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  1. Thanks!! I've been quite busy these weeks / months with my socially accepted job so little time for knives. But I will show some more pics these days. Have a nice weekend!
  2. Hello, my edc knife normally has scales from reindeer, now I wanted some new ones, totally diferent. Here from grooved Tufnol (love that stuff) Regards Nicolas
  3. One way to ship knives is to declare them as gardening tools or camping tools or similar, on this board there are several very good knifemakers in the UK, if you bring loads of time, I could make you some as well, just will need to deal with the import hassles. Regards Nicolas
  4. Hello mushroom, I will anser in a private message. Regards Nicolas EDIT: I just see that you can't recieve messages. If you wuuld provide a mail I could give an answer.
  5. Thanks Griff, don't remember how many times I had to take it apart, sand here and there and putting it together again
  6. Nice knife! That's exactly the attitude that led me to knifemaking! You don't want to spend that much on a knife but are not happy with the knives offered from stock? Make your own! I can guarantee that within a few months you will get a knife that you will apreciate much more than every other one. Just one advice: I would start with a decent knife steel. Steels like 1.2442, 1.2510 or 1.3505 are quite cheap and easy to harden. The result will outperform any recycled disc, spring, chisel, file.. Regards Nicolas
  7. Thanks!!! All these will get used. As long as you don't use them as a screwdriver, nothing should happen that can't be fixed. They will develop their patina, but that will give them character. Regards Nicolas
  8. Hello guys, hope you're all well and life comming back to normal! This spring was not as busy as expected as I was locked to my computer (working on my socially accepted job as graphic designer).. Well, but I could make at least some knives and MY FIRST FOLDER!! It's a back lock with titanium liners and micarta scales, blade and lever are from m390. here still with bronze coloured titanium screws, later I heat blued them.. Here one with damascus, bronze, cape buffalo spacer and reindeer ..a
  9. Thanks Jok, I actually enjoy taking pictures of the finished produc nearly as much as making them. It's the final part of the entire project for me. Hopefully I will get a picture from the customer with the knives together with the two Ferlacher guns. Regards Nicolas
  10. Thanks!!! I'm a big fan of sambar and mammoth as well, these colours and this depth is something you can't find on man made materials. Reindeer can be nice as well and is a far cheaper option. Regards Nicolas
  11. Hello, today I finished this falconer / small game hunting knife. 95mm blade from damasteel "odins eye", bolsters from 416 stainless steen and scales from mamoth ivory. Now for some engravings on the bolsters.. Regards Nicolas
  12. Hello, these days I finished these two knives, my "town & country" model with 70mm blade from m390, 170mm overall, bronze bolsters and micarta, and my "aficionado" model, a small city knife, 62mm blade from m390, stainless 416 bolsters and sambar. Have a nice weekend! Kind regards Nicolas
  13. Hello, recently a customer asked me to make two knives, matching his Ferlacher guns. He sent me some walnut from the stocker and pictures of the engravings. A small "Aficionado" to be caried in office together with a fountain pen from the same wood and a larger "Nicker" hunting knife. The walnut has a traditional gunstock oil finish. Kind ragards Nicolas
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