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  1. white van man

    mxy up and down the country

    Yeah maybe. This was towards Lydford. Maybe isolated as I havnt seen any with it around the okehampton area
  2. white van man

    mxy up and down the country

    It’s been on north Dartmoor for a while. My busher has had a couple in March up there with myxi.
  3. white van man

    Picked up my new pup

    Thanks lads. She should suite me and fingers crossed everything will work out.
  4. white van man

    Picked up my new pup

    Cheers longers
  5. white van man

    Picked up my new pup

    Cheers mate. See you at the fishing comp with her
  6. white van man

    Picked up my new pup

    After a long wait for the bitch getting lined and the usual wait until I could pick her up, I finally got my new pup home yesterday. Bold as brass and settling in fine. Sire: Collie grey saluki grey collie whippet grey x bull grey Dam: along the lines of collie bull grey Hopefully she should make at least 24tts should have a summer of fun ahead of us!
  7. white van man

    Pups and pricing

    It’s a joke but at least there’s still a few lads still out there putting thought into it and charging a fair price.
  8. white van man

    Walk of 2 halfs

    Is that pen yr van the smaller version of Pen Y Fan?
  9. white van man

    Another foreigner over here😱

    Yeah. Also works up in Jaen area.
  10. white van man

    Another foreigner over here😱

    Sagunto mate. They told him they were after hare! I will be working over there with him in September/October
  11. white van man


    They look like little crackers them foxpack.
  12. white van man

    The Places Ye Get To See

  13. white van man

    New Arrivals.

    Has anyone ever used the sire as a stud before collie John? By this I mean to a heavily bred sight hound type of lurcher? Seems to be plenty of folk on here that say they can never find the right dog. He would be perfect across a grew or something along them lines.
  14. white van man

    New Arrivals.

    Nice strong looking pups. Well looked after. Good luck with them colliejohn
  15. white van man

    Quality Bushing Litter (First Cross Russell/Beagle)

    One of the best ferreting dogs I ever seen was a JRT. Same stamp as the bitch in this thread. If you are ferreting hedges then they are worth having. This litter looks just the job for bushing. ATB with the pups whoever has them.