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  1. I lost passwords or so. Stupid phone....
  2. Both. I've not seen the fallow yet but the roe doe reared two siblings last year and the buck is still about. There are reports of muntjac nearby and so I'm ever hopeful. I did find two fallow bucks elsewhere.
  3. I was out at 3:30 am trying to get a glimpse of my deer but saw nowt.
  4. I'd of bitten your hand off D if you didn't live so far away. You should move! How come for sale, you dumping 17?
  5. Squirrel shot at 10yds. Shot at 150yds with a good cross wind. Shot two finished the deal at 140yds. It seems shot 1 turned and exited the liver. I think it only deflated one lung. Shot 2 was to the neck. HMR for what it actually is is brilliant. I shot 35 crows yesterday, 10 of them with the HMR. On this current Hornady ammo zero splits or squibs.
  6. Had a call from my liaison officer today, well the head of my firearms unit I believe. Sound feller, know him for years. Anyway he asked if I'm on here! Then informed me that police intelligence are onto me and that he also had a phone call from a police force from the north east! All to do with me shooting a single ball from my muzzleloaders. A candid discussion ensued regarding the law and it's interpretation. That aside it was made clear that irrespective of any loopholes or exemptions by default my licences could be revoked if I continue. That's not a problem, I bag stu
  7. 243 was originally developed for bullets around 80grns. That coupled with modern bullets being longer than they use to be oncr into the 100 GRN or more bullets and the standard twist will struggle. I use to have to really push loads over max listings to just get them under 1"@100. 60-80grn bullets and I usually got good accuracy with my eyes shut! The UK's love affair with 6mm 100grn bullets stems primarily from Scottish deer shooting law. Experts again!
  8. Go with my muzzleloading that would. Maybe a few discreet sequins here and there...
  9. Maybe knitting is just the thing for sharp shooting!
  10. Thems nice ones. 22 or mousing rifle?
  11. SxS 12g View Advert Side lock ejector Uggartachea in excellent condition. 70mm chambers. Full and 3/4 chokes. £150.ono. Or what have you?? Swap etc. Pictures on request. Underdog. Advertiser Underdog Date 26/03/19 Price £150.00 Category Shotguns
  12. If a woman shouts at you for not being the one that dented her car does that make her right??
  13. Don't make the mistake of asking for or please may I..... That will result in a no! The onus is on you to give them a reason as to why you should be granted a licence. So be positive and confident. Not wishy washy etc.
  14. £20 from a farmer! There's a bit more to this story me thinks! ?
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