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  1. Igz

    f****n choice it is

    One word for them. Bellends !
  2. Igz

    Kennel panels

    Got mine from dogrunpanels. Good service and delivery
  3. Igz

    Show us your Bull x

    I bet he don’t jack, I know people who seen this dog and he’s good at what he does. I go out with a dog that about 8 or 9 and it’s like he’s still in his prime. Smart and goes about things the right way. Hope he keeps you happy I’m sure he will
  4. Igz

    Show us your Bull x

    Too hot today but had a quick walk round some new perm for an hour
  5. Igz


    Look like a saluki bull grey maybe
  6. Igz


    Hancock may have a couple nocking around
  7. Igz

    The dangers of aspirin.

    i give mine junior ibuprofen when we get in from a nights graft and his facial area swollen, only 5 mill a time and by next morning it’s pretty much back to normal. he’s also a big strong dog so there’s not much that bothers him, 2 nd season now and he not been off with an injury once apart from a bug he must have got and he wasn’t himself for a week. fed him up and he was soon back to his normal self.
  8. Igz

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    You got pm mate
  9. Igz

    Little lads funny as !

    . Great stuff
  10. Herding them or killing them
  11. Igz

    Armed Police........

    Of course not unless your dog got a weapon in its hand running at them. Then it maybe season over. And not at you either unless there life was been threatened
  12. Permission. What’s that. Only permission I need is off the missus and she gives me that most days so just get yourself out there. Get yourself some thermal so you can be a bit more discreet and your off. Or ask fox dropper hel tell you a nice spot down the m4. He don’t mind people poppin on there now and again.
  13. Igz

    Trying to work things out

    There’s one from the litter doing everything asked of him and having a great season so far