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  1. Drill holes,short length of chain put a piece of Dowell on the end or more solid for the ahem larger gents use a Clevis pin atb
  2. Dont need a range in Birmingham ,youve got Alum Rock and Aston Lozells
  3. Plenty of wabbits up here they must have a submarine though the roads around here were called rivers when i were a lad
  4. You've kept your sense of humour anyway Phil, don't worry I'm sure your carer will carry that heavy table for you,mine does. Care in the community is great, but the long sleeved jacket that ties at the back not,so much
  5. Here you go Phil under a tenner from Dung mill
  6. Sympathy Phil lives in the dictionary between shit and syphilis look it up sometime ,its the only sympathy you,l get from these "ahem" gentlemen .How about 1 of those folding tables for you old uns to keep your dinner on whilst you shout at the telly There only 9.99 from the Home store i got me 79 year old mum 1 atb
  7. Mine is the 12mm lens and not focus fussy at all ,once set not had to mess about with it at all,using mainly on a Hawke vantage with front AO which i leave on 50m and near or far no dramas atb
  8. Got the 007 on my .22rf and .243 for foxing ,it pees on Photon from a great height and keeps its zero .With the solaris laser on takes it to the next level ,yes a drone would be bells n whistles but if like me you can only afford whistles the 007 Pard covers all the bases imho . 2 x adaptors =1 add on works on my Hawke and Leupold scopes so u have whatever mag u prefer and yes T ,Jacks has sour grapes as they know the pards make photon look pooh . Mine came from CRS ,but Blackwoods on here is highly recommends by many as well and if u can av a look see before hand u decide what works bestest for Mr Stav rather than going by someone elses opinion and thinking oh bugger why did i bother atb
  9. Well after an 8 week cull nothing for 4 weeks ,then the first 1 has appeared along with a nervous Munty buck so give it a month and itl be "what cull" have you really had 1
  10. old age ,senility ,hairloss ,shouldve gone to specsavers ,who will ever know ,this fox is turning into your Moby dick ,capt Ahab good luck its probably under the hedge waiting for u to find it
  11. Yep at 5m a 123g Sako ballistic tip wouldve stopped her farting in church and theyve already shot 11 in 4 weeks so the gamekeepers happy as as are the Pheasants and the Munty fawns aint complaining
  12. Half 7 Saturday morning watched 1 follow my scent to the high seat looked up realising i was looking at her through a leupold vx1 and im sure i heard a "GULP" as worked out what i was .Luckyist fox in britain as too shoot her would have scared every Fallow in half a mile so i reluctantly watched her walk away ,the guide went back for her Sunday but im guessing she got the bus home as a no show thats stalking for you
  13. He,s happy ,his wifes happy ,the physiciatrists happy job solved ,and theres a far bit of lead ,loving the mini bullets
  14. Frustrating as hell when they,re educated to calls and seem to know where to sit without being in shot as it were ,youl get him Stav he,s only gotta make one mistake his last
  15. Same here 4 hours out Friday night not a tickle ,no calling heard and no foxes seen weird ,still the aftermath of the badger cull driving all away i guess
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