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  1. iworkwhippets

    Mother +Daughter

    nice one Davey, keep em coming this season, hope you have a goodun
  2. iworkwhippets

    RIP Geoff Fletcher (Sowhat)

    really sad to be reading this, he was a proper gent, had some good banter we him. RIP matey
  3. iworkwhippets

    vinny joneses wife dies

    I rest in peace Tanya, a wicked disease. lost my mum aged 53 we it. and my sister, in her 30s, and now my lady has terminal cancer, and im struggling both mentally and physically. up no later than 6am, do the housework before she gets up, wash any last nights supper dishes cos I was to knackered last night to do em, she gets up. I escort her down stairs, what once was a healthy buxom lady is now a bag of bones, and its heart braking to see. I change her dressings, give her her tablets. the only time venture out these days is to pay bills, or food shopping, a far cry from the days when I was out wi my mate Nell and ferrets, I even have to wash my ladies her cos shes to weak,
  4. iworkwhippets

    over 75s

    must be reading my mind matey, I was wondering about this, being 75 in May, neh mind eh
  5. iworkwhippets

    That time a year again

    Save me a plot sister in law has onset of dementia, daughter inlaws just come out of hospital, brother in law came out of hospital last week, minus one leg, gangrene, my .lady is terminally I'll as for me, [BANNED TEXT] day is it [BANNED TEXT] f****n year is it
  6. iworkwhippets

    Quirky THL members

    Cold ethyl eh, the seething little temptress
  7. iworkwhippets


    ive just put mine in soak for the night
  8. iworkwhippets

    A few more

    course it was worth bothering matey, 11 bunnies, I was happy with one or 2 on my outings, id eat 2 pairs of Dianne abbotts underpants just to set foot in a field again we a dog n ferrets
  9. iworkwhippets

    A few more

    Once she nabs her first bunny trev, there will be no stopping her , so middle of the week it is then , has she had a run at em on her own
  10. iworkwhippets

    Showed a mate's pup her first look

    Look forward to my weekend then good luck enjoy yourselves
  11. iworkwhippets

    Showed a mate's pup her first look

    Another cracking dog in the making how old is she trev .lucky mate you have
  12. iworkwhippets

    Thursday Saturday sunday

    Bit down at the moment matey but how else should I feel taking care of my lady with terminal cancer , but thanks for asking , and my apologies to you trev for intruding on your posts
  13. iworkwhippets

    Thursday Saturday sunday

    Makes my day viewing your posts boy do I miss my outings and dogs never thought I'd end up .ike this pleased once again for you trev
  14. iworkwhippets

    The grew's fitted in nice

    Top man we a top dog pleased for you
  15. iworkwhippets

    isis bint

    Could I have her bottom bits please