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  1. troyboy17

    sportsman's net

    Wouldn't have any other than the stuff of les genuine man
  2. troyboy17

    Old Sandy Tip

    Does your dog retrieve
  3. The dam works day and night and the whippet sire worker
  4. Got beddy crosses but trying 3/4 whippet 1/4 Irish terrier at 6 months 21tts and good coat
  5. troyboy17

    Dog transport

    Len is bang on he does my greyhounds for me
  6. troyboy17

    Strange bred

    Don't blame her
  7. troyboy17

    Strange bred

    This dog greets me with his tail wagging he is a cracking dog I think more of him than dave lol
  8. troyboy17

    Ratting wanted in Midlands

    Rat shooting at night with air gun
  9. troyboy17

    New Arrivals.

    To right collie john know everything
  10. troyboy17

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    How is she bred
  11. troyboy17

    New Arrivals.

    Some people talk bollocks
  12. troyboy17

    New Arrivals.

    Th half and half face would be my choice
  13. troyboy17

    New Arrivals.

    Well said mate
  14. troyboy17

    New Arrivals.

    when u have had a good dog and a good friend it gets to u
  15. troyboy17

    New Arrivals.

    Yes mate had to put him to sleep gone of his back end