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  1. Think that trickles through willenhall Walsall mate as well
  2. Think that’s long time ago mate
  3. nice one socks at least you know there’s no whippet in it
  4. Francie have you any old pics of the dogs you had good read mate
  5. Go for it mate,if you still plenty years in front of ya
  6. We can all mooch about sneaky but why should we that won’t sort nothing everyone should be rallying to get all this bo##ox turned around & all the shooting lads we be next on list the antis & all the others opposing groups seem to get there points across our lot & the official spokespeople sit back crumbling fe#in joke
  7. @ neck he hasn’t you know
  8. Lurcher cross Colly greyhound cor yo spake right
  9. Think pups just enjoy it mate bit warm lamblac don’t hurt them & the bitch enjoys it usually still feeding meat & fresh water as normal
  10. We always use Australian buloke for pegs but getting hard to find now
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