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  1. hey up matey, you are right my son, i put tele on fer company, pure cremations, dead happy, those little kiddies still walking bloody mile fer water, bucket full if holes, spare a few bob fer the homeless, matress adverts, spare a few quid fer cleft pallet children, donkey sanctuaries, want money, cancer organisations want money, now talking of cancer, i thought id beaten it, i dont think so, a recent scan shows, a mass in my stomach, im waiting to go have it removed at basildon hospital, but heres my question, my daughter a carer in the community, is thinking of buggering off to oz, just thin
  2. a gentleman you are so, my daughter is a carer in the community, i dunno how much she gets, but i help out financially,
  3. nice seeing folks out together , clearly enjoying one anothers company, nice one lads, im sure it was you vin i had a couple of ferrets off you many years ago, io met you in leek staffordshire, forgive me if im wrong
  4. i not only salivate. i also put on weight , on the wonderful things folks put up on here
  5. eh, gerrof with ya, tell me you dont davey boy
  6. Good man Peter, I'm on my way
  7. I wouldn't mind getting my head down in one of those Peter for Christmas, could you do us a breakfast please
  8. Hey up pal, looking good eh, pleased for you , good luck
  9. Nice one Neil, enjoy yourself, hope you are keeping well
  10. get thissen a doro phone ray, they are fer owd lads, and they have a camera , lol
  11. better off asking your vet mate, you know what your getting from him
  12. He was cool as you say mackem, a decent lad in my eyes, i miss him, and hope hes doing ok
  13. Nice to see somebody out in the field, hope you enjoyed yourself, nice bag there for you, nice dogs looking in good nick
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