same, gifting pups and happy to see other's terriers go well is still the norm..
  2. Kaiser Sozé

    Raw Diet.

    Dry nuts are no good for any dog, nevermind a working dog ..it just runs through them. I always feed raw flesh, all chicken & turkey, mainly minced carcasses/sometimes feet. This includes the skin, flesh, bone and marrow. The hunt club had a lab research wether this provided all the necessary nutrition required and it did. Never had a problem with it. Beef is hard to beat to put a back on a dog. A long hard dig takes a lot out of a dog, nevermind a long hard season....
  3. Kaiser Sozé

    Bad run of luck

    You're some numpty, just like the faulty peds you have .... you have your facts wrong again! If you research all the countries with a GDP per capita higher than $45,000 per year. United States of America — $62,152 comes in 12th position. And guess what Einstein in 5th position is Ireland — $79,924 only beaten by Singapore, Luxembourg, Macau and finally Qatar...
  4. Kaiser Sozé

    borders or lakeys?

    Top dogs a fine Border SF
  5. Kaiser Sozé

    borders or lakeys?

    No offence Scar Face but to look at both your Border and Jossas , they're like two different breeds... Jossa that's a cracking border... although never overly popular I remember regularly seeing several of the like around us. They were reputably hard. JJ F was known to have a good strain back then...
  6. Kaiser Sozé


    If your pals line is solid and that dog and his litter are working well, he might be a good outcross to bring back into your own line Glynn...?
  7. Kaiser Sozé


    Cracking dog Glynn...
  8. Makes no difference.... each branch represents the club. By allowing a branch to do so, condones this behaviour!!!
  9. I've never had any dealings with the man, so I'm not one of those lads. But the rest of us should have nothing to do with thieving scum in any way, shape or form...but I agree with you those who have had problems with him could definitely use this to their advantage
  10. With that kinda proof any terrierman worth his salt should shun that show! And it should be made known to the organizers! Though it doesn't say much for them having him there!!! Dog thieves are despicable c@nts, Never to be forgiven or forgotten!!!!! Anyone dealing with them are just as bad!!!!
  11. Kaiser Sozé

    Would you breed from a jacker?

    You can be sure I would have Corkman! I've never seen the bitch work but I know plenty who did and they rate her highly. Also her breeding is as good as it gets and she threw top class terriers and they did in turn. Whatever knacks she's supposed to have pulled I don't imagine it was much. Both men fell out so opinions might be biased?
  12. Kaiser Sozé

    Would you breed from a jacker?

    Nobody could argue with that mans credentials either Bryan. If it's the bitch I'm thinking of the offer was rejected...
  13. Kaiser Sozé

    Would you breed from a jacker?

    It seems a simple question, but there's a million different variables and questions to ask before giving any kind of an answer. Once I suss a terrier is substandard it's gone as soon as possible, never mind being bred off. I just couldn't stomach it. I don't think there's any excuse breeding off a substandard dog, because if the line is quality, there will always be a plan B somewhere. Therefore let's take it that the question refers to a bitch. First off and most important is there a plan B you can use? If not then how well bred is she? How well was she reared and entered? Was she in heat? Was she sick? (Genuinely? Always be honest make no excuses), What age was she? Was she overloaded with work? (Every dog can be cracked, there's a difference between truely testing a dog and setting it up for a fall!) Has she had 6,7,8 or more seasons of hard graft and always come up Trumps before finally jacking? The list goes on... however if I was down to my last WELL BRED bitch for some genuine reason or other (ie. Not because the line has failed miserably for the past so many seasons etc) off a proven line ive worked and trust since year dot. Definitely I would think I would take a calculated punt... breeding for my own work purposes (money never coming into it).. I think!
  14. Kaiser Sozé

    Would you breed from a jacker?

    Dilly and jigsaw make good points there's loads of different factors to consider. As Dilly says breeding a successful line of working terriers isn't always straightforward. I've seen inferior bitches throw better workers than their superior sisters, I know successful kennels, working to high standards that consistently produce high percentages of quality workers with each generation and with different crosses.... with a non-working but well bred bitch not that far back in the breeding. In saying that there's usually a plan B elsewhere, a non-jacker that carries similar blood that can be used instead. You need to know your line inside out. Always seek out to the best of your ability and strive to breed off as superior a working terrier with superior breeding close to your own line, as best as possible. Thats all anyone can do Jmho...
  15. Kaiser Sozé

    Old nuttall stock

    Which was better?