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  1. Your happy why not I know a bloke local to me still spots n shoots using a cluelite . It's rated to 600m and with a orange lens held against his scope dead is dead . Why spend just because, unless you persuade your shoot captain to buy 1 just saying
  2. Went yesterday, free ticket again good day out . Gunmakers row well represented, some bargains if u looked .Just the odd realtree plonker especially in the heat. Met some friends from Wales and met that there you tube chef Scott Rhea. Embarrassing watching him totally butcher a munty in 15 mins .Then My mates daughter asks why we take half a day ? Hawk area impressive and plenty of clothing ,pikeys appeared mid afternoon and made themselves popular as nettles in your underwear Good day out and some nice beers to try .
  3. Was it the "relief of Mafaking " or the floaty light experience
  4. 2x grandsons ,granddaughter n son got it .1 brought it home n it's spreading like cheese
  5. The dungarees n straw hat do for most of us but he plays a mean banjo
  6. Daughter had 6 kids ,you crack on Ben ,the shepherdess woman has 9 . Your just warming up
  7. On the way had this sunset, after 3 hours of constant drizzle swam home. Should have known the weather people lied again, no rain till 4am. Not in my world
  8. Mm the hunting life should be renamed"the sarcastic barstewards " imho
  9. Have you bought it tackle tart ??
  10. Thanks lads ,back tomorrow somewhere called reality. No fun trying to rear pheasants in this monsoon, poor things seem to struggle in any soggy weather. And the foxes will be having a field day.
  11. Lucky escape, in Bridlington for my birthday. Drove up yesterday in torrential doom ,20 yd visibility thinking omg .But all day today bright sunshine . Forced to eat great food and drink cider in the sun . No it's nowt to do with shooting but it's been "a grand day out eh Grommet "
  12. Give Tinker tailor ,soldier spy a run out ,the remake with Gary Oldman. Thinking man's thuggery and a great crew of actors imho
  13. Wow sks high velocity. 22 rimmie do that eye popping, it's spooky the first time. Must be some oomph from those slugs.
  14. If I'm not online for a while ,tell em to look under the patio
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