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  1. No better in the midlands and what there is they are in the gardens around the Fort shopping centre
  2. Got ultra with long air tube 100 shots wouldn't part with it
  3. This dog is one of the best I've seen on video for her age
  4. He was shit took a greyhound there lame said she had pulled a muscle in her hip she had a cracked bone in her leg never again greedy bleeder
  5. Swinford vets ask to see Don he was thought by the great Mrs Jones 01543483676
  6. To be honest when opened that little compartment in your box I thought u pulled out some valcro strips that I use on my collars because I can't do up the buckles arthritis in my fingers
  7. What tts at that age is he going to be, a big one
  8. Managed to get a bit of land at Milton Keynes 90 mile from me over the moon didn't mind travelling within 3 months of getting it full of mixi not one on it now
  9. Got a Beddy whippet x collie grey only made 20tts
  10. Good catcher not to keen bringing them in
  11. There was a advert on Facebook first cross collie whippet pups how much 1200 pound taking the pi--
  12. Same here went down in summer 30 odd running it 1 Warren mixi hit now sod all
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