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  1. Blackbriar

    And finally i make my mark

    Got any plans for the asigned land, Ted ?
  2. Blackbriar

    And finally i make my mark

    Will you be finding us plenty to do in the lower field, sir ?
  3. Blackbriar

    And finally i make my mark

    Do I need to figure my forelock, before I reply to your posts ? Sir ?
  4. Blackbriar

    chan 4 might be worth a watch @ 9

    I've got a very dim memory that the fella tried to sue Tony Martin, for loss of earnings, as a result of his injuries, but it was thrown out when surveillance showed that he had no lasting impediment.........
  5. Blackbriar

    When you pop into the local corner shop.....

    The jokes have started a bit swift.............(neither could I !)
  6. Blackbriar

    gazza charged with sex assault

    Is it just me, or is he looking more and more like Gary Glitter ?
  7. Blackbriar

    chan 4 might be worth a watch @ 9

    He'd been robbed on previous occasion, he lived alone and his house was very isolated, so I can understand why he behaved the way he did. It's sad that someone died, but Tony Martin is clearly a man who believes that what he did was right......... The large part of me can't help thinking that if the 2 men hadn't been in his house, they wouldn't have been shot !
  8. On the farm where my club shoots, my Beddy Whippet mooches around the yard and buildings afterwards, while we drink tea and chat..............he usually comes back with a rat or two, over a couple of hours. I put it down to his natural agility - he can twist and turn on a sixpence !
  9. Blackbriar

    im a celebrity

    Having said that, I watch the the odd episode of The Apprentice now and then. It's the best comedy going - absolutely hilarious !
  10. Blackbriar

    im a celebrity

    You couldn't pay me enough to watch any "reality" show !
  11. Blackbriar

    Otty or simba

    He breeds them himself !
  12. Blackbriar


    How many times do you bump into someone you DON'T know ? How many times are you singing a song to yourself, then put the radio on.........and a different song is playing ? The list goes on, but you get the idea............
  13. Blackbriar

    am i feeding my dog right

    Welcome mate ! Try some meaty bones, lamb ribs, green veg, oily fish, raw eggs. She looks well, mind you !
  14. Blackbriar

    Who’s best for the new PM?

    Purely hypothetically, I'd pick the Mogg or Farage. Of the experienced parliamentarians, I'd pick my own MP, Peter Bone. In the real world, the likely contenders are all a useless shower of 5hit, so I can't see it would make much difference who succeeds her.......... .........as long as it's NOT Comrade Corbyn !
  15. Blackbriar


    Oh wait ! She's got the backing of Michael Gove........with his proven track record of supporting his colleagues ! She's DEFINITELY done for.........like a football club chairman saying the manager has their full backing !