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  1. mattwhite

    New Land

    You will be needing a lift on that one then sweetie
  2. mattwhite

    New Land

    And that lovely strip in the centre
  3. mattwhite

    Last light

    And no editing on that version of the photo me old
  4. mattwhite

    What a prick

    The guy is a tool and surely knows that hes pi#*ing in the wind with this one, its just arguing for the sake of it. Can you imagine John craven defending this argument on countryfile. What a bunch of dicks. Reading in between the lines though, this could be more fuel to the fire of airgun licencing in england and wales. If they cant ban the shooting of these birds then lets monitor whos doing it with an air rifle perhaps. Its all b#*×ocks and will come to nothing just like the idiots defending the grey squirrels
  5. mattwhite

    Last light

    Sometimes we all have those nights where you think "what the fcuk went wrong" or "i didnt compensate for the wind" but this was one of those sessions where you drive home with a big stupid grin on your face
  6. mattwhite

    Last light

    Well i went out shooting targets this afternoon with the 99 with the intention of checking zero out to 60 yards and ive got to say i was very impressed at how consistant this 99 is at range over an hour or mores shooting. So, after tea i donned me cammo and went off to a large garden perm surrounded by fields thats got a good number of warrens around it. All the usual stalking and creeping about but after this afternoons practice i had more than enough confidence on an windless evening to take these coneys from between 47 and 52 yards with bang on head shots. 6x mag and nothing more than a mildots holdover and lights out so its rabbit curry for a few nights now
  7. mattwhite

    Loads of young about

    Nice shooting nap. Loads of young about here too but im leaving them for another day too
  8. mattwhite

    100 today

    Shot mitch. Thats a cracking tally pal
  9. mattwhite

    Cloud cover shooting

    Cracking shooting lads
  10. mattwhite

    butt pad

    What a beaut pal
  11. mattwhite

    Long time

    Nice one mitch. I love a golf course perm. You get to know where they frequent so you can approach from the right direction
  12. mattwhite


    Personally i think your a cruel heartless bugger mitch......that top one had bought you flowers!
  13. mattwhite

    stops play

    Rugby all day today pal. Its been bloody mingin all week here too. Not so much rain but windy as f#@k. Got my fingers crossed for a dusk session tomorrow
  14. mattwhite

    stops play

  15. mattwhite

    Cat hunts the farm

    Nice shooting pal. Not easy in this wind