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  1. It's mostly long eared owls, we hear around these parts
  2. Everything is more active around a full moon., and I mean everything. From animals to birds, to us humans, and even our intestinal parasites. Next time you intend to cleanse your intestinal system from parasites, dose yourself during a full moon, or new moon.
  3. Nicely done micky. Have you many snares set?
  4. Clive, just goes to show, when you go out of your way to help people on here, it often results in getting a slap in the face. Like kids in a sweet shop. There'll always be the odd spoilt brat, that no matter what he gets, he'll still have a puss on his face.
  5. Living next door to Bill Oddie must be a bloody nightmare
  6. If they have a constant food supply, probably not worth a shite.
  7. Nicely done wolfdog. Did you weld all those door parts, or did you use something, to make the doors?
  8. They look great micky. Do you put them in vinnigar or a brine?
  9. Saw a clip of this on Yellowstone, so had to hunt it down. So if your stuck for something to watch tonight, give it a go. You won't be disappointed
  10. This auld boll*x "rescued" some squirrel kits. Just "rescue" a mink kit
  11. Yea, what he said. Or you could always play dumb, and chance it.
  12. That's a very important aspect to stop them getting out. Even a well tamed mink will be gone, never to be seen again, if they get out
  13. O yea, he did alright, but he realised there was MUCH easier ways to do it lol
  14. Well you certainly seem to be determined anyway Ok James. Would you not, at least wait till next summer till you at least have a proper set up. Maybe an enclosure within an enclosure, Incase it escapes. No point in having a mink, with no where go put it. Also, gives you time to get the proper licence, if that's even possible. But most importantly, you might at least get a young mink, that has the possibility of being tamed. Getting one from a den is ideal, but how you gonna achieve that? Next best thing, would be to catch one when it's just big enough to follow the mother. You would have
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