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  1. collie John it’s Banksy greyhound Max off here can tell you all about him mate atb Flacko
  2. Just come back on after a mooch about glad you sorted Keith, I can stop trolling dogs for sale now you & that pup will be grand together & FairPlay to Blackdog for sorting for you atb Flacko
  3. iww them pups by you the dam is beddy /whippet x collie/ grey to whippet sire right mix for the bunnies mate 2 dog pups left atb Flacko
  4. price means nothing saw them whippet x Lurcher pups so pm couple boys Keith not fancied one of them can’t believe between all of us we struggling to finding him a mate to get out with him atb Flacko
  5. There is a litter of Lurcher x whippet pups advertised from your town Keith on pets for homes mate small bitch to whippet dog what you reckon iww Keith atb Flacko
  6. Shame bout rabbits mate but that bit of land looks a real picture, you might need to get on yer bike so to speak atb Flacko
  7. Send us the recipe for that curry mate
  8. Good day mate for you & lad glad them ferrets are helping you out atb Flacko
  9. Flacko

    2019 season

    Good stuff mate as usual Atb Flacko
  10. Why would you move your dog after them years with you
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