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  1. spsurfer

    A Wanderer with copper

    Thanks, the owner goes fishing in Sweden, I think it will be used for fishing and food preparation, whittling.. Not a hunter. The blade is very thin, a more rugged knife could go with 1.3505 or 80CrV2 and little thicker edge. Bronze is a great material for guards, looks good, very hard, takes a nice Patina. Sambar stag is very rugged, raindeer as well. Regards Nicolas
  2. Hello, here a Wanderer with 86mm blade from 1.2510, silver soldered guard from copper (in my personal taste, too soft, it will scratch easily) and spacers from copper, fiber and aluminium. 12cm handle from sambar. Regards Nicolas
  3. spsurfer

    The lions knife

    Allready gone to the client who ordered it, he goes on hunting safaris in Africa and last time saw the original in the museum..
  4. Yes, I'm thinking about. I had blades cut before by water jet. Just don't know if the machine will accept the size of the steel it comes in as it comes in 30mm wide strips. Regards Nicolas
  5. Thank you Sirs!! To make a nice knife is not that hard, to make two EXACTLY THE SAME... that was a challenge, now again, I will file a little here and there, till even myself can't tell the difference between both knives. Soon there will be another one, damascus and sambar.. Regards Nicolas
  6. I think they are for special clients.. They will be announced once everything is done, sheath, pouch..
  7. https://www.wmg-london.com/
  8. Thanks!!! Shure, this one but in stainless will be exclusive for WMG, but I will do my own ones as well.
  9. Hello, a few weeks ago, William Moore & Grey contacted me asking, if I would be interested in making some knives for them. William Moore & Grey London offers finest bespoke guns since 1808, no more than 12 guns per year are leaving the workshop. Here the prototypes, 95mm blades, silver soldered guards from bronze, turkish walnut burl with handrubbed gunstock finish. Kind regards Nicolas
  10. spsurfer

    Ruggend and simple

    ...as you see, I need to take a new stencil for etching my logo..
  11. Hello, here a ruggend and simple knife for a good friend of mine who accompanies me on hiking trips and surfing. He's not a knife nut, so I made a handle from vintage olive canvas micarta (from a giant band conveyor roll from the bellota steel company) easy to maintain and rugged. 90mm blade from 1.3505 soldered guard from brass, 120mm handle from micarta and a spacer from raindeer. Merry christmas to you all and an amazing new year! Regards Nicolas
  12. In 1904 the Kruger National Park ranger Harry Wolhuter had been attacked by two lions, one chasing after his horse, the other grabbed him at his shoulder, draggin him into the bush. Harry stabbed the lion to death with his sheath knife, a butcher type knife by Williams & Smithfield - London". I tried to recreate a knife, similar to the original, but with slabs from kudu horn and a thicker blade stock. Here the original. Regards Nicolas
  13. spsurfer


    Wow!!! How did you made the heat treatment? Clay? Very cool tanto! Regards Nicolas
  14. Just living in Spain a tiny workshop of my father in law (very tiny, dirty, but at least a place where I don't have to care to produce more dirt ;)) The fine tuning, handle polishing etc. I do at home. I don't even have a belt grinder, from time to time, I visit a fellow knifemaker to make my blades on his grinder, he also does the heat treatment of my blades.