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  1. I can’t fault my vet at all. She’s really good with working dogs especially the Lurchers. I’ve been in all hours and she even left a Christmas party to come treat my lurcher once. Not a lot of independent vets about now so unfortunately it’s all about how much money they can squeeze out of folk. As been said, unnecessary treatments, overcharging, unnecessary follow ups etc. Some of the bills I hear of people paying is scandalous. I was away from home a couple of years back and my runner cut himself bad. I did what I could to stop the bleeding but it was jetting out. Googled the nearest vet and
  2. Looking forward to seeing the pure work mate. I’ve enjoyed watching the pointer lurcher work this season. She covers some ground.
  3. Both my runners are saluki collie grey whippet types. It’s a decent cross for all round work I think. No fancy names but they have done me more than ok. Both totally different dogs when hunting even though they are similar way bred. ATB with your pup.
  4. Must have been a great way to hunt. Here’s one I seen the other week.
  5. They haven’t been out the shed in a while Phil. Hope you are well mate
  6. Hang on a minute……..you told me it was open warrens with not a bramble or stinging nettle in sight!! Can I opt out?
  7. Some nice breeding there. Like her a lot. All the best with her
  8. How much bull in her? Really nice type that
  9. I still like the kelpies. It just put me off their owners!!
  10. Been out hunting with some good lads off this site. Genuine lads. Most are a good few hours drive away so it’s hard to get out as often as I’d like. Over the years we’ve helped each other out with bits of kit and advice. Life always seems to be busy so you just got to do the best you can.
  11. First rabbit me and my mate ever caught on the lamp. We were about 14 and allowed to take his old mans dog out by ourselves. We used to walk miles. I still know the exact spot we caught it. We thought we were heroes returning with that!!
  12. Can’t beat an old classic
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