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  1. Them pools are something else ain’t they Tomo. There’s some great places up there. Some still off the beaten track with no one about. I try get up there every couple of months. I still consider that area my home
  2. Most the paths are fine for dogs Gaza. Pyg track and Crib Goch routes are no good for them. As said go up the Watkin or Rhyd Ddu paths. Problem will be when you get on the summit as it will no doubt be mobbed. Reason the sites recommended no paths are suitable for dogs are for a few reasons. Chasing stock, people tripping over them and having to be rescued and believe it or not, dogs dehydrating and having to be rescued. Air bnb have been booked up for ages. Best bet is to camp or caravan site. If you are stuck then drop me a pm. I’ll give my old man a shout and see if he knows of anywhere.
  3. If I was going up then I would be setting off early doors. I stay away from Snowdon. Too many people. I don’t like taking the dogs up there because of having to give way to people. There’s much better and quieter areas up there that I prefer. I’m heading to the area on Sunday for a week but will just be staying away from the crowds. Best option with Snowdon is to go up last light. Wild camp at the top and head back down first light.
  4. I was lucky with my older lurcher and busher. Couple of times on a long lead and they were done. This young bitch I have was testing me at one point. Thought I had it nailed but at about 9 months she started chasing again. Long lead, off lead walking through them daily. I like my Lurchers to range on the hill so stock breaking is a must. At some point I had to trust her as I don’t want to be calling them back all the time. I think the penny really drops with them once they know that there’s other stuff out there for them to chase other than the sheep. Keep going with it. Keep calm and I’m sure
  5. Decent folk about D. They will sell better on here I think. I’ll take the ones that don’t to the auction. I was given some other stuff too to put in. Sold stuff already so that will be cash in the pot.
  6. Good thread this. Some decent tips and advice too. Can’t beat a bit of wild camping.
  7. A forum member has kindly donated some books towards the auction. Happy to sell before if anyone wants them. I haven’t a clue how much they are worth but sensible offers please. I’ll sell individually and post on. It’s going to a good cause. Thanks
  8. Yeah be good to get some pics up.
  9. Looks like a smart litter. What sort of height are you expecting these to make?
  10. I’m hopefully heading out to beer head on the kayaks at the weekend. No real mackerel showing yet but soon be here. Some good area to spear fish on the way out to the headland.
  11. How did you get on there Archie? Left hand side of the beach has always done me better.
  12. We went spinning for an hour earlier. Nothing doing.
  13. If he suites what you do then don’t worry about the breeding
  14. Nice and quiet up there today mate? She’s growing well
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