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  1. Shovel shy

    Small lurcher,

    Get him the dog.get him started.my younglads 12 and has his own lurcher for foxes.been looking after my hounds with me since God only knows what age.a young lad with a little bit of responsibility is no harm.like ya said you'll take on the dog if the younglad looses interest.so it's a no brainer
  2. Shovel shy

    Out Today

    That's the job.just let me know when.new permission is great.dont know what yad find
  3. Shovel shy

    Out Today

    Had a blank ourselves last week.some weeks the foxes are to fast lol
  4. Shovel shy

    Out Today

    Two foxes today.good day out with the lads.cold marked an earth on the riverbank.dropped the terrier and after a couple of minutes out bolts the fox down the bank with the hounds flat out.the fox turned out into a big field but never made it thanks to the lad with the lurcher good race good kill.back at the earth dropped the terrier again and dug her at 3 ft wit a nasty little fcker.hounds done well
  5. Shovel shy


    Haha she was worth the drive so.he looks a strong little dog him
  6. Shovel shy


    That's the job.nice little dog him
  7. Shovel shy

    Best dogs and age

    Father son and mother.dog "pup"is 4 now.a very good dog to hunt.a repeat mating is on the cards for the end of season.the mother is the best bitch I've ever owned and probably will own.the dog is 100% on fox.ive actually dug to the dog a couple of times.hes not as big as the picture makes out.ive also the full litter sister of the lemon bitch.so I've a few things Hopefully on the cards
  8. Shovel shy

    Out Today

    It was a good day.only 7 hounds yesterday.you must be down soon enough??
  9. Shovel shy


    Young brother n sister getting a look today.fox bolted but it'll get them used to the hounds marking and been tied up at a dig
  10. Shovel shy

    Out Today

    Ye she new enough.got her off a friend of mine.hunting and marking away
  11. Shovel shy

    Out Today

    Nice hunting today.plenty of scent and plenty of work.killed one with lurchers and marked two aground.one bolted and the other we left as it was late.see plenty about.
  12. Shovel shy

    Started well

    Your going well fox pack
  13. Shovel shy

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    I just see the video of em marking.there very good cracking dogs lad
  14. Shovel shy

    Out Today

    Sound longers same to u lad.how are ye going
  15. Shovel shy

    Out Today

    Probably thought you were running hares at first yad be shocked how many times we explained that to get permission.happy days