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  1. mattwhite

    Okay to shoot now ? General Licence ?

    https://inews.co.uk/news/environment/why-chris-packham-is-in-favour-of-culling-in-some-instances/ I rest my case
  2. mattwhite

    Okay to shoot now ? General Licence ?

    In my humble opinion its an easy one to sort out overnight to avoid pages and pages of bullshit and bollocks from all angles. Simply class woodies, crows, rooks, magpies for starters the same as rabbits where the landowner and one nominated other is obliged to contril the numbers due to the damage they cause. It really is that simple and it would stop all this tripe thats spouted on here and you tube and the news etc because it seems everyone wants to take the moral highground now its too late and be cautious and bow down to the antis. I say balls to them. Its not about being rebellious and shouting off, its about letting the nosey b#$tards see that we have common sense and conservation is a big part of what we are all trying to achieve. Rant over.
  3. mattwhite

    Okay to shoot now ? General Licence ?

    And i just darent open me mouth anymore
  4. mattwhite

    Wild Justice or total injustice

    I get all that. What im saying is that even the guy going out purely for the pot is doing no harm at all. He is controlling numbers. Ok 1 woody isnt going to make much difference but to create a law that makes what hes doing illegal is complete stupidity.
  5. mattwhite

    Wild Justice or total injustice

    Lets just hope someone with half a brain that spends enough time in the countryside to see that its about species management and has some clowt, can get his or her point across and that people shouldnt get upset by the fact that the woodies that get shot will be for someones bloody supper.
  6. mattwhite

    Wild Justice or total injustice

    He will if he keeps his head down pal
  7. mattwhite

    Wild Justice or total injustice

    I cant get my head round the fact that shooting over stubble is frowned upon just because 98% of the crop is harvested and they are not doing any direct financial damage. To me, the fact that woodies just for example, WILL ravage a field of peas means that their numbers need managing, wether its to put in a pie or waste them and put them in an incinerator. Just because a crow or magpie hasnt got a songbird egg or chick in its mouth or its not actively pecking out a lambs eyes doesnt mean that thats not what they do to feed so again in my opinion their numbers need controlling and to agree that people have been breaking the law for the last 6 years may be right on paper but its still a load of boll#@s.
  8. mattwhite

    Okay to shoot now ? General Licence ?

    Even more un-policeable over here as local bobbys are like chicken lips
  9. mattwhite

    Okay to shoot now ? General Licence ?

    Youll be more than welcome anytime pal
  10. mattwhite

    Okay to shoot now ? General Licence ?

    Yes i see your point Deker you are correct but lets have it right, its all about common sense and subtlety. And we seem to be the only ones that are being persecuted for our common sense pal.
  11. mattwhite

    Okay to shoot now ? General Licence ?

    Its all a very poorly thought out farce of a licence thats been rushed because of the stupidity of the whole revoking of the original. In my opinion, carry on and say nowt.
  12. mattwhite

    Might be good news

    Sounds promising mitch
  13. mattwhite


    Yes filled it in rez Nicely put tim, just shows them that one daft decision by a body of people that know relatively nothing can have a much larger impact on the whole countryside. Well done pal
  14. mattwhite

    Got it sorted

    Shot nap Nice to see an Opinel used as well pal. Number 8 or 9?
  15. mattwhite

    Always recce your land for new activity.

    I agree completely that thats hardly decimating a crop but..........this is where we need someone with real common sense to word the general licence because when we see those woodies flighting in to roost, they are doing no harm at all but we know full well what they feed on and what they will be having little birdy dreams about feeding on tomorrow so i think that like rabbits, certain, if not all quarry that was revoked should be allowed to be managed in the same way to prevent the inevitable Que a backlash