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  1. Thanks! Not really a chefs knife but a BBQ set for my parents. Regards Nicolas
  2. Hello, I just finished this tiny Wanderer, with 77mm blade from N690Co and a 105mm handle. Bronze guard, steller sea cow spacer and a very nice piece of sambar that took an amazing, deep ambar colour, never had a piece like this before! Pommel from bronze with a .30-06 shell. Regards Nicolas
  3. spsurfer

    How to make a crab/lobster pot.

    As a boy I made these from willow twigs, no nets or plastic, all wood. Well, never cought a lobster but loads of crabs and an eel. This are the things that I love to show how to make to my kids in holidays!! Regards Nicolas
  4. Thank you! I actually prefer to work with steel and bronze as it's hard and working with hand tools, you won't ruin the work with a wrong movement. I tried to do my own leather sheaths and I stopped as I don't like to work material that soft, scratches easily etc. With files and sandpaper you take of only tenth of millimeters each stroke, and little by little, the shapes you want will come out. Just file everything away that doesn't look like you knife you have in mind Regards Nicolas
  5. Hello, just finished, this Moore & Grey gents knife with 93mm blade from N690Co, soldered guard from bronze, 12cm handle from turkish walnut burl with english oil finish. Regards Nicolas
  6. spsurfer

    Blackthorn Stick.

    I would use linseed oil. Antler looks great allthough I would spend the extra money in Sambar stag. Rerrick Stick making sells Buffalo handles. https://www.rerrickstickmakingsupplies.co.uk/product-category/horns/ Regards Nicolas
  7. Hello, I think, it's the best Jäger I have made till today! Regards Nicolas
  8. Hello, fresh from my workbench, this Jäger with 10,7cm drop point blade from damascus steel. The steel is from Norbert Bahls 1.2842, C100 and 75Ni8 Bronze guard, spacer from stellers sea cow and nice sexy sambar, still missing the pommel from bronze.. Regards Nicolas
  9. spsurfer

    One for a royal navy commander

    Need to take pictures at home. Regards Nicolas
  10. spsurfer

    One for a royal navy commander

    Now the knife is back from the engraver.. Regards Nicolas
  11. spsurfer

    Knife style

    Looking very good, on some knives I leave this forging texture, too, just that later soldering on the guard, stains the texture with solder and its hard to clean this up. I'm a huge fan of swedges, as well, makes the blade looks slimmer and ta polished swedge on a black, forged blade looks sooooo sexy!!!! Keep the pictures coming! Regards Nicolas
  12. Hello, here a typical bavarian Nicker knife to be carried in the pocket of these fancy leather pants 86mm blade from 1.3505, 112mm handle from sabar with copper ferrule and pommel. Regards Nicolas
  13. spsurfer

    One for a royal navy commander

    Stunning work!!!!!
  14. spsurfer

    Scandi or flat grind?

    Flat grind. It's not that easy to sharpen a Scandi, you will need a very fine, big, perfectly flat wet stone, put down the scandy bevel on the stone and sharpen the whole bevel. No secodady bevel on the edge. This CAN result in a very keen edge but I think a flat grind is easier to maintain. Regards Nicolas
  15. spsurfer

    One for a royal navy commander

    Thanks Griff! And don't forget the materials, a Damascus piece this size is easily 80,- plus premium Sambar another 80-100,- mammoth ivory, sheath... Regards Nicolas