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  1. The same ta you go feck off Tb bill
  2. Don't drink sandy ya paedo nonce Tb bill
  3. And you have all the traits of a peado non e from a ring of paedos Tb bill
  4. Socks we been here before all the name calling not began with me tas have it back ya silly fecking nonce Tb bill
  5. I don't get embarrassed feck off Tb bill
  6. If you think so come meat me find out you will have no fear will yas non e Tb bill
  7. If they give me shirt believe me they usually change be no talking a Tb bill
  8. Listen ill tell thee this if they know the saying ta get back what though give uths and that's what he got Tb bill
  9. Go head ya dirty fecking skank nonce Tb bill
  10. Ya c**t your mouths full of shit editing and changing the origin Al post ya feckin swazak. Lol atb bill
  11. If that's the desired xs get a welp from a working line few do still work the xs platt don't work them is that simple. But there's some that do work em that he bred atb bill
  12. Thing he his they would not suit me and yas right my mouth tells the facts katchum in denial his away in those hills Daniel lol atb Tb bill
  13. If ya not bothered feck off atb Tb bill
  14. Ha ha ha ya like one them cows waiting da me drop one on gonna bust ya up hidi g in hills but tyose holls have eyes send ya postcode going up north over the xsmas period Tb bill
  15. Katchum go put some units on those vows ya fecking crack head nonce Tb bill
  16. Yas all here not shopi g with the lasses silly c**ts ime out and about and I still get has d le to entertain you minnows atb bill
  17. Theventeryaient has begun kill bill volume 2 lol Tb bill
  18. I'll be able send s small bus ga tas all but beware once on the estate there's no going off. Atb Tb bill
  19. Tyla try as a no knowledge skank Tb bill
  20. Ya all of that aye ya katchum up in Catterick relocated atb bill
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