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  1. Ted Newgent

    Fox eating crocus bulbs

    its defo a fox in the photo is the fox defo eating them or just digging them up to get at earth worms and other insects. it is the norm for a fox to do this
  2. 10 August: Argentina vs. South Africa (11am) 10 August: Ireland vs. Italy (5pm; Aviva Stadium, Dublin) 11 August: England vs. Wales (2pm; Twickenham Stadium, London) 17 August: New Zealand vs. Australia (11am) 17 August: South Africa vs. Argentina (11am) 17 August: Italy vs. Russia (5pm) 17 August: Wales vs. England (6pm; Principality Stadium, Cardiff) 17 August: France vs Scotland (9pm; venue TBC) 24 August: England vs Ireland (3pm; Twickenham Stadium, London) 24 August: Scotland vs. France (9pm; BT Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh) 30 August: France vs. Italy (5pm) 31 August: Wales vs. Ireland (5pm; Principality Stadium, Cardiff) 31 August: Georgia vs. Scotland (8pm; Dinamo Arena, Tbilisi) 6 September: Japan vs. South Africa (11.30am) 6 September: England vs. Italy (7.45pm; St James’ Park, Newcastle) 7 September: New Zealand vs. Tonga (3.35am) 7 September: Ireland vs. Wales (5pm; Aviva Stadium, Dublin) 7 September: Scotland vs. Georgia (9pm; BT Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh) england play wales twice
  3. Ted Newgent

    my hunting setup 2018/2019 pic heavy

    Just called at one of our more northern facilities and a co worker has been baiting bears up and around him
  4. Ted Newgent

    Cannabis oil

    come on own up who's been planting https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-48355391
  5. Getting close now pal lol.

  6. Ted Newgent

    Made me chuckle

    that hilarious
  7. Ted Newgent

    Deepwater Horizon The Film

    Just back from wick 3 wasnt as good as 1&2 but still entertaining though. Didnt seem like a 2hr flick need to see the 1080p rip
  8. Ted Newgent


    whilst walking ones dog and another dog comes at mine yapping and off a leash or not under its owners commands my dog would assume it being attacked,my dog,i firmly believe my dog doesnt differentiate between Pomeranian or a pitbull she will defend herself not my problem turn the tables and i let mine loose walking,there lies my problem
  9. Ted Newgent


    if you dont want your pet ran over dont let it out plain and simple twice this month my hound has snout grabbed,shook around two Pomeranians cause the stupid fck owners had them running loose. i dont let mine off the leash cant be doing with irresponsible owners of animals,cause it the animals that suffer not the owners
  10. Ted Newgent

    Deepwater Horizon The Film

    going tomorrow me,missus,mother in law and two raging queens should be something different
  11. Ted Newgent

    care home this sums it up ..

    more than likely size 18
  12. Ted Newgent

    royal baby

    there must of been a few reluctant homing pigeons made it back
  13. Ted Newgent

    champions league final

    Not a chance she will be a yid fan
  14. Ted Newgent

    Well done Alabama & San Francisco

    Banning abortion will do nothing to the same effect banning handguns in the UK
  15. Ted Newgent

    Sir Loin Knight of Steaks