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  1. lllluke1

    FAC interview do's & don'ts!!

    I agree the laws are stupid. Mate of mine has had .22lr and .222 for around 40 years and when he applied for .243 they said he had to be mentored. When I applied for mine I got .22lr and .223 first go, but the .223 had to be mentored, both of them where on a closed ticket.
  2. lllluke1

    "I'll be back".

    That looks like one hell of a fox SD
  3. lllluke1

    FAC interview do's & don'ts!!

    LP, but it was when I was young and stupid
  4. lllluke1

    FAC interview do's & don'ts!!

    Mine started with a cup of tea then the question: Tell me about your record???
  5. lllluke1

    Finally had a play at reloading

    That's not a bad price. Might have a look into it a bit more
  6. lllluke1

    Icotec caller

    Added all them, got to agree with the lamb one, out checking when we were lambing last year, had a look with the lamp around the field and there was a ewe lambing with a fox about 20 yards away waiting for the lamb to drop. Sods law, never had a gun with us but a few shouts and he soon scarpered
  7. lllluke1

    Icotec caller

    Yes mate, bought it new, but some of them I won't need or want. Like the Coyote and Bobcat ones. Was going to change them out with pheasant distress, a lamb one and whatever anyone else recommended.
  8. Picked up an icotec 350 today. What calls do you recommend I put on the sd card? Thanks in advance Luke
  9. lllluke1

    Last cut

    What Icotec you got? Thinking of getting one
  10. lllluke1

    Last cut

    Don't know what it is called. The stainless flying saucer shape one, with a hole straight through it. Picked it up in my local RFD in a bag with no name on it
  11. lllluke1

    Last cut

    Went out for a quick shine earlier. Called in this vixen and had to shout at her to get her to stop. Dropped her at no more than 40 yards. Saw another 2, but 1 of them I couldn't get a safe shot, the other one took off as soon as the lamp hit it.
  12. lllluke1

    Last cut

  13. lllluke1

    Last cut

    Mowed for silage for the last cut yesterday and the farmer asked me to have a wander to see if I could drop any foxes that were about. Had them both at about 100 yards
  14. lllluke1

    .22 LR at 200 yds ?

    Saw this video a while back:
  15. lllluke1

    Vintage ammo.

    Out of curiosity what's the difference in the Red and Yellow boxes? They are both 40 grain