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  1. Baldcoot

    Aquirrel had no ears!.

    cos your a bloke woman,s ears only work for when a man says have some money darling or i,l pay for that dear
  2. Baldcoot

    stops play

    Hailstorms and mad wind here in the bright sunshine ,weather,s crazier than a bag of squirrels
  3. Baldcoot

    Two for two.....

    Arrows as usual Nath,u know what your doing with them old bang sticks
  4. Baldcoot

    Cartridge belts ?

    Tis Good stuff ,and dont worry about the extra holes ,Gentlemen of a certain age are entitled to a middle aged spread
  5. Baldcoot

    Cartridge belts ?

    Looks identical to mine ,a tenner from Whitby church indoor boot sale ,came up a treat using renapur ,must have been out in the same weather as Nath mines a bit tight around the waist as well
  6. Baldcoot

    Jimmy's new project.......

    Yes i think mr Heckler and mr Koch would pop around with some large gents in black overalls for a chat ,at a distance that,s a realistic piece "concerned citizen" would be phoning that in rather rapid as their bum was going 2p , 1/2p at a rate of knotts
  7. Baldcoot

    Jimmy's new project.......

    Quite useful for getting to the front of the queue at the bank methinks
  8. bump price reduced again
  9. Baldcoot

    Bushnell Powerview 12x50

  10. Baldcoot

    Hw 35

    Mark is the Vintage shooting man ,and to touch the barrel is not just Satanism it,s like insanely pointless.Carbine,s are 2 a penny please listen to Viz and let Mark give it a good home. The money will get u a goodly range of carbine,s to choose from atb
  11. Baldcoot

    1 bunny

    You was out B/N thats the main thing ,it,s freezing,minging ,raining,and all the ging,s you care to think of here .I,m not surprised the bunnies are staying in and throwing another carrot top on the fire
  12. Baldcoot

    Sheep, sheep, sheep 🐑

    Thats a hell of a shot in that little breeze we had last night ,not that any of my fields are that big .Well done a pleased farmer is a happy farmer and hopefully tells his friends
  13. Baldcoot

    Am still about.

    Nice to see your still in action ,Nathan did wonder if you,d re-herniad yourself pushing it a bit active atb
  14. Baldcoot

    Good size dog

    Something that becomes a swan after 8 or 9 pints
  15. Baldcoot

    Jihadi Jack wants to come home now boo hoo hoo.

    Let em do penance 6 months in steel soled ammo boots mine clearing in Syria ,then 6 months in a refugee camp in Chernobyl cleaning irradiated windows and eating Chernobyl grow vegg should do it