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  1. Flacko

    Started well

    Some land there mate atb Flacko
  2. Flacko

    3 Oxygen thieves jailed

    Feckin bad crack that mate
  3. Flacko

    Grandchild no.8 !

    Congrats mate I’m on 13 at the minute
  4. Well done much deserved you do quality work a craftsman you are atb Flacko
  5. Flacko


    Who lets these posts on
  6. Flacko

    Dedito boots

    Cragman I have a few niggles with my feet & the man who recommended these deditos also had problems he reckon they very light & really comfy but you need to size up a half or more atb Flacko
  7. Flacko

    Bunny broth.....

    No pics
  8. Flacko

    Not a bad day

    How big is she mate
  9. Flacko

    Not a bad day

    Good bag Neil b your bitch a decent marker helps out a lot atb Flacko
  10. Flacko

    Out with the young un this morning

    Does your dog mark the burumate atb Flacko
  11. Flacko

    View From Your Swim

    Tidy mate was that today atb Flacko
  12. Flacko

    A few bolts from the little fella's

    Still love that little rough bitch Trev atb Flacko
  13. Flacko


    Well done wilbs good day atb Flacko
  14. Anyone know or seen any of the andrew Edwards lurchers ?