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  1. Never bothered with a bipod. I use a set of quad sticks. Brilliant for when you take the shot, but not the best for when you need to track a target
  2. I never put zeroing on mine and they automatically added it
  3. Normally I would agree with you, They took a month to change my ticket from closed to open on a .223 and a .22lr. But I've been waiting 3 months now for a variation for a .22 hornet
  4. Have you tried those slings with the quick release that goes around your chest?
  5. 90 meshes sounds about right from what Alan taught me
  6. The way I see it, most construction sites will have their tanks emptied over the weekend. Red was always getting stolen, but now it will be white. We run cranes with spare fuel in cans in the lockers, the boss has already told us that will stop. (He's thinking we will be stealing it).
  7. Mine loved the 40gr v-max, but I can't get them anymore
  8. Put in for a .22 Hornet on the 1st of July with Dyfed Powys. Still nothing. Mate applied for a new grant a week before and his came through yesterday.
  9. My rifle loved 40gr vmax. Can't get them round here anymore
  10. google adblocker and it is an extension to google
  11. If you use Google chrome, they have an ad-blocker extension
  12. 3rd from last on the list, happy for now
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