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  1. And the big commercial farmers are creating an infertile desert with sprays constantly working/grazing the ground.they used to be called guardians of the countryside.sadly not anymore.
  2. They wany uniformed beef because its mostly cut with machines now in big places and so it can fit in the packageing,then electrocuted to tenderise it and in the supermarket 2 days later.some of it is good beef just pot luck as to which but you get.butchers aint all that either,there happy to source boxed polish beef to sell through the shop.
  3. Thats the misconception.go and compare the prices.people use supermarkets for convienence. I think we all eat to much meat.get commercial farmers out.broilers and pigs and milking cattle never see mud.that aint right.
  4. Thats f**k all i caught leptosperosis after sucking off a dead pig,eaten raw hearts,drank blood,eaten raw balls.thats standard but don't f**k with my work or knives.
  5. f**k the courses,exams and the thoery.best way is learn on the job.but no i don't know of any courses.i have a full e.u and norweigan slaughter license and it means nothing really.just lairaging,killing,shackling and bleeding.all easy jobs.none of which i get to do because there pussy jobs so i way as well throw my licenses away.
  6. Yeah been told by the boss to turn them away unless there for him of course.then we have 200 wet dirty fuckers not bellied or dagged.i take pride in my work but f**k it when there like that.no careful trimming.i aint got time.hack it off. Then the butchers/wholesalers end up with a ugly carcass even if you trim carefully I'm on piece rate which is ok if were doing 200 an hour but not when we have to stop and trim the shit off. Belly and dag at least
  7. Is it f**k. The state of the livestock is disgusting.lumps of mud,wet,dirty shit.fucks my knife up.then you get dry mud covering the carcass in dust which then has to be trimmed off.then there's the abcess and worms galour. About 50% are shit.some good ones about still but f**k me some farmers don't deserve the name.some of the best are townies who move to the country.
  8. So how are you going to solve this problem.?
  9. Just seen he was on 12 hours ago. Thanks for replying to my pm.
  10. Anybody heard from him.i sent him a pm about a battery i brought last january. Its f****d.it only holds a full charge for 10 minutes and won't recharge.
  11. I get more runs during the day with a busher than at night with the lamp.
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