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  1. This one's a really good read chaps. MAFF: Rats And Their Extermination. http://pest-contol-papers.boards.net/thread/194/rats-extermination
  2. Nice one here lads. Complete MAFF course on insect and mite control. http://pest-contol-papers.boards.net/threads/recent/188 As mentioned before, my mate is very low on material at the moment, so please, if anyone has any material they could pass on, he would be most grateful. Cheers!
  3. EDDIE B

    Sh*t Just Got Real!

    You don't know micky then? Lol You'd be surprised how many still use them. Anyway, thanks for that That's that then
  4. EDDIE B

    Sh*t Just Got Real!

    Just realised a lot of the old vermin/rabbit traps aint on that list. Does that mean they sneakily just removed them?
  5. The site is very much like a museum. Just an insight into how things used to be. In another fifty years, how we do things today, may be almost unrecognizable.
  6. EDDIE B

    Sh*t Just Got Real!

    More info here. End of page it shows what the new STAO will look like. Not much good news, if any. Doc's being allowed to be used as a run through, which helps. Another bloody expensive trap. Also Goodnature A18 for squirrel and mink, I believe. Heard nothing good about how well the 24 works on rats and stoats in the UK. New information at bottom of page. https://www.gwct.org.uk/advisory/faqs/aihts/#current
  7. Well folks, here you go. This is the start of it, or is it the end? Lol http://www.gameandcountry.co.uk/Tully+Trap+-+available+January+2019/0_CAAA327_CAAA135_CAAA161/PRAB903.htm
  8. The Control Of Rats and Mice. http://pest-contol-papers.boards.net/thread/166/control-rats-mice More interesting stuff added here http://pest-contol-papers.boards.net/board/16/miscellanea
  9. 1968 catalogue, out now! Lots of good reading for anyone who has yet to visit the site. http://pest-contol-papers.boards.net/thread/180/1968
  10. Sticking this up for my mate. He's quickly running out of material for his site, and so if anyone has any material, old catalogues etc they could pass on, he would be most grateful. I'm going to stick up anything recently added, including the 1968 S Young & Sons catalogue shortly. http://pest-contol-papers.boards.net/thread/168/help?page=1&scrollTo=181
  11. EDDIE B

    Close Call

    This summer must have been hard enough on them with the dry weather. Used to see a lot of them on the golf courses years ago when running dogs.
  12. EDDIE B

    Bedlington stud dog Yorkshire

    I think even the mention of KC connected to any working dog, means you've already sold out. I'd have more respect for a mutt registered with KF bloody C. Most working breeds have been destroyed by that shower a c**ts! JMHO
  13. EDDIE B


    I'd be getting some knowledgeable sort onto that. Be a c**t to loose all those memories. I must of got mine out in time, before the c**ts start holding folk for ransom.
  14. EDDIE B


    I downloaded all pictures from photobucket to my phone in one go. Didn't take long. All in google photo's now.
  15. EDDIE B

    Action man

    Nice one! Another one we used, was a fuse. Blown ones, or ones you'd nick from the fathers shed. lol This was the creme de la creme. Remove cap at each end of fuse. Get role of caps, and fold them up, and then twist them as tight as possible into the fuse. The more you can get in, the better. Stick a match down, leaving half exposed. Light a match, and that ignites your matchstick fuse, and run like f**k!!!! lol