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  1. iworkwhippets

    till we meet again

    funeral next Wednesday. ive kept her waiting and let her down, but ive just come out of stoke hospital ive had a stroke, me a stroke cant remember last tim,e I had a cold, im lonely
  2. iworkwhippets

    Working the hills

    I envy you pal pleased for you, keep em coming
  3. hey up matey, im just reading through my topic again, a place at your Christmas table, what an offer and thanks very much, look matey the funeral should be next week, and once that's over with, Im looking to get away from this place I cannot stand living here any more, do you know of any rented accommodation where you are a long shot I know mate but im desperate

                        my number is 01782 722404

    1. lurcherman 887

      lurcherman 887

      Pm incoming mate !! 

  4. iworkwhippets

    Fao iworkwhippets

    pleased for you Neil
  5. iworkwhippets

    Bacon pudding

    im that hungry, I could the fekin tea towel
  6. iworkwhippets

    Fao iworkwhippets

    only just seen this Neil, don't think I was on my comp much then, glad they did you proud atb keith
  7. iworkwhippets

    till we meet again

    what a bloody day, I had a 10 o clock appointment at the registrars office to get the death certificate the questions they fired at me was out this world, anyways I needed 4 certificates for for pensions department and insurance and so on, that will be 44 pounds sir payable by card only, only cash on me so I had to leave go back home for my cash card,back to the registrars office and start the procedure all over again then onto sorting out my poll tax rent water rates, plus other stuff, was told I had to get my bank card altered my name on it only, went into the bank told em my wife had passed, sorry sir you cannot use that card, so they have made me an appointment for next Tuesday to sort that out, good job I have some cash on me till then I told em, but they don't care, by this time id had enough, ive had no sleep for 2 nights running, I just cant bring myself to go upstairs jump in bed that me n ruth have shared for nearly 30 years, i cant sleep downstairs in the living room, cos that's were she passed. im constantly seeing her there cos that's were i spend most of my day, in the living room, shes there in front of me, im glad that ruth went first, she couldn't have handled the day ive had,
  8. iworkwhippets

    till we meet again

    I said maybe the topic had run its course and thanked you all, but after a wicked 2 years and don't get me wrong, id do it all over again for her, to have posts like this put in front ofme and an offer of a weekend stay with newkid, words fail me, I don't believe in god or out like that, but as they say a dying man clutches at straws and if ruthy is looking down at this lot, she would bless you all thank you fireman
  9. iworkwhippets

    till we meet again

    cant do much at this time mushroom until the funeral is over.its not showing respect for Ruth I haven't the rights to be happy once again as yet
  10. iworkwhippets

    till we meet again

    what wouldn't I give fer some of that matey, there is a similar pic of me out in the sunset taken by ruthy, not been out for yonks its in my blood, being outdoors dog n ferret, cant see me getting there again, but I can dream eh. can anyone find my pic
  11. iworkwhippets

    till we meet again

    starting to regret posting this topic now, I didn't come on here reaping up memories for those of you that have lost loved ones, so I apologise for any stress I have caused, selfish of me, now the bit about the walk depths of winter wasn't my idea, but was suggested to me by a neighbour
  12. iworkwhippets

    till we meet again

    always paid my way in life, I owe nobody nowt, they want money they will get it, ok lads, topic has run its course I think now, you must be getting pissed of with it, so thanks to all of you for listening to me, I was planning wait till the depths of winter get myself up on them Scottish moors bottle of whisky, and go sleep, but a certain member on here has put a stop to that thanks keith
  13. iworkwhippets

    till we meet again

    the overpaid benefit I owe back Wilf is from the pensions department, its a pension I got for looking after ruth on my own, and was paid into my account the day after ruth passed I told them in the beginning I didn't want paying for looking after my wife, but they insisted and it did help, it saved the district nurses coming in every day to change her dressing nothing I couldn't handle and it was ruths wish about 320 quid I owe back
  14. iworkwhippets

    till we meet again

    duggie mac just gone, good lord above, what a day in front of me tomorrow, death certificates here death certificates there over paid benefits want paying back, but duggie mack are coming with me, brilliant they are, I will answer the pms ive got later lads I have to go out now, thank you
  15. iworkwhippets

    till we meet again

    got duggie mac with me at the moment wilf sorting my finances out, I have nobody except ruths daughter and granddaughter read my topic they have never been near I texted ruths daughter informing her of her mums death as of yet no reply