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  1. Bloody hell Francie, aren't you quick.eh, you answered afore I posted,. Night mate
  2. Hey up, just walked through the door after setting a couple of snares, lovely evening, I was clocked by this owd biddy climbing a five bar gate, but neh mind eh, so now I'm about to go yet again, feed my foxy friends, they've got to the point weer they Dunna come out now unless I call em, strange is that, right lads , I will body thee all goodnight now,. I've just gotta make my Horlicks
  3. Couldn't give a shite what folks eat, but £40 million fer Somalia, how's about looking after us, not me personally ,I want fer nowt
  4. Whilst folks in Wales are eating pet food, warmed up on candles and radiators , our government, are donating 40 million quid to drought ridden Somalia ,I've just got in, put the news on, and there it was
  5. awreet chaps, had a good breakfast, and the sun is breaking through, so im off out, i will bring back a good supply of popcorn for tonight ,
  6. Good morning chaps, im still about, just doing my usual full monty, then im off out fer the day, thick fog at the moment, but it will clear, ta ta fer now
  7. Jill Scott ,. Queen of the jungle
  8. Look, I had a pm off the site moderater, asking me if I would become a mod, and to bring some decency to the site, my reply of course , was how in tarnation can anyone bring decency on board when we have a member with not one, but six inflatable dolls on the go , eh
  9. respect the mods, its what i do anyways, wont be catching me calling them names , certainly not pigs , civility costs nowt
  10. you tell em Daniel, as fer me im very rarely in, take fer instance, ive just shifted a load of cate shite off my garden, some real sad cases on here
  11. did you ever manage to erect that fence you were going on about a while back, cos if i remember, next doors geriatric, threatened give you a hiding if you ventured on his land or summat , just asking like
  12. I've saved a fortune on popcorn ,
  13. Missed an episode of Hetty Wainthrop watching that
  14. I wouldnt even have maguire on the bench, useless greyt lummox
  15. you are right Sandy, my appologies, lovely weather here, i will go fer a walk
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