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  1. ginger beard

    Sunderland Has Got Its Soul Back

    Max stop getting peewee and stiffy all agitated.
  2. ginger beard

    Any idea what this is

    Set of lungs.looks like they've been sprayed blue and then scavenged by something.
  3. ginger beard

    Funny Joke Thread

    Aint that scothunter.
  4. ginger beard


    I will mate as soon as i know my number or pm your number and i'll text you.
  5. ginger beard

    Anybody running racey saluki bull grey

    Thanks. sal/bull/grey x sal/grey I think she's great sometimes and others she nearly drives me to tears and i can't sleep.
  6. ginger beard

    Anybody running racey saluki bull grey

    A right pain in the arse.
  7. ginger beard

    RIP Enzo Calzaghe

    Wasn't joe a coke head.?
  8. ginger beard


    I'll have a dog pup.
  9. ginger beard


    Yeah f**k it i think i might have ago too with a teckle.nothing ventured and all that.that and a terrier or spaniel or mix.
  10. ginger beard

    Midland game fair

    What did you think of the show.?
  11. ginger beard

    Good night for the young dukes

    Nice dogs mate but is that both dogs with the same rabbits or 5 each.?
  12. ginger beard


    Who went and what did they think of it now.?
  13. ginger beard

    whats this (moth larvae)

    Rumbled by katchum
  14. ginger beard

    Fireplace design

    All thats missing is a nice big shiny fishing hook hanging over it.