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  1. Dyfed Powys has just started back up with grants, new applications and variations. Fair point about FAC, not sure on shotguns, but clays and clay cartridges sold well
  2. My local RFD had shelves full of air rifles before lockdown. Popped in to see him half way through lockdown and he had none left. He sold out of all second hand and new air rifles within the first month. It was his best couple of months in years for ammo sales. Covid has done his sales wonders
  3. I live a couple of miles from the camp. The local paper been doing live videos from there all night
  4. Jeep Cherokee. Can't fault it off road, gone places I shouldn't of and got out. Only downside is price of parts, £75 for rear wheel bearing, that hurt lol
  5. I got the yildiz in 12 and really can't fault it
  6. I must admit, If I was going to spend 1k on a gun, never mind 4k, I would be trying it out first
  7. God's Country? He left there to go to bandit country!!!
  8. We put a flock of 50 into a field with grass up to their bellies one day, next they were in a plowed field. I could understand if it was the other way round, but that, nope
  9. If you haven't got a red pill I'm sure I got one here somewhere you can have
  10. The only reason sheep have to live is to escape or die
  11. I Use a T50 red lamp, on my .223 and works fine.
  12. Has anyone contacted anybody on the list and let them know? I would be straight on to my FEO if my name was on the list
  13. The missus was just having a look on some websites for a puppy. What the f**k has happened to the price of pups? Jack Russell £900, Border Terrier £2500. Cheapest mongrel £1500. Since when did prices get so high?
  14. We normally harvest around now. I only know that because today is the wife's birthday and she always gets pissed off when we can't go out for a birthday meal because I'm carting straw most the night. I will say, we are about 2 weeks behind this year on straw.
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