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  1. pm me your address, plenty appropriate cream here
  2. cheers matey , and hope you are well, but the blike looks half dead, theres more life in my local church yard
  3. Lots of false tears on the streets of Minneapolis this morning, and that Biden chap, hes one big hypocrite
  4. Look mate how much longer have folks gotta wait fer a clip of these invisible foxes hello
  5. well weve gone from fekin flying saucers, to fondling 10 year olds oh n bars of chocolate, well im buying no more bloody popcorn
  6. I shall be going up again about 9 ish put her to bed,,, she normally does me a meat pie n mushy peas, somebody has to look after the elderly
  7. I came to the conclusion many moons ago, i was the only normal one on here , with normal thoughts, right im just doing a salad fer my tea, then away to soak gladys teeth
  8. so you had noticed Rich,,, im crackin up here
  9. Those pups have thicker necks on em than me
  10. ive every intention of cracking on mate ffs
  11. i will be ok mate, as much as i like my dogs, i cannot build my life around one
  12. I was wondering who would be the first to ask me that, the answer is, no pets allowed , and that is a bitter pill for me to swallow, but swallow it i must, i could stop here and get myself a dog, or i can move home and be with company, and 4 miles away from my daughter
  13. I know you mean well well mate, and i suppose it would suit some, but im not some, its only a matter of 18 months since i lost my best mate, so i will leave it at that, i feel like im deserting her leaving here here, but at some point in life, you have to think about yourself,
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