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  1. I bought some sellier & bellot rounds in.223. Stamped on bottom of cartridge is 5.56. These are the .223 sp rounds, semi jacket, soft point. My sabbati fires them fine
  2. lllluke1

    National firearms licensing times

    I got my FAC grant with Dyfed Powys in Pembrokeshire exactly 1 month after I handed in the forms
  3. lllluke1

    spun poly and knots slipping

    Allways double knotted everything. Found it gave me less slipped knots. In the end I could knit double knotted nearly as fast as single
  4. lllluke1


    Sad to hear. Will be greatly missed
  5. Sat at home bored, missus watching shite on tv, so grabbed the shotgun and went for a walk. Came across this dog fox sunning himself in the road through the potato field. 36 grams of 4 shot from about 25 yards and he never knew what hit him
  6. lllluke1

    25 yard Trammel

    They look spot on mate
  7. Had 2 hours out this morning on a field that was drilled last week with a few crow decoys. Put the decoys out in a random pattern and set the hide up under a tree. Started really good shooting wise with four jackdaws for four shots. After that everything went back to normal and started missing some easy ones. Around 11 o'clock the temperature was scorching and all the birds stopped coming in, so I packed up and done a few jobs on the farm Ended the morning with a total of 16 jackdaws, not much, but better than watching the wedding
  8. lllluke1

    Jess trees another.

    Hell of a dog that one
  9. lllluke1

    Never Underestimate.....

    As Baldcoot said, shot placement and sensible range, 22lr is deadly
  10. lllluke1


    Stick to your budget, and get something that fits. I had an over and under that fitted perfect and in my lack of wisdom I changed it for a semi auto that shoots high. I now need at least 2 shots to hit anything, where as if I still had the over and under 1 shot would do, What I am trying to say is, get what fits and feels right, stick with it Cheers Luke
  11. lllluke1

    Ppu's Or Hornday

    That explains that then. Is there much of a difference performance wise against a fox with them?
  12. lllluke1

    Ppu's Or Hornday

    Why zero with one and shoot with another? Why not just zero with what you shoot with? Or am I missing something?
  13. lllluke1

    Owl Decoy

    Cheers Mate, will have a look at A1 decoys page
  14. lllluke1

    Owl Decoy

    What owl Decoys are good fro jackdaws and rooks and where is a good place to buy them from? Cheers Luke
  15. If you don't know what you're aiming at, why take the risk?