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  1. Wouldn't be gone on anywhere in tipp haha
  2. Corks not as bad as tipp town. Mother of god
  3. Twas sandy alright.nothing wrong with your eyes haha
  4. Haha I always bring a change of clothes for the camera
  5. The step is on this side of it.i wouldn't of got back out if there wasn't lol
  6. I said I wonder were they on that page!!!
  7. Would ya believe I remember one them sites.got closed down fairly quickly when few lads ran away and left dogs behind them at a dig.i wonder were they on the site .......
  8. Same pile of fcuking horseshit on here with these terriers.
  9. We got him to dig it first haha
  10. Good weekend had.dug 4 yesterday and marked a fox and bolted with a Russel bitch aswel. Another good day out today one killed with the lurchers plenty about.few good spins
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