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  1. Dug a pair this morning with the bitch.shel be rested up now till September
  2. Ya Peter lad wed have a few spots like that.certain places tho in fairness
  3. Out for few rabbits today killed 12 missed a few just ferrets and dogs no nets.good crack.im finished with hounds till next season unless a call out.they earned there break.when is everyone finished up
  4. Few from today.lads down for a visit.good day out
  5. One got today shuda had a lot more.nice hunting with 5 small hounds
  6. Always liked your dogs.real nice type
  7. Good to be out done very little over xmas.finished in a few weeks
  8. Few from Sunday.
  9. First dig for the bitch today. A gift from a lad on here as a pup.top man
  10. One of the last good threads your dead right.100%agree
  11. Wouldn't be gone on anywhere in tipp haha
  12. Corks not as bad as tipp town. Mother of god
  13. Twas sandy alright.nothing wrong with your eyes haha
  14. Haha I always bring a change of clothes for the camera
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