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  1. I have 2 retired racing dogs pedigree and they were both very good but both had injured toes but the club I ran at a lot had toe problems
  2. Nothernlite don't take the piss he is one of the most genuine blokes on here he won't bull shit u he says it how it is
  3. He is on face book u won't beat the quality
  4. I suppose up north a bit colder so holds them back a bit
  5. U won't beat le nelson
  6. Don't always be put of by the dog being Hancock u will get a lot of people say shit but there are some good ones about and it has a lot to do how much u put in front of them
  7. Another man that speaks a lot of sense
  8. Do u really want a dog to run its bollocks out for nothing they know what is catchable better than we do if they were that bad people would of gone of them years ago its just that the Bedlington x is the in thing at the moment
  9. What did the dogs out of the litter make she looks a though she has a good coat
  10. Do get most of your dogs as 12 mothers or do get some as pups
  11. Cracking dog how is it bred
  12. There is one thing for certain u won't have any problem getting rid of the surplus pups u can't get beddy greys any where
  13. That is all I can do numbers down that much u have to sneak about and get what u can
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