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  1. ginger beard

    Scottish weather

    Yeah f**k all wrong once your out of the cities.Those crofts are a dream to own and to live in that enviroment.
  2. ginger beard

    Scottish weather

    It's lovely if you like stepping over used needles and smashed alcohol bottles. Smack head country of the world.
  3. ginger beard

    moochers , is it down ?

    Kieron was funny.what a c**t.
  4. ginger beard

    Fussy eater (Whippet x Greyhound)

    Won't help with fussy eating but rice pudding will put some weight on her.nevermind that liquid sheep fat,get some proper raw sheep fat from any butcher.
  5. ginger beard

    Killing a tree

    Leave it alone.it was probably there before you or your house.
  6. ginger beard


    Autarky salmon and r.a.w. They scoff anything back anytime. They love tripe and sheep heads.
  7. ginger beard

    David platts

    3/4 deerhound 1/4 greyhound from platts.
  8. ginger beard

    welsh roof rack,,,lol

    f***ing av this tomo. Just been down the beach with 4 others.started having a throwing match,wasn't bothered about that.i was to busy skimming stones. Then m.s suggested a f**k off great rock distance throwing comp.1 pussy couldn't even lift it.m.s only just missed his toe's.anyway just me and j.o.r left. 1st match same...so we went again. 2nd match same...so we went again Same thing for the 3rd Ah ha we now on the 4th he was starting to tire.ginger was just warming up and hamnered him by a massive 1 inch. You couldn't throw me out if you were in your prime.
  9. ginger beard

    Nobilo Sauvginon Blanc

    Especially after a hard day work ah king.
  10. ginger beard


    Whats that about bercow having a meltdown.any video link.
  11. ginger beard


    Lets have a run down of the weeks events please.sounds like good news. don't have a tv,newspapers and hardly any wifi.
  12. ginger beard

    If I ever win the lotto.

    Thought an elk was a moose.
  13. ginger beard

    Red kites heading south

    Got some on my permission near the cliffs.always there,love em.
  14. ginger beard

    Red kites heading south

    There regular down here,about 8 miles from the south coast. I saw 3 flying over work one day.we all got a right hard on even the boss was out all with bino's.phoned 2 mates who are keen bird watchers and they wasn't excited and told me they show up every couple of years. 1st time for me though and i liked it.i still stop and look at buzzards and there everywhere.
  15. ginger beard

    Elton john

    You on about kaitlin.?