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  1. white van man


    They have the makings of a great busher Adam. Bit of speed in them too. ATB with the pups and keep us posted on here. These might suit you Claude. Be enough leg on them
  2. white van man


    Good man. There’s probably some litters about at the moment. I might have something in the pipe line too. It’s a case of keep looking. You don’t have to spend much to get a decent busher
  3. white van man


    There’s some decent lads on here. I’m in Devon so not a million miles from you. Will keep my ear to the ground. If the dogs going to a good home then I’m happy to try help out.
  4. white van man


    Sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time and you meet a genuine dog man who doesn’t charge the world for a decent pup.
  5. white van man


    He’s the odd one in the litter. The rest have rough Coates and are more spaniel like. He suits me.
  6. white van man


    I went for a spaniel cross terrier for this reason! I know there’s no guarantee that any dog won’t go to ground. So far so good. For bushing he does a good job.
  7. white van man

    Old dogs past or retired

    Rescued this dog when I was a teenager. Haven’t a clue how old or how she was bred. She was a really good bitch and I was out with her every weekend. Had some great times until I come home from school one day to find someone had taken her!
  8. white van man

    Collie Grey For Stud

    Agree with you there. He looks a strong type but people who want to use a genuine collie grey for stud would want to know for sure. Im always getting asked if my saluki collie grey has bull in him. But I know there isn’t any! You got to be honest with people. If there is a bit of bull in there then that might suit some people more. He looks a nice type and If he’s doing his job and somebody wants to use him then that’s there call. ATB with him this season
  9. white van man

    Times flyes

    Certainly does mate. You had 6 good years so far by the looks of things!
  10. white van man

    Tig cocker x patt

    He lives!!! Looking forward to the pics mate. Hope you and the family are well. Geth
  11. white van man

    Hopefully get a pup back

    Don’t think you will struggle to find these decent homes. Atb with them.
  12. white van man


    Went out on the kayaks with Newkid on Wednesday night. Nothing doing either!
  13. white van man

    Pups Progress

    Looks like a perfect type for lamping and ferreting. Think you should do alright this season. ATB with him.
  14. Brilliant mate. It’s a really good trip and well worth it. Enjoy the rest of it
  15. white van man


    They will soon show up down there Arry. Some lovely spots down that way.