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  1. troyboy17

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    I think if it had been me I would of kept my mouth shut and just got on and bred a litter kept what I wanted sold the rest because everyone knows when u come on here what u are going to get and if u breed worker to worker or shit to shit there is no guarantee the same as I was talking to torchie on Sunday and he said if u can't get a dog going on the moors then u never will so like my opinion I have always said its what u but in front of them
  2. troyboy17

    umbilical hernia

    Had a springer spaniel with one lived till 14 never got any bigger
  3. troyboy17

    Gwpx Pup

    What size did they turn out
  4. troyboy17

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    They don't have to go to ground to be hard dogs
  5. troyboy17

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Why does it have to be below ground there are enough good workers that work above ground and why breed from a 14 in that works below when u can have an 18 in good dog that works above
  6. troyboy17


    I feed Australian formula with 20% greyhound kibble plus beef and tripe
  7. troyboy17

    Rabbiting lurchers

    3/4 whippet 1/4 Irish terrier will stand a knock don't look very fast but fast enough
  8. troyboy17

    My Collie Curs

    So she has half collie in her did u bred yourself if that's what it has in her I would soon have that than collie grey be a bit quicker
  9. troyboy17

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    I didnt say all but u have to admit there are more than just Hancock that don't care for there dogs but I'll tell u this 40 years ago when I used to go to lurcher shows when new to the game I have seen so called dog men pissed and stuck there boot in there dog that 2 hours earlier they had nothing but praise for the dog
  10. troyboy17

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    There as many so called lurcher men breeding for a few pound and keeping the pups in big shit holes than Hancock
  11. troyboy17

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    The top greyhounds get injuries doesn't mean it will throw into the pups
  12. troyboy17

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    I just hope that anyone who has got a 3/8x5/8 if they have turned out good workers they breed of them
  13. troyboy17

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    How good was cleo
  14. troyboy17

    My Collie Curs

    That's the way to breed them for rabbiting love to see what the dogs made out of the litter