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  1. jok

    Aye up son. How the heck are you? I’ve just been rattling on to a couple of the guys about someone I now know who will undertake repairs to Deben Products. Farthingstone Northants. Just a heads up. Jok.

  2. Birtley boys aba when my sons boxed this club been producing some top lads doing well in the Nationals & Europeans comps used to look forward to see there boxers competing
  3. They are good them cracking leather work sound lad to deal with
  4. Tidy Jacob shaping up well
  5. W Katchum can you make or alter them black cats mate
  6. Is that for sale ? Sandymere
  7. Come out wrong mate meant to say as a dog to put to the bitch in times to come the dog Elvis that type of runner
  8. What about that dog that was on here Elvis fast & clever I was led to believe
  9. Thing is lads thinking all these Tw%ts won’t make a difference is a mistake they on national tv every week plugging away at the cause we need someone to talk common sense on our behalf, before it’s to late
  10. Problem is mate they get national air time they keep pushing we all be fecked once they got the ban in it was going to be picking off process hounds terriers lurchers gun dogs & all we get is shit publicity face book & such we our own worst enemies the minority idiots will feck us up then they start on fishing
  11. Good to see the kids taking interest mate nice one Herron
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