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  1. If the dog ‘couldn’t be arsed’ putting in the effort for you what would have happened then? Do the decent thing and go get the dog back. By not even trying to get it back you are giving the police and RSPCA more reason to point the finger.
  2. Seen it first hand Joe. Growing up my old man had the council contract at our kennels. Day 9 if not rehomed they are PTS. He managed to re home the majority but the cost came out of his pocket. Some dogs were in 3-4 months before he managed to get them a home. Council only payed up to day 9. Got my first Lurcher from there. She came in after being dumped at a gate. Badly injured from cut from a fence. Fresh so probably done that night lamping. We fixed her up and worked her. 6 months later she was nicked. Same family that dumped her had her back. I hope someone has this dog and gives it a good home. Rules are they can’t regime to a working home. My old man used to break the rules as long as they went to a good working homes.
  3. The dog will 9 times out of 10 be destroyed.
  4. I take it that’s your private 12 and a half mile driveway D? AKA the camel trail?
  5. In what way did she not make it? They look like a big strong litter.
  6. I like taking mine out whilst I bike. Don’t often take them trotting beside the bike though. Normally mix it up between on and off roads. Steady on roads and trot on tracks/open ground. If I’m sticking to roads I only go a couple of times a week and only for about 3 miles. If I’m on the moor then they will happily trot close to me for a good few miles. Think I do it more for me to keep fit and tire the kids out! It’s good to get them fit but I prefer to sharpen them up with a bit of bushing and then build up the lamping outings in september. By October they will soon be there.
  7. Some strong looking dogs on there. Good starting point.
  8. Chicken carcass is probably one of the easiest things a mincer can deal with. Won’t need a commercial type one for that
  9. Agree there shadow. Got a dog here that people like to see work. He’s a decent dog. I would be lying if I said he’s been tested. I look at it like this....I would only stud him if I wanted a pup out of him. That would mean doing some homework and seeing the bitch work too. He will be worked but won’t ever go to stud.
  10. I think there will be decent beddy X out there kept in small circles. The ones for sale advertised as green grass types and fetching £400 + need to be discounted. I had a beddy grey type as my first Lurcher. I was a kid and he was wasted on me to be honest. Would love to have him as a pup again now. I just know he had it in him to make a very good dog. I tried to get one a couple of years ago but the line has finished. People need to think twice before they stud out to just any old bitch and the same goes for for the dams owner. You got to know what you want and see the dogs doing what you want. Not just Facebook pictures. Sounds like you put a lot of effort and time in poxon.
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