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  1. This is typical of the shit that goes on here. Irish Government spent up to €1million a month on accommodation for Ukrainian refugees' pets - Dublin Live WWW.DUBLINLIVE.IE The Department of Integration picked up the tab for the accommodation of animals that...
  2. Bit like my young lad (19) with spiders. Swear there was a monster in the room, the feckin screams of him
  3. Did you ever think to yourself. Are rats getting bigger, or are dogs getting smaller
  4. Morant WWW.SCRIBD.COM asdf
  5. Even to tag along for a day's trapping, would be a great experience. Would be nice to make a few sets, but even to see first hand, how it's done, would be memorable.
  6. I find a lot of the guys over there, are really good people. I've been sent mink snares by a lad off that site, free of charge. Wouldn't even let me pay the shipping, and that can be steep as you well may know. Don is from PA, and those guy's are passionate about their mink trapping. Learnt a lot off that site, and Trapperman.com too.
  7. It's a convention type weekend organised by Don Powell. He has a nice little forum called minktrapping.com. Some great lads on that site. Dedicated to mink trapping, but also plenty of discussion on other types of trapping, hunting, fishing etc. Don sent me a t shirt just out of the kindness of his heart. Just a really nice genuine sort
  8. I was invited to minktoberfest a couple of times. Life just got in the way. With a special needs kid, it would be too much of a sacrifice for me personally. With minktoberfest ending soon I've missed that boat, but yea, maybe in the future I might be able to make something else happen.
  9. Be a dream come true for me. Regret not doing something like that when I was young free and single.
  10. I like how he fills the holes of the bricks with stalks of grass/reeds. Nice idea that.
  11. Yea we have tons of cormorants here too. Seems more and more each year. The pine marten are replacing the mink, and can't be touched. They are worse than mink when it comes to the birds.
  12. I've seen that where mink were heavily trapped on a small stream. The rat numbers exploded, with the lack of predation.
  13. That's bloody sacrilege!!
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