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    I do a bit of rat and mole trapping and go mooching out and about in fields and woodlands. I’m thinking about getting a dog to keep me company. What dogs do you guys have? I’m thinking a terrier type (would be good on the rats). I currently have a collie x lab.14 years old, good old boy too, just getting to old to mooch and prefers to sleep in front of the fire now. Show us pics of your dogs pls
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    Just the black and whites today. Its great to see daughter working like her father.
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    12months old just starting him off
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    Spent eight hours up at chesil beach last night. Lots of whiting, eels , dogs and pout. Unfortunately no bass or cod, but I didn't blank and had a thoroughly good time.
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    These are a couple of photos I’ve dug out from the old family albums. These were owned by my great grandad. Photos of both terriers were taken around 1910 in Derbyshire. Hope they are of interest.
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    Was reading the about the boys using vixen on heat as a good call for the foxes. I never had that call for my caller and after having a quick chat with Stavros, he offered to send me an SD card full of calls. I got loads of different calls to try now. So thanks again Stavros
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    You did better than me! The one I got were pictures of himself in compromising positions!
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    My attempt at turd polishing! First day with my new syndicate, great fun despite most of the drives requiring waders!! Shot very badly first two, had long talk with myself then it improved! Highlight was second to last of day, dropping a high & rising cock bird in front dropping right behind me, very satisfying. The dogs worked incredible considering the amount of water.
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    There's no smoke without fire as they say.... Epstein and his Mrs were wrong uns, grooming young girls and pimping them out to the rich and famous wrong uns.... Andy is a wrong un.... Fullstop.... It will all be brushed aside and any one with evidence will go the same way as dodi, Diana and old Epstein
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    To be fair he only did what anyone of the guys out of the airgun forum would have done, just minus the debate over caliber! Seriously, brave guy and good to know we have the best special forces in the world!
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    Had a good workout today and number 52 bites the dust
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    Is that a new code your trying out?
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    It’s getting easier to see em now, one less pest
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    Went today with a mate and picked up the bitch pup from a mating to 1 of my old dogs, the mate even managed to get a cracking pup himself, cheers to the fella! Didn’t have to do it! Real genuine guy, very few about! We will be down this season and ur always welcome uo! Cheers mate! Meet Betty.......
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    I havent spent much time down there to what i was expecting but here is one deer that got plugged this week. This is a big buck. this is what you could expect to see!!! one happy customer
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    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174095096599 xmass is coming , prints numbers 20-40 once they are gone no more until this time next year
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    Best a have just now al see what a can do later on for a photo
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    Its funny how trends change blue staffs used to be a rarity but now its all you see !.....i looked on a few of these sites pets4 homes whatever its called looking for a little red staff and couldnt find one it was literally all blues !
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    Over run with badgers here too. If you go on the walkways over the estate you cant let a terrier off the lead because its badger city sets everywhere and always see them at night with a lamp. Thats what these morons will never understand by letting one lot thrive your taking out the others. Try explaining that to a potato muncher though.
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    Some of the sealyhams I bred years ago .
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    Had a few days away in the Charente Valley. There is a pub on the opposite bank just to the right of those boats. I was serenaded by 60's & 70's rock all afternoon. A French angler stopped by to give me some local information. He told me where the carp could be caught, where it was best for barbel and where to go for catfish. It turned out that anywhere except where I was fishing was good He popped back later to tell me that he and his friends hadn't had a bite all day so I didn't feel bad for blanking. I only fished there because the 'hotel' was parked close by...... Later on we walked over the bridge to the pub............ When my wife and I got together 20 years ago we had a little terrier, used to go visiting lovely countryside, have long walks and pub meals with chips and Guiness. Nothing has changed............. ........except the dog!
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    On Hodder foot and moving down to Calder foot trying a new rod out before the season ends . Not seen any salmon yet but we’ve had a brownie each on a small tube fly
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    Yours must be that one in a million ay mort ,, sure it’s a full beddy let me guess you don’t only have one full beddy that will stay till dug to no matter how long you have 3 . and where could anyone else who looking to source a digging beddy get one of these proper beddy from that stay till dug to , ,,,,,,let me gues tight circle and all that secret squirrel bull shite lol
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    I know ive put this up before but still makes me laugh , and yes it is real lol
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    Don't know wether this is of any interest or not but my lad used this design to create a bed or bench seat. Cheers Arry
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    This is just feeding a old stone horse trough. The wife didn't like it at all. t Cheers Arry
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    Anytime pal, here's frank
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    Had a few evenings on one of our ponds this season. 23 picked between four guns on Saturday. Best part about it for me is the dog work, working this little fella. He's got the job sussed now, sitting quietly and patiently, watching the duck zooming around and I can be fairly sure when cast off into the twilight that he has the initiative and experience to find the bird with no handling so I can remain focused on what's coming in. I always go the next morning and pick a few more that other guns couldn't find, managed to find 3 on Sunday at daybreak. Pic of Sunday morning. Back home for late breakfast. The final tally 26 picked.
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    you know I was a poacher right from being a small boy but of course I did not see it like that taking the odd pheasant with a catapult, then rabbits and hares with a dog, and before long its birds at night with a fourten gun, years later by pure chance a chap asked if I would look after his farm shoot in exchange for permission to work dogs shoot pigeons etc, since then I have never poached and run my dog when ever I like, I believe we should where we can, help young lads who may take the wrong path with dog or ferret, a little patch to look after can make a massive difference to someone for the good, where a trip to court would certainly do the opposite.
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    Nowadays, there is no profit in taking the game, birds, deer, etc... Back in the day, I hunted for the gold doubloons, the concept of sport, did not come into the equation. Of course, it was morally wrong...only a fool would think otherwise,..but there ya go,..what is done is done... I've paid my dues,...and mercifully no longer have a financial need to kill for profit... I've no regrets,...life goes on...
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    Well,..back in the day, poaching game certainly helped to pay the Mortgage,...so I suppose,...that was good...
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    ArchieHood, was up that way went and had a look, thanks for that very interesting. Cheers Arry
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    The Lost Gardens of Heligan, near Mevagissy. Cheers, D.
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    Got a few photos of carvings which I took on a few visits to Aussie. Excuse the presence of the grandkids. A few from William Ricketts sanctuary in the Dandenong mountains (fcuking place was full of spiders and webs, and it's best not to mess with Aussie spiders) A nice carving from Melbourne Zoo And a couple from the Healesville Sanctuary, Victoria.
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    Done with a chain saw. Cheers Arry
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    Till the next tide washes it away. Cheers Arry
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