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  1. Kaiser Sozé


    As gaeilge for 'hunt', pronounced fee-ock..
  2. Kaiser Sozé


  3. Kaiser Sozé

    worrying news

    If that was to happen Apache it would be worse than that, it would be the fox and other wildlife who would suffer the most. The fox is a pest simple as. It kills poultry, lambs and can even target calves during birth. And as such needs to be controlled. Hunting with hounds and terriers kill instantly and more likely to catch the old or sick foxes which are usually the problem animals. A natural solution to a natural problem. If this is not an option it will be replaced by other worse methods. Poison and traps are not species specific and kill many different forms of wildlife. Often a long horrible death. Shooting is not 100% kill guaranteed leaving foxes winged and wounded and cannot be carried out near roads or housing. It can easily be abused and overused leaving areas almost devoid of fox, which is not the aim either. Never mind the terrible wrong done to the native hunting people whose native cultures and traditions are the very ones that should be protected and respected first and foremost before any others. They are some of the most down to earth and honest people you could meet who have fought for and founded our respective nation's and who deserve to be treated equally and respectfully without bias or prejudice!!..
  4. Kaiser Sozé


    No on all counts, but I've been around a good working line and some very good terriermen long enough to know no terrier no matter how good or well bred or good a producer he is will have a 100% success rate with 35 litters. That's not to say he wasn't well bred and didn't throw good stuff I think it's proven he did and but not to that extent! Jmho Sid..
  5. Kaiser Sozé


    Don't know much about the man or his line but the one thing that struck me about his book (and I could be wrong as it's been a while since I read it, so I'm open to correction), he mentioned breeding poor terriers and states that while he'd only use a v good stud, he would breed off bitches who weren't top class, but whose brothers were very good - Take a chance! An honest admission I thought as opposed to the usual spiel of "I only breed off top class dogs and bitches" etc, etc.."Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear!" Springs to mind, just look at the recent post depicting KG's ad for Spartacus at stud, claiming that at the age of 2.5yrs he sired 35 litters, 100% of whose progeny proved in turn to be excellent workers... Some dog lol!
  6. Kaiser Sozé

    patterdales in ireland

    The first patterdale we saw was a dog called banjo, in and around '87. But then again white dogs are predominantly worked round our neck of the woods..
  7. Kaiser Sozé

    Old Photo's

    All that history, tradition and culture, obliterated with the stroke of a pen..how did it ever come to this!
  8. Kaiser Sozé

    Old Photo's

    Never saw those first 3 pics before p3d, by the looks of them you could see how the Irish terrier and Kerry Blue may well have played their part in the creation of the Lakeland/Fell/Patterdale..
  9. Kaiser Sozé


    With all due respect Dilly I'd have to disagree. He's a fine pup but that butcher dog on the left is a cracking animal imo...
  10. Kaiser Sozé

    What's the longest

    Cost me around the same....my vets an old school country vet, sound, down to earth and not greedy. His likes are few and far between and much appreciated!
  11. Kaiser Sozé


    Our pack is mostly old English foxhound with around 10 Irish harriers. We find the foxhound is hard to beat for marking but the harriers voice and deep scenting abilities is a must.. that said there's packs of harriers that mark every bit as good as foxhound packs..
  12. Kaiser Sozé

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Nice type Russell bud... anything to do with the Duggan lines?
  13. Kaiser Sozé


    Middle pics a fine dog
  14. Kaiser Sozé


    Avoid sand like the plague, good dogs are too hard to come by, to risk losing them to a fall in. Respect em too much for that..