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  1. Underdog

    I converted.

    T'was a gorgeous day
  2. Underdog

    I converted.

    I don't know if it will work with pheasants mate. U.
  3. Underdog

    I converted.

    Not a fan myself but when minced with some bread, black pepper, some onion and a little olive oil to bake a meatloaf it's very agreeable. U.
  4. Underdog

    I converted.

    Jess is trying a bit better today and I think she knows I am on her case! U.
  5. Underdog

    I converted.

    No not to Islam. To high velocity 22. I phoned around and could only find 100 rws HV hp so gave them a try. I used a box on zeroing and familiarising myself with the trajectory. Actually although very accurate the odd one would barely break the speed of sound. I do prefer the eley but..... Anyway some one wanted woodpigeon so I got some. On the way home I shot a rested shot at 200 yds at a little weed and purely guessing the hold hit the thing ! Noise wise they aren't to bad at all. I shall see how it goes. U.
  6. Underdog

    One down

    Nice one mate. Has he a bobbed tail? Chicken wings? U.
  7. Underdog

    Talking of bows!

    Yeah, because banning stuff really really works Like heroin and cocaine! By the way, there was a study done between bullet and brodheads, nothing in it time wise really. The Dutch recently (relatively) reversed their ban on hunting with archery tackle. Think it's licensed but no disasters have emerged! Germany has a huge wild boar issue so much so the boar have learnt they are safe around suburban areas from bullets, there have been suggestions archery gear would be a safe option. I don't know how that is going....
  8. Underdog

    The squirrel was good!

    Boy would that be a sight, especially the scene after I don't know what to say except, I hear you partner
  9. Underdog

    Talking of bows!

    Toxo asked what length! I forget to answer (and check) but think mine is 68". It's a buck trail. It's quite smooth and at my draw (29") it doesn't stack. The limbs are quite thick near the nocks and I often wonder if it would be a little faster if they were made with more tapering towards the nock. Mine is #50@28". I bet a #35-#40 is sweet to shoot. As for ELB it's not for me but have seen lads build them selves up to shooting #130 war bows with arrows as thick as stair rods at shoots! I had a go once. The bow and arrow stayed put and it was me that went flying!! Pretty sure that bow knackered my bloody shoulder! U.
  10. Underdog

    Talking of bows!

    Sometimes, that could be a tempting offer!
  11. Underdog

    Talking of bows!

    Doing what mate? Anything good?
  12. Underdog

    Talking of bows!

    Excellent stuff. Bet you wish you had a cheap AFB now you seen my group! That's a free style rig in field target I think. That cut on contact looks awesome. I was thinking of switching to mechanical as and when.... Which crossbow mate
  13. Take a look at this photo. You can see the hole the squirrel tried to escape in but Jess stopped it nearly fanging it. It ran to the next tree and back to the hole and back to the other tree as Jess was on its tail. It was its third run at the hole that Jess lost it so I could blast it as it got home. Talk about fast action! It was a hard five hours hunting today with a first, my first partridge to a muzzleloader! I walked two miles or more to get on some pheasants that have summered in a corner of a farm and woodland. The first bird was straight forward. A small cock in the field. Then I cut a path through bramble, nettles and hazels. During which a hen got up and I shot that! Boy that took some retrieving!! Cutting away and struggling through the bramble several more birds lifted but I resisted. The greed set in and I shot another hen. That was a mistake!! It came down in the thickest thorn ever and I am dutifully stung, pricked and ripped for retrieving the bird!! I say mistake or was I being a true hunter and sports man? I remember being anxious to find my birds what with Jess not being a retriever. Huh, Jess is in the dog house! She pushed my button again on the way home by ignoring me again! Chastisement 1 Chastisement 2 came at home later, when I noticed two lot of poop in the living room! Sometimes she is the most mardy baby, arrogant annoying little bitch I have ever known. All the cooperation as a hunting team today thrown out the window by trying to fool me into thinking she can't hear me! I don't bloody think so sunshine, I will come after you unto death stops my!! A night outside the circle of trust might do her good, spoilt bitch! U.
  14. Underdog

    Santa came!

    It's not short for Allah Akbar is it