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  1. .22lr @ 900yards. Still ringing the steel
  2. The one I was after had gone, so I came away with a Yildiz instead
  3. Got the chance of picking up a decent Laurona over and under with 3" chamber that fits for a decent price. Now I don't know much about them, are they any good? Or should I think of something better? Cheers Luke
  4. I don't know, but the best way to try indoors is either with spent casings or snap caps
  5. Not the thread I was thinking of, but this one is a good one:
  6. Bigmac97 has done a few air rifles. He has got a decent thread about how to do it on the air rifle thread. He helped me out when I was doing one of my air rifles
  7. Anything that you can afford that fits you
  8. Good luck, I'm planning on going out for a bit later
  9. Fair play on you for being out. Sat here drinking a glass of apple brandy made for me by main permissions farmers daughter, very nice it is too!!!! Best of wishes for 2020
  10. I had a CRB check done with work, so I just photocopied that and wrote see attached copy. I did have to put in a speeding fie though because the CRB never listed it
  11. As I will probably be not be going shooting tomorrow I thought I might as well go for a walk tonight. Scanned the field as I entered and nothing about, walked across to the far end of the field and had another quick shine, this fox was just off to my left. Dropped him at 74 paces. So a good end to the year
  12. Be out with the vixen on heat call tonight, see if I can get one or two of the others
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