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  1. Great dogs for bushing. Would definitely have another. There’s a few people on here with them. Scroll down the topics and there’s plenty of info about them.
  2. It’s always the way I think Phil. At least we get to have the memories. I’m dreading the day Blue leaves us. Him and my youngest lad are best of mates.
  3. I’m no expert when it comes to Salukis or their crosses but I’d definitely say my saluki type has a different running style to him when we are on the hills. 1/4 saluki with a tiny dash of collie and the rest is grew. He’s clever and has a way of gliding over the rock piles. Decent nose and coat on him and loves to hunt up and find things. He’s coming up to 11 now and not slowing down much.
  4. Waste of money. Should have invested in a couple more safety boats
  5. We can head to Beer or Lyme Regis mate.
  6. Nice one Joe. Get yourself down here for a sea swim.
  7. Thanks for the heads up lads. Last couple of trips have been to Shetland. Made some good friends up there but fancied somewhere different this year.
  8. Cheers jok. Hoping to get out and about every day
  9. Looks a decent place. Looking forward to it.
  10. I’ve got a trip to Orkney booked in May. Northern Ireland in June and then heading to Isles of Scilly in September. Oh, and a trip to Exeter for THL fishing comp! Might get a last min flight abroad over the summer but wait and see.
  11. Anyone on here up in Orkney? I’m up there for a week or so in May. Mainly kayaking and fishing. Staying in Kirkwall and travelling out each day.
  12. He had a good working life mate but still sad news. As already said, I used to enjoy reading the posts about him.
  13. Sorry mate got the wrong end of the stick. Thought you had a lurcher there you were looking to put a GWP across
  14. I thought that. Big lad he is. He’s sat there like a silver back!
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