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  1. He does more than I wanted him for happy how he turned out
  2. Fawn dog was mad keen very young. Done a few earlier than he should but took it well Brindal bitch. Slower to pick up. But now she’s bang on now. She’s a lot faster than he is. Some slight differences how they do things
  3. And the fawn dog. Same sire Wheaton bull grey. Dam bull grey
  4. Brindle bitch/ sire. Wheaton bull grey dam1st x deer grey
  5. No me pal. Widny bother ma arse wae following hounds about mate load a shite
  6. If the young bitch keeps going well when am needing a pup Again all take one of her and the big cattle dog
  7. Went to hounds a few times wouldn’t be arsed with that shit better out do your own thing put a lot more away
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