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  1. white van man

    The Places Ye Get To See

    We were up in North Wales this weekend. Didn’t get to see much because of the mist! Good to get the pup in with the sheep though
  2. white van man

    Lurchers dog or bitches

    Think that’s it. There’s going to be good and bad on both sides. I have 2 dogs and a bitch pup. I feel like I have bonded better with the bitch. I think the more you have bonded with them the more you enjoy working with them.
  3. white van man

    Picked up my new pup

    Just coming up to 4 months
  4. white van man

    Picked up my new pup

    A big yet! My other dogs might disagree. They don’t get 5 minutes peace and quiet anymore
  5. Lovely looking pup and a nice mix. I have a pup I’m bringing on a pup at the minute. Exciting times ahead for you. Good luck.
  6. white van man

    Picked up my new pup

    Starting to shape up now and is 20TTS. She has been no bother at all so far.
  7. white van man

    The Places Ye Get To See

    One of my favourite spots to walk out. Probably my favourite place to watch my lurcher work.
  8. white van man

    Eventful fishing trip

    Good effort for doing the CPR bit Wilbs. As you say, the sea is great fun but people need to be aware of the risks. Things can go wrong quickly. A bit of knowledge and some common sense and people wouldn’t get caught out. Glad you are catching a few fish. I kayaked across that stretch to Portsmouth a few weeks back. Wind and tide can catch people out there! Freshwater area out to the needles is my favourite.
  9. white van man

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Got a Spaniel terrier here too. Great for the bushing and loves his ferreting.
  10. white van man

    First post, new pup

    Lovely pup. I thought there might have been a bit of beddy in there. ATB with her.
  11. white van man

    Fishing Competition 2019

    I will be bringing the boys
  12. white van man

    Haymins pups..

    I take this one out every now and then.......she’s not too bad!! 4 already. Time has flown
  13. white van man

    Picked up my new pup

    Had a couple of weeks away on and off and haven’t half noticed a big difference in the pup. She’s coming on a treat. Growing like mad and has a cracking temperament. Will be getting her in with stock a bit more now and starting to push the training.
  14. white van man


    Sent you a PM
  15. white van man


    I’ve stamp of dog that. I would have this type in a heartbeat if I was up on my permission in north wales more often. Wouldn’t do this type any justice where I am most of the time. She Looks a good type to have up on the hill