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  1. And I've no doubt that if your good lady comes out with you next time you're in the field, she'll find them just as handsome as you do too Enjoy it mate
  2. The world is a much poorer place for his passing R.I.P.
  3. Barn Hunting with a group of friends in Iowa February 2001. Racoons are widely regarded as pests and do a considerable amount of damage. They damage farmer's crops and get into barns where the steal foodstuff and ruin even more with their faeces and urine. They also carry a variety of diseases including rabies. Our first Barn Same trip and the end result of 2 1/2 days hard hunting in bitterly cold weather. All taken with terriers. In the past I've seen "Yanks" come in for a lot of stick on this forum and in some instances it may have been well deserved. But my own experience of 30 years spent travelling back and forth across the Pond is that I have always found them to be very genuine and welcoming, with a great respect for both their dogs and their quarry. In fact so much so that I almost moved across there when Labour came to power over here in 1997. It was only the health care costs which put us off. There are idiots in all walks of life, and we certainly have more than our fair share of them over here too. But make no mistake about there are plenty of genuine dog folks over there, in my experience that applies to the vast majority and they are certainly living the dream. For me some of the most inspiring moments would be when we'd pull up at an Arby's for breakfast, with a truck full of terriers and we'd immediately be surrounded by fellow "hunters" (of all kinds) who simply wanted to "talk dogs and hunting". Thank you for your hospitality, as always it was and still is appreciated HAPPY DAYS !!!!
  4. Erm...... only if I have a brain transplant and a gas cooker fitted instead (which some might say is an improvement)
  5. As the old saying goes "A fool and his money....... "
  6. I use the same charger for both flat top and button top
  7. Paul was also one of the Core Marchers who walked from Scotland to London to join up with the Hyde Park Rally, held on 10th July 1997, as a protest against the then "proposed" Hunting Act. Paul was also a VERY SIGNIFICANT contributor in the fight against the hunting ban in Scotland (the "Watson Bill") and without Paul and others of his ilk Scotland wouldn't be in such a good position as it is today. As Two Crows says.... a "nice chap", but also in my view a "proper man" too and someone for whom I have nothing but the greatest of respect. Crow, thank you for sharing
  8. Wild bird I can guarantee you there's not a vet in the country who will dock a pup at that age, hence the difficulties you've already experienced.
  9. No Wild Bird.... I suspect the time scales you were reading quite possibly related to the requirements for micro chipping AFTER the tail docking had been performed.
  10. R.H. I agree entirely and if there was anything at all in this world that would influence me in that direction it would be just that. At 74 I’m very conscious of the fact that mine is probably the last generation that will have known the likes of “Old Jack” at a truly personal level, and that only one generation on the same will apply to the likes of his son Joe (one of my absolute life time heros as I was growing up) and my father who led me down the path to where I am today (and to whom I have a lot to be grateful for). But over the recent past, I’ve also spent far too much time in front of Government Inquiries and similar, where I’ve had to dispel and repair some of the crap which has been written in the past, typically by those who were simply massaging their own over inflated egos. Believe me it’s never been an easy task. My father spent his 21st birthday in a German prisoner of war camp and along with countless others saw and endured things which we couldn’t even imagine, or relate to today. They did it so that future generations could live their lives as they chose. I may be naïve and possibly a little bit selfish too, but I’d like to think I honour his life and his/their sacrifices much better by using what limited time and energy I have left to do what I do now, rather than spending it committing my memories to paper and running the risk of making the same mistake as others have done in the past. J.M.H.O. - Barrie P.S. I think we all have a right to get annoyed at what politicians have done to our way of life, but I can't imagine how this old boy must have felt
  11. I'm not sure just how advisable that would be, sadly we live in an entirely different and far less tolerant world today. I think some memories are probably best left untold, or at best occasionally shared amongst close friends over a pint. Without some of those other "special memories", it would make for a pretty boring book in the end and one which would never do justice to some very capable and knowledgeable "dog men" who were very much part of my growing up. That sort of thing has happened a bit too much in the past and albeit well intentioned, on occasions has also come back to bite us. J.M.H.O. - Barrie
  12. Yes Sandy, the first edition of Pedigree Unknown is one of my favourite books (there's one in my book case right now) and I remember Drabble as a frequent visitor to the family home when he was researching it. Unfortunately, each subsequent edition held less and less attraction for me, as he gradually changed his attitude towards traditional "Black Country ways" (as they became less and less fashionable, they also became less "market friendly") and they were gradually dropped from his book. To me, the more recent editions are a mere shadow of the original. That first edition also contains some pictures of these same dogs, unfortunately at some point Phil offended them and as a result was "strongly advised" not to use their photos any more. He of course "respected" those "wishes" . Y.I.S. - Barrie
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