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  1. Roll on September flasher
  2. Had most breeds for foxes.best dogs I owned wer beagle x springers that we bred here ourselves.
  3. Finished up till september.3 today.3 young lads again.me own young fella 14 and a friend of his is only 11 got one each.best way to finish up
  4. That's the truth haha.650 is all I gave for it. On a Sunday we could have five lads the lurcher box and terrier box in the booth with tools and the hound trailer behind so it gets it's hardship
  5. I've had this one two years nearly and all I've put in was a battery and changed the tyres.went the navara route broke the bank lol.very underrated these
  6. It's my second one.and when this blows up il get another.cant fault it.failed nct today on a hole on the door will. Where I hit a rock.decent with all terrain tyres
  7. Out today one for the young lad he's happy out
  8. Few pics from today.good day at it.nice dig and backfilled properly
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