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  1. Ted Newgent

    Bow Hunting

    This a pic from last year this doesnt do it justice to how bad it is when the bears get the bait out of the barrels a other bait site was trashed it was like a T rex had gone thru there. i know he has a really nice big black bear with a V in white on his chest coming in. some yank was after it and got giddy and shot the wrong bear lol
  2. Ted Newgent

    Bow Hunting

    https://bucklistlodgeca.com/ I will be guiding from here this the site @mackem
  3. Ted Newgent

    Bow Hunting

    yeah its all over bait sites i thought i posted a few pics last year but i will start a new thread when i get the call to start work. 45 gallon drums full of meat scraps and gallons of used cooking oil. bait sites are a fckn mess with all the bones everywhere.i will see if i can find some pics. my mate runs a deer/bear outfitting business here in sask,he a good guy and a really good friend. he has a really nice setup and has invested a serious amount of cash into this. i will dig his website out later
  4. Ted Newgent

    Bow Hunting

    I should be guiding americans on bears this coming May. Maybe some of them will be using a bow but i am taking either my semi auto rifle or shotgun not taking any chances best of luck hunting the cat with the bow.
  5. Ted Newgent

    New zealand bans semi auto rifles

    Not really being pedantic but no civilian has legal authorisation to a military assault rifle (only certain states in usa have full auto select fire) .22 rifle 50 round mag loaded with high velocities will do alot fair bit of damage also apples and pears i guess
  6. Ted Newgent

    New zealand bans semi auto rifles

    why not? i have two for vermin control,bolt action rifle just doesnt cut it. how many on here have a ruger 10/22 for bunny control? that was the go to rifle for bunnies. what difference does calibre make?
  7. Ted Newgent

    New zealand bans semi auto rifles

    finally someone gets it i think there is more to this than meets the eye maybe i should see my doctor and get tin foil on prescription lol
  8. Ted Newgent

    New zealand bans semi auto rifles

    i dont even have to drive to a shop i buy online and its gets shipped by canada post to me. there is your head just exploded lol here in canada are awaiting for this liberal government to hammer in a full handgun and semi auto rifle ban very soon. this was started with a bill to curb the ongoing drugs n gangs epidemic in toronto. this bill of law does nothing but disarm the likes of me. i am a bit grinchy at the moment,tired of BullSchit from governments
  9. Ted Newgent

    New zealand bans semi auto rifles

    i am not comparing a knife to a rifle to a rental van they are all different inanimate objects being used to main,cause damage,inflict terror when does a person stop when it comes to banning these objects? when does the list end? its NOT the objects its the human being that uses the objects to inflict pain,death and terror
  10. Ted Newgent

    New zealand bans semi auto rifles

    does it matter?? still a terror attack. the point is the person responsible used what he could obtain to cause damage. and yes if they had access to firearms he would of chose a firearm,but if he had the nowse he could of bought a black market rifle and ammo or even hired a fckn rental van and timed it right and ploughed thru morning prayers were do you draw the line on banning shit?? knives over 3.5cm are banned in the UK or should i say you need good reason to carry one. just how many stabbings have you had this year alone
  11. Ted Newgent

    New zealand bans semi auto rifles

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6833941/Yob-smashes-windows-Birmingham-mosque-sledgehammer-imam-pleads-police-protection.html there we go 5 mosques smashed up with a sledgehammer now lets ban sledgehammers
  12. Ted Newgent

    New zealand bans semi auto rifles

    stating what you have you are all for taking other liberties.just wait for the next government to state any police/tactical like black bolt action rifle is dangerous. there you go all bolt actions banned,you are now left with a muzzle loader,crack on sir i have 2 semi auto rifles,one for coyote and one for wild boars and one semi auto shotgun for ducks/geese. i could well be losing (not a chance in fckn hell am i handing them over) these shortly here in canada
  13. Ted Newgent

    New zealand bans semi auto rifles

    Ha she is screwed
  14. Ted Newgent

    New zealand bans semi auto rifles

    Fck me she did it banned all semi auto rifles. i will be next here in canuckstan
  15. Ted Newgent

    That time a year again

    yeah its a fab time of year birds chirping leaves budding on the trees daffodils tulips and crocuses popping thru,maybe even smell the grass growing