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  1. Baldcoot

    Big old dog

    Not wrong Nath my Pheasant Fahjitas are far and away tastier than my Fox kebabs
  2. Baldcoot

    This one thought he was smart

    well done that man , Latin name Foxes eatus leadus ,also known as retired
  3. Baldcoot

    A new permission

    Looks a grand place to be BN ,and if the cider runs out a good place to set up a still ,so cider could be say apple brandy which is a great winter warmer if your chasing Polar bears or being chased by Polar bears
  4. Baldcoot

    FAC Inbound, time to shop

    If you want a length to extend your "appendage " Parker hale are cheap enough and will give you an extra 6" .If you need girth then Atec are a bit "wider" for the man who needs more of a handful .And as Walshie says if you need a fat one Sak,s is the 1
  5. Baldcoot


    Better night than me mate ,i just made car parts and wondered how many rabbits i see on the way home .That thermal scope is the "way forward" as them there Londinium folk are known to say .
  6. Baldcoot

    New pop up hide

    Yeah thats whats in the bag on the floor ,but as i wanted to show all its glory i pictured it without first as i didnt want to hide it ,if u pardon the pun
  7. Baldcoot

    New pop up hide

    45 quid Nathan ,sort of cheapish .Main use will be Pigeons with the air rifle but time will tell.And yes the chair is comfy ,drinks holder and a pouch for bino,s and a pouch for whatever chocolate or pop or maybe cake mm we like cake The 25 round mag is a lazy job ,load up 1 mag and just carry a Mel B wallet with a reload in it. Folds up easy enough just need a set of pegs as it didnt come with 1 but without pegging it out you have a wibbly wobbly job on your hands atb
  8. Well now ,took my self and my new tool to the farm and unloaded in a likely spot .Before even unpacking saw a white butt in the distance ,quick load and rest on the gate 1 down first 5 minutes wow impressed myself .Set up and worked out how to get in of course the rifle is longer than the hide but a bit of draped camnet sorted this, minor issue .Quick scan and a buck was about 70yds away having a play time for number 2 .By dark oclock 4 shot but only 2 worth bringing back clean of mixxy .This location has 3 warrens and seems like 2 are clear ,happy with the hide yes ,could do with with a shorter barrel but will do for pigeons and for my perm as its tree lined but open fields apart from the plantation . And the chair is sturdy which is good for a large gentleman such as myself
  9. Baldcoot

    FAC Inbound, time to shop

    Happy days welcome to the you cant do that in here club ,the correct reply is yes mrs then wait till she,s asleep .
  10. Baldcoot

    More 410'ing.

    Great shooting as always Nath ,love the cammo look and Jess,s smile says it all
  11. Baldcoot


    We all learn more everyday,old dog new tricks etc and blah.I wont go out without my Pulsar spotter now the grass is so high that the thermal sees what these old eyes cant. But much as i,d love a thermal scope the 3k plus price tags gotta come down a fair bit as i cant afford the divorce that would come with it.I know Scott country are doing a 650quid jobby but no reviews and no look see footage so i,l wait n see on that 1.l Looks like Pav,s got it sussed 29 in a night ,i.d take two weeks to see that many at the minute well done both of you on "a grand night out eh Grommit"
  12. Baldcoot


    Mac thats got more knobs than the Palace of Westminster ,does the Hawke come with a spare hand to operate it .Time to take my 97k for a stroll down Pigeon lane again ,the .22lr has been doing the bunnies but now the grass is higher than Friday night in the Uni bar so its time to give the Birds a tickle . Dont know how u chose i struggle with the 3 to choose from ,you must specialise in enny-meeny-miny-mo or some other special selection method atb
  13. Baldcoot

    Air Arms Pro Sport .177

    MMMmm never heard of FW Pro sport or FW Hw97k only saying like
  14. Baldcoot


    Vision King = Hawke ,same factory same innards but a suitable price saving and the money could be put towards "I need it Mrs "