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  1. Underdog

    Biggggg balls!

    By eck! How many of them .620" you got Gav? I bet they would be grand in my .63". How much would you like for about twenty? U.
  2. Dumped basc after the lead ban!
  3. Underdog

    Biggggg balls!

    They ain't gonna turn in the barrel friend. Very soft and have a wad either side....or top and bottom.
  4. Underdog

    Biggggg balls!

    Alot more mate. A .690" is 1&1/4oz. I guess these were intended for a 10g originally.
  5. Whilst in North Wales I picked up some BP from a gun shop in Bangor. Whilst there I noticed they were selling off some lead ball. Turns out non of them were of any use to me except for maybe the .760". Maybe I can resize them below ole' Bess's bore of .750" ! When I get home I dig out a wad punch and cut them down to .737". Today I shot 3 at an old brick wall. Shot one hit the brick I was aiming for Shot two went a little high and shot three landed on shot one! This is brilliant in my opinion. Provided I can get close enough, there is, if called upon, nothing this gun can not take. The squirrels were taken with shot. The wadding was the paper taken from an old wasps nest. A thorough cleaning that took all of 15 minutes and she is sparkling again. B.
  6. They just want to pass the "assumption" onto the doctors. Last year I refused to pay my doctor for a report. I visited him and said that I am meeting my legal requirements so he didn't send a report. Licence renewed as per normal. Just how can a general practitioner tell who is going to be a nutter or not? Besides, would it not be better for the public's general safety if they chopped thieves hands off, branded peodos on the forehead, executed drug dealers, put louts in stocks for a day and supplied schools with hazel wands?
  7. Underdog

    One rifle to do it all....

    I had a T3 lite in 6.5 swede. Very accurate and I could carry it all day.
  8. Underdog

    Hilux DPF system

    There is a Texaco garage by us and anywhere else in the country Texaco diesels turn my car into a buttery smooth powerful motor but the one by me owned by well sun tanned folks is no different to a lousy diesel. It makes poor power, makes my engine knock and drops my mpg!
  9. Underdog

    Hilux DPF system

    Part of an MOT is to inspect for tampering of the dpf so if you doubt a tester is sympathetic be careful how you go about gutting! If you do alot of tootling buy a good dpf cleaner and add to the fuel occasional and treat the vehicle to the posh fuel regular. Oh and I mean a tank full, not a tenners worth! If you're going to get a remap like I did, get the egr deleted too! I will be returning to petrol as soon as I can!!
  10. Underdog

    Myxi Again

    Yep, a classic example as to why experts should never be trusted! Let's see now: Chernobyl. Chinese dam builders. Italian bridge design. Fitting square windows in pressure vessels. Mad cow disease. The veroa mite and honey bees and so on..... Experts, bless.....
  11. Underdog

    Stav’s new tik tok

    Lefties are talented people. So I heard somewhere......
  12. Underdog

    Stav’s new tik tok

    I had a T3 lite when they came out. In 6.5swede. that's was boringly accurate. Good choice sir. U.
  13. Underdog

    .223 vs .22-250

    222 is a peach and so forgotten. Plenty gun. Have owned three and would have a fourth tomorrow.
  14. Underdog

    Cz 452 .22 rimfire

    Has the crown rotted from trapped moisture in the mod?