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  1. EDDIE B


    Where can i get this paint?
  2. Ok, so i skipped reading most the shit that has been spouted here the last few days, BUT i do think you have a point here. These cover up theories just hold no weight. It never sat right with me. The papers are full of shitty sightings, but if theres clear footage, or a dead animal on the road, its all covered up. I call bollox!!! Now personally, im on the fence. I feel there is a chance they might be out there. Im yet to see proof of it though.
  3. Micky you used to be plagued by foxes abd buzzards. Has that changed somewhat since you moved to where you are now?
  4. This is off the new Mark Bolan tribute album. I think its a fantastic version of Cosmic Dancer
  5. What about this one wolfdog? Same principle
  6. Im sure they will work just fine Wolfdog. Do you use pan triggers much on cage traps over there?
  7. Has Forteenacre not got a tutorial on making a break? Or maybe its in one of the trap making books
  8. Make the break!!! More than likely a youtube video or two on it
  9. Yes, as said not a new concept, but i also like making use of what i have. Ok, so im a tight *ucker lol
  10. Be careful lad, Remember what happened to Terry Nutkins
  11. Totally agree. Maybe that predatory instinct to keep killing when prey is plentiful, gives the mink the upper hand compared to a ferret. Same as when in a hen house.
  12. His video's make great viewing. I think he's takin on board some of the traditional methods used over this side of the waters, and combined them with his mink hunting. Ferrets have been used in a similar fashion, but not every ferret will tackle rats.
  13. EDDIE B


    Get in a competent Pest Controller Or get a can a petrol, and some matches!
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