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  1. Bloody hell fire, is the no end to all this debauchery, I've not long drove through McDonald's fer a big Mac, she says would I like extras with that sir, im just watching the one show , there's a bloke on he's been seen to, sex change or summat, I come on here, Lilly has given a deformed pug a seeing to, and now rushbummager, is giving his lady a thrashing from.behind, whilst thinking about her sister, keepdiggin, he's lathering blow up dolls ffs, what's the matter with people , eh,. Must go now lads, Ethel wants me to.help her on we her surgical stockings
  2. I will second that, that bloke will mount anything , heavy duty blow up dolls a speciality
  3. To right matey,there's no escaping these people, good n bad in all races, I've had medical dealings up the hospital with surgeons , and nurses, blacker than a sack of nutty slack, can't fault them, your on your back, needing medical treatment, you gonna say no cos they are coloured
  4. Shall we just allow the old chap rest in peace now eh lads
  5. Well said Daniel my son, now then, where do I stand in life, I've only got the one testacle, I have a Bobby Charlton comb over, one day it's to the right, next day to the left, I dunno weer i stand
  6. Looks like a bit of an argy bargy going , I've got 16 bags of popcorn festering in my cupboard, don't let em.go to waste, by the way bangers, who's dilldo
  7. They arent wired up right, indiana year 2002. i lived there for a while, coming home one afternoon on the bus one guy, stared me out summat shocking, he heard me talking and sussed out i wasnt american, that was it, i asked him if there was summat wrong, he never answered, but i could see the bulge in his pocket, he was tooled up awreet
  8. thanks, i did ask the lady who rang me if she could tell me more, but she reclined, whether she new or not , i will never no, bit worried at the moment, havent had a ciggy for 4 years, i could sure manage one now
  9. just this min had a telephone call from the hospital, they want me to attend the dermatology department for the results of my biopsy, they wouldnt tell me nowt over the phone, so i fear the worst
  10. have you all claimed this, energy bill discount , i received my payment this morning in my bank account, £400
  11. its here again lads, screeching at my front door, the bugger doesnt like me, i can tell by the way i bend down stroke it, it quivers in pure hatred, and spits, i have to let it in it just wants grub, then it slinks off behind my settee, fer the day
  12. theres a big ginger fcuker hiding behind my settee mate, i leave my living room door open and the bugger just walks in, i darent tackle it, its got a bigger back on it than me
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