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  1. Few pics from today.good day at it.nice dig and backfilled properly
  2. Two digs today one tuff turned into a late one
  3. Couple of pictures from last week
  4. Out today ran a fox aground couldn't get up to him very tight.lurchers had couple spins great to be back
  5. Funny you asked that.ive gotten out of hounds mostly because of been to busy with these two.weve six altogether and work etc.but I kept back a beagle pup for the boys who feed him and play with him everyday.youngest lad mouths the word puppy when he wants to go out he happily sits for hours with him
  6. Couldn't read all 18 pages so may have missed some stuff.weve two boys on the spectrum.both different in there own way.they keep is busy.wouldnt change them for the world but I did see something about a vaccine a few pages back.my own opinion on it is based on the younger lad.we have videos of him saying his name singing the usual baby stuff at 10 11 months old.shortly after his last injection he regressed and was none verbal until last year.even now at 5 he has limited words and still uses pictures to help communicate.my opinion on it with all he's videos before and after the vaccination is t
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