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  1. Now then lads don't you be going get my back up or I will rip the liver. Out of you
  2. Oh and for your bald spot there's and advert on tele numan.com or summat like that they deal in erectile dysfunction guaranteed give you a reet boner not that I use em I've just seen the add fer hair loss
  3. Hey up matey ever since my lady passed I've done nowt but eat junk food ready meals from the supermarket can't remember when I ate fresh fruit n veg and dunna mention mcdonalds my fridge freezer is full of shite so yesterday because of the above I went into boots chemist and got some multi vitamins maybe to late at my age I dunno not much use this message to you I don't suppose but look mate you've started on summat positive in your life keep it up and good luck.. I'm. About to do bacon sarnie fcuk it
  4. Would that be a, 2or 3 bedroomed house my friend
  5. All this silliness is gonna turn me to drugs ya barmy gits
  6. Tell you what Ken I'd rather log onto your topics than go fekin pictures the underpants I've gone through reading your posts eh
  7. Top man giving up his bed for you
  8. Nice job is that matey nice one
  9. I'm. Sure I've seen summat like your gaff on telly Ken my son complete.with gear such as you have in your place starring Richard Attenborough ahhhh that's it 10 Rillington place eh it's that hatchet that done it
  10. Keeping yourself busy my friend good for your mental. Wellbeing
  11. Eh I'm buggered if I know where he is will I do I'm a different kind of canny by the way damp. Patch would you kindly speak up. When u come on here I'm as deaf as you and summat else I'd love a butchers around your gaff
  12. I've become a sentimental owd bugger with age and I honestly feel for you lads that have lost loved ones n family to this horrible disease dunno. Why I'm. Telling you this but there's this 60 summat year owd chap moved in next door to me he lost family so moved to Colchester to be nearer to his sister n niece he's from Belfast a nicer bloke you couldn't wish to meat and we have become friends but he's had a brain operation fer epilepsy to long for me to go into details but tuther day he went and had his hair shaved dear god the wound on his head I could fit my fist in. So I keep my eye on
  13. I like that my friend up the mums nice gesture ya can't beat yer owd mum. Yer best friend my mum died in July 1964 cancer my sister two years later cancer my dear lady wife in 2019 breast cancer and here's me moaning cos of the state of the world feeling sorry for missen shame on me eh lads. Fekin owd git yeh.
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