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  1. ginger beard

    Jerry dog bull x

    Big ron and spanielsandhawks knows.
  2. ginger beard

    Jerry dog bull x

    Put it up if you want.nothing dodgy about it. Atleast it was a hunting post.you haven't put up 1 in all the years you've been on.i did 1st post and it was well recieved.
  3. ginger beard

    Jerry dog bull x

    You right and the shit he comes out with is terrible.
  4. ginger beard

    Jerry dog bull x

    Your the popular peoples useful idiot. you've entertained me for 24 hours now telling porkies and digging a hole for yourself.you tried to get on with the popular vote having a dig at me and nobody joined in with you. Yep useful idiot is hitting the nail on the head with you.
  5. ginger beard

    Jerry dog bull x

    C'mon lads be fair. King is just as bad as starting stuff but aint half as funny. Why not tell him how it is.?
  6. ginger beard

    Acid attack

    Heard it on the radio.couldn't believe what i was hearing.have they released the names of the attackers.?
  7. ginger beard

    Planned litters.

    Thats how i always done it but last season i saw an horrific face injury from when a fox was wrapped around a face and the other pulled it off.resulting in the face being pulled off the dog.looked worse than what it was but not nice to see.if they have it,they have it.you shouldn't need to double up in my opinion if there fully matured.anyway foxes aint my thing.they taste like shit.
  8. ginger beard

    Next years hopefuls

    As dan said.lovely markings. How are they bred.?
  9. ginger beard

    Jerry dog bull x

    f***ing king innit.always bringing my good name into threads that i haven't posted on.the sad little c**t must be so utterly pathetic i bet he just wakes up and wishes it was bed time straight away so he don't have to face reality.
  10. ginger beard

    Jerry dog bull x

    I think you and facts go together like water and oil. What has this got to do with my black dog........or is it my other one.f**k knows what your going to come out with next. Just admit your as dumb as a scope meeting.
  11. ginger beard

    Eddie B/Dithcshitter

    He can't,he's just having a cup of tea.
  12. ginger beard

    Jerry dog bull x

    Just admit you made a fool of yourself and nobody backed you up as you were hoping.billy no mates. my mother still works and has yet to recieve her pension but when she does i'll be helping myself.
  13. ginger beard

    Jerry dog bull x

    Haha bull shiter's back. What a stupid girl.
  14. ginger beard

    Jerry dog bull x

  15. ginger beard

    Planned litters.

    whats that got anything to do with the dog your on about. Do yourself a favour and admit your just a pleb.