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  1. Water, cordial, maybe a lucozade sport but I think water is fine at that age. My sons 14 and just been signed by a professional club 15 months ago. Make sure he always fuels his body, mine has always put that extra in durning games and training, it’s a f***ing nightmare now though him wanting all his special meals beofre and after training. Eats a lot of pasta and 5 weetabix with blueberry’s and raspberry’s a couple of hours before a game on a Sunday. Then will eat a banana on the way an hour beofre kick off. He also drinks a lot of water through the day. I’d say he drinks atkest 3 litres a da
  2. Get your bitches bloods done mate you may have to take her a couple of times but once she hits 20 you know she good for the ai day after. Always good to repeat day after or miss a day and go again. Only costs 30 quid to get bitches bloods done then you can be pretty bang on.
  3. Igz

    Weed ;)

    Yes mate nothing much more than golf ball size, had a nice one the other day. White Gold it was called. I like something with a strong taste but not a massive high as I do smoke most of the day.
  4. Igz

    Weed ;)

    Worked out about 110 for this one.
  5. Igz

    Weed ;)

    Some super pink
  6. Hope all goes well for you mate and speedy recovery
  7. Squeaks no good by us it’s always better to rustle a packet of crisps I always find opening a pack of pickled onion monster munch do the job. They think there on to a winner and come flying in straight under the swings round the slide and into striking distance
  8. He means he normally gives them a good fisting
  9. At lest you never blanked
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