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  1. Barrie

    Bad run of luck

    Amen to that
  2. Barrie


    Thank you, I like him a lot too and a he's very easy dog to have around the place.... he's turned 5 now
  3. Barrie


    For 5 months old she already seems to have a well developed head and no depth to her chest (two things I very much admire). You must be very pleased with her
  4. Barrie


    Monty aged 13 months..... a gift and a VERY generous gift too
  5. Barrie

    Old nuttall stock

    Hi David I remember John's son and his friend (Shaun ???) came over to stay with us and to go digging and hunting maybe a couple, or even three decades ago now. Shaun flew all the way from the USA wearing his favourite digging boots. He said he didn't mind losing his clothes and other stuff in his suitcase "But no way am I risking these boots !!!". He was deadly serious and I've got the biggest imaginable grin on my face right now just thinking about it. The lads were a pleasure and we enjoyed their company immensely. John would ring me up frequently to check out some of the bull shit pedigrees that were being bandied about by some of the "wannabe names" on this side of the Pond who were nothing but glorified puppy peddlers. I always found him to be an honest man and in return I always tried to be as honest with him. R.I.P. John. Kindest Regards - Barrie
  6. Barrie

    Old nuttall stock

    Damn.... what a handsome dog he was too
  7. Barrie

    Old nuttall stock

    Glyn..... Thanks for posting that pic, I'd only ever seen monochrome photos of Rusty before and yes Toby was exactly that same red grizzle. The clearest photo I've seen to date of Rusty is the one with W.W. in the Fell Terrier. If you don't have it handy I'll scan it in later and pop it up. Kindest Regards - Barrie
  8. Barrie

    Old nuttall stock

    Kipper and Rusty were brothers. Looking at those photos I posted and the various pedigrees I have..... Kipper is Great Grand Father of Judy on the bitch line and Rusty her Grand Father on the dog line. Kipper is also Great Grand Father of Toby on the dog line. I never saw Rusty personally, but if you look at any of his photos he and Toby look almost identical. Kindest Regards - Barrie
  9. Barrie

    R.I.P. Howdy

    R.I.P. Old man T'is better to have loved and lost.... than to never have loved at all.
  10. Barrie

    Old nuttall stock

    Bull....... ALL MY PANTS ARE FOR SALE. Ever since I had the operation and "rebranded" myself as "Brenda" LOL
  11. Barrie

    Old nuttall stock

    Hi David It's quite possible as J R came over here to hunt with us and stayed at my place more than once. Unfortunately it's too far back now for me to remember with any accuracy. But If there were pups on the ground at that time, I'm sure either myself, or one of my friends would have gifted him one. We didn't sell dogs and my late father had always drummed into me "If you think the man's good enough then give him a pup and if you don't think he is then he should never have enough money to buy one !!!". Some might disagree with that and for perfectly valid reasons, but it's never done me any harm and hopefully a few people some good. And in return I've certainly seen more than my fair share of generosity. Kindest Regards - Barrie
  12. Barrie

    Old nuttall stock

    An absolute dead ringer
  13. Barrie

    Old nuttall stock

    He certainly threw his stamp and if you look at Mick 16 years on he was almost his stunt double. I remember a certain person, to some a big name (I won't name and shame) using him on a very none descript bitch.... and then a few years later advertising his pups as being "The finest strain of line bred fell terriers in the country". It takes all sorts LOL
  14. Barrie

    Old nuttall stock

    Hi Dilly When Phil was a teenager his father was a regular follower of the B.C. and I was doing the terriers in those days. Phil was always keen as mustard and couldn't do enough to help. One day his father said to me "I want to get him a terrier, but not just any old terrier, something special like he's been used to seeing." I was using Meg a lot in those days and the kid really liked her, we were fortunate enough to be able to get him her litter sister Josie which a friend of mine had. That was his first terrier and he was like the proverbial "dog with two dicks". Kindest Regards - Barrie