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  1. Fagen aye he’s still here. Ma pal has him just now at his since his dog died get him through the season
  2. Can’t beat a good walk with fresh snow fall few things tracked and caught Plenty miles covered Quick snap ov them posing
  3. Once you get up and over into next hills no where near as bad
  4. Dogtrace x20. Less ov the bells and whistles like the others. Finds your dog good tracker
  5. Involved in a few big battles. Be glad o get a days rest thsts for sure
  6. Not been on in a while. Stick a Couple pics from yesterday’s walk. 🏔
  7. Picked up the brother to my young fawn dog earlier Pretty green still seen enough to know he has some fire in him Happy days.
  8. Young dogs are bang on Doing great. Impressing me all the time now. . Gifted my big dog to help a lad out up north who was left no lurcher. And the sire is getting old and battered looking. On the hunt for a youngster
  9. Anyone know any litters or any young dogs available Could do with another pup for bringing on and couple planned bitches have now long missed coming in season cheers
  10. Daniel has a bitch out your bitch litter tho
  11. hacksaw blade been ma tool most the time. stripping it out by hand The way I have done it then a run over with the blade. How’s the bitch getting on stick a pic on oh her
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