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  1. I get more runs during the day with a busher than at night with the lamp.
  2. Is that true.? Would that lower the oil price as its low at the moment anyway.thought they have economic problems already.
  3. Boyakasha Just ali g innit.the other characters were shit.
  4. More like anthony worrel tomoson.
  5. Ali g now thats a funny f****r.
  6. My son loves it and venison tartare.eats it by the handful.
  7. I'm not misrable but i don't find any of them funny.i've had many more laughs reading here.
  8. Thanks tomo pierre white. How long to cook a steak tartare.?
  9. I'll be up for that if i'm about then.
  10. I thought "call me dean's" breakdown was f***ing quality.
  11. I think modern poison drys the body right out and some how stops it from stinking.
  12. I saw a job in belgium.quite well paid there aint it.?
  13. Says the work shy parasite who won't support his own family but expects the tax payer too.how about getting a job this year dean.?
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