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  1. Good stuff mate as usual
  2. Boardwalk empire bit slow to start but good stuff
  3. Anyone know how much D Sleight charges for stud his dog?
  4. She’s a nice pup mate glad you happy with her I had a bitch of someone else she’s about 10 mnth old now she’s coming on well & she can run a bit season coming should set her up for a long working life
  5. Flacko


    If that’s right mate very unfair one of my lads finished his carpentry apprenticeship worked for a few months direct then had to go self employed he can’t get fek all & people who done nothing getting more it’s a joke
  6. I got mixed race family my thoughts on this is this island we live on isn’t big enough for the people we got here & the people still coming here, open borders like we’ve had is contributing to a lot of problems we have , the gov got lots to answer for opening the flood gates to freeloading scrammels taking all the benefits & contributing fek all giving money away to countries that contribute nothing back nhs can’t cope with the shear volume &strain on resources but still we offer sanctuary taking money houses etc, the place is doomed now we got this twat of a virus here & showing all our weaknesses. Any way I get back to watching noughts& crosses .
  7. She’s been caught before
  8. Say again you don’t need two send one to me
  9. White van man great pic that is atb Flacko
  10. That Rio dog puts a stamp on his stuff mate tidy
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