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  1. Worked in Leith docks years ago John brown construction stayed in a cracking boarding house pubs wer lively round there
  2. Can the provident bloke sort one
  3. Fek DC your patio gone a bit ruff a it
  4. Yes mate I got one of those little folding ones fox rage stuff hook it on yer bag or something no weight to them mate they sound
  5. Still got whippet x mate
  6. Flacko

    Kelly kettles

    They bang on mate if you like a fresh brew
  7. Mate of mine just had litter of pups drop me a pm if interested should be decent grafters sire cocker bitch terrier black & black &tan
  8. Flacko


    Sounds a good deal mate
  9. Enjoyed it mate we failed to grab a point off Man U so needed a result today the boy Cunha getting better every wik
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