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  1. id give out fer a pup right now as im back on my feet, to late now with this stay at home lark, im not going mental, I am mental. eh fek it take me now im ready,
  2. I had one delivered from the hospital last week, its a zimmer frame I need eh, turned out nice again lol
  3. cos of this virus, for last night I awoke with a horrible sweat, for I dreampt I had commited troilism with Margaret Rutherford. and phylis diller but they are both dead
  4. is it still ok for me to self masterbate
  5. underlying health problems, sit back and cop fer this, varicose veins up to my piles, arthritic , terrible migraines, loss of hearing, my eyesights going, bells palsy, flatulence, with slight follow throughs, im half dead dead already eh
  6. and quite right to, how can I get in touch we him, I thank you
  7. I will have the one with the red collar,
  8. nowt wrong wi them pal, good luck with em
  9. caught my eye to, oh go on then I will have it
  10. crackers those are matey, all the best with em
  11. A very kind gesture Ray, and bet they welcomed it to, I shake your hand from afar, keep well
  12. just had a ride down to one of my permissions, brought back some happy times, the fresh air was lovely, sun belting down on my pate, anyways lovely country lanes, birds singing, turned a bend, a dirty big double bed strewn across the lane, I didn't know wether to jump in or not,
  13. fek off, im not ready yet,ive got 4 packs of tunnocks choccy bics to shift yet
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