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  1. ginger beard


    When an infection heals the hair falls back.
  2. ginger beard


    Caught on wire Maggots
  3. ginger beard


    2 shotgun pellets.
  4. ginger beard

    anyone for venison

    Just seen this. 10kg venison 2kg belly pork and cheek. Mince it Add a packet of mrs claus miracle mix Mix right through Press into burgers. I cheat and get the miracle mix (cranberry,herbs,spices and rusk)from work and got lucky on an excellent burger press.my son will make about 200 in a couple hours. Easy as that.
  5. ginger beard

    That time a year again

    That could be the £1,000,000 one. Breed it quick.
  6. ginger beard

    New zealand bans semi auto rifles

    Don't worry ted any photos with you and your semi auto's,just type pre ban. They can't do nothing then.
  7. ginger beard

    Bobby Robson Documentry

    Good for him.my son loves his football too.he plays in the u13 premiership of his league winning consecutive leagues and cups.finished 3rd this year though with a semi final against the league champions this sunday.
  8. ginger beard

    Bobby Robson Documentry

    Well you definitely have passion and most of what you say makes sense.
  9. ginger beard

    Bobby Robson Documentry

    Ever thought about coaching max.you got passion and a good knowledge of foitball.
  10. ginger beard

    New Arrivals.

    A good nose and abit of guile will see you alright.
  11. ginger beard

    New Arrivals.

    Depends on the terrain your hunting.don't think colliejohn runs big fields.probably ferrering and mooching reedy,scrubby ground where you won't need all the gears.
  12. ginger beard

    That time a year again

    I'm seriously thinking of changing jobs to something like what you do.
  13. ginger beard

    Bobby Robson Documentry

    In terms of history and traditions,sunderland are a top club.
  14. ginger beard

    Opinions on the Norfolk lurcher?

    O yeah.