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  1. the server couldnt handle all of kings foodie pics
  2. I havent spent much time down there to what i was expecting but here is one deer that got plugged this week. This is a big buck. this is what you could expect to see!!! one happy customer
  3. Ted Newgent


    i get the same message when i post pics. if i post up 3 pics then i have to exit the thread then go back into it then it allows me to post more pics
  4. Another fairly decent buck shot local to me but this guy needs a slap. Check out were the rifle muzzle is lol
  5. Sat in the pop blind yesterday wearing a merino wool under shirt t shirt and hoodie two pairs of socks and long johns all underneath the rusky jacket and pants. we had the buddy heater on 1/2 heat. i had no gloves on and jacket fully unzipped outside temp was -15c i was very comfortable
  6. Ted Newgent

    Mince pies

    cake cake cake cake cake
  7. i visited NS once for a job.i was offered a job in bridgewater but couldnt afford a house on the wage offered. your hunting laws are a bit to be desired out that way from what i have read. my daughter is currently doing her corrections officer course on a base on PEI
  8. So we went up to the forestry to actually see whats coming in. well nothing lol a spiker circled us 10 mins before the end of legal hunting. almost a full moon so me thinks this is screwing with the deer moving around. past few weeks i have been getting around 1200 pics a week last week was 360 pics. Things slowed up but i know more bucks have been coming in ah well next week maybe atleast i caught up with me mate, we had a good natter and a laff
  9. Just re watching the semi final game again what a game why oh why did we lose against the boks ffs
  10. Just gone thru the pics again and i think there is two 5x5s coming in one deer has a white patch of fur on the bottom of his ear the other doesnt
  11. Here is a few more pics there is more bucks coming in of a night but crap pics. I am awaiting delivery of 4 more cams cause i am fckn sick to death of crappy pics
  12. Finished work early so legged it to the local grain elevator and bagged up some oats FOC as long as you shovel them. did a rip up the forestry and dropped down some oats and changed the card. invited my farmer buddy whos land i hunt over as deer season doesnt open up there til end of the month ( dont ask ) there is a 5x5 coming in(last pic), i am tempted not to shoot him as he will be a fckn monster next year if no one else shoots him and he makes it thru winter
  13. Cabelas is great to walk around best to buy stuff when it goes on sale otherwise its a rip off its a good deal if you are heading over here from the UK with the currency exchange last thing i bought from there were winter white cammo gun bag yote caller i was in there two weeks ago took a dump and walked back out
  14. that aint fitting in the back of a truck
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