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  1. Thank you guys!!! These knives are made to be used. If you use it for the purpose it's made for, it will last forever. As long as you don't break the blade (difficult with 5mm) I think there is nothing that couldn't get fixed. And the bronze will look far better once it got some patina Regards Nicolas
  2. Thank you!! Despite the 5mm blade stock, it's ground to a hair thin edge. Regards Nicolas
  3. Hello, here one with 93mm blade from Damascus, bronze and buffalo. Regards Nicolas
  4. Thank you!!! Stag handled knives have their own personality. Regards Nicolas
  5. Hello, this one turned out quite good I think, the curve of the stag matches nicely the curve of the spine. 94mm blade from 1.2442 Bronze, Cape buffalo and sambar. Kind regards Nicolas
  6. Hello, now it's over two years ago that I started this project. Two identical big knives with damascus blades, engravings, mammoth ivory, sheaths and presentation boxes.. My part, the knives, is done. Regards Nicolas
  7. Thanks, the biggest part is for the engraver but how often do you get a client like this? So maybe there will be more in the future Regards Nicolas
  8. The engraver did some amazing work on this knife. On the left side the favorite falcon of the owner, on the right the name and gold escucheon.
  9. Thank you guys, today one came back from the engraver ...
  10. Hello guys, a long time since I showed my latest knives.. Here some new ones Here a small game hunter in damasteel and mammoth ivory, actually it's being ingraved. Another one that's with the engraver right now. Damasteel as well. A new model, called Town & Country here with m390 blade, 416 bolsters and micarta. This one I made for myself with interchangeable scales, here from reindeer but I have a pair of carbon scales as well. Today I anodized the titanium screws Regards Nicolas
  11. Thank you!!! Actually this one was a present from a friend to her husband and she had a hard time to give it away now she wants one with more noble materials, mother of pearl, maybe silver, for herself.. A knife can be usefull and jewllery at the same time Regards Nicolas
  12. Actually these kind of knife serve for a stab in the neck (Genick in German) to kill wounded game. This one will go not to a hunter but to a guy in Bavaria who wants to carry it in his sexy leather pants
  13. Hello, here my version of the typical german Nicker, as the bavarians wear them in southern germany. 99mm blade from 1.2235, bronze and sambar. Regards Nicolas
  14. Wow!!!!!! OUTSTANDING!!! That's one of the best looking chain Damascus I've ever seen!!! Sure that with a press you could archive an even more crisp result, but every time you will hold this knife, you will remember the hours and hours of pounding the steel. Congratulations to this masterpiece! Regards Nicolas
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