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  1. spsurfer


    Looking very good! What about the handle? Regards Nicolas
  2. spsurfer

    A small Wanderer

    Thank you, I too prefer Bronze as it is far harder than copper, a copper guard will scratch easily and Bronze will develop a nice, deep durable Patina. Regards Nicolas
  3. Thank you Sirs!!! The copper is taking VERY FAST a nice, deep red patina Regards Nicolas
  4. spsurfer

    Rustic meets elegance

    Hello, I will tell you via pm. Regards Nicolas
  5. spsurfer

    Rustic meets elegance

    Hi, this one was, like about 99% of my knives, a custom order. Actually, I have this one here available... Regards Nicolas
  6. Hello, thank you for your kind words! These knives are all custom orders, actually I have only one available, with walnut handle. If you are interested, I can build you a  knife. Waiting time is at about 4-6 months.

    Kind regards


  7. Hello, some hunters told me that they don't like a deep choil at the ricasso aera as it tends to hang up. So here a try to make one without ricasso. Sure, a ricasso will make sharpening easier and looks good.. Here we go... 82mm blade from 1.3505 soldered guard from copper, spacers from fiber, aluminium, bronze and buffalo handle 110mm (total) form turkish walnut with london handrubbed gunstock finish. Regards Nicolas
  8. This weekend I ran out of sambar... But I had a small blade with strong clip and some reindeer. I like the rustic look of the reindeer with bronce, so a soldered guard from bronce, spacers, from fiber, aluminium, bronze and mammoth. 80mm blade from 1.3505 115mm handle from reindeer with bronze inlay. 106gr. Kind regards Nicolas
  9. Hello, here a very small Wanderer with 83mm blade and 100mm handle. Soldered guard from bronze, spacers from fiber, copper and micarta, sambar and a pommel from bronze with a Colt 45er brass. Regards Nicolas
  10. spsurfer

    A gents knife with walnut

    Thank you Jok!!! The turkish walnut is an amazing material, very dark in the sunlight, but as it get's darker, it starts to glow with a deep structure. Regards Nicolas
  11. Hello, just finished, this gents knife with turkish walnut burl and handrubbed London oil finish. Guard is from bronze and soldered, spacers from aluminium, fiber, bronze and buffalo. Blade 85mm and handle 110mm 90gr Kind regards Nicolas
  12. ..now dressed up with a nice basketweave sheath with clip to carry inside a pocket or a belt, as well. Regards Nicolas
  13. This is a new logo, electro etched. I will use this one for finer knives as these gents knives. Regards Nicolas
  14. Hello, finally finished, now with sterling silver pin! Regards Nicolas
  15. Thank you Sirs!!!