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  1. Blackbriar

    isis bint

    ITV news showed the reporter giving her the letter with the bad news. Cheered me up no end - her expression was fecking priceless !
  2. Blackbriar

    Silly feckin' schools

    Would this extend to grandparents 1,2,3 & 4 ?
  3. Blackbriar

    Kids taking money

    If I'd gone anywhere near my sainted mum's purse, she'd have knocked seven shades of 5hit out of me !
  4. Blackbriar

    RIP the Labour Party

    Neither am I, but I'll join the dots for you. In a nutshell, Labour generally supports Palestine, and the creation of a Palestine homeland, which would threaten the existence of Israel. Corbyn has repeatedly referred to "our friends in Hamas" - widely regarded as a terrorist organisation. In short, pro-Palestine = anti-Israel.
  5. Blackbriar

    RIP the Labour Party

    A little insight into the "anti-Semitic thing".......... One of the reasons Joan Ryan joined the new group was the appalling abuse that the likes of Luciana Berger have been subjected to. At PMQs today, Chairman Jeremy said that anti-Semitism has no place in his party and condemned it wholeheartedly................meanwhile, Young Labour posted this tweet......... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6724087/Joan-Ryan-Gone-Palestine-Lives-Fury-Young-Labour-sends-gleeful-tweet-eighth-MP-quit.html
  6. Blackbriar

    RIP the Labour Party

    Just a few observations........for what my opinion is worth ! This feels different to the formation of the SDP - at their height, they had 28 MPs, but only one was a former Tory. I expect a small number of Tories and another handful of Labour MPs to cross the floor yet. The one thing all 11 have in common is their Remain/People's Vote stance. The 3 Tories are now beyond the control of the party whips, but they were always going to try to stop Brexit, regardless of which bench they sit on, so the maths hasn't changed all that much for the Maybot. Most of the Labour defectors have consistently backed BrexitRef2, and would probably have been deselected and replaced by Corbyn disciples at the first opportunity. By rights, the LibDems should have picked these people up, but they are still tainted by the coalition, so the only option left open to the 11 was to form their own group. Do they have a long term future ? Personally, I doubt it ! As you said, the 3 (former) Tories are most likely to end up back in the party, while the Labour 8 have absolutely no future, while Corbyn maintains his stranglehold........ but once we leave the EU, the group will have no relevance anyway (as UKIP found out !). I expect the group to turn its focus on delaying Article 50, which buys some time to push for BrexitRef2..........
  7. Blackbriar

    RIP the Labour Party

    Anna Soubry, Sarah Wollaston and Heidi Allen have crossed the floor from the Tory side !
  8. Blackbriar

    isis bint

    On his avatar, it looks like he's from Nottingham. If he's the best my home city has to offer, I'm glad I don't live there anymore !
  9. Blackbriar

    isis bint

    Her family say they will appeal the Home Office decision. Hopefully, they'll see their daughter in court - a Bangladesh court !
  10. Blackbriar

    isis bint

    Petition signed - total over 430,500. The least we can hope for is that the government will realise the depth of feeling. If they can't keep her out, they can, at least, not help her to get back ?
  11. Blackbriar

    RIP the Labour Party

    I'm sure others will follow, in the days to come. Their statement that Labour "has been taken over by the machine politics of the far Left" surely puts pay to any hope of Corbyn ever becoming PM ?
  12. Blackbriar

    isis bint

    Only around 10 million donations @ £3 a go.........crowdfunding page, maybe l
  13. Blackbriar

    isis bint

    Correct, I think.......but she can apply for the child to become a UK citizen - (imagine the hoops she'll be made to jump through to achieve that !) Her son will not be eligible to pass on citizenship to his children, however..........I think.
  14. Blackbriar

    countryfile tonight

    Thinking about it, the TV report was entirely pointless ! Hare coursing, cock fighting etc are already illegal. You can't make something more illegal (can you ?), so the problem is, maybe, that the police aren't enforcing the laws we already have ? Just a thought...........
  15. Blackbriar

    countryfile tonight

    And make sure the photo doesn't have a time stamp !