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  1. In fact my older dog has been on both of these ( inflacam and amoxicillin ) last few days as he had swelling and an infection. Didn’t even want to come out his kennel for food. Within 24 hours of been dosed up was nearly back to himself so always worked for me and also a lot of others I know.
  2. Sorry never explained properly. What I meant was is I will use ibuprofen as an anti inflamatory If I never had any inflacam not metacam and amoxicillin as an antibiotic if dog has an infection.
  3. I’ve always used ibuprofen if not metacam or the likes of and always does the same job. Same as amoxicillin. Atb Igz
  4. Yes mate, much preferred to hunt them daytime, busher and runner or as long as your Lurcher keen enough you don’t really need a busher to nock them up as they will sit tight, like you say a bit wasted on the lamp for a bigger dog.
  5. here’s a pic of a munty buck if you can make it out. There like rabbits round by us. As I have thermal I can easily go out for 4 hours lamping and spot 5,6,7. Like people say they do mainly stick to the edges and dikes but they often venture out aswel. They are tough little fuckers for there size but for me if a dog had one out in the field they shouldn’t really get away unless close to cover as they will just put there heads down and smash whatever’s in there way. I’m sure they would try and go through a brick wall if that was what was in front of them, I find them quite thick to be honest. You’ll get a lot closer to one than what you will a roe or fallow anyway.
  6. . Not for me mate, I was with the Mrs aswel so a Thai massage which hurts When there bending you’re body in all directions was the best I got of a lady in the shop who was about 20 years older than me. Must have thought well he not after any extras if he in with the mrs so wel give him the granny . I didn’t mind though she still wasn’t a bad sort for her age .. Sorted out the bones though and feel as good as new when you come out of there
  7. It must be you with the bad omen and falling in water up to our necks. I was f***ing freezing that night I done it we were out. Then I went and done it start of season within the first few trips of season. Luckily I’d prepared for the next time with spare clobber in the jeep. I am only 5ft though so a puddle does me
  8. A few mate, there’s some right f***ing weirdos over there
  9. Igz

    HS2 given the nod.

    Yep. There’s work going on everywhere round by us now. A few places we have gone for a wander the last few seasons are full of machinery and workers now digging the place up. Shame really but the way the worlds changing I suppose it was inevitable it would go ahead. Well they’ve already started, didn’t think they would have done all they have to now change there minds
  10. A Visit to Bangkok prison to see my brother in law. Then back to relax. They got some real good electricians over here
  11. Should have nutted the f****r
  12. No probs mate, I got my idea of someone I know to be honest but if it works for you that’s all you need. I’ve got the end space as a prep area with a couple of chest freezers down there and keep the leads and lamp down there. I don’t have a door on but it’s deep enough so I can hang stuff up and do what I need to do down there. Hope all goes well .Atb Igz
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