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  1. I shot one yesterday with a captive bolt.it blew up like a balloon ready to pop
  2. Are lithium batteries poisonous or dangerous if f****d about with.?
  3. My old deerhound one late evening jumped a gate,bounced over the lane and into the forest.i was 10 seconds behind him.when I got over the gate u saw a bloke and his kid stood still in fear.until they saw me.the relief they showed led me to ask if they were ok.they said they thought butch was a big black panther.they were sure at the time it was.
  4. They must be the ultra rare hovering panther.those clever cats never leave footprints.
  5. I saw an elephant one night while lamping. We all know that bullshit but how do you prove its bullshit.you can't prove something that doesn't exist.same with cats 100%.
  6. "Manners are a must" "Bunch if cnuts all of them what do you expect off townies"
  7. Looks like the plastic lining of a cars boot compartment.
  8. Greyman about 18 months ago I remember you saying you could make evidence available in a year that big cats exist in the british isles.after the scientists have done their bit. Where is it.?
  9. Any links or a reason why its not been made public by the animal rights or the zoo or authorises.
  10. I worked with 2 Scottish and 3 Welsh boys and we all got along fine.not 1 drama but back home on their facebook it's all anti english stuff.
  11. Much like the Vikings came to england to rape,kill and thieves from.but in Norway they celebrate the Vikings still.i don't hold any ill will.
  12. I dunno. Couple English lads I met worked in merfa tidville and they said it was damn right hostile from the start.one pub wouldn't even serve them. just said "pub down the road serves english" and pointed to the door.
  13. Call me sad but I just went and checked the scores on the BBC sport website.they showed the results if the women's fa super cup before the Sunderland result.
  14. ginger beard


    Fair enough.target kids on an evening out.i don't know what the parents are complaining about.
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