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  1. Shovel shy

    Rastas pups

    They the two lads were friends and fell out or am I totally off
  2. Shovel shy

    Well i finally did it

    Congratulations lad.fair play to ya
  3. Shovel shy

    Out Today

    Were exactly the same.lost a couple of our marking hounds and were basically fcked without em.its not the same.haf Springer dog and a beagle bitch will mark but won't stay long and if yer not up with them they can come away.what happened with yer 4
  4. Shovel shy

    Out Today

    That was the first dig we got.wev knocked a few with the lurchers.had one aground few weeks back but to tight.its been very slow this season.few lads saying that.very patchy hopefully itl improve
  5. Shovel shy

    Out Today

    Out today two foxes.one dug with the old bitch and one with the lurcher.good day out nice n cool.
  6. Shovel shy

    2019 season

    Good stuff fox pack
  7. Shovel shy

    Out Today

    Wheaton hound.my father owns him.cant fault him so far
  8. Shovel shy

    Out Today

    younglad out today one or two spins no joy.marked one to ground aswell was way to tight be there for another day
  9. Shovel shy

    Filey 30th sept 4th oct??

    Good offer lad.fair play
  10. Shovel shy

    Out Today

    Younglad was lamping last night and knocked a fox with my father's dog.keep him happy till Sunday now.we nocked one the other night aswell
  11. Shovel shy

    Out Today

    Both Wheaton x
  12. Shovel shy

    2019 season

    Good result fox pack.
  13. Shovel shy

    Out Today

    My self and me son on the left and my father is on the end.3 generations in the one picture.hes pushing 60 and still loves the hunting of a Sunday.
  14. Shovel shy

    Out Today

    A little bit more every day were out hopefully.get them fit.how many ye hunting now dig deep