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  1. EDDIE B

    What are you watching on youtube?

    Yea I've repaired a washing machine, and tumble dryer in the last year and a half with YouTube. Cost me less than 50 bucks for both of them.
  2. EDDIE B

    What are you watching on youtube?

    Stuff like this
  3. EDDIE B

    The Gull Who Eats Pigeons

    Not sure if this has been up before. Interesting little video
  4. EDDIE B


    Nice one micky. Just had a look there. Nice to see there's plenty still going on in the trapping world.
  5. EDDIE B

    Golden Eagles.

    Packham has already jumped all over this, and is using it with great effect to further his agenda.
  6. EDDIE B

    big cats lol

    A yea, inferior trail cams over this side of the waters. You need the special anti cat blurring cams for that job.
  7. EDDIE B


    Was working with birdwatching Ireland some years ago. One swam out onto an Island on the Shannon, after ground nesting birds. Had to get NPWS out with a cage to trap it. Say they do huge damage especially if the place is crawling with them.
  8. EDDIE B


    This is a complete farce. This virus has been in Ireland for at least seven or eight years. So what is this all about then? Some smart arse using it as a means to get their way, that's what. How has it affected hare numbers in the UK? Doubt if it's doing that much damage. But low and behold, a rabbit has been found with the virus in Ireland, and their stopping the coursing of hares.
  9. EDDIE B

    big cats lol

    Actually seen a big black pussy in Leitrim myself one night. Mean looking f****r. Had no camera at the time. So you'll just have to take my word for it.
  10. EDDIE B

    Game of Thrones groupies

    New spin on the whole Game Of Thrones thing
  11. EDDIE B

    Dirty Rotten Cow!

    Such a pity they didn't cop what was going on, when the second little kid was still alive. Wonder would the bitch have gotten away with it, if she stoped after the first little one.
  12. EDDIE B

    Dirty Rotten Cow!

    Can't get much lower than this https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/08/01/woman-murdered-two-daughters-got-way-sex-life-faces-life-jail/
  13. EDDIE B

    That's More Like It

    Shouldn't be allowed in any civilised country https://www.thejournal.ie/burqa-ban-netherlands-4749888-Aug2019/?amp=1