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  1. EDDIE B

    Big Cat Sighting

    Sorry, but the big dopey head on yer one. The whole story sounds rubbish. From the dog getting the scratch on its nose, to yer man throwing sticks at it. First reaction would be to keep your kid safe, in such a situation. Also, if the natural reaction of these "big cats" is to just stand there and attack whatever comes it's way, instead of taking off, we'd have tons of footage/evidence. I mean, their either elusive, or their not.
  2. EDDIE B

    A.C Bred dogs

    Funny how the mention of AC always brings out the worst in people on here
  3. EDDIE B


    Some information here
  4. EDDIE B

    inside vs outside

    Mine know better
  5. EDDIE B

    Big Cat Sighting

    From Discover on Google https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7557847/Do-not-approach-cat-Semi-wild-Savannah-loose-Bristol.html
  6. EDDIE B

    inside vs outside

    Women and children can make a bollix out of any dog.
  7. EDDIE B

    Fell types

    Yea, I think that is why these days, a lot see Fell types as mere cross breeds more so than an actual type.
  8. EDDIE B

    Fell types

    Strange there aint much sign of that border in black dogs today. Maybe other traits pushed through after a couple of crosses. What we dug too years ago must have been mutts lol. No traits of border blood in them.
  9. EDDIE B

    Fell types

    The Patterdale, also known as a black Fell, comes in rough and smooth. It never has that border look to it. Just saying like
  10. EDDIE B

    Big Cat Sighting

    Greyman, would a cross between let's say, one of those clouded leopards and a domestic cat, show up positive for leopard DNA?
  11. EDDIE B

    Big Cat Sighting

  12. Will the caught birds not offend the neighbours?
  13. EDDIE B

    Funny Joke Thread

  14. EDDIE B

    Is this mice?

    Was gonna suggest looking inside them boot for droppings. Anyway, ya know what your up against. Be easy sort them.
  15. darrren, if your gonna check one trap, you might as well check a couple more