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  1. Shovel shy

    Wheaton x greyhounds

    The lads two
  2. Shovel shy

    Wheaton x greyhounds

    Two good dogs.both accounted for a lot of foxes last season.all single handed spins.i think there coming 7/8 ish so pushing on a bit aswell
  3. Shovel shy

    Wheaton x greyhounds

    Yea lad
  4. Shovel shy

    Wheaton x greyhounds

    5 pups we kept 4 between us.6 months old I think.hopefully theyl make it
  5. Shovel shy

    Wheaton x greyhounds

    Yea ginger beard. Too a full hound bitch.pups are nice I'll put up a picture tomorrow.
  6. Shovel shy

    Wheaton x greyhounds

    Nice that
  7. I done shift work 4 days on 3 off.then 3 on 4off.all 12 hour shifts. Door work now suits me.3/4 nights a week.plenty time for hunting
  8. Just get in watered down AC breed stuff and sell the pups for 800/1000 euros a pup.wont need to work then.
  9. Shovel shy


    I agree what your saying.we try as much as we can to hit the farms with chicken/lambs hard after christmas.before we finish up.saves sometimes the imaginary call outs in May and June that some lads always seem to get
  10. Shovel shy


    No she's coming in heat now as well but I'll leave it till next season with her.
  11. Shovel shy


    The Welsh hound i have is very same as that.work n mark all day but come the end of the day she gets temperamental lol suppose a bit like myself
  12. Shovel shy


    We're gone back the small hound route I'm hoping to sort you out true a mate.. something along the lines of what I gave dig deep
  13. Shovel shy


    Bitch I got off a lad on here.should suit us for what we do.and he never asked a cent.cant wait to get her started
  14. Shovel shy

    Out Today

    Springer x terrier.good little dog
  15. Shovel shy

    Out Today

    Losing a litter last season set me back big time.down to 4 beagles. 3 hounds retired at the end of season.so decided to breed both bitches.