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  1. To be honest , I ignored the above, but your spot on with the little bit at the bottom lad
  2. The reason people keep asking the same questions, is because the answers all fall a long way short of a real answer. They are more an excuse, than a proper answer. I think that's why a lot don't take this thread seriously. When someone openly, tries again, and again, to pull the wool over your eye's, you tend to treat them with less, and less respect.
  3. Mackem, you certainly get around. Are you a TV licence inspector, by any chance?
  4. Here's one. Why does Gloucester seem to be the epicentre of big cat sightings? Not only one species either, but several different species of cats, and numerous different sightings. It seems to be a fairly common thing these days. These sightings confirmed by the experts. Most knowledgeable people on big cats, so therefore must be true.?? Think about it. Several different species, with sightings being common. Therefore, their must be hundreds of cats in Gloucester alone. Are we talking thousands, or tens of thousands throughout the Country? Big cat 'lynx' moto
  5. I don't buy that for a minute Greyman, sorry. His story seems very plausible, and have no doubt that anyone pulling people up on their bullshit, within those groups, would be met with disdain, and would be quickly booted out for upsetting the apple cart.
  6. I did. Thought he must have been pulling the piss
  7. I believe this guy was mentioned here before. He knows his wildlife, and was once very interested in the whole idea of there being big cats in the UK, until he was booted out of several facebook groups, for simply pointing out that several video's shared in the groups were nothing more than house cats etc. It's really worth looking at his video's. He also does some on, so called thylacine footage. Very similar to big cat footage. Mainly grainy video's of dogs, fox's etc. I don't agree with everything he says, but at least he uses common sense. Check out his channel if you haven't
  8. He was obviously pulling the piss lad
  9. Well I won't be looking back through the posts, but I'll take your word for it lad. Saying that, I think there's no place for it here. It knocks the good out of any thread.
  10. The name calling is a bit much lad. Nothing wrong with disagreeing on a subject, or even calling someone out on talking bullshit or whatever, but the name calling is a bit childish, to say the least.
  11. Well misidentification, is pretty much, what this thread is about.
  12. Stick them up again. I've been away for a while, and can't bring myself to go back through pages of scutter
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