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  1. Blackbriar


    Be sincere in your compliments and don't embarrass anyone ! Oh, and you'll probably be filmed, so don't f*** up ! No pressure !
  2. Blackbriar

    RAF Centenary fly-past.

    Anyone else watch it ? Absolutely breathtaking and quite emotional, at times. If that didn't make you proud, there's something wrong with you ! What a spectacle !
  3. Blackbriar

    That’s it, Brexit is over

    So they've just changed the name of everything really !
  4. Blackbriar

    That’s it, Brexit is over

    What's happened ? By which, of course, I mean what way have they found to f*** us over ?
  5. Blackbriar

    Neighbour's dog left alone all day........

    I've got 6 already - all well cared for in every way ! It's not the dog that's pi55ing me off - it's more the attitude of the owners, and trying to get them to live up the their commitment. I've tried the good cop route, as well as the bad cop, but nothings made a difference so, as Walshie said, I was looking for new ideas............ And anyone who thinks I'm whingeing really doesn't know me very well.
  6. Blackbriar

    Neighbour's dog left alone all day........

    Mac, we've already got a houseful of dogs of our own, so there's only so much I can do, unfortunately. Also, he a Staffy X and the local rescues are already full of the poor sods !
  7. Blackbriar

    Raw Diet.

    I find that too much liver has...... unpleasant consequences, shall we say. All mine (including the good lady's 3kg Chihuahua !) are fed chicken and tripe, supplemented with meaty bones 2 or 3 times a week or so, but I'll add in lamb ribs, a couple of sardines or a couple of raw eggs each once a week, as well as anything going cheap in the supermarket. A little handful of plain mixer finishes it from nicely. I've never thrown a scrap of it away, and they turn their noses at any sort of commercial dog food ! Edited to add - we chuck in a bit of veg matter. Grated broccoli stalks or carrots are favourites, but they'll have apple or cabbage leaves quite happily !
  8. Blackbriar

    Neighbour's dog left alone all day........

    No side gate, mate. It would be away in no time...........
  9. Blackbriar

    Neighbour's dog left alone all day........

    Far from it MM ! I studiously mind my own business, but we live on a small cul-de-sac and a few of the old girls sit by their windows all day long, watching the comings and goings............can't do f***all without someone seeing you ! The old dear on the other side of us is a major pest - nosey beyond belief - loves a good gossip, knows everyone's business..........pain in the ar5e, in short
  10. Blackbriar

    Neighbour's dog left alone all day........

    You wouldn't say that if you saw her ! You definitely wouldn't want to wake up next to her.............
  11. Blackbriar

    Neighbour's dog left alone all day........

    I think that's what I'm trying to get really, Born. Like I said, I don't want to get anyone into bother, but how do I stop them shifting their responsibilities onto some one else (ie............me) ?
  12. One of our neighbour are a young couple, who have a Staffy X. Nice, friendly dog but..........they go out (separately) every day and leave the dog alone. He's in a suitably sized cage, has food and water, but they're gone for anything from 6 to 12 hours or more. It started as an hour or two (which I don't have an issue with), but now it's pretty much all day, everyday. They've stopped walking him and, when they're home, he's outside for a pee and straight back in - no more than a few minutes. I've spoken to them, several times, suggesting that I've heard other neighbours talking about this - which I have - and their solution seems to be to give us their keys and ask us to let him out a few times during the day ! I've had strong words, laying the law down, but it just carries on. Today, she knocked at 10am and said she was going to the hospital, back around 6pm ! Who goes to the hospital for 8 hours FFS ? Last weekend, they left the keys on Friday morning and didn't come back until late Sunday night ! I'm pretty sure that if we said "no", they'd leave him anyway ! We've never fallen out, so I've nothing personal against them - my concern is solely for the dogs wellfare but, on the other hand, I know his fate, should the ArsePCA get their hands on him ! I'm not sure what to do, every approach I taken has failed. I don't actually want to get anyone into trouble, and I'm not even sure that any law has been broken, so who would help anyway ? Any sensible ideas ?
  13. Blackbriar

    World Cup 2018

    How about a rule,as in both codes of rugby, whereby only the captain is allowed to speak to the referee ? Anything else is a bookable offence ? (I was once sent off, while playing for City of London, for that !) Or a rule (if it doesn't already exist) whereby it would be a bookable offence to attempt to gain an advantage by feigning foul play or injury ? Some of the dives are beyond embarrassing - the replay shows daylight between the two players, yet there's some overpaid prima donna rolling round like there's a sniper in row F ! For crying out loud, an England penalty was awarded and it was only four small minutes later that Kane actually took the kick ! I'm still amazed that some player hasn't managed to talk his way into a red card ! Torres, Neymar, Falcao, a couple of the Senegalese, every Argentinian.............I was under the illusion that the referee's decision was final ?
  14. Blackbriar

    World Cup 2018

    I agree with Newkid - solid performance, in the face of extreme provocation. Solid enough to win, and that's what it comes down to ! I'd like to see the refs clamp down on the abuse and dissent they're taking and the Neymar-style histrionics have got to be stopped. I'm no afficianado, but it does the game no favours. VAR has just added to the drama, for me - best World Cup I can remember ! Come on, England - let's make the Swedes look like a bunch of turnips ! (Badum - tish !)
  15. Blackbriar

    Seemingly daft solutions........

    Apparently , the "bag of water as fly repellent" actually works, and there is some science behind it. Basically, light refracts through the water and, because of the fly's compound eyes, it's like a thousand disco glitter balls dazzling it, all at once. Who'd have thought it ? (Not sure why the coins are necessary, though.)