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  1. eh, fekin lurpak butter £ 9 a tub, i like it larraped on my toast
  2. I dunna mind the odd episode of miss Marple with Geraldine mcewan
  3. Ive watched this planet of ours go down hill fer a long while now, its one sick world we are living , its really depressing, so much so, when i came out of hospital, a shivering wreck of a man, i phoned the doctor fer help, im sure i heard him weeping, and hes struck me off his list
  4. It's true though Daniel, and then I log onto. Thl fcuk me eh, how much more can. A man take
  5. I agree matey, mps fondling one another, eh, I couldn't give a monkies flange, same with adverts, showing this wrench sat on the bog testing sanitary towels fer leakage or summat, who wants to see that when your making a pan of lobby, pure cremation, eh, and now this London pride thing, load of botty bashers, flaunting it in your face, it's enough send a decent bloke like me round the harpic, I'm three parts there now,
  6. Hey up matey, youve got me all excited reading this, anyone would think its me getting, a couple of ferret kits and a new pup, good on ya get some pics up when u get em please well pleased for you
  7. as you can see arry, after searching high n low for my password, im back, but the days of posting about my days out with dogs n ferrets, are over, so like ive said afore, ive nowt constructive to post, but i will continue to log on i enjoy the varied topics you all put up, im a fine one to talk, ive lost my rag, just the once. but never again, theres just no need for calling folks cnuts or whatever , civility costs nowt
  8. id give my last remaining testacle, for that opportunity daniel my son, the smell of my late 2 stinkers going mental in there hutch , cos they new they were being taken out, the long journey home with my dog nell, stinking to high heaven in the back of my motor drawing the shirt up my back, after rolling in fox shite, those were the days, nice pup you have there bangers , lad enjoy
  9. Just had mri. Scan, waiting for the Dr's results now, crapping myself
  10. Yes it was as they told me, a mini stroke, its just buggered up balance a little, they brought a middle aged chap in during the night with a stroke, he is in a bad way, keep. Well folks
  11. Good morning Mr..... What would you like for breakfast, we have porridge or toast n marmalade, so I says, I'm famished love, could I. Have the porridge we a couple of rashers of bacon in it please, that didn't go down well with her at all
  12. I've seen clips of em. On. You tube, the buggers will tackle anything, enjoy mate I enjoy your clips of bollox
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