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  1. Ted Newgent

    When you don’t get paid your wages..

    And the gofundme page comes up trumps https://www.gofundme.com/f/unpaid-travel-lodge-digger-driver-edge-lane
  2. Ted Newgent

    Shooting in Poland!

    is this paintball???
  3. This one is a stunner
  4. Ted Newgent

    another load sent down.

    it should of read 'another load sent off the white cliffs of dover'
  5. Ted Newgent

    Pins and needles

    try this one
  6. Ted Newgent

    When you don’t get paid your wages..

    fkcn immigrant then
  7. FFS i was going to eat me dinner but just re seen that shriveled up ol woman again
  8. Ted Newgent

    Trump Under Fire

    cheers for this will watch it later
  9. seriously were is the NSFW warning glad i am the only one in the office thats done me head in and its only monday thats something ginger beard would eat LOL
  10. I have pins and needles in the right place i give any of them a good going over til they are saddle sore
  11. this one is even named after a beer ffs Brittany Boddington
  12. not sure what your habit would be lol she could grab me by the horn anytime
  13. I would play with her in the bunker
  14. Ted Newgent

    I thought this 5hit had stopped

    Isnt always the minority that spoil it for everyone
  15. Ted Newgent

    Pins and needles

    Holy fck that’s a severe case of pins n needles