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  1. Wonder did rabbit get its head stuck in pot before running through tunnel?
  2. The consultation probably went down like this. Strange that it seems to be wiped clean from records. I do remember reading it at the time. https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/as1B17GaPVcw
  3. As far as manufacturing them again. Firstly, they would never be made to the same quality. Everything nowadays, is very disposable. Secondly, there really isn't the demand that their once was for rabbit traps. Focus is very much on grey squirrels and stoats, these days. That's where the demand is. That's where trap inventions are, and that's where the money is.
  4. Just got the Gmail one now. Reminds me of Photo bucket, holding people to ransome.
  5. Looks like the link to why some of the old traps were removed from STAO is gone, but check this out.
  6. Just to add, my wife has also to pay for her emails. "Not enough storage space". I know its only a few quid, but it all adds up
  7. As far as I can remember there was some sort of questionnaire stuck up somewhere regarding said traps. Most probably didn't even see it, or hear of it, till it was all done and dusted. By the way, I seem to be mistaken regarding the Aldrich trap. It is still on the STAO. My bad.
  8. Lads anyone get an email from Google saying that storage space in Google Photo's is full and that you have to pay a monthly fee to receive more storage space? Wife got the email about a month ago, and now I've got it. Wont let me back up any more photo's
  9. Tried to get a clearer view. It does look somewhat cat like I think Or does it?
  10. It's hard make out, but the tail looks straight and a little shaggy to be a cat.
  11. Are they still legal to use in the US Sonny?
  12. Those photo's will be great to look back on in years to come.
  13. You need to document everything you have KD. Or did you already say, "been there, done that"?
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