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  1. absolutely disgusting behavior , has any one else anything to add please, i thank you
  2. just had another one, im sick of running to the phone, but enoughs enough, ive unplugged my landline
  3. ive had three this morning threatening to cut off my internet supply, and its only 9 43
  4. just been watching the morning news with piers morgan and susana reid, i cant abide any of em but i just stick the tv on for company, what a bloody mess this country, this world is in, in on my own here like many many more. but im doing my best to think positive, but its hard, what got to me on the news was morgan telling some bloke, why doesnt Boris and the government who apparantly have taken full responsibility for the one hundred thousand deaths, step aside and let folk in who no what they are doing, but who, no government were prepared for this maybe they should have been, i dunno, all as
  5. he comes on as oldphil now mate if thats any use to you
  6. What was the outcome at the vets mate
  7. i use mine to find my way into the kitchen from the living room
  8. Now come on Ken, a bloke of your intelligence cant fathom that one out, just gimmeee a mo i will google the answer and be right back
  9. Yes Sid i did relate the call to macmillan, but i questioned a police officer and he told me that the police wouldnt do that, its a while back now , im getting used to all these scams, but isnt life bad enough without filth like this interfering in folks lives, every email, and telephone call i gat now im wary of . sorry charts my fault i should have stated Newcastle staffs
  10. i havent a clue , but some weeks ago i got a call on my landline, saying this is newcastle police, the person said to me that they had heard that id been placed on the suicide list and that they were checking up on me twice ive had that call
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