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  1. Baldcoot

    Out with robin foxer

    Only got a 23v Stav but i can see all i need ,osses for courses .Yes i,d love bells n whistles but i dont have them dollars so what ive got works though as Dave say XQ38 is the best rated of them all .Ive used my pals 50 and yes its good but the same issue applies thermal shows all but the price is omg
  2. Luckily we has specialist metal mangalers to rectify any little <AHEM alright not so likkle >errors we make and unlike us they know what theyre doing .Alledgedly the sear was hardened but that stupid pivot hole makes a weak spot ,why there,s no little bush or bearing to take the stress out is beyond this simpleton . A wire cutting machine could churn hundreds of these out in a day so wtf AA are doing is not having spares is carp atb
  3. Baldcoot

    Mumbo jumbo!

    Yep every couple of years the green fnuckwitz try and get leadshot banned and Face the pro=shooting group of orgs try and usually get this sheet thrown out .But the gleens are getting more organised themselves so any requests for information in support from SgO ,Sacs etc then the Euro M,ps listen and throw this out . It,s getting more n more them and us ,im afraid as they <treehugger tewatts>do not do reason,common sense and fact based arguments ,rather lies ,falsehoods and downright B./S to get their way .And yes S/d they dont give a monkeys about Blackpowder stick users . Packham and his chums are trying to ban all shooting whilst spouting the lie that he isnt opposed to s hooting <WTF> So saying releasing Pheasants feeds crows,foxes and predators causing them to thrive ,ban Pheasants =no corvids ,foxes or other muncher,s as nature will balance out ,mm dont thinks so
  4. He,s had 1 made as no 1 had 1 in.Thanks for the help lads,
  5. Baldcoot

    Badgers only eat worms don’t they .

    One of my perms has watched lambs ripped apart by these fluffy likkle tree huggers friends and got so angry that theyre protected as she said who the hells protecting my lambs. The irony of the bullswallowers that beleive everything spouted by May ,prickham etc but refuse to believe the truth when videos footage is shown boils my pee .They are wild dogs nothing more and eat nesting birds ,theyre eggs ,lambs and baby anything they can get their stinking teeth into ,wkae up Britain before the hedgehog ,Lapwing and Plover become extinct
  6. Yep i,l stick to mY HW and me crazy B2 ,them shinys look the bizz new but if there,s no back up thats a choclate fireguard imho .You dont fork out that sort of dollars and expect the maker to yawn and pretend you dont exist when if breaks . Jim,s a good lad but a bit laid back if i got this schlit from them i,d be screaming it from the rooftops till they sorted it .Just waiting on his luck or not Monday i,l keep you posted ,thanks for your help gents
  7. Top sear ff, he,s,waiting on Julien bond who thinks he might have 1 cheers fellas
  8. Cheers Archie will pass it on
  9. Hi all a pal at work has,had the trigger sear snap on his,AA510. Air arms ain't helping any and all the dealers he spoke said out of stock . Would any of you great people,have 1 knocking about or know someone who could make 1.Thanks in advance cheers
  10. Baldcoot

    A good night foxing

    You need to move upto Helicopters with Stavross Dave ,airbourne the Foxes wont know what hit em .Good nights de-stressing there and all the best to your mum and Mrs
  11. Baldcoot

    The good news is.....

    Arrows ,S/D as always ,my .243 has issues too Hornady whitetail or fiochhi bang on ,PPu well now did i want a 2 to 3 or 3 n arf inch group no .Its a choice 25 quid a box 1 " group u pay 15 quid u get what u get
  12. Baldcoot

    Growing Peppers...advice please!

    Can be vaugely mild to blow your socks off ,if your not a hot hot eater dont use the seeds in your food .Not as hot as Jalapeneos but can still be bad to the unwary enjoy in a nice caserole or stew or like my mrs in a salad for a kick atb
  13. Baldcoot

    Night vision??

    When i got this perm i was warned due to previous attempts at fox control they were lamp shy and boy the first time i lit one up it went like a scolded cat .And even the photons i.,r got them scuttling so its thermal spotter to as close as ,holding it over the scope with pard 007 then on shoot ,done .When your surrounded by lotsa perms your not always the 1 doing the "educating " so have to make do .
  14. Baldcoot

    Night vision??

    You sound like my dad S/D ,when we wanted walkie talkies as kids we got 2 plastic cups and a piece of string and binoculars were 2 toilet roll tubes held together with 2 of mums hairgrips ahh the good old days ,TB ,Ricketts n Gout