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  1. troyboy17

    14 weeks

    Now I like that
  2. Can u remember the first cross will hay of chris cowdell he sired a lot of bitches
  3. troyboy17

    Never get enough of this

    Come on hurry up I wait for all your videos
  4. Thanks collie John 22 1/2 genuine first cross does his job
  5. troyboy17

    Show us your Bull x

    Collie grey xbull grey 7 months old
  6. Some first cross collie whippets are good
  7. Dan how much collie in the one in photo
  8. On the grape vine they tell me hancock might have a bitch in pup so could be some 3/8
  9. Come on phil your a collie man what do u think of the 3/8
  10. What is your opinion on the 3/8 collie grey
  11. Another nice dog neil b I do like merles
  12. Has collie John said the thread is about collie greys
  13. Everyone has there own preference I for one don't like saluki blood but that's just me