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  1. Flacko

    Collie greyhound

    DNA test would help wouldn’t it, get them on tinternet
  2. Flacko

    View From Your Swim

    Love them places like no one as have wet a line in them atb Flacko
  3. Flacko

    Lugging and fishing with the kids

    Cracking pics mate everyone happy atb Flacko
  4. Flacko


    How much what size mate
  5. Flacko

    First post, new pup

    Tidy pup mate good luck with her atb Flacko
  6. Flacko

    Bitch in pup

    Know what you saying mate but not everyone is like that atb Flacko
  7. Flacko

    Bitch in pup

    Well these to men seem to know each other so both would know the other is on here, if your man there was doing anything sly or wrong he wouldn’t wanting to be showing bitch off on here if there was a agreement about breeding that’s how I see it atb Flacko
  8. You don’t lose friends as you grow old , you just find out who the real one are. Atb Flacko
  9. Flacko

    Wild north

    Eden plus one on sky interesting watch
  10. Flacko

    Just me and my girl

    Looks a warm old day mate good to have wander with one of the kids atb Flacko
  11. Flacko


    I’d like to try it every time down that way never find a place serving it GL do they open evening times as well , & do many locals make their own atb Flacko
  12. Flacko

    Picked up my new pup

    I know how keen you was on this pup mate hope everything goes well atb Flacko
  13. Flacko

    Saluki x

    Fair play Lad
  14. Flacko

    Let's see your river catches 2019

    To be honest mate barbel would be better released ASAP after landing let rest take your photo & get recovered in as quick as you can time inmo cheers & atb Flacko
  15. Flacko

    Let's see your river catches 2019

    You keep in sack or what mate