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  1. Thank you! I sent you a message. Regards Nicolas
  2. Thank you Jok!!! This one is very small snd light, maybe too small for a hunting knife but the owner will carry it as an edc. It's light, exactly 100gr. Regards Nicolas
  3. Hello, I just finished this small "Wanderer" with 80mm Blade from 1.3505, soldered guard from bronze, musk ox spacer and Sambar. For me, that's the ideal size! Regards Nicolas
  4. Hello, what electrolyte are you using? Your logos look very very crisp!!! 




  5. Griff, I like your logo very much!!! I etch with two 9v batteries, beforebI used vinegar with some salt as electrolyte, now I got some (don't know what's in there) from a friend and I think it works faster. But I never tried to etch images that big!!! You could etch a false san mai Regards Nicolas
  6. He has no cut offs, if you give me your mail, I can forward the price list from last year. A piece of 1.2442 in 4mm will serve you for a 6 knives maybe and won't break the bank, I think to remember a 30,-€ plus shipping.
  7. Btw. I think the only one that deals with the 1.2442 is Achim Wirtz, you can contact him on wootz @web.de
  8. I love the 1.2442, it will allow a very very fine, long lasting edge as for kitchen knives and hunters, maybe not the best for a chopper, but that depends on edge geometry. This is the steel to go for super fine edges over 61HRC, very similar the 1.2519 with slightly less tungsten. These two will stain easily but with some care and a protective patina rust should me no problem. A little more rugged and less prone to stain the 1.3505. Regards Nicolas
  9. Forging is fun, but not really neceseary. You can buy loads of great tool steel in the desired stock, 80CrV2, 1.3505, 1.2510, 1.2842, 1.2442...... I get them from Achim Wirtz, nordisches Wandwerk, Dictum... Regards Nicolas
  10. Hello, I just finished this hunter with 96mm blade from 1.3505, 115mm handle from bronze (solderd on as allways), raindeer spacer and sambar. The pommel from bronze as well, with the logo of the "Halali" hunting magazine. Kind regards Nicolas
  11. Steels... we could talk hours about steels and their advantages.. Generally you can say that stainless has one advantage, well, it's less prone to rust Pure carbon steels like C75, C80, C100 etc don't have any alloys added, take a very fine edge, are very flexible, but won't hold an edge very long and they can rust. Now for the tool steels, you can add alloys that will form carbides, these will make the edge last longer (as long as they are very small). And you can add chromium to make it resistant agains rust (no steel is 100% stainless) but the chrome will not allow an edge as keen as on carbon or tool steels and they are not as flexible as carbon or tool steels. Obviously a thin stainless blade will be more flexible than a thick tool steel blade. Now combine this with blade stocks (thin cuts better but is less resistant) and different kind of grinds and different kind of bevels...... you can spend years of testing what is best for you
  12. Today I had the chance to make better pics... Regards Nicolas
  13. Thanks! What's your problem with the bone? This one is stabilized, quit easy to work with and polishes very good. Regards Nicolas
  14. Hello, I just finished this one, a little knife for a friend who lost his cigar cutter, so here comes one to cut your cigars with style 65mm blade from damascus steel, rivited and soldered bolsters from 925 silver, pins also from silver, scales from giraffe bone. Regards Nicolas
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