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  1. 3/4whippet 1/4 Irish terrier good dog
  2. First cross cracking dog lost him 3 years ago would have another tomorrow
  3. Had one 3 years ago cracking dog put sadly lost him
  4. This dog is making a top dog but what he has done with her top dog man a huge amount of respect for Joe and don't even know him
  5. Think It was 40 years ago that I had that bitch got killed in road accident bloody my 2 best dog have been her and a collie x whippet and never been able to get anythink like them like rocking horse shit
  6. Had a will hay cross Bedlington years ago of les Robinson good bitch
  7. I'm really pleased that Sheldon is my dogs sire couldn't fault the dogs effort
  8. Has u can see bit thicker set
  9. Poxon mine is about an inch less than Jesse's and a bit thicker set
  10. Would u go for the same breeding again if u had another dog
  11. Rip never easy but she couldn't wish for a better life
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