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  1. Yes mate, but what I'm saying is that something the likes of a Serval is not what we think of when we say, BIG CATS OF BRITAIN. I mean, the whole idea of a large black cat roaming the countryside, killing sheep and deer, has a sense of intrigue and mystery surrounding it, where as, a Serval is just well, a Serval.
  2. Think there is a big difference between a Bengal, and a "big cat" lads. Think we need to keep things in perspective here. Personally, I think maybe anything less than a Lynx can be disregarded. I mean, something like a Serval, of a Bengal, fall well short, when it comes to the mysterious, and intriguing notion of there being big cats roaming the Brittish countryside.
  3. Man who took uncle into Carlow post office to collect his pension 'didn't know he was dead' - Irish Mirror Online WWW.IRISHMIRROR.IE EXCLUSIVE: "I’m not an eejit to walk into Hoseys with a dead man and collect his money"
  4. Stocky 'lynx' big cat seen in Gloucestershire waiting to 'smash' muntjac deer - Gloucestershire Live WWW.GLOUCESTERSHIRELIVE.CO.UK The witness had to wait for his eyes to readjust to what he was really seeing
  5. Threads as old as the hills. Pictures have probably been removed. Just look on Taxidermy section.
  6. Nice pictures Wolfdog. Do you have muskrats in your part of the Country?
  7. Ain't got much for ya wolfdog, I'm afraid. Just made a few of these little stakes out of 20mm angle iron. Handy, and easy make. No welder required Katchum lol
  8. 2 for £35! That one didn't go to school for very long.
  9. I Trap phone app ain't too bad. I had it for a while, but didn't use it for long to be honest.
  10. Like a greyhound fox. Bigger than average, and longer in the leg.
  11. The enthusiasts are probably well aware of this, but one of the best attractants out there for all cats, big and small, is SILVER VINE. Think it's fairly easy get over here too.
  12. I think at the very least, a clear picture of a big cat captured in a specified location in the UK, should be the only acceptably form of actual proof of their existence. So far, I don't think we've seen anything even close to that on here, or anywhere else. That is simply the facts. I for one will never be satisfied with a black smudge in a corner of a field, or something that looks more like the cat next door. I think anyone that grabs onto such images for dear life, and convinces themselves that their something more, is only fooling themselves.
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