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  1. Just watched 6 Days ,a true story of how dumbass Iranian Arabs were conned into hijacking the Iranian embassy by Iraqi intelligence. Of course the rest is history, SAS wait till a hostage is killed then Maggie says go n kick arse . Shows all ,the stress political shenanigans, the poor sas hanging off his rope burning on live TV. Gritty drama and very realistic imho
  2. Sx3 or sx3 or sx3 ,mines synthetic so wipes down with a cloth.Takes upto goose loads happily and any pigeon load without issues.
  3. Tom Clancy,s Without remorse ,good 2 hours worth of kill everybody and a twist in the tail. Absolutely nothing to do with the book other than the characters names but worth a punt. Free on Amazon
  4. No brainer at that price ,1 of each colour and a wooden 1 just because
  5. Cracking modern "warfilm" on fim 4 ,Hunter Killer about a nutty Russian Kidnapped their president to start a war . Gerald Butler at his best ,lotsa action ,suspense and what if a good 2 hours worth .
  6. Finders keepers losers weepers
  7. Would that Lambo be a " Lambretta" Jimmy or has Derv give u his spare car
  8. I can't afford the dust caps for the Bentley
  9. Emotional subject, Dirlwanger only employed convicted criminals. Murderer,s rapists etc so not the nicest bunch and many many of them literally got away with murder in the name of Germany.
  10. Extractio Urinio ,taka da pees ,but as we know "the fool n his money are easily parted" .If i spent 4k on this i better make sure ive got enough money for the divorce that went with it .
  11. MM interesting application mr smith 30mm raden cannon ,remind me again oh thats right as a green party member you,d like to go "lead free"
  12. Nothing close to lead ,that's why the world over military uses copper jacket lead . As we know the terminal energy transfer on deformity means dead is dead.And ricochet is reduced by this . A lot more research and testing before lead is replaced cheaply and safely imho
  13. Watched the old guard with Charlize Theron the other night an amusing romp of a immortal movie. The cgi effects when they regenerate are excellent if s bit sickening, great ending. Ok it's a mishmash of several films but kills 2 hours happily.
  14. Well went squirrel hunting in the crappie weather and ended up watching a calf birth instead. Set off in icy winds walking the hedgerow as the snow began to fall much commotion as a cow gave birth. But no maternity ward here ,mum promptly cleared off leaving her shivering wet calf in the lurch. Quick call to warn the farmer and I kept watch awaiting mums return and the farmers arrival. Luckily when he got here he " persuaded " mum to accept her calf and using a bit of French herded them into a barn out the snow n wind. An otherwise exciting incident in a dead loss hunt as
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