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  1. white van man


    Good luck with the pup. Sure you will have some decent days out with him. Will he be mainly bushing to lurchers?
  2. white van man

    Been a while

    Nice one. Good to see you back on here. Hope to see some posts of your days out.
  3. white van man

    Collie/Bull/Grey dogs

    You got plenty of time. Concentrate on whats important first. He’s seven months now so next season will be plenty soon enough.
  4. white van man

    Collie/Bull/Grey dogs

    The next dog I hope to get will be along these lines. With regards to your pup, my priority would be to see how it is with other dogs and young kids. At 7 months old you still have time for training and stock breaking. Atb with it all.
  5. white van man

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

  6. white van man

    Another foreigner over here😱

    Seems so. He seen them this morning. They met at a local restaurant and the lady filled up their flasks and sent them on their way. He said there were about 40 or so people with the hounds.
  7. white van man

    Another foreigner over here😱

    My old man is over in Spain working. The local hunt meet each week with various hounds and running dogs. They head into the hills hunting hare he thinks. I’m going to try get a day with them the next time I go and visit. Nice racey animals them Sandymere. Would be good to see them running up on the open moor.
  8. white van man

    Winter Sea Kayaking Advice

    Will do. Keep in touch and send me a reminder in April. Will look at a couple of dates over the summer
  9. white van man

    Pics of workers as pups

    For my next busher I will prob go more on the terrier side. Would like to put him to a decent bushing terrier bitch next year and keep a pup back.
  10. white van man

    Pics of workers as pups

    He’s a spaniel x terrier mate. Mix of various spaniels and various terriers. He suites me for what I do.
  11. white van man

    Winter Sea Kayaking Advice

    Welcome mate. I will look to run one for guys off here over the summer.
  12. white van man

    News paper cutting

    Get it framed and keep it
  13. white van man

    Hard Earned!

    Well done mate. Not a bad day that. Good to see Koda is still around. Hope Sean got on that shovel
  14. white van man

    Bowed legs on pup

    Apart from the vitamin c and bone builder, what were you feeding on a daily basis? What was the pups general diet before you noticed this?
  15. white van man

    Winter Sea Kayaking Advice

    Gul is decent enough for what you want then. Wasn’t sure how experienced you were. It’s a case of getting out there and finding some decent fishing spots. I’m more of a kayaker than I am a fisherman. The two go hand in hand so I have started taking the rod when I head out. If I have a group on the water with me then they seem to enjoy it. Going to be concentrating more on the fishing over the summer. Looking to run some multi day trips, cook what you catch etc. It’s amazing going to places that no one else can get to to fish