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  1. its probably one of the best tv series for a long time
  2. 3 inches of water is enough for the cat to have an accident
  3. Meshed out the second one design slightly changed to make meshing easier. It was bothering me. two traps cost eighty dollars 40 for wood 40 for wire mesh 6 hrs labour this trap will out at a farm hopefully tomoz. Need to dig out the magpie decoy
  4. First one out and ready to rock n roll
  5. One thing i have noticed is smoking a few darts makes Nicolas Cage films so much better
  6. Got one meshed out fckn hate doing that job going to revise the design on the other trap to make meshing easier
  7. its worth a gander another fckd up documentary
  8. damn yanks have pushed our ammo prices thru the roof now even dealers are saying there could be a shortage up here for months to come
  9. bizarrely the liberal government here decided all gun stores are classed as essential services they cant keep up with the sheer amount of online orders for guns and ammo. we have an impending gun ban coming lol
  10. We had panic buying the other week now its 2 items of anything now and a limited number of customers per store. damn Offy cut its hours but i stocked up with beer. off work til april 9th but back in tomorrow to secure some of our facilities. otherwise sask isnt really in that much trouble compared to other provinces life goes on in butt fck nowhere land
  11. your basically the same as us here north apart from any shoot outs lol
  12. just sign up with the provos free gun and balaclava
  13. upto ep7 of ozark me n wifey just watching 3 episodes a day watched vivarium last night.thats fckd up
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