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  1. My two out today. Got way to warm though. No scent about but just nice to be out
  2. I know it’s where the dogs keep pissing up it. b*****ds. Leave em out during day in summer and that’s what they do to me shed
  3. Here’s mine they’ve had a new lid today, well tiles anyway. They never did like like the smooth ones and I had some left over from the house so my mate got his lads to throw them on so all matching with the house roof now. Sleep boxes are breeze blocked at back of kennel with a lift up lid. Insulated floor with thermaboard then a 3ml plastic wipe clean floor but they got Astro turf thermal blankets and a heat lamp if needed . Better heating than me at the minute I got no heating downstairs
  4. If I’m right aren’t there always 2 red lights on the battery and only the last 3 light up green even when fully charged. That’s what mine does anyway and it’s always done that from new.
  5. I paid £1900 from game fair about 2/3 seasons ago. Works well for me. Had loads of use out of it and will last me another good few years I imagine. yes it is a fair bit to pay but over time it levels itself out. Keeps me safe and gets the dogs plenty of running
  6. I’ve got the xq38 f mate and it can see a lot further than you need to put it that way. Not sure of actuall distances but I’m sure it’s supposed to be about a mile on a man sized object but never really thought about it but you Can see a good few fields if there nothing in your way. It won’t pick something up if it’s deep in cover unless your really close so can’t see through hedges or anything like that. Atb Igz
  7. You can use them in the daytime and there just as good as the night but I don’t really take mine in the day as I only bush if I am out in day but I’m sure they would work well if that’s what you wanted one for Atb Igz
  8. My grandad was top dog at Lucas foreman’s road factory. Worked his way up from bottom to top.He’s told me about it over and over again this last week . About 20 times that’s all as he not been to well so I been popping in every day to see him but his short term memory’s shot but can remember old times no problem but he is nearly 93. Still gets about a bit but he worked there from age of 20 to 65. I see a few battery’s about in his shed.
  9. Big dogs back in action. Took him out for his first shine. Just quick couple of hours on the local fields. Been doing plenty of work to get him ready for season and seems to have paid off
  10. Wouldn’t be without mine now and it served its purpose tonight on two runs like others have said great for getting you into position. Dog still gotta do the work and that’s what he done. Got him into position 80-100 yards with a little wind blowing towards us as I know if lamp goes on there no waiting around as it was only local so they know the score. Let big dog pick up the scent then new he could see the silhouette. No lamp needed and same on second occasion. Young dog bundled one over right on the edge but wasn’t to be tonight and I don’t think I’d have got near any of them if I never had it with me as there lamp shy to say the least and even with no moon it’s light out there. As I’ve done tonight though it’s allowed me to go out at ten have a quick couple of hours not shining a lamp everywhere. Lamp went on 3 times for all of 20/30 seconds a time. When you got no permission and your out regular they worth the money in my eyes
  11. Yep that’s what I’ve done to mine took a couple of the lugs off and slips on and off quite well most of the time apart from when you ready for a run straight after another and your making that much noise trying to get it back on you just know you’ve fecked the next run up . I mainly don’t bother with filter though as I’ve got thermal aswel. Lamps only on when needed.
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