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  1. white van man


    Was thinking the same. Depends on what he wants and how the bitch is bred. Wouldn’t limit the options to just a grew unless you can find exactly what you are looking for. If there’s a bit of something else in there and it’s doing the job
  2. white van man

    Walking pups

    Just let mine tag along when I’m out bushing. Like to get them out with the ferrets from about 6 months. Not long days, just small warrens for an hour or so. Only thing I ever hold them back on is the lamp.
  3. white van man

    Pre Season

    I do the same with my pup mate. Raw in mornings and night. Kibble in the day. She seems fine with it. People can’t half get hung up on this Barf feeding. Some are lucky and can get their hands on all sorts. Some can only get scraps from the butchers. When I think back to what our dogs had when I was younger it makes me think. They had kibble and scraps and had no problems at all. You just have to do the best you can. If it’s mix kibble and some raw and the dogs are working and looking in good condition then there’s no problem.
  4. white van man

    First aid kits

    Pretty much it. I take some surgical gloves too. Twice in 5 years I reckon I have saved my dog from severe bleeds. Without having it on me there and then he would have bled out. Rarely leave home without one now.
  5. white van man

    Lurcher litter from Anglseay

    The dogs look familiar. Was the red dog at the Llanrwst show last month?
  6. white van man

    Local check

    Always the way and then when the season kicks in the numbers seem to drop or myxi kicks in.
  7. white van man

    The Places Ye Get To See

    Like them a lot marsh lad. They collie grey or they got anything else in them?
  8. white van man

    The Places Ye Get To See

    Just on my way through the Scottish Borders for work. Ground here looks amazing. Think I will be bringing the dogs next time!
  9. white van man

    Saluki/collie/whippet x Laguna whippet pups

    Decent price fair play to you. They should be able to shift. Got one here but he’s got a grew instead of pure whippet as his sire. Make someone decent dogs they should. ATB with the pups.
  10. white van man

    Fishing Competition 2019

    Brilliant weekend. Thanks to all and especially Kev. Great venue and friendly hosts. The boys got stuck in and had a cracking 2 days fishing. Oliver has made a friend for life in Arry! It would be great to get more kids there next year and get them going. Nothings too much hassle for anyone when it comes to setting the kids up with kit and getting them going. We will definitely be there next year. The smiles say it all!
  11. white van man

    Fishing Competition 2019

    I’ll be there tomorrow afternoon. Not camping tomorrow but will be there Saturday and Sunday night. Kev if you need anything give me a bell
  12. white van man

    Couple of days to go

    Good luck with it all. Had a pup here for the last couple of months and it’s been keeping me busy. Exciting times ahead.
  13. We used to hunt hares as kids. Match dogs would have been no good as the dogs needed to find them up on the hills first. My best lurcher was a rescue. No idea what she was but she was a good dog on the hares.
  14. white van man

    My pair of bushing Terriers , lets see yours ?

    Like the look of him longers