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  1. Blackbriar

    Mods please help

    Pretty sure it's more than once !
  2. Blackbriar

    UK end-of-the-world shop,are YOU ready?

    Who needs an airgun, when you can buy an AR15 in a supermarket ?
  3. Blackbriar

    Croydon cat killer

    Agreed. If you take the unproven rumour and hearsay from the cat killer story, you've got very little - if anything - for the police to investigate. Hence, case closed.
  4. Blackbriar

    UK end-of-the-world shop,are YOU ready?

    I was looking forward to reading ".22 or .177 - which is better ?" Fascinating article !
  5. Blackbriar

    UK end-of-the-world shop,are YOU ready?

    No "Airgun World" ?
  6. Blackbriar

    Croydon cat killer

    Good old LBC covered this yesterday and, in between animal rights nutters ranting incoherently, the presenter read out an interesting fact.......... Of the 400-odd alleged 'victims', SNARL have performed or commissioned around 25 post mortems. Of those, only 6 showed definite signs of human responsibility ! If my maths are correct, that extrapolates to an actual total of 96.........not the much more headline worthy 400 ! (Which, for me, also raises the question "Who performs a post mortem on a cat ? An animal rights group creating a story for a fund raising push, maybe ?)
  7. Blackbriar

    Croydon cat killer

    Hence the rise in London knife crime ! Genius !
  8. Blackbriar

    UK end-of-the-world shop,are YOU ready?

    Despite decent survival skills and a selection of weaponry, if all that remains between me and certain death is drinking my own pi55, it would be a tough call.............
  9. Blackbriar

    Croydon cat killer

    It's so clearly a Deep State conspiracy ! Force the police to close the case, and alter the evidence retrospectively, covering up the fact that the Queen's surgeon is the murderer ! (Or am I thinking of Jack the Ripper ?.)
  10. Blackbriar

    UK end-of-the-world shop,are YOU ready?

    We don't really have natural disasters here, but I reckon it's wise to have some type of provision, in the event a predicted event - flooding, storm, heavy snow, power cut - but, as far as I'm aware, there's not much protection from 10 megatonnes of depleted uranium !
  11. Blackbriar

    Croydon cat killer

    That's what most of SNARLs followers reckon.............just saying like.
  12. Blackbriar

    Croydon cat killer

    This whole thing was started by an organisation that calls itself (without a hint of irony) SNARL - South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty..........a typically motley crew of scruffy, unwashed vegan nutcases, who've cynically used a series of animal deaths to push their own 'misguided' agenda. Check out their "soshul meeja" postings - some of them are absolutely hilarious !
  13. Blackbriar


    You can buy a small press for around 40 quid - the good Lady bought me one, and I've just made my first batch. Works a treat, but she wasn't very happy to discover that I'd use her smoothie maker to pulp 25kg of apples ! Labour intensive, but worth it - got over 10 litres of juice, split into two brews, one with added cider yeast, the other fermenting on its natural yeast.........both blipping away merrily ! Happy days !
  14. Blackbriar

    dacent man mr .phillpot

    Couldn't happen to a nicer chap ! Shame he wasted thousands of pounds of public money, before pleading guilty at the last minute...........
  15. Blackbriar

    A dangerous screwball !!

    Todays interesting fact - Peter Bazalgette, who runs Endemol TV, is descended from a famous Victorian engineer, who designed London's sewage system. So, his forebear dedicated his life to removing 5hit from homes, while he dedicates himself to putting it back !