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  1. Its the same with me matey, im a pensioner on my own, the amount of pension I get each week is unbelievable , ive even queried it with the pensions department and yes im on the correct amount , so to put my mind at ease , when I do my shopping , I stick summat in these food parcel bins whats in tescos , tin of fruit a loaf of bread or summat, god knows weer it goes but makes me feel better
  2. Always worked , mosley common colliery mid sixties Lancashire nowt like coming home at end of the wik we a decent wage packet
  3. im going back now to last year just after my stroke, doctor told me that I shouldn't be on my own, and to take care not to fall cos on the 26th January last year I got up in the middle of the night I got up to make a brew I passed out in the kitchen and when I came round, fek me like summat out of house of horrors blood all over the place I even lost a tooth in the fall, and had to use a tube of supper glue on my forehead stop the bleeding
  4. When the first lockdown came into force, I was taken bad , I couldn't even stand up, so a neighbour called for an ambulance, when the paramedics checked me over, they just told me to increase a certain prescription I had, they told me if it wasn't for the virus I would be admitted , a few weeks ago a similar thing happened to me I lost balance, spent a full day in north staffs hospital, had tests nowt wrong sent me home, then I had to go back in September for an heart scan I was diagnosed with mitral stenosis, at the moment im struggling health wise but so are many many others the reason I don't call an ambulance is cos, if I am admitted they will only put me in a home when they discharge me, take this as a whinge if you want I couldn't care less any more I have a number to call if im took bad
  5. I live on a council estate, and its rife with folks on the dole, claiming this claiming that, they get offered a job, and its full rent straight away no incentive for em to work, theres one fat idle sewer rat only in his 50s theres bugger all wrong we him, walking down the street we a 6 pack on his shoulder ,I could go on but im gerrin missen worked up here
  6. For crying out loud lads , such hatred page after page and day after day of it, and ask yourselves weres it getting you, isn't the world sposed to be all pulling together in these awful times, I mean cmon it doesn't look good out their does it, and yet we cant pull together on a dog forum man up and pack it in
  7. That's awful mate, if I remember rightly I posted that in the middle of last month after hospital tests ,the doctors surgery contacted me to inform me that a doctor would shortly be ringing me, and yes he did, and informed me I had mitral stenosis , and what do you want me to do, I panicked all sorts went through my mind and I told him forget it cos of my age, at the moment the only thing in life that keeps me going, is the fact I have a daughter who is a carer in the community so I help her out financially at the end of each month , This forum has been very good to me in the past in my hr of need, I whinged like buggery, and not one of you shot me down, so look I know none of you from adam, but I look upon you all as friends, and I sincerely wish you all the best,
  8. Was down the village this morning , pay a couple of bills do a bit of shopping, went in post office 2 customers in there no face masks, went over to the supermarket, hand sanitizer outside store , on the floor, goes in store I counted three shelf fillers no masks, , nobody seems give a f**k, family across from me doing an housing exchange must have been at least a dozen of em on the go, not on of em we a mask on, perhaps its cos they've dumped the masks on the street . ive given up a while back now
  9. Hello , how much fek me , lol bung us a couple of quid theres a good lad,, only joking matey good luck to you ive sold a couple of bits down town on the market , didn't get much but it got me out for a couple of hrs and treated missen to fish n chips
  10. good luck with everything mate,
  11. you will have to excuse my ignorance, but isn't 111 for urgent cases , I try not watch the news life is depressing enough, so im not up to date, thing is I tried ringing the doctor yesterday for a certain prescription, the hospital put me on , but my doctor is reluctant to give them to me , cinnarizine, I honestly couldn't hang on the phone much longer, I was near passing out I was that high in the queue , not forgetting the phone bill
  12. Tried that mate, a receptionists comes to the door and tells you sorry but you need to go back home and try ringing again they wont accept booking a doctor at the surgery
  13. im on a light users scheme with my phone, I got my bill in a couple of weeks back telling me, they are putting up my prices cos of my phone useage, because of my condition the doctor told me don't hesitate if you get worse, yesterday morning I got worse so rang the surgery , you are number 9 on the list please hold , after going the shop, hoovering up, making a brew, I got down to number 7 I just give up
  14. Nice going Trev hows that new cream bitch suiting you
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