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  1. Well done mate. Great to see them ferrets are out the house and working
  2. Good shout there Joe. They can’t all be bad. I’ve seen a few decent ones. Maybe it’s more to the fact that Some people don’t suit the breed rather than them all being useless!
  3. Just found these two on my phone. Taken in the summer.
  4. Yep my favourite place for getting the dogs fit.
  5. Yep. I go early or later in the day. As long as you are a good 30 mins walk from the car park you are normally ok.
  6. There’s plenty about there at the moment. Busy with walkers but you just got to walk out the way
  7. Yep and they normally do a house visit to check you out. Shame as I’ve seen some nice dogs that would deserve a chance.
  8. And they generally won’t re home to a working home
  9. Don’t go rushing into anything mate. I was in a similar position a Few years ago. Hadn’t worked Lurchers for a good few years and had no contacts. Keep an eye out on here. There’s no need to spend silly money and don’t go taking on something that sounds too good to be true on Facebook. Something will come up.
  10. Yeah can send the dogs down and watch them work from the coastal path.
  11. Couple from the last Week or so. Bit of coastal bushing
  12. Work will be quiet for me now I guess. I’ll be exercising the dogs on the Moor if I get a chance. Will probably be busy up there now though.
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