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  1. Get ya ourself a slow cooker mate. Best way to cook your meat. Especially Lamb. Melts in your mouth
  2. Always Lamb or Beef for me on a Sunday !
  3. Mrs rustled a few bits up that was left in the fridge
  4. Igz

    Weed ;)

    That’s why I said plus, I thought maybe closer to the 3 mark . I don’t think 200 an ounce is a bad price for an ounce of weed. I can make an ounce last 2 weeks maybe a bit longer. I’ll have one of them zoaps , let me know when it’s landed
  5. Igz

    Weed ;)

    Yep, then probably 2500 plus by the time it’s here
  6. Igz

    Weed ;)

    A mate had some zoap the other day, very nice it was. A nice price aswell though. I do like a nice smoke but apart from the young lads with money to burn not many want to pay them prices. Especially if buying a few . He wanted around 320 for an ounce. Not often I give money out my pocket for a smoke but I wouldn’t fancy giving 320 when I can maybe get something decent for maybe half that or less.
  7. Igz

    Weed ;)

    Yes mate most I see lately come in the black vacuum and you get the smaller packs with them. Lovely smoke to be fair. It’s all everyone seems to want lately. I’ve some Mac 1 here aswell but not a patch on the rs11
  8. Igz

    Weed ;)

    Some RS 11. Puts you to sleep.
  9. Water, cordial, maybe a lucozade sport but I think water is fine at that age. My sons 14 and just been signed by a professional club 15 months ago. Make sure he always fuels his body, mine has always put that extra in durning games and training, it’s a f***ing nightmare now though him wanting all his special meals beofre and after training. Eats a lot of pasta and 5 weetabix with blueberry’s and raspberry’s a couple of hours before a game on a Sunday. Then will eat a banana on the way an hour beofre kick off. He also drinks a lot of water through the day. I’d say he drinks atkest 3 litres a da
  10. Get your bitches bloods done mate you may have to take her a couple of times but once she hits 20 you know she good for the ai day after. Always good to repeat day after or miss a day and go again. Only costs 30 quid to get bitches bloods done then you can be pretty bang on.
  11. Igz

    Weed ;)

    Yes mate nothing much more than golf ball size, had a nice one the other day. White Gold it was called. I like something with a strong taste but not a massive high as I do smoke most of the day.
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