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  1. spsurfer

    One for a royal navy commander

    Stunning work!!!!!
  2. spsurfer

    Scandi or flat grind?

    Flat grind. It's not that easy to sharpen a Scandi, you will need a very fine, big, perfectly flat wet stone, put down the scandy bevel on the stone and sharpen the whole bevel. No secodady bevel on the edge. This CAN result in a very keen edge but I think a flat grind is easier to maintain. Regards Nicolas
  3. spsurfer

    One for a royal navy commander

    Thanks Griff! And don't forget the materials, a Damascus piece this size is easily 80,- plus premium Sambar another 80-100,- mammoth ivory, sheath... Regards Nicolas
  4. spsurfer

    One for a royal navy commander

    It's really not that hard, only hand tools so you won't wreck it in a second and patience. I started years ago with a Brisa blade and only made the handle and guard.. Regards Nicolas
  5. spsurfer

    One for a royal navy commander

    Hello, I think maybe 20 normally, in this case I had big trouble in sanding out some grind lines, stainless is a hassle, so a few hours more. Hand sanded from 100 grit up to 2000, back to 600 on the sides and polish the swedge. Regards Nicolas
  6. Hello, here a gents knife for a commander of the royal navy. 84mm wharncliffe blade from N690Co 4mm, brass guard and spacers, ebony handle. Maybe the insignia will be engraved on the edges to give it more depth. Regards Nicolas
  7. spsurfer

    Four hour knife .......

    Very good looking knife and a nice detail with the bottle opener Regards Nicolas
  8. spsurfer

    A bigger one..

    Thanks, no, this one is 1.2842 carbon steel and the guard is iron. I make some smaller knives from Boehler 690co but these big ones I think will be safer in carbon tool steel. Regards Nicolas
  9. spsurfer

    A bigger one..

    Finished... Regards Nicolas
  10. spsurfer

    Finished this today

    There are fast quenching oils for best results with less risk of cracking! https://www.ryeoil.co.uk/shop/quenching-oil-50-parks-50-alternative/ https://www.mobil.com/English-CA/Industrial/pds/IOCAFenso-90-150 Leaf springs are good, especeally for bigger knives, allthough even knife steels as 1.3505, 1.2442, 1.2510, 1.2842, etc are not expensive. Regards Nicolas
  11. spsurfer

    Finished this today

    Looking very good!! What kind of steel did you use?
  12. spsurfer

    A bigger one..

    Nearly finished... still missing the bluing on guard and ferrule. Regards Nicolas
  13. spsurfer

    A bigger one..

    Nearly done, still needs some fine tuning and bluing of the guard, ferrule and pommel. Regards Nicolas
  14. spsurfer

    A bigger one..

    Hopefully next week... Regards Nicolas
  15. Hello, about a year ago, I made this big blade, later, the future owner canceled the order and I left the blade in my workshop, waiting for a nice guard and handle. Now I started again with this hunting cutlass.... 26,5cm blade 47mm wide from 6mm 1.2842, guard from iron, handle from ebony, between the iron ferrules that will be blued, I put a slim brass liner for contrast, so the handle will be pitch black with just a golden line. Regards Nicolas