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  1. Sorry to hear. Looked a great dog and something a bit different. Will you get another spaniel type lurcher?
  2. Thanks. Both my lads come out with me. My eldest will tag along now and again. My youngest would be out with me all the time if he could. It’s hard to fit everything in. Dogs, home life, other hobbies. I just try do a bit of everything and try not to take it all too seriously.
  3. Hard to juggle everything. I think you got to take a hit financially if you want to get out in the week. Hard when the kids are young but once they get older you can take em with you.
  4. Glad she has come good. The main thing is you are getting out and getting some work under her belt.
  5. Great morning cheers mate. Dot done ok. Got all my jobs done in record time! Get another walk in the diary soon.
  6. I get what you are saying mate. I try keep things simple. My dogs range on some of my land and are out of sight for a while. If I sit and wait then they always seem to find their way back to me or the house. I’m going to go down the tracker route just for piece of mind. Only for daytime hill work. My old mans dog chased after something on the hill once. Couldn’t find her for 3 days. When we did she was wrapped up and hanging from a fence. Lived but had to have her back leg taken off. If she was fitted with a tracker we would have found her within an hour. I think they are must haves for some o
  7. If I was in an area with plenty of rabbits such as the dales I would look at a lab or spaniel type lurcher. Ideal for kicking up daytime rabbits and the retrieve should be spot on. I know other Lurchers do the job fine but it would be good to try something from a gun dog back ground. Mate of my old mans has a collie lurcher. He uses it mainly for gun work. Beating, rough shooting and shoot days. Wait for it……..it’s a Hancock too!
  8. If you put another lurcher type over her then you know where one of them pups will be coming
  9. First proper rain in a couple of weeks for us. Forecast is looking decent the rest of the week. Hoping to dust my kit off and get the dogs out
  10. Nice one. I’ve been on the South moor but way too much cover about. Had a decent couple of walks on the burrows recently. Give me a shout when you fancy a walk
  11. First proper walk out for a while. Plenty more to come.
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