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  1. Something very theraputic about moulding your own balls just dont let the mrs catch you
  2. Oer mrs Jimmy,s bull end ,well its that allowed out in public then David
  3. New toys ,big grin ,now get a laser and beam like a loon atb
  4. Totally agree ,BASC ,boys association for Salmon and claret proposed this and got it accepted ,mm anyone asked to vote on it thought not.Basc say pay more and get a 10 year licence oh dear sorry we lied . Basc come up with a crackpot scheme where doctors know you have firearms and so do all their staff and it wont cost a bean ,oh damn we all know how that went ,que the Chief constables rubbing their hands with glee another hoop for these pesky gun owners to jump through.And surprise the 120k a year G,P,s decide to charge an arm and a leg to say yes nowts happened since his last renewal or just say we object sod off we aint signing anything . A little word of advise for BASC ,when no one can afford to shoot tungsten bismuth cheese cartridges or afford G,P,s charges do you think you,l have any members to pay subs or do you think the gravy train might be in the bottom of the ravine mm . I voted with my feet last year as did few dozen of my compardres , i do think the tap has been opened and you,l see a flood of ex BASC members
  5. There,s elderberries on a bush at the side of a lane not 7 miles away ,the weather is as mad as a bag of squirrels ,nice shooting Tex
  6. My Friend Tim a welsh hill farmer does his first 3 weeks in March ,non stop sleepless grind you guys have my respect and Mctavish of Sausagedogs i,m afraid 120 is about average for a laser the difference is mr Reynard sees I;R but cant see laser so he doesnt know your there . Jess aint daft she knows if i use the hose he,l think its raining and i can stay in
  7. BoJo is being led by the danglies,his enviroloon girlfriend is behind most of this carp ,he,s only interested in two things and 1 lives in a bra so there,l be more of this garbage coming soon
  8. Tomorrows shooters ,keen ready to learn and happy and mm no bledddy playstation in sight awesome
  9. Ah Vesta tv meals ,add water ,stir ,leave to stand for 2 minutes then throw in the bin and eat the box
  10. My Merican remmington express is actually chinese ,what isnt these days
  11. My perm has lampshy foxes and boy do they run away from i/r ,i was warned when i got it a couple of nuggets had made it difficult so its thermal spot ,and snap shot as the I/r does a Linford christie on them . The foxes and munties can both see I/R as can Badgers ,due to a recent cull around here any brock does a runner as soon as he,s spotted but the solaris lazer doesnt seem to bother them atb
  12. I couldnt win a cold in china about now
  13. go on go on go on count me in kind sir
  14. Yep BASC caused this can of worms and allegedly this Doc is allowed to review you and plod accepts it .But Basc aren't challenging any of this farce So plods won and 200k a year gp is laughing all the way to your cashpoint
  15. If you pop over to S/d and have a search Gav many unfortunates have fell "victim" to this totally going against Home office guidelines and feo,s are insisting on it total lottery due to where you live .And thats why i put the bit about BASC and their doctor scheme ,as some unscrupelous docs are asking 200 pound for this ,others arent being asked ,i wasnt but some say no letter no renewal . Its a u turn on what the BMA agreed with BASC and the home office when they put the licence fee up for a ten year licence which magically never happened
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