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  1. Told my lady who passed after being together for nearly 30 years, I wouldn't be long behind her, im still here, sad, scared. lonely. heartbroken, im a coward cant do it, ive let her down
  2. got yourself a cracker there matey, well turned on, pleased for you,
  3. nice one Davey pleased for you
  4. cancelled sky tv when my lady passed, company for her, I was paying around £40 a month, only last week sky rang me, offered me the same package of what I could afford, no thank you a load of crap , as for a tv licence I phoned them , told em my age, cancelled my direct debit, not heard nowt since
  5. pleased for her mate, all the very best to you all
  6. iworkwhippets


    im just about to start on my second meat pie, anybody fancy it
  7. iworkwhippets


    as long as they leave my rear entry alone, couldn't give a monkies
  8. 11 30 am appointment at the hospital tomorrow, ive waited months, just hope I don't need surgery, get myself back out in them fields with a dog and ferrets, ive been doing some mooching, no shortage of rabbits where I go, I don't think anyone else knows of the place, if I do need surgery, then that's me done, not fair even to contemplate taking on a dog
  9. bloody hell Davey boy, nowt wrong wi them. any room fer me please, I clean up my own shite
  10. shes doing you proud trev, pleased for you
  11. what a difference a day makes eh Arry, same here nice frosty morning, clear blue sky, come pick me up tomorrow theres a good lad,
  12. Been doing voluntary work at a dog pound for the last 3 days, shovelling shit, excersises and so on, lurchers , take your pic, from beddy greyhounds to pedigree whippets really sad to see
  13. id gladly commit troilism with Dianne abbot and Theresa may, with Maggie thatcher DICKtating to get back out in the fields we a dog like that
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