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  1. Baldcoot

    C02 rifle advice

    Just P,m me your address if he neeed,s it we all have needfull things ,well thats what i tell her indoors when the postman comes
  2. Baldcoot

    C02 rifle advice

    Does he have a scope for it or would he like a scope for it ??.I have an a.n.other Jap scope if u want it for him to get started think of it as an extra pressie from someone who,s first air rifle was a lowly A.S.I Sniper in .177
  3. Baldcoot

    Elusive Charlie

    Spent hours and hours in a similar situation farmer see,s him and texts me .I go bait up and set the caller no joy at all.Then he comes and goes as he pleases whilst i,m at work so farmer is peeded off as am i .He,s a big old dog and no one has got near the so n so .Several have tried but he,s a transiant and so there,s no den to watch and he changes his route across the farm i share your pain
  4. Baldcoot

    Advice on a shot gun

    Got a couple of brand names that are nice to use but my go to that has the best fit is my 230 quid Hatsan semi.It sits right and fits right and no it,s never let me down . They are a marmite gun but i love mine as it works well.Clean the gas ports and spring slide tube and all,s well and carry a spare "o" ring seal <£2 for piece of mind> If you find the stock extension works keep what you got unless you get shinyitiss then YOU must buy more shotguns as its the law
  5. Baldcoot

    Tikka T3xTAC A1

    Try the Tikka T3 lite then as then name suggests a lightweight version ,easy to carry but no tac fittings i,m afraid
  6. Baldcoot

    Tikka T3xTAC A1

    Only a pound more than my old L1A1 in 7.62 that the goverment let me carry around Germany a while back so not that heavy imho.Just get a ghillie to carry your sticks and bino,s you,l be fine
  7. Baldcoot

    some bloke called Dave add on

    Bump ,works well just prefer my Photon for eye relief etc
  8. Baldcoot

    Pulsar XQ38F

    Yellow on my simple but highly effective xq23v Walshie .In the woods the lowest settings going 5 or 6 on bright and contrast as overnight it gets a bit eye strain if too bright .The grey with heat <red glow>is also effective atb and good hunting
  9. Baldcoot

    Game but no vermin.

    We put 40 down last season and boy are they very very good at not being shot at .I think they have a Klingon cloaking device or somesuch stealth technology .But most important of all Mark you were out there
  10. Baldcoot

    Tomorrow is the day

    Chocolate Hobnobs all the way and enjoy the journey
  11. Baldcoot

    C02 rifle advice

    Lidl have them in too,and the 900 is a great suggestion ,U/D has 1 as does get results with it .He did a little report on here on it .Ive got the ratcatcher and its only rated at 6lb foot and lasts 20 to 25 shots tops so the Chinese pcp is a better option imho atb
  12. Baldcoot

    TX 200 HC MK 3 .177.

    Well done Mark hate them evil harbingers of doom ,1 less to listen too
  13. Baldcoot

    Another newbie

    Hello ,sister lives near that there Cardiff ,greetings and good luck with the perm chasing
  14. Baldcoot


    Greetings ,hello and welcome
  15. Baldcoot

    Shot and ball.

    Nice to see ,a grand day out destressing from modern life .Work gets in the way too much