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  1. My old mans new dog. She’s more of a tag along busher
  2. Had some great days and nights out with her mate. Didn’t realise she had made it to the big time of EDRD front page though
  3. Few of my mates use it. I’m going to switch over to it in the next couple of weeks. Was looking for somewhere in North Wales that sells it for a decent price. If not I’ll order on line.
  4. Yep lovely pup that and fair play to Morton. Keep us updated with it. Be nice to see more beddy posts either on here or bushing section
  5. It’s the girlfriends! Thought I should make some use of her. Sprocker x JRT
  6. Quick walk on the Moor over the weekend
  7. Sounds like a great day. Hope you get the pics loaded
  8. Another great comp with plenty of craic. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen. We are looking forward to the next one. Hopefully a few new faces will be there too.
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