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  1. It was one of them mornings. I was itching to get out but had stuff on with the kids. Nice mixture of running dogs there
  2. Welcome back!!! Most threads seem to be the same!
  3. Agree that bull brings more to the party than just gameness. The pup I am training at the moment is the first dog I have owned with bull blood in it. I have bonded with her more than any other dog I have been around. Growing up I was around lurchers, collies, GSD and terriers. There’s just something with this dog that has clicked with me. All the other breeds in her mix I have owned lurchers with these breeds in before, except the bull blood. I think they are a lot more clever than people give credit. As mentioned, they are eager to please and are pretty easy to train. I needed a clever lurcher that will do a bit of everything. I didn’t want a machine so gameness wasn’t the main reason for wanting bull blood. She’s young but she has one of the best recalls in any other dog I have owned and hunts with her nose a lot. I’m not saying the bull blood is the only reason I find her easy to get on with and to train, but I reckon it’s got a lot to do with it.
  4. My kind of a day out that. As said, them dogs look top notch
  5. Collie saluki bull grey. Don’t know exact % as the breeding goes back. Sire was along the lines of saluki grey collie grey bull grey and dam was collie bull grey. She’s just over 23tts now 10 months old.
  6. He has no loyalty. Like I say, great dog but he will go with whoever will take him to the best hunting spots! The pup is pretty much glued to my side. Much stronger bond with her. There’s got to be a few on here that run collie bull grey?
  7. Certainly does. Got a saluki collie grew here. He’s a great dog but we always seem to fall out funny old thing is he gets on with the misses fine
  8. Thanks pal. Don’t know why but I have really bonded with this one. First dog I’ve had with bull in it. She should make 24TTS and should be plenty strong enough. Good working parents so the rest is down to me!
  9. Was looking for this type for a while. I didn’t want anything too heavy and a litter came along that ticked the boxes and there was some saluki in there too. Pup is 10 months now and she will look for stuff no problem. If she sees something she will go flat out to get to it. I’m exited about getting her going properly. At the minute I’m definitely holding her back. Always lamped a dog after they are 12 months but this one seems ready to go.
  10. Yep might be a good shout. Newkid has the sister to it if that’s the same litter. There were a few dogs from this litter but don’t know how they have done. Lot of coursing blood in there and some bull. The dogs from the litter will be 26 + I reckon
  11. Nice FP. Hope they both have a good few seasons ahead of them. Good he’s got someone to point him in the right direction if needed.
  12. Thrown massively to the collie
  13. Is that a first cross storm? Nice working grew over her would produce some decent pups. Hope she stays injury free for the rest of the season
  14. There will be people on here planning a litter. Most will be looking to have pups on the ground in the summer though. Good luck with your search
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