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  1. Many rabbits around you Gruffalo? Things of myth and legend around here.
  2. Its all to do with this new fad Tic Tok. The wife has shown me countless video's, even well known song mashups, using her video clip as part of a new tic tok video.
  3. Yea, we all done some daft shit growing up. Problem is, in today's world with mobile phones, with the ability to record every word you say, doing something stupid can ruin you. Be it your career, your reputation, or how people view you as a person. At one time, you could have ended up being the talk of the street. Nowadays, you could be the talk of the the planet.
  4. The older we get, the more we realise that young people are just plain stupid.
  5. I've heard that young one has lost her job over this. Bet she regrets it now.
  6. Certainly been feeding well, by the looks of him.
  7. Any news on the dogs?
  8. Nice one Wolfie. Thought you were gonna wear a kilt?
  9. Yea that's the one. It's on its way now, so I'll test it out, see if my heart holds out using it lol.
  10. Have one of the saws off aldi, and just ordered one of them little survival chain saws. Anyone tried them? Any good?
  11. Nice to see some of the old traditions are still being practiced.
  12. I used plain old white vinegar. Can get a drum of it for about a fiver in any of those cash and carry type shops. Think I used two parts water, to three parts vinegar, but a lot say to use a 50/50 mix. I done about ten items in the bucket at the same time. Left them for two days, and it done a great job on them. I think baking soda neutralises the reaction of the vinegar, to stop it from re-rusting.
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