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  1. Just grabbed another HK knife the only place who had one was in turkey but wouldnt ship due to the war this one again in the states
  2. Yup share the links please
  3. i cant get rizlas here,i buy export papers. i did grab a few packs of green king size when i was home last year
  4. lol its fine mate i hate the thinner papers
  5. Talking of deaf seen motorhead in the tivoli in buckley with dustys rustys nuts. lemmy came on strummed his bass that was my ears done for 3 fckn days
  6. So went pub one Saturday afternoon bumped into some metalhead leather jacket with cut off denim drunk fck knows how many beers and he drove to manchester in his toledo to see Anthrax remember the nightmare drive there dont recall ever coming back anthrax were good
  7. Noel Gallagher decided to tour and to fckn penrith of all places, so grabbed tickets and wifes sister lived just outside. paul weller was supporting and noel did a full acoustic set. Un fuckn real the place was a working mans club no more than 100 people there. Best gig ever
  8. So i move on beastie boys hit the music scene. Came to the uk to tour. Right on grabbed a few tickets and headed to liverpools royal court. schooly D did his set then BB came on gobbing off how hard they were. Bad move they got bottled off, their bouncers came on armed with baseball bats and threw CS into the crowd. Ha fck me bad move again. Basically every speaker and mixing desk got totalled and liverpools finest rozzers came in and did their thing. Pretty rum night. I got CS gassed off me fckn tree and week later got CS gassed again(another night on)
  9. Never smoked so much weed to one record drove my wife mad cranking this right up
  10. we will change that to shroom ted and jetros journey
  11. maybe i should kidnap jetro and head to yours me and you could enlighten the poor man lol
  12. I am tempted the next time i fly back i should call in at yours and we go out i will buy you have some catching up to do
  13. Fck man you havent lived need drugs beer and a live concert do you need a mentor???
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