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  1. Hi Moorman Sorry my inbox was full, but I've cleared it out now.
  2. I know what I was…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwjEXvkUlzE&t=3865s
  3. I know what I was…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwjEXvkUlzE&t=3865s
  4. Amen to that.... R.I.P. old friend
  5. Hi General Yes I’m afraid it’s all over the place, everywhere from Hansard to the Antis Hate List, that's why I never bother trying to hide it, there's no point. But it’s an evil necessity rather than a personal preference and something you have to live with. Unfortunately you can’t get away with standing up in Court, writing to Politicians and Ministers, and putting in Government Submissions etc. as a “Mr X Who Lives Over the Hill” and still maintain any sort of professional credibility. As for the other matters, as you say, best put to bed, I wish you and yours all the very be
  6. Stop End Thank you for your more than generous comments, which I know are very genuine and sincere. But as far as I’m concerned you don’t owe me any apologies, not for anything at all. Y.I.S. - Barrie
  7. Chesney…. In all honesty I haven’t a clue. I’m still struggling to get my head around why the NWTF was even included in what is clearly a personal issue in N.I., or why my name appears in the original post, and it’s the only reason I’ve bothered to respond What I do know is that petty divisions…., and yes I do believe it’s petty in comparison to the overall scheme of things….., only serves to aid one group and that’s definitely not those who would wish to see terrier work continue. And I'm sure that's no one's intention at all. J.M.H.O. - Barrie
  8. I’m not twisting your words, but I will quote them if I may…. “an organisation like the nwtf or the iwtf should be welcoming and glad that like minded folk want to join. Not have some halfwit telling them what you should do what you can’t etc.” Quite where the NWTF fits into any of this I really don’t know. But “should be” infers that the NWTF (which you’ve no real knowledge of) and the IWTF (which you don’t seem to have any time for) are in some way lacking, just because you have an axe to grind with one particular person. What I do know first-hand is just how much effort and planni
  9. I'm sorry General, but I'd much rather not get drawn into these sort of things for the reasons I've already outlined above and why on earth you felt it neccessary to include my name in your original post is way beyond me. But now your bitterness seems to have overtaken any form of logic and instead you're choosing to castigate two entire organisations (both the NWTF and IWTF, regardless of what they've achieved, or how little you know of how the NWTF operates) simply because of your own animosity towards one individual.... I'm sorry, but no matter what sort of slant you try to put on it,
  10. If the past few weeks haven’t taught you what you can achieve by pulling together, instead of pulling each other apart, then sadly it was a missed opportunity. All you’ve done is wasted everyone else's time and just put off the evil day. The Antis must be laughing their socks off reading this nonsense, at a time when by rights they should be licking their wounds. J.M.H.O. - Barrie
  11. I must be very, very old..... cos I can still remember the days when a person's standards and reputation (for better or worse) was based on how they behaved, rather than how many "likes" they could get on FaceBook. Maybe that's why so many worthwhile stories begin with the phrase "Back in the good old days" !!!!
  12. And just remember lads.... it's not just yourselves who can lobby your MLAs. It applies equally to all of your family, extended family members, friends and any other like minded individuals, so get them on the case too. Otherwise you may only get one shot and as we all know, it's all too easy to miss and then to regret afterwards. Y.I.S. Barrie
  13. She was definitely leaning more towards being “a boiler” than a “spring chicken” (if anyone’s old enough to remember what a “boiler” is).
  14. Countryman - Thank you (and others) for your very kind words, but none of this is about me I’m just a small part of a much larger and far more important team. The real stars of the show are the men and women who work so hard to keep the terrier clubs up and running, and right through to each and every member of those clubs. Without the Clubs and the funding they provide, there would be no NWTF, no strength of numbers and terrierwork would be in a much more difficult position than it already is (which brings us in a full circle to the start and the original purpose of this thread). To
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