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  1. I'm afraid BASC have got it completely wrong in that second image..... you're DEFINITELY NOT allowed to use a dog below ground to flush a rabbit, or any other wild mammal other than foxes (the only other exception is rats, which are outside of the Act). Regards - B
  2. The bad news is the new Act has not yet come into force, so those involved will have been prosecuted under the old 2002 Act. Now if you think that's bad and ridiculous (which most right minded people would), then just imagine what it's going to be like once the new Act does actually come into force and rabbits have the same level of protection as hares. It will be absolute mayhem. In all honesty, you lads really do need to get off the pot and start to get your act together. otherwise you're likely to be faced with a similar situation in England and Wales after Labour get voted into power
  3. I hate to pee on anybody’s parade, but the bottom line is it will be illegal to use a dog to flush a wild mammals except in order for it to be shot, or to be killed by a bird of prey. You may find this Q.A. summary provided by the C.A. helpful… https://www.countryside-alliance.org/news/2023/1/hunting-with-dogs-scotland-act-2023-q-a?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Hunting+with+Dogs+%28Scotland%29+Act+2023+and+what+it+means+for+those+using+dogs+for+wildlife+management&utm_campaign=Morning+Briefing+30%2F01&vgo_ee=Vlzjmn7y0pmRQH4jUp5lUA%3D%3D
  4. Unfortunately that information is incorrect. There is no exemption within the Act which permits the use of dogs below ground in order to control rabbits, any such activities are restricted to foxes only. I've notified the C.A. this evening and they will be amending their guidance notes. Just for the record, the previous Act (2002) permitted the use of dogs below ground in order to control foxes and mink. When rabbits were introduced into the scope of the Bill the NWTF put forward an amendment suggesting that in the section relating to the use of dogs below ground the references to "foxes
  5. Hi Luckee The data side is all pretty straightforward. The figures I derived from truly independent sources on the internet (in order to avoid any suggestions of biase and to be able to back them up should I need to) and the analysis was simply a matter of 5 mins on a calculator. The Stephen Harris comments, which clearly contradict and negate the cruelty claims and description given by the S.S.P.C.A., are all a matter of public record. I just happened to be sat in that same room when Harris was giving his evidence some 20+ years back. Kindest Regards - Barrie
  6. Hi Terryd, Yes there’s no doubt about it, that failure to engage has led us to where we are today. I remember in one of the early oral evidence sessions (1st June 2022 - see video below), the Government’s Bill Team of Civil Servants and later supported by the Minister, argued that in Scotland dogs were rarely used to hunt rabbits and that “rabbiting” was often used as an excuse by “illegal hare coursers” when they were approached by the Police. They argued that by including rabbits within the scope of the Bill would help prevent any such activities – and that is still their position, and
  7. I agree entirely. But in order to do that you first need to have some direct input and involvement from the lurcher world if the job is to be done properly and to your satisfaction. By way of example I've attached a copy of the NWTF Terrierwork leaflets which we had printed last year in readiness for Scotland. We had 5,000 leaflets printed, it's an A4 document folded 3 times, so it's easy to hand out or to post, and for an MP to slip in their pocket. The total cost for 5,000 leaflets including postage was £161.92p (which was sponsored by 2 of our members) plus a little bit of time and eff
  8. My understanding is that although preparatory work is already under way with regards to a Judicial Review, it's in relation in to whatever licensing regime the Scottish Government brings in for the use of more than 2 dogs (which is yet to be disclosed) and whether it is workable or not. A fundamental part of this new Bill which has just been passed is a licensing system for the use of more than 2 dogs, but as yet no one knows what that system will be. To me it's rather like saying "This car has passed quality control 100%, but we still have to figure out what shape the wheels need to be".
  9. Yes Gypsy.... we've been in discussions for just over a year now.
  10. Hunting Kind is one of the very organisations I was referring to in my original post when I said "There are organisations out there willing to work with you and if necessary advise you, but right now they don’t have anyone to deal with who can speak collectively on your behalf." The NWTF has already attended 2 of their regional meetings and are liasing with them on almost a daily basis. As a starting point I'd suggest no one has anything to lose by visiting their website and clicking on the link to register your support. Kindest Regards - B
  11. Thank you Dan, that's very kind of you to say. I suspect we may have some friends in common in that part of the world, I still get to see a few of my old mates from over there.
  12. Hi Phil.... that's very kind of you to say such a thing. But in all honesty I'm just the person who puts his head above the parapet every now and again (one of us has to) and I'm just a cog in the wheel which makes up the NWTF. The real grafters (who rarely get any credit or thanks) are those who set up and run the Clubs which make up the NWTF. Without their hard work and committment there wouldn't be a Federation and terrier work wouldn't have a voice. I've been around long enough to remember when the lurcher world was in a very similar position to ourselves and I saw first hand the valuable
  13. You’re so right Luckee, nothing is lost until you give up trying to fight for it. Unfortunately that appears to be where the lurcher world is right now and as someone with a great affection for running dogs, I find that very sad. In my view lurcher work (particularly in relation to rabbit control) is one of the easiest forms of hunting with dogs to justify and defend, rabbits are still classed as a “significant agricultural pest”. Yet as from April/May time it will be illegal in Scotland and it’s a loss that was self-inflicted. It’s a simple fact of life that if politicians are only heari
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