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  1. Glad to see you’ve got yourself sorted Keith. Atb igz
  2. Looks like it’s a trip over the water then Keith
  3. There’s a saluki collie grey in rugby 12 months old looks well put together. Think it’s on gumtree. Would that interest you
  4. Don’t know what happend there. I just called the number and spoke to the man and he said pups gone . Something will pop up
  5. If anything comes up and your in need of transport to get a dog from somewhere or to go have a look at one I’ll help you out with transport if needed. Your probably about an hour from me so it won’t be a problem. If I can help out I will. Atb Igz
  6. He’s saluki bull grey x Wheaton bull grey mate. Hel be 12 months old in just over a weeks time. 25tts. Pretty keen, has been since quite young really. I have a saluki bull grey aswel who’s 4 coming on 5 who’s been a good teacher for him showing him the ropes. Pup surprised me at 9 months to be honest and hasn’t really looked back. Have to hold him back at times as I don’t want to spoil him but he’s ticking all the boxes for me so far so only time will tell. Think a lot of it’s just down to getting them out as much as you can wheather it be watching my older dog and learning or doing it himself. We’re out most days or nights, try to graft them atlest 4 times a week but it’s more like 5-6 now the colder weathers finally here. Season only just started for us really last couple of weeks as grounds been rock hard and still really warm but the cold here now. Atb Igz
  7. Sorry to hear the shit news mate. Atb Igz
  8. Igz

    2019 season

    Fair play. Best way to keep his mind occupied. Doing what they love
  9. Cracker, love them takes. Committed
  10. Went out for a few hours with the pup on his own tonight. Nice and dark but not much wind so most stuff was moving off quickly but we managed four and was really close on a couple of others. Only smallish fields where they hit the hedges fast. He’s starting to run the beam well now and trusting me even if he can’t see anything. Starting to become a nice shape but still piling the food in him as he’s not quite 1 yet and already proved to me he’s fully committed to whatever it is he does. Let’s hope it doesn’t change
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