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  1. This batch has been snapped up by friends and family and easing lockdown has ruined my knifemaking. Just gauging what shapes and styles people like. I need to improve everything on finish before I'd be happy selling. Second wave should see me produce next batch. B
  2. Forging next, I was locked down in a friends house with a lidl grinder and a few hand tools when I made those. Did the bevels etc. with handfiles and sweat ; ) I planning to make some kitchen knives, wrapped in wrought iron that my grandad would have made
  3. Exactly that. The dog you need is a good dog where it's needed.
  4. You put your dog in there? It must be no good. I wouldn't put my dog in there. It's too good. and repeat If there was a thread on here looking for a torx driver, you'd be told you're a fool. They're shit, you need a Phillips.
  5. Thanks a million for that.Bryan
  6. Just looking to get a classic springer tuned
  7. Does anyone know if Steve Pope is well and back working again? Bryan
  8. HW80 in .22 with a V Mach tunning kit
  9. I have one Steve pope tuned sub 12ft/lb , close to perfection in a springer for me, I can't feel any recoil and pellet on pellet at 25-35 yards. Priceless. I'd buy the best mechanical example you could get of it and wouldn't worry too much about the price. Bryan
  10. https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/news/hunting-festival-disappointed-as-irish-cancer-society-no-longer-taking-donations-amid-complaints-37812946.html
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