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  1. Sounds like he,s getting addicted ,but then whats not to like summer evenings ,bunnies for the pot and the sonic boom of the mouse gun breaking the tranquility
  2. Baldcoot

    hw95 tuning

    Have a google of Ratworks .co.uk up the road from me near Leicester .Hw airifles are a speciality of theirs and should be able to sort you out atb
  3. Baldcoot

    ASI Sniper (El Gamo)

    Got one for my 14th birthday ,gutless doesnt cover it ,squeeze the trigger and after a while ping it arrives at the target .Use to roll up coop stamps and shoot each other with them bout all there were good for . Wouldnt dream of using it on bunnies on our 25m range at the army cadets and it struggled to get there atb
  4. Baldcoot

    First time out with the maxus

    Nice "parliament " of crows that ,good result to christan the beasty
  5. Baldcoot

    Don't tell me this illegal....

    Offer him a job as mine clearance officer in Somalia ,ive got some steel wellys he can borrow and if we airdrop him in i,l provide a lead parachute too
  6. Baldcoot

    Took the lad out

    Well done Jimmy ,not only did you raise funds for your big shopping list ,youve made a good friend who knows his rifle is mint .Bunnies in the fridge beats paper targets all day atb
  7. Baldcoot

    This has cheered me up

    Do you know who i am ,i believe is the latin for "you must have heard of mee im the biggest cnut that works here
  8. Baldcoot

    Don't tell me this illegal....

    Give the super vet a call he likes a challenge
  9. Baldcoot

    Shot fox

    As above ,the landowner like to know them dead and a smelly one certainly does that
  10. not got the no how to download and turn to mp3 s/d .never known how S/D
  11. Upgraded me phone and so called smart switch didnt it trashed my pheasant call mp3.Any kind peeps able to send me the distressed Pheasant call i would be most grateful .May the fruit of your loins be bountiful and you sire many a fine son ,thanks in advance kind gentilfolk
  12. Baldcoot

    It’s only a matter of time

    You da man ,opened a can of whupass on her ,sleep well youve earned it S/L
  13. Baldcoot

    Remington Express. 22

    Yes the man selling it warned me to bed it in as you say they can go way over from new as theyre designed to be borderline max power so the wrong pellet could cause chrony "issues" And your right it is made in china as are most things these days ,still blame the yanks though just to make Trump throw his toys out the pram
  14. Baldcoot

    It’s only a matter of time

    I get very frustrated as my perm owner sees em during the day on his rounds but whenever i go to this or that area no fox . I go at random times <shift work> and dont see many at all .And the place is low on dens ,the transient foxes come in feed and bog off ,so he gets cross and i get peed off waiting for no show. Tried baiting and my icotec but the only called ones have been hand squeaks and mouse squeak ,due to the sporting estates around us being patrolled they are lampshy and i.r will have them running for the bus . You,l get the so n so when he least expects it ,good luck S/L
  15. Baldcoot

    Remington Express. 22

    Yep ,its a good one ,had about 125 pellets through so far to bed her in <Only another 875 to go > and keep using a cleaning pellet every 25 and boy is ming coming out of the barrel .When i took her out the box the barrel looked blocked there was that much grease in there ,god damn yankee,s need to calm down on rust prevention .Putting cheap pellets through her £6 a thousand from a local shop for local people a while back . Then she,s getting a favorite of mine and Remington actually recommend them ,H n N FTT,s ,and i,m going to try RWS through only coz im tight and have two tins doing nowt at the minute atb