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  1. Hope all goes well for you mate and speedy recovery
  2. Squeaks no good by us it’s always better to rustle a packet of crisps I always find opening a pack of pickled onion monster munch do the job. They think there on to a winner and come flying in straight under the swings round the slide and into striking distance
  3. He means he normally gives them a good fisting
  4. At lest you never blanked
  5. Seen this bitch graft and she does well. Tough as old boots. Lovely temp.

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    Great little van. Never missed a beat just had new water pump and timing belt. Only selling due to having to travel 4/500 Mile a week now with sons football so need a 2 litre engine for up and down motorway. Loads of service history. Owned the van for 2 1/2 years since it had 25000 miles on and now has just under 60000 miles on now. Just having new windscreen as we speak as it was cracked. Vans got alloys fully ply lined cruise control. All electrics and air con. All the mod cons. Van is cat s recorded as you will see in the price . £6000 NO VAT ONO


  7. View Advert Citroen Berlingo Enterprise 1.6 hdi SOLD Advertiser Igz Date 28/01/22 Price £6,000.00 Category Vehicles and ATV's
  8. Shit news. Sorry to hear !
  9. Got a bull bitch that had her first season 3 months ago at 16 months old. Think if your going to breed and want to up the odds of not missing it. Couple of trips to the vet/ fertility get the bitches bloods done. Ok it costs about 30 quid but atoest you know your stacking odds in your favour. I also put her round another bitch in season to try bring her in as I thought it was a little strange she hadn’t had one up to then. Within a few days she came in .
  10. Try monkey on here mate
  11. Sire is bull grey x saluki grey. A few on here have littermates who can probably tell you a little more.
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