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  1. Bears are fairly sloppy, when it comes to killing things
  2. Yea I get that, but I think truth be told, we do feel a little anger or sympathy at times, seeing nature do what it naturally does. Be it a magpie eating the eye's out of a lamb, or a mink taking a nesting Moor hen. It is only nature, bit can certainly hit a nerve.
  3. Are they thin on the ground over there lad? I don't think we have any here
  4. Marten Attacks Owl Nest, Takes 2 Babies and Injures 2 More #Viewe... | owls | TikTok VM.TIKTOK.COM Marten Attacks Owl Nest, Takes 2 Babies and Injures 2 More #ViewerDiscretion...
  5. End of the war? Truth, or fake news? You decide. Forward to 30 min for the main story
  6. It's ok to eat fish. They don't have any feelins.
  7. Jasus Wolfie, your a great man for the grocery shopping
  8. It should work. I'm not on anything, and it works for me
  9. This is brilliant This is so hillarious you need to watch it to the end. #steveharve... | steve harvey prank calls | TikTok VM.TIKTOK.COM This is so hillarious you need to watch it to the end. #steveharvey #morningshow...
  10. Old men attracting young women. I think it's an ego thing,, rather than a Pedo thing. Drugs, sex, and rock and roll. It's bound to get messy
  11. Waiting with baited breath mate lol
  12. Footage just in from Gloucester
  13. That theory is doing the rounds at the mo
  14. EDDIE B


    Well, obviously over use of fertilisers means excess will end up in drains, then rivers, and finally into lake. I watched a vid this morning about the same problem on lake Erie in USA. They said fertilisers and slurry had a big part to play in it.
  15. I used to detest Brand, but in recent years I have to say, I agree with a lot of his views. Not looking good for hom at the moment, and we'll if these allegations are true, we'll then he needs to be punished for them. Saying that, we really need to seek the truth, and not just rely on TV and social media for it, because we all know that they can't be trusted. Was just sent this, and it's interesting to say the least. TikTok - Make Your Day VM.TIKTOK.COM
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