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  1. Yes mate my mistake ... she’s getting better with age ? .. how’s your bitch doing mate
  2. Mate she’s been everything I’ve wanted in a lurcher.. mooching and ferreting she excels ... not quick enough for long ears on her own but had a few and seems to enjoy the odd fox but not done enough to brag about. Super obedient and any weather never seen her dither. Great pet and guard dog too . I think she’ll be 6years old in spring so hopefully still many of years left to enjoy her.. mainly ferreting now for me and her . Atb Dave
  3. Can’t beat it ... If I ever win the lottery ......??
  4. few pics from today... Took the lad up with us today.. and with the better weather we managed to bolt a fair few for mates Harris hawk.. finished the morning on 8 healthy rabbits.. happy days
  5. Something with a decent coat... nowt worse than seeing a dog shivering its arse off on a hillside..
  6. Yes mate she’s grand .. it was mates permission today and no dogs allowed unfortunately.. we would have had a bigger bag with her today
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