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  1. Be lovely if they did phil. That way i wont have to try and find the inevitable lead confetti that showers first my face then the forest floor when trying to open the tin one handed in a rush
  2. Nice shooting pal. What handle is on that opinel. Looks like a custom
  3. Well done nap. You can only just stand up over here pal let alone shoot so you did well
  4. Well played nap. I bet they have been running riot in there pal
  5. What stocks did you have on your 100s pal? Both my 100s were thumbhole and as much as they were accurate as hell, they just dont do it for me. A 100 in a sporter stock would be my advice if thats the kind of money your looking at spending
  6. Air rifle porn at its absolute sauciest Looks superb
  7. Hi pal. Im on Anglesey and the only place i know of is Gwynedd firearms in bangor
  8. You are more than welcome to come and fill your game bag on my perms when you do pal
  9. I tend to load it ready but just out of paranoia if im waiting for over half an hour i will de-cock it and give the spring a rest for a few mins. Probably a total waste of time but it makes me feel better
  10. This one of mine phil that came from si is doing 11.2 with aa fields and from a rested position did a bottle cap at 73 yards and has put the lights out on loads of rabbits between 30 and 60 odd pal. Its shooting as good now if not better than when Si sent it and i have never had it apart. Youd have to pry this from my very cold dead hands. Its coming with me in me box when im done
  11. Id go for it pal. Ive been gardening now for 2 and a half years after stopping the fish job and quite a few of my large gardens want me thinning out the rabbits. Ive not stopped working as ive no need to have any contact with anyone so preventing the hard work ive done in the gardens seems as important as making the gardens look nice. Ive only had 1 tell me to hang on for a couple of weeks and sods law its me favourite pigeon perm but hey ho. Happy hunting pal
  12. I never really gave the jsb heavies much barrel time in the 100 or r10 mark but the 100 bloody loved biz mags and thats all i fed her for a long time and they worked a treat. The 99 is more than happy with field diablos. I have tried the express but its just a personal thing with the fd's, ive got lots of confidence in em
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