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  1. What lamps yous using been through a few lately. Back onto the old faithfull lightfirce striker
  2. Wheaton bull grey sire. 1st x deer grey dam And the Bitch I kept back ?? recently covered her with 1st cross dog
  3. He’s doing well. He’s up north just now at a mates Still big handsome ?
  4. Aye he’s still going. Knackered now living on the couch
  5. Dam is bred Wheaton bull grey / first cross deer grey Sire is first cross deer grey
  6. ?. Big meets bigger. Be delighted if the bitch takes
  7. He’s still living pal. Just got a notion to bring on another dog
  8. Any first cross deer-grey pups about or planned
  9. Fagen aye he’s still here. Ma pal has him just now at his since his dog died get him through the season
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