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  1. Never received it mate
  2. No problem mate. Hope all goes well for you
  3. There good just to give you that peace of mind and if he fooking off for fourty minutes a time I’d deffo get one. If your interested I’ve got a garmin t5 mini spare. Probably couple of year old. Never had any problems with it you would just need the right handset for it. I have the 360 handset but don’t think they sell that one think you have to buy the Astro 430. All from gps4u in America. Think there about 250 maybe a bit more. I’ve got three but only ever really use 1 at a time so it’s there if you wanted. I’d sell for 150 with charger obviously. Rather see it get some use than sit there do
  4. Had mine a few seasons now and plenty of use. Done it last week thinking something was something it wasn’t and I’m sure I’ll still be doing it in another 3 seasons. Can’t moan though mines been through the wars. Dropped and not just on grass fields I don’t know how many times came in ditches up to my chest in water a couple of times With me . It’s missing a couple of bits like lens cover. Rubber round eye piece all worn and looks like it’s been dragged through a muddy field most of the time but it’s just as good as when I brought it for spotting. If I ever needed another I would deffo try get
  5. I’m sure if you wait till season ends in next couple of months or so there will be a few advertised on here at decent prices. Good dogs will be getting worked now and bred when its all finished. Just hold out and keep asking the question on here and sure something will come up for you. Keep checking the for sale page as things do still come up. Atb Igz
  6. I know exactly what you mean . I also think like you say the 38 is probably too much tool for the job as really your only using them as a spotter. Not often you zoom in on stuff but it does help identify better but I just make a balls up instead like you and run sumet that isn’t there or atleast go to
  7. Good lamp if you can get your hands on one
  8. Xq38 a good option mate that’s what I use. See field after field. Can’t comment on the 30 as haven’t looked through one but I did look through one what was about a grand before and it wasn’t much cop but depends what you need I suppose. All I’d say is don’t look through a more expensive one if your going to buy cheaper. See if you could get a mooch through one and go from there
  9. Mek sure you not got ya heels on
  10. Can’t beat a good football pitch . Always plenty crossing
  11. More time on our hands. I’d say it’s just beginning .
  12. I’d be happy to let someone use him on the right bitch. A mate may have a prospect in the next year or so if she keeps doing ok and if he wants to use her then he knows he can even if I didn’t want a pup. He’s seen what he can do and always liked what he seen. Had someone asking about him not long ago but when I started asking a few questions stuff didn’t sound right and not sure bitch was up to much then if I’d have just let him breed and he produced shit I’m not doing right by him. Hopefully hel get something out there or like DC said I can take a few straws. Atb Igz
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