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  1. Baldcoot

    Saturday nite 3 in a bed

    Bye eck David you been turning the bullets round to make dum dums thats a serious hole and mr Reynard isn,t getting up from that anytime soon .Nath a man of your "calibre" will soon have another chicken chaser in the bag atb
  2. Baldcoot

    Myxi Again

    Evil nasty idea,lets come up with a way of giving an animal a horrible slow death,go nutty scientist go.Hopefully as people said they were recovering and the clear ones may be a sign you have mixy resistant bunnys and it doesnt spread atb
  3. Baldcoot

    Bloody Typical

    Perseverance is the key ,my landowner see,s far more foxes without a firearm in toe than i do when the caller /bait is set up.The random times i go due to shift work means following his sightings when i can and when it pays off bingo but 3 out of 4 its no show. Keep it up lads he aint expecting you so when he gets "routine" youl get him atb
  4. if its as loud as my old P/H mod then buy a Sacs far quieter imho and only 40 quid
  5. Baldcoot

    An hour out in colour.

    What a terrible place to shoot NOT , a gorgeous looking place to be .And a well unusual coloured bunny to boot .Theres a couple of those at the local lorry depot where i work but as it runs along side the A38 where you expect them jumping out the lorries
  6. Baldcoot

    Carbon remover

    oven magic eats carbon its a rubber glove job though Dave ,tis a hydrocloric acid solution .Or if you have alloy mods then meths/parrafin and a nylon or brass brush atb
  7. Baldcoot

    Size isnt everything ,ooer mrs

    Hi Nath give Mike Noble a ring at M J Noble arms n militaria he,s only 6 miles from me and stocks Black powder, .He has a website ,his number is 01530 411627.Youl love his collection and shop its right up you street atb
  8. Baldcoot

    Aahhhhhrrrrr £!@##$%

    Feel your pain ,sat watching a beep beep in amongst the horses in the front garden across the road from my perm as though the critter knew no chance of being shot at .Would it come to any call no it @)((&&&& wouldnt .
  9. Baldcoot

    Size isnt everything ,ooer mrs

    Tis the other side of Stoke Nathan a nice run out on a Saturday and he,s a nice bloke to deal with
  10. Baldcoot

    Size isnt everything ,ooer mrs

    I say where do you park your horse ,yehaa
  11. Baldcoot

    Size isnt everything ,ooer mrs

    Tis a fat body ,the longer Barrel tapered from this "body" ,its all 1 piece ,no shroud or sleeve atb
  12. Well now love my cz452 ,but the 22" long barrel was a bit much in some areas and no good for out of the window from the car.I had a chat with Mike at Brock n Norris who said come on down and it,l be whilst you wait. Well a "size" reduction op i was very nervous but he talked me through each stage as he did the do and an hour later it was done and unlike a boob job this was unreversable .What had i done it was a lot shorter a lowly 14" + mod ,felt far easier to handle . Off to the farm and a quick zero before dark and off to the barns of "Big nutz" the farm ram didnt have to wait much past dark and 2 come out to play ,first shot 1 down and 1 disapeared faster than Usain bolt .No worries i got a signed pass to be out from the boss .Kicked back with a choc bar and waited 20 mins sure enough inquisitive got the better and "mum" came to find her lad well she joined him in my game bag . Well pleased <cheers Mike> and now i can sit in the car and wait in comfort .Oh and the ammo was cci subs segmenteds before after
  13. Our Local Headway charity shop has a pair of Carl Ziess Jenoptem 8x3o c/w with the famous leather case for 50 quid .I have a pair myself cracking little handy binos . So if you want quality at a bargin price it,s on Market st Ashby Cheers all
  14. Baldcoot

    What ballistic 308 ammo?

    I use powershock 168g after wildboar jn Monmouth , Sako 123g for fox or similar .Powershock 150g also good on Red deer
  15. Baldcoot

    Two more hit the deck

    Nice work David ,shame about the tea but we all know to stop a quiet spell either roll a fag ,open your flask or put the rifle down and turn round to have a pee and last but no means least start eating a sarnie