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  1. Just been offered a part time job at my local supermarket, would get me out the house for a few hours, but theres no doubt it would affect my benefits, so i will have to look into it
  2. eh nowt for them to eat, you should have seen the front of my shirt when i came out of toby carvery this afternoon.
  3. £10 each, or 2 fer £35 bargain is that
  4. Whatever they get paid mate in my eyes aint enough, shes currently at the moment has one patient suffering with Dementia, goes in visit him around lunchtime, then in the evenings, put him to bed, she never discusses what she has to do for him, and i never ask, ive no need to
  5. thanks Arry and everyone else for your likes
  6. gotta take advantage of it, and life, f**k the covid, i cant live in fear of whats around the corner, we also called in on a garden centre, The barn, Turkey cock lane, beautiful place, fresh air blue skies birds singing , im home now, cloudy as f**k, who cares, a nice comfy flat to come home to,
  7. like a spring day here in colchester, clear blue skies. not long been back from toby carvery , my wallet has took a hammering
  8. Not covid mate, just a bad cold but she had a terrible cough with it, which dragged her down thing is these days when folks are ill it's automatically covid, still has a slight cough, and with her being a self employed carer in the community, lost wages, but to be honest when she turned up on my doorstep looking like my owd Kim, say no more.
  9. iworkwhippets


    That's my daughter folks, she's not been well for the last couple of weeks, I've been doing all I can for her, she's been a gem to me sin I moved here, and the rest of the residents have taken a liking to her also, she even helped with the Christmas lunch all of us residents had at Christmas, we wanted fer nowt, I'm forgetting the object of my topic here she's not long been round visit me with fish n chips I darent give her a big hug, I'd do her a mischief I'm. Glad she's better worrying times eh lads
  10. More than likely a paedo. That's why this country is f****d, welcome to the only and real world we've got run by wrong uns
  11. The bigger the b*****d you are in life, the better you will get along
  12. you always have to go and spoil things for me, its back to margaret rutherford for me then
  13. In the good old days, when I owned Nell, I only took rabbits I could use. For food fer the stinkers and the dog so two was my limit folks are hammering them now while the bunny population is struggling, many a time on my way home from my days out, Nell would mark but I walked away, I deprived her of what she was born n bred to do, what for eh
  14. channel 26, the building of Britain , Dead fribna
  15. Been watching loads of clips of Kensington Street mate, I visited philly in 2002 it was bad enough then I had to stop watching the clips it was making me ill I couldn't believe what I was seeing
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