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  1. And I guess the moral of the story is "We can all learn something from the actions of others..... just because they're doing it it different, it doesn't mean that they're doing it wrong". And I can remember Old Bert Gripton saying something very similar to me some 40+ years back, in fact almost word for word (just not quite as polished ).
  2. My pleasure mate.... fingers crossed that it does the trick and meets your needs
  3. Might be able to get his details that way but I won't pass people's numbers out without their approval Understood.... and rightly so mate
  4. You'll find a list of all the Area Reps and their contact details on the F&M website at https://www.fellandmoorlandwtceastmids.com/areasandreps.htm
  5. The ticking clock and "Old Father Time" means I'm very unlikely to ever need to call on the services of the F&MWTC these days. But my cheque's in the post and if it helps just one terrier that gets stuck to ground, then it will have gone to a very worthwhile cause.
  6. Sorry R.S. but I only just picked up on this post. I don't know if this is of any help at all, it's a card I received from Sweden several years back..... Apparently it's called a "roe sack" over here, but I'm not a deer stalker and don't know any more than that. If it is the sort of thing you're looking for then, maybe this will be of some interest, or give you some ideas. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jack-Pyke-Canvas-Roe-Sack-Heavy-Game-Bag-Hunt-Shoot-JRUCCANROE/352958676976?epid=11011330297&hash=item522df9fff0:g:bwkAAOSwORFfV5Y6 Y.I.S. Barrie
  7. And I've no doubt that if your good lady comes out with you next time you're in the field, she'll find them just as handsome as you do too Enjoy it mate
  8. The world is a much poorer place for his passing R.I.P.
  9. Barn Hunting with a group of friends in Iowa February 2001. Racoons are widely regarded as pests and do a considerable amount of damage. They damage farmer's crops and get into barns where the steal foodstuff and ruin even more with their faeces and urine. They also carry a variety of diseases including rabies. Our first Barn Same trip and the end result of 2 1/2 days hard hunting in bitterly cold weather. All taken with terriers. In the past I've seen "Yanks" come in for a lot of stick on this forum and in some instances it may have been well deserved
  10. Erm...... only if I have a brain transplant and a gas cooker fitted instead (which some might say is an improvement)
  11. As the old saying goes "A fool and his money....... "
  12. I use the same charger for both flat top and button top
  13. Paul was also one of the Core Marchers who walked from Scotland to London to join up with the Hyde Park Rally, held on 10th July 1997, as a protest against the then "proposed" Hunting Act. Paul was also a VERY SIGNIFICANT contributor in the fight against the hunting ban in Scotland (the "Watson Bill") and without Paul and others of his ilk Scotland wouldn't be in such a good position as it is today. As Two Crows says.... a "nice chap", but also in my view a "proper man" too and someone for whom I have nothing but the greatest of respect. Crow, thank you for sharing
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