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  1. lllluke1

    sportsman's net

    What I am saying is that they are advertising a 2 1/4 inch mesh net. That size mesh is no good for rabbiting. You need to find out how they are measuring it to see if it is suitable
  2. lllluke1

    sportsman's net

    2 1/4 inch mesh is 2 1/4 inch mesh. 4 1/2 inch mesh is made with a 2 1/4 inch board
  3. lllluke1


    I know what you are all saying. I have always used a white lamp and I know the difference between fox and badger when moving, but this one was just sat there looking at me. Under white lamp, knew straight away. Think I might stick to white lamp in future
  4. Out with the .223 earlier with a red lamp on top. Spotted a set of eyes 100m away. Now I was 99% sure that this was a fox, but as there is a cottsge in the opposite corner of the the field, that I know the owners have a smallish collie. I couldn't 100% be sure that it was a fox and not their dog. Quick flash with my white lamp confirmed it was a fox. Rifle on sticks and down it went. Turns out it was 110m, so my estimation is getting better. Now my main question is, how do you who only use a red lamp get 100% identification? I was using a t38 torch, would something like a t50 or t67 be better? Thanks in advance Luke
  5. lllluke1

    Foggy foxing

    Good shooting mate
  6. lllluke1

    Wanted 410

    Where about in South Wales are you mate?
  7. lllluke1

    .223 advice/recommendations

    Another one to look at is the Sabatti rover. I have one without a thumbhole stock and can't fault it. They also do one with a thumbhole stock for £679.99 new https://www.thehuntingedge.co.uk/shop/sabatti-rover-hunting-rifle-synthetic-thumbhole/
  8. Went out for a walk this evening as the sheep have all been moved onto the one field ready to be checked in the morning. Checked the first couple of fields and nothing about. Got to the gate of the third field and had a quick scan with the lamp and caught a fox in the lamp on the hedgeline. No safe shot where it was as i know the hedge there is very thin and all the sheep are in the next field. A slow walk across the field and I got to a safe shot. Another quick scan with lamp to confirm and down it went. Nice dog fox, but it does look like he had been chewing round his tail a bit https://screenshot.net/glen7a4
  9. lllluke1


    Ask FEO best bet, but I don't think so. I have different conditions on my .223 compared to my .22lr
  10. lllluke1

    Another for the .223

    They wasn't playing ball tonight. 1st fox was way out of my comfortable range and wouldn't come in to a call. Tried closing the gap between us, but with the field full of sheep trying to get close enough without causing a stampede was impossible. 2nd was about 50 yards away from me as I walked into field, wind was blowing from me towards him and as soon as I put on lamp, he was gone at a incredible rate of knots. Never mind, I'll save them for another night
  11. lllluke1

    Another for the .223

    Had another vixen in the turbine field tonight. Saw her through the spotter, but no safe shot. had to wait for her to move across the field till I had a good backstop. Paced it out an dit was 168 paces, rested off the gate post
  12. lllluke1

    Santa came!

    Looks a cracking shotgun mate
  13. lllluke1

    Another for the .223

    I know the feeling. Went to check the camera the other day, and there was charlie, wandering round the woods no more than 30 yards away without a care in the world. 42 grain v-max. went straight through, bit of a mess on the exit wound, that's why I turned him over
  14. Had a break in the weather this evening, so thought I would take a stroll round the farm. Had to walk the long way round due to the wind, but at least it gives me a chance to check on the rabbit numbers. Had a look in the last paddock before crossing the railway bridge, nothing there. Got the trail cam set up on a path running across the field so thought I would have a look at that while I was there. Definately a badger track as lots of photos of badgers. Nothing in field, so decided to head home. Crossed back over the railway bridge and had another quick look in the last paddock. 20 yards from the hedge, fox stood looking at me. must of come up the embankment as I was checking the camera. He took off about 60 yards onto the paddock lane and then just sat down to look at me. That was long enough for me, and number 2 dropped to the .223
  15. lllluke1

    Good old squirrels.

    Good shooting mate