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  1. Hello, just finished, this deskknife that will also make a decent hunting knife. 82mm blade from N690Co, soldered and rivited bolsters from bronze, 113mm handle total with scaled from stabilized giraffe bone, the bolsters will be engraved. Regards Nicolas
  2. Thank you! The sheath is made by my sheathmaker and it's machine stiched. Regards Nicolas
  3. Thank you! The sheath is made by my sheathmaker and it's machine stiched. Regards Nicolas
  4. Finally I finished this knife and it's on the way to the deserts of Saudi Arabia! Regards Nicolas
  5. Thanks, all done with a crappy Huawei, some chairs to block direct sunlight beside the table, that's it.
  6. Very nice puukko!!! I like the micarta! Regards Nicolas
  7. Thank you Sirs!! Regards Nicolas
  8. Absolutely right! BUT.... I like the old fashioned way You can put a plastic stock on a gun, but a walnut stock with london oil finish looks so good With solder, the joint between blade and bolster is totally flush, with epoxi it's sealed, but you can see the joint.
  9. I want to 100 % seal the tang from moisture as the 1.2442 is a high carbon steel that likes to rust, I prefer the idea that no moisture or dirt can get in there. It shure will ne enough with the two pins, but with the solder, you will see not even the smallest gap in between bolsters and tang (gap barely visible as both, bolster and tang are ground flat).
  10. Hello, I allways liked the Loveless city knife and here is my attempt for this tiny knife. I made some changes, as for example a dropped down edge so it will stand up better the test of time, after several years of sharpening. Material is the tungsten steel 1.2442, a specialist for VERY fine, flexible, super hard edges, the blade is ground to 0 - scary sharp. Bladelenght is about 62mm overall I think to remember a 15cm. It's a challenge, as I never made before a full tang knife with peened and soldered bolsters, everyhting very small, so you have to work in tiny spaces. I will call this knife "El aficionado" as a client asked me to make him one from damascus as cigar cutter and I think it looks great on a writing desk, together with a good cigar and whisky Now I have to wait for the bronze pins to arrive to put on the bolsters and solder them, glueing up the liners and put on the giraffe bone scales. Regards Nicolas
  11. Hello, last week I finished this Nicker knife, this kind of knife is carried in a pocket of this sexy bavarian leather pants :D:D Blade is 84mm from 1.3505, bronze ferrule and pommel, sambar stag. Regards Nicolas
  12. ..not made by myself, but by my sheathmaker made from naturally tanned leather, so it will develop a nice patina over time. Kind regards Nicolas
  13. Just picked up the knife from the engraver, now it's finished! Regards Nicolas
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