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  1. Ted Newgent

    World Cup 2018

    that was worth watching
  2. Ted Newgent

    Funny Joke Thread

    they should of sent in a catholic priest as they are good getting in and out of tight spaces
  3. Ted Newgent

    my hunting setup 2018/2019 pic heavy

    Ok one photo is of a bear baiting stand. The bones are from the meat off cuts that is used for bait the second photo is of fresh wolf tracks. A pack of wolves used a logging road, two wolves stayed on the road and the others kept looping off the road both sides trying to flush game back to the wolves on the logging road. Very cool to actually see the prints. My boots are size 12 so you have an idea
  4. Ted Newgent

    every one looking forward to england game

    katchum knows me as bob cigar
  5. Ted Newgent

    every one looking forward to england game

    Croatia rolled through the English squad like they were ethnically cleansing a civilian village
  6. Ted Newgent

    my hunting setup 2018/2019 pic heavy

    there was a huge black bear with a white V on his chest coming in. we spent 5 hours dragging in a wooden hunting blind in pouring rain for an american hunter. he showed up on the weds to shoot that bear and the fckn idjit couldnt control himself and shot the first bear that came in lol all that work for nowt. bear baiting isnt very nice,we carry in 10 gallons of used cooking oil and enough meat scraps (rather fckn rank due to the warm weather) and stuff that in a steel barrel chained to a tree. i will ask my mate if i can post photos, but here is his website https://bucklistlodgeca.com/ genuine honest fella to deal with and the hunting lodge he invested 1/2million cad on it. very nice indeed
  7. well me and a farming matey got drawn for cow moose. last time we had moose on the cams,there was seven.so looking like a possibility something is going to get plugged. cow moose is oct15th onwards for a month.needing meat for the freezer so this has to happen. wife didnt get drawn for elk but for the past few weekends i have been helping out a mate with his outfitting business..setting up bear stands and bear baits for clients and touring the bush on 6xx6 atv looking for good deer/elk hunting spots. found one hell of a elk trail in one piece of bush,so i might be getting second dibs on hunting an elk there. spent a few weekends and got around 12 cams up. we should be going back down there to change cards out so hopefully some good pics. not sure if he wants his outfitting name mentioned on here but he is a straight up honest man. on the piece of land i dropped the elk last year and posted up some deer/pig pics,well the landowner has taken ill and i have been dealing with him since june 1st.his wife is elderly and not well,so i have been driving her back and forth to the city hospital to see him.three times now he has been air ambulanced around and a month later they still have fckng sorted him out. not sure if he is going to make and if he doesnt not sure if i can get access to the land again. still going to have my set up in the forestry up north of me this year.
  8. Ted Newgent

    Tommy Robinson How Is He Viewed In Britain At The Moment

    i aint got my head up me arse nor am i any apologist thanks i am fully aware of whats going on. its a shame TR didnt take the shame responsibility in reporting others but he doesnt. biggest peodos is the catholic church.massive sex cases against that church in the UK and even over here in canada. yet people still attend catholic churches and yet its isnt vilified as much as the muslims. so cut your bullshit on the whataboutery yourself and admit its a skin colour paki thing i dont give a fck if you are racist i hate everyone the same
  9. Ted Newgent

    Shootings In Las Vegas

    Interesting site were this bloke digs out FOI reports selection on the vegas shooting http://altgov2.org/las-vegas-witness-statements/
  10. Ted Newgent

    Tommy Robinson How Is He Viewed In Britain At The Moment

    Seems to be a re occuring past time for EDL members looks like we need to rid the UK of the white christian scum https://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/regions/liverpool/2011/09/484284.html
  11. Ted Newgent

    Tommy Robinson How Is He Viewed In Britain At The Moment

    I don't remember tommy reporting on this POS https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/edl-english-defence-league-leigh-mcmillan-jailed-paedophile-old-bailey-a8231231.html%3famp
  12. Ted Newgent

    Favourite tipple of choice.

    draught stella draught guniness pilsner urquell warsteiner but i have to make do with canadans finest Pilsner
  13. Ted Newgent

    Tommy Robinson How Is He Viewed In Britain At The Moment

    and jimmy saville,jonathan king,max clifford,rolf harris,stuart hall. list is endless
  14. Ted Newgent

    Tommy Robinson How Is He Viewed In Britain At The Moment

    @chrisjones everything you have said over the past 4 pages makes sense to me mate others on here dont quite get it and i dont think they ever will go have a beer fella and slap a steak on the bbq
  15. Ted Newgent

    The start of something good

    Ribs nearly done marinaded deer steaks gone on