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  1. Is it any Wounder y the dog game is the way it is today with so called dog men feeling the need to video and take pictures of everything they do out in the field and posting them on social media and other live sites for everyother f****r to see what there up2, it’s beyond me there’s no need for it all, call me old fashioned but I remember the good and bad days out in the field and it’s all in my memory stick in my head and that’s how it should be
  2. Inbox me your number buddy
  3. Just turned 12 months full of confidence
  4. 11 months old on the top an handy little bitch on the bottom just finished her 2nd season
  5. Yeah mine done the same last month I emailed bellman and sent it back to them it was covered on the warranty it was back with me the next week repaired
  6. Is that the bitch out of Eric AT or big D
  7. 14 week old dog I kept back out of my dog I lost at the start of the month
  8. There’s a couple on eBay r they more accurate than the red bellman would u say?
  9. Anyone used one of these’s are they any good
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