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  1. troyboy17


    Rabid f**k all here
  2. troyboy17


    Willing to pay for land with a good amount of rabbits 100 mile radius of the midlands
  3. Don't get me wrong they are fine but very head strong
  4. Poxon the best dog Ive had been collie whippet for what I do not interested in anythink else but rabbits
  5. Northernlite u have had to revert to something with collie in it lol
  6. U do and I'll be first in line
  7. Any first cross collie whippet or 3/4whippet x1/4collie about for rabbits
  8. troyboy17

    BSA ultra mmc 22


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    Bsa ultra mmc 22 regulatored and long air tube 2 stocks


    - GB

  9. BSA ultra mmc 22 View Advert Bsa ultra mmc 22 regulatored and long air tube 2 stocks Advertiser troyboy17 Date 14/09/20 Price £400.00 Category Airguns
  10. Wouldn't these dogs be to big for small fields yes fine I would of thought for big but are u say just for lamping and not an alrounder would u say to big for ferreting as well
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