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  1. iworkwhippets


    Thanks all for the kind words and pms, both my lurcher and terrier have gone to fantastic homes, along with my ferrets
  2. iworkwhippets


    we both have discussed her illness at length with doctors and have chosen the right to die at home with all the help she needs, the district nurse wanted to come daily to dress her wound, but im doing it, but they insist, they come couple of times per week to check up on her, they have even offered to help with a home carers allowance fo me looking after her, no thanks I don't need paying to look after my best mate, gutted isn't the word im feeling at the moment
  3. iworkwhippets


    hey up lads, especially you Dai, but im struggling here, but my dear wife and soul mate has been diagnosed with the worst possible news ever, but I cant handle Bryn much longer , so I need to rehome him like yesterday, house trained comes with his cage, please there are lads on here that have my phone number, which is constantly in use so all replies on here im absolutely drained I could go on but cant, im needed
  4. iworkwhippets


    im always up early, 4 or 5 hrs a night in bed is suffice for me, to much in life to do than fester in my pit, so off I go for a run around the block, that's if its not pissing down, no good asking for bother at the age of 74, lots of bike riding to, but what keeps me fit is out in the fields wi dog, 7 days a week, cant beat it, I also think positive, good for the mind, in m,y life I seek adventure not dementia, not enough hrs in the day for me
  5. iworkwhippets

    great grandson

    Eh, id rather sit on a tumble dryer
  6. iworkwhippets


    ok matey, happy enough eh
  7. iworkwhippets


    eats owt you put in front of him, hes even had a go at my underpants
  8. iworkwhippets


    here you go Dai, update of Bryn
  9. iworkwhippets

    great grandson

    and what a character bryn is turning out to be, no time to grow old with him about
  10. iworkwhippets

    great grandson

    thanks fer looking, im off now for my evening walk
  11. iworkwhippets

    great grandson

    well I made the age of 74 yesterday, so my mate Elijah came to visit with a birthday card and a couple of presents, grand little lad, I love him to bits
  12. iworkwhippets

    Bushing litter

  13. iworkwhippets

    Bushing litter

    we are doing just fine matey
  14. iworkwhippets

    Bushing litter

    todays outing
  15. iworkwhippets


    make yaself at home