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  1. Baldcoot

    Right place right time ....

    Orrible things ,back in the day when the animal wrongs loons released 1000,s from a farm in Staffordshire it devastated our fishing areas for years .Bleddy idiots killed so much wildlife by their stupidity
  2. Baldcoot

    Nice little bargain

    Well done mine was the ex demo 1 from Optics warehouse but only had the i/r pill so you sure get the Baargin there Longshankx
  3. Baldcoot

    More foxes!

    Well done Shovel ,my evening trip after 2 hours of no charlie turned into a deluge absolutely soaked .Thats foxing back up sunday pm as the little baarstewards add 2 poults and a pigeon
  4. Baldcoot

    More foxes!

    Go get im or her Shovel ,my last outing was a blank but the patches of feathers tell a tale so me n my trail cam are off up Friday at a different time to see if mr Charles is sunbathing .Mr CCI seg says he will have a chat with the fox for me if he,s about and if not Trailcam can let me know whats occurring with the so n so .I only shot 1 of the pair from the next farm along <anti shooting > but they were feeding on our end so 1 down ,1 to go .
  5. Have you looked for a second hand 1 ,perhaps or has it got to be shiny .Theres many a good used package available and it,l give you some change to buy "that old thing had it years love " kind of thing
  6. Same her Stavross ,the wife is 4ft 10" but her stack of shoes is a lot taller but not allowed in "conversations " about spending typical bleddy woman
  7. MM i,l see your £1000 and raise you 29,995 for a Jag ,boy have you been mugged
  8. Mrs Stravross has done a menu for your tea ,for starters mm Cold shoulder and for main course Spicy tounge ,the dog is having steak and your your having the dogs bed in the garage
  9. Baldcoot

    Not to proud of this one (fox)

    One less to worry about and size doesnt matter, teeth and claws are there for 1 reason only .You did the right thing David
  10. Baldcoot


    Still got a couple of boxes of Hymax in the safe ,but on fox drives we tend to use No 5 shot and its taken 4 foxes cleanly but all under 25yds and all engine room shots .As everyone says a close range engine room is the best as its a clean kill we all aim for .There,s a variety of BB and various big sized cartridges out there but 36g of no5 will do the job as will .22l/r or .243 .Nobody wants a wounded animal so imho the 2nd shot should always be ready to be applied as the best shot in the world cant allow for an animal turning/ducking or moving at the last second . And Jess is a cracking gundog ,she,l never win Crufts but she doesnt need too her work is obvious quality
  11. Baldcoot

    Not a lot about

    Result as usual B/N ,Plenty on the seaside caravan site iv,e just been on .Fish,chip and burger flavour Pigeon Pie anyone
  12. Baldcoot

    Summer foxing

    Well done Walshie ,that,s good going for an evenings work and good to see your "trainee,s" not being left out
  13. Baldcoot

    A walk round the shoot

    I got 1 last year and 1 this year so far but due to shifts am only there a couple of hours every 2/3 weeks .But as a shoot normally i,d say 3 or 4 get the shotgun treatment as well so say 6 a year tops but the shoot is surrounded by sheep farms so the whole area is "protected" by a ring of like minded farmers so foxes dont last long hereabouts .The new threat seems to be Polecats and the odd Stoat very vicious little predators those
  14. There.s always lessons to be learned from nature luckily i wasnt too drowsy and dreaming of ice cold beer in that heat
  15. Unsubtle text message from the shoot capt last week ,get em and do it quickly the poults have arrived ,Fox ,stoat or polecat get rid asap .Trouble was muggins was off with the family drinking wine ,eating cheese and taking a few rays.So on the return Monday thinks i,l get up there about 9pm be nice and cool ,wrong sooo wrong . Gear on and goes and sits in my favourite bush for an hour no sign of anything bunny fox or otherwise till a solitary Partridge decides to strut his thing and then legs it .Curious methinks so slowly <very in the heat > walks the field boundry to see whats happening and clocks her through the gate .The one half of a pair ive been watching for 2 weeks ,well she,s done it now crossed to our side from the stables where she was safe. Not a care in the world as she cavourts and scratches her butt towards me but being fully Ghillie suited and behind the gate post invisible to her as she broadsides a quick whistle stops her in her tracks and pop off goes the CCI seg in .22l/r.Hearing that reasuring thwack down she goes. Not the biggest vixen in the world but it,s less cubs for next season and more birds for this atb