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  1. Ted Newgent

    What you listening to at the moment.

    Just picked up 2 more vinyl LPs of skanksta perry
  2. Ted Newgent

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    did he represent himself in court? going by what he claimed in the first3 mins any decent lawyer would of got him off
  3. Ted Newgent

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Found this on Twitter fckn hilarious
  4. Ted Newgent

    Cannabis oil

  5. Ted Newgent

    Roast beef .......well almost

    To be fair it was alright but next time more of the spice rub as i didnt put enough on i didnt want to fck it up
  6. Ted Newgent

    Any scrap men in Birmingham??

  7. Ted Newgent

    Roast beef .......well almost

    Local butcher was selling beef briskets so i grabbed 1/2 of one covered it in dijon mustard the liberally sprinkled weber kc bbq spice. put it in the gas bbq for 4 hrs this is my first go
  8. Ted Newgent

    disney star cameron boyce dies

    Change the URL name to “the morbid life”
  9. Ted Newgent

    disney star cameron boyce dies

    I agree
  10. Ted Newgent

    Utah, May 19

    excellent write up thanks for sharing your experience skunk advice from my own experience.......avoid the little fckrs, i have never ever been so violently ill after being down wind when one sprayed its toxic ass fume that day still haunts me
  11. Ted Newgent


    Turns everyone into a gay vegan liberal lol
  12. Ted Newgent


    yeah just googled it and poor little chaps are hammered by them
  13. Ted Newgent


    i thought fleas liked hedgehogs
  14. Ted Newgent


    its been over 12 years since i was back at home.i hunted all over north wales for 20 years and never ever had one tick, why has it got so bad now? the tick issue is getting worse every year over there never mind over here also. whats changed? was chatting with a mate here and he said they never really were a problem here until 20yrs ago. just to add our winters are over 4 months of temps below -20c atleast.how the fck do they survive that? you think the cold would kill em off