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  1. I started my busher going from about 4 mo the old. He worked along side Newkids JRT. She was very good at her job. Top pic is my 3/8 5/8 spaniel terrier. Bottom is the misses JRT x Sprocker. She’s more of a pet but puts in a shift when I manage to sneak her out!
  2. These are the same mate. Hit any cover and touch wood, never gone to ground. Wouldn’t be without my bushing dog. The young bitch is really quick. If I didn’t know her breeding you would think there’s whippet and beagle in there too
  3. Got 2 bushers here. Both spaniel x terrier. One will make a right racket once he’s behind something. The other is pretty much silent. She will give a slight yap when she’s right on something. maybe look at terrier x whippet if you are wanting something quick enough and you might have a chance of it being silent
  4. Well done mate. Always worth popping out and doing a bit
  5. Was a good morning out Kev. Enjoyed it. Ol is always up for it. He’s already asking about going lamping and bushing this weekend. Hopefully he keeps at it
  6. Pretty much along them lines. 1/4 saluki. Grew. Tiny dash of collie. He’s been a good dog but we don’t half clash! I should give him more credit really. He’s clever.
  7. Me and the lad had a week up in North Wales over half term mainly just walking about with the dogs. Mate of mine offered us a day out on his boat so off we went. Had some cracking bass between 3-4lb. Mainly caught on live sand eel and live prawn. Stopped off at a spot and caught a load of mackerel and herring to stock up on bait. The boy landed his first bass over 5lb caught on a live mackerel so he was happy. Had some nice pollock and wrasse too all caught on live prawn. Weather held off and it was definitely one of the best days fishing we’ve had.
  8. First walk out on the moors for me this season. Good to be back out.
  9. JCM on here has started working one. Don’t think I’d go for a full beagle but terrier,spaniel beagle mix type would suit me. I’ve been out with beagle types and I’ve watched a pack of beagle work on the hills. I don’t think calling back and beagle are a thing. Once one scent the ones I’ve seen are gone. Hopefully some lads on here with them will give some decent advice
  10. Kev. I just thought of an idea for his 18th birthday present!
  11. I’ve got a spaniel cross terrier. Not a straight springer x Russell though. He’s a mix of all sorts of spaniels and terriers. Also got a sprocker x Russell. She hunts more like a beagle though!
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