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  1. mattwhite


    In all honesty, if i had the money, id have a room full of em purely as a collection, same as collecting anything but i havent. And if i did it would do my f#@*ing head in deciding which to take out so i kind of see where your coming from so i think its from a collection perspective?
  2. mattwhite

    Shot on the job

    Cheers Si After digging out 3 hawthorns in the guys garden i needed that zimmer to get back to the van
  3. mattwhite

    Another decent session + bonus

    Nice shooting dave Squizzer, bacon, salt and pepper, olive oil.........DONE Oh....and pigeon breast on toast
  4. mattwhite

    Shot on the job

    Cheers Mark. Yes he almost had his back to me so it went in the back driver side and came out front passenger side eye. His mate buggered off smartish
  5. mattwhite

    Shot on the job

    Primos trigger sticks, jim shockey edition. I think they are about a tonne pal I dont use them that often to be honest unless im sat at dusk waiting at a warren but i knew i could only get a shot at the chimney pots from the back lawn with nothing to rest on and my freehand shots elevated need some practice so i thought play it safe and stick em in the van
  6. mattwhite

    Shot on the job

    One of my customers had asked when im over next time would i have look at the jackdaws as they are already starting fetching material for nesting in the chimney pots so i took the 99 with me and whilst working in the garden just happened to see them bringing things back for nest building so when id finished the job i hung about for half an hour and got presented with just the one shot but that was enough to stop his shenanigans as he rolled down the slates and onto the lawn. You can see on the pic ive fitted about 2/3 of the swift stumpy modular that jimmy sent me for the r10 by means of an adaptor i picked up off a lad last week. Ive re zeroed and its changed the dynamics of the gun altogether. Its running at the same power if not ever so slightly higher (that could just be tempereature though) and its reduced muzzle report by 10-15 db which isnt a lot i know but every db counts with a springer. Ive not used the last couple of sections of the stumpy as the difference was negligable and as it is, it still fits in the slip without having to remove the mod. Im looking forward to getting out on the coneys with it now
  7. mattwhite

    Lightningse se .177

    Light the blue touch paper and stand well back........
  8. mattwhite

    Lightningse se .177

    It does look like one of the older models so hopefully youve got one of the good ones there pal. Get some group tests posted pal. Im interested in seeing what she does
  9. mattwhite

    Lightningse se .177

    Depends on where it was made pal in my opinion. I had one about 20 years ago that shot lovely and also a new one i bought in about 2012 that would have been more use as a cricket bat. I couldnt get the bugger to group with any pellets at all so i bought a 2nd hand tx and problem immediately solved. Bsa were no help at all and as good as told me it was me that couldnt shoot it properly so i spat my dummy out and swapped it pal. Another mate of mine had the same issue with a new se so he fitted theoban gas ram in it and its improved but not perfect. Maybe weve been unlucky but i personally would chuck another £70 at it and get a hw99s
  10. mattwhite

    my kind of gun dogs

    Nice one pal. They stand well for the camera too
  11. mattwhite

    beter than working

    Nice mitchmy fingers are crossed for a couple of squirrel perms over here pal soon so i will give them go in the roasting tin
  12. mattwhite

    Out local this morning

    As above nap. Always good when the landowner sees your good work
  13. mattwhite

    Cominge to an end

    Wait for it...............
  14. mattwhite

    Cominge to an end

    Thats all i have to say
  15. mattwhite

    Get back out

    I hope you did some shit dad dancing to properly embarrass her mitch