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  1. The farmer I hang around with has a kelpie x border. Fast little thing and works cattle and sheep. If she sees a rabbit or fox when out she’s in all sorts of cover trying to find it. Something like that would be an ideal bushing partner.
  2. Don’t speak about poor Alf like that!! Didn’t realise you were looking at a collie. You got plenty of options of where to get one.
  3. Quick walk out before work this week.
  4. Been getting my pup out a fair bit. Still lots of training, bushing and stock work. She will be ferreting the next couple of weeks and lamping in a couple of months. She’s collie grey saluki grey bull grey x collie bull grey. 9 months. 24TTS and shaping up nicely.
  5. Up above the valley mist early on Sunday morning.
  6. Don’t fall for it Keith. There are no open buries. Kev will have you crawling in the blackthorn setting nets before you know it!
  7. Collie bull grey x saluki collie bull grey.
  8. Cheers. She’s only 7 months so still early days.
  9. My favourite style of hunting. Good to just get on a high spot and watch the dogs working. Had my pup out this week. Just starting to range out and search through the cover
  10. Lovely types them Vicky. Look forward to seeing some updates.
  11. Don’t think you need anything too fancy Keith. A little bunny basher will be ideal. Will be an ideal size to have in the house too
  12. Agree there. All depends on what the bitch is like. I’m sure you wouldn’t go far wrong with either of the 2 dogs mentioned.
  13. I’m not a digging man but have spent plenty of time outdoors working in all sorts of weather. As said, a lot of the hunting style clothing is heavy and more fashionable these days. To keep dry on the move I use a goretex shell or paramo. I wouldn’t want to be digging in them though. If I ripped them I wouldn’t be too happy. No matter what you are wearing when digging I think you are eventually going to get wet, rip kit or knees etc are going to wear. Either that or you will be wet with sweat if you are digging hard enough! I don’t mind being wet as long as I’m warm. Decent base layers and a waterproof shell does for me. Always a dry set of clothes in the van for a quick change. ATB
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