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  1. I shoot the same, left eye closed. If I shoot both eyes open, the barrel is about a foot away from where I think it is.
  2. The maize maze next to me has just closed, so should be cutting soon. 3rd cut on one piece of land is near enough ready and 2nd cut on the other bit should be in around 10 days so all the land will be clear
  3. Pretty much same as you, couple of arrests in late teens. When the FEO came round for the visit, he introduced himself and said tell me about your record then. Took 12 months for license with the same letter, any slip ups and license gone
  4. Tried them, they haven't got anything and won't have any for a couple of months. They suggested that I contact the makers.
  5. Where can I get parts for a 12g Lee Load-all from? I need a spring guide and the spring. Cheers Luke
  6. Just seen an ad for a Hatsan pump action shotgun, brand new for £250, must be a good choice for a truck gun that you don't mind getting battered about. Really tempted at getting one, if it last a couple of years, it would be worth it
  7. As above, thinking of getting a thermal spotter and was thinking of these. Has anybody got any experience with them. Cheers Luke
  8. It might be worth buying something like this: USB 3.0 Card Reader,Beikell High-speed SD/Micro SD Card Reader Memory Card Adapter-Supports SD/Micro SD/TF/SDHC/SDXC/MMC-Compatible with Windows,OS : Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories WWW.AMAZON.CO.UK Buy and then copying the card to a new micro sd card via a pc or laptop Transcend 8GB microSDHC 300S Class 10 Memory Card with up to 95/45 MB/s (for Smartphones, Digital Camers and Nintendo Switch Consoles) without SD Adapter TS8GUSD300S : Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories
  9. https://www.youtube.com/c/Ottawalks https://www.youtube.com/c/ZokeOfficiall
  10. Watching now, and they don't seem to be leaving anytime soon. Some of them have let their tyres down and cut the airlines to the brakes. There is no violence and they have worked a way round the no honking rules. I did like the bouncy castles they brought in for the kids though. Kevin in the truck by the crane is having a wonderful time
  11. I think that's Zote, He streams when Ottawalks isn't
  12. Next time you are there, find Ottawalks or Zote and give the hunting life a shout out
  13. I will keep that in mind. I honestly thought it wouldn't of made any difference
  14. Glad to see, there have been minimal arrests over the last few days
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