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  1. Went in my local shop down the village this morning, im friendly with the owners, he asked me what am I doing about Christmas dinner, haven't a clue I says, I will be bringing you a hot cooked Christmas dinner for you
  2. Folks around here have said why don't you pack your bags, to be honest with you, nothing would give me greater pleasure, theres nowt to keep me here, I owe nobody nobody nowt, what ive got is mine, pitch me a tent, and im gone, that's how desperate I am to get away from here, here is how I spend my day, up around 4 ish off the settee, pace around each room in a panic, looking trhough windows, what for, no one around at that time of day, have a wash n shave, what for, no one gives a f**k, its just a dignity thing with me, do any housework that needs doing, but there isn't any, I did it yesterday, and the day before, but its summat to do, I come on here see whats cookin, put the tele on for company, lets do this peleton, f***ing sick of it, come 9am, go uo to the local, hypermarket. walk round a few times. I want summat to eat, but I cant face seeing happy families sat together having a chat and a laugh, so I leave well alone, I leave there around 11 30 12 ish, drive into the town centre, I take the long route to kill time, walk around a few times, I get home around 2 3 oclock, that's my day done, cant wait till about 8 ish, I crack down again. on the settee, I soon drop off, with being up early, but im up again about 10 ish for a slash, get back down again, till I waken, then the same drudge starts all over again, I had a phone call earlier from a lady at my local surgery, she asked me how I was, so I told her, in no uncertain terms how I felt, whatever for keith she asked, ive not long lost my wife Margaret how am I supposed to feel
  3. Done my soul good just looking at it., I could quite happily spend the rest of my days there
  4. spent most of my day packing stuff away, I dunno when I will be moving, but the day will come , so thought I would make an effort and be ready. ive not gone overboard, if im here at Christmas, I don't want the place looking sparse, yes new beginnings Bill, and of course memories come with me, but not Ruth, Ruth stays here, just her memories come with me,
  5. I read this earlier, so made a brew and then reply, ended up with the brew all over my keyboard, useless prat eh, got an old one off a neighbour , fabulous pic my friend, and thanks for taking the time to keep me updated on my mate, I hope tuthers are doing ok to
  6. nice one Dave, wouldn't mind some of that
  7. get that chip pan out, im on my way over
  8. Got a letter from the the royal stoke hospital a couple of weeks ago, report to the department of stroke, 10 20 today, gets there early to find a parking space, nowt doing absolute horrendous, so drives out the hospital grounds, and found a suitable parking space, by this time, I was running late, so set off like a whippet to make my appointment, good morning mr ------- the doctor says, you are looking well, after several tests, he turned to his computer and showed me my brain scan, I thowt feck me im done for, but a smile came on his face, and tells me, everything is fine, you are a very lucky man, shook my hand, and his final words to me as I made for the door, I never want to see you again, either here, or the stroke ward
  9. im looking forward to getting back out there again, been bored out my skull these past few weeks, watching my diet. excersises. its up top ive had to work hard on, loneliness on top of grief, is a killer, ive not seen a bed in months, I doss on the settee, but you don't sleep, you just rest, I will be glad to get away from this address, a new start with the pup,
  10. That was a deliberate mistake kev, lol
  11. ive hogged up all my underwear to wash Christmas day, tv a load of crap, im seriously thinking of taking an axe to the damn thing, and just keeping my ariel, I will be awreet with the pup
  12. come on lads pack it In, life is to short to be slagging one another off like this, sometimes its best to keep ones opinions to themselves,
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