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  1. Tell me this why is everything I read about the vaccines is you can still get Covid and transmit it the vaccines only last 3-6 months and you need another. to me this smells, why would honestly take something that isn’t proven yet. just read that there is new law changes.... now illegal to leave the U.K. for a holiday or get a 5K fine and it will be illegal to have a peaceful protest. what sort of fckn country is it turning into?
  2. People who don’t arrive on time people who wears masks
  3. Ah fck necro this thread to some life
  4. Steak canadian red neck style
  5. Do you want to shake your head even more?? trudeau is trying to get telephone voting allowed due to “Covid” like that won’t be abused. The left/liberals are trying fckn everything to get power
  6. I can post any firearm thru the post, no matter what the calibre is. cant re use a tag, shoot a deer and you have to tag it straight away. you can’t shoot two deer at this present time. When I came here there was the option of two deer tags but we’ve had bad winters so the numbers are still down
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