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  1. Underdog

    .223 does the damage

    Where revolver cartridges shine and are perfect for Britain but not popular are from rifles and carbines. I had huge success with my 357 w94. I would plink that rifle to 600 yards on full power and chip rabbits on sqib loads, bullet backwards. U.
  2. Underdog

    I love cheap airguns.

    Ahhrrsole, wye you so sillyarse....
  3. Especially from China, arrrsoo..... I got this smk DB3 thingy underlever in 17 and well, if you ever drove an old vintage tractor you will understand! Guessing the odd supersonic Superdome was not a good thing I stripped it down and did the usual work. Trigger too. It's starting to bed in after half a tin but needs more. Tonight though it took a rabbit and I am thrilled. It's a Springer as crude as they get but it has oomph and character. The air is all around me, no bottles, gauges and definitely a character! U.
  4. Underdog

    Right place right time ....

    That was right by me ! Ijits.
  5. Underdog

    More foxes!

    You rattled his brains!
  6. Underdog

    .223 does the damage

    Surprised 357sig never took off!
  7. Underdog

    Can I go bed now?

    Thanks but not quite! Had a bath and waited for it to go dark. The PJ's are really my dossing at home trousers. You can worry when I go out in full PJ's! Actually, I may do that for a giggle! My neighbor has chicken units and he relays information to me on fox activity. I can start to get a picture of the new comers habits which really follow a similar pattern to the last ones. I get to know when to strike! I had my glasses on but no hat! So when it rained my glasses got soaked and I had to take them off. U.
  8. Underdog

    Can I go bed now?

    The PJ's are off now and it's not a pretty sight so no pictures! Camera's have shutter timers now
  9. Blasted chicken killers. 50 yards. 25yards. WMR S&B sphp 40grn ammo. U.
  10. Underdog


    ....with puny 410 loads today after an hour's decoying so I dug out my 410 reloading tools and knocked a few little thrutchers together. U.
  11. Hi fellas. Has anyone tried the umerex pumper? I want to replace my co2 morphed pistol when my stock of gas rust out, probably give it to a family not far away. I only want low power for garden duty. Is easy to break down? I will undoubtedly want to fiddle with it a bit. U.
  12. Underdog


    A friend of mine gave up his shotgun licence for the same reasons but with a rifle he is an excellent shot. And by the way, I am just an average shot myself. U.
  13. Underdog

    .223 does the damage

    I love 44mag. I remember chipping small pebbles out the berm with near max loads every shot from a six inch Smith. I remember hunting rabbit and taking a fox with a buckmark too but that's another story........
  14. Underdog


    It was just how it was written buddy. That aside, I have seen some pretty lousy shooting from all types of guns. Millions vote for something regularly but it often does not full fill the hopes of the voter! Many think they can buy success, others are just decent shots U.
  15. Underdog


    Mate, you just contradicted yourself a few times and also implied a SxS does not kill as cleanly as an OU! I don't adhere to your comments sorry. U.