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  1. Maybe had there hands chopped off
  2. Fair play. Can’t beat first light. My favourite time of day to be out with dogs even if I do lamp more but that’s just to do with suiting my hunting more.
  3. I’ve seen this bitch graft and that she does. Not just a one trick pony and like penda says I’m suprised how good her stamina is. Seems to recover well after each run. She’s had a decent back end of season really mate. Back at it next one . Apart from our last cheeky one tomoz as we got a little storm coming.
  4. Don’t believe him he’s a con artist hel take your money and run. . Only joking he sorted out mine for me being a pal an all that. I’ve got one I’ve had 3/4 years and brought another just incase as you never know and didn’t want to be stuck without one.
  5. Good shout mate he alaways seems like a man who can.
  6. I got one not long ago mate and that’s the route I had to take. Took about 3 weeks to get here
  7. Who told you that load of drivvle. Herbal medicine ayyyyy
  8. I know of a cocker that was mute. Started hunting with a terrier beagle mix and just picked it up and now gives voice
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