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  1. Time for a dozen white eggs ,some deeks and a cammoflauge gentleman with a bang stick. Magpies here well on the rise as well
  2. It's the right way up in me phone ,must have stood on me head when posting
  3. Had a frustrating night like yours S.d ,took a wabbit to bait up ,started calling and in it ran a small fox. For whatever reason it suddenly stopped turning round and legged it through a ditch . Well frustrating
  4. Are you at Westminster that's full of .......
  5. Sat in a high seat watching idiot laughing whilst her dog put the pheasants up. After she walked past the private keep out sign ,about sh.. herself when I popped up and said you know your trespassing
  6. This Ukraine war is the cause, a massive percentage of wheat comes from there and Russia. Ukraine can't produce and Russia is embargoed so the US and Canada are coining it in . It's only going up and up ,order now itl be at least 350/400 a ton next season.
  7. Fraid so mr S .d ,I didn't know till it arrived and I bolted it on the wraith. Got a lamp shy fox that' sees I.r so tried 940 and computer says no. So 850 back on and see plenty far enough.
  8. Got a 940 that you have have for cost S.d .Got 1 for my Wraith but its only happy with 850. Pm if you're interested atb
  9. Bloody badgers eat other badgers, orrible creatures
  10. No the grubament are trying to stop it but no one can afford fertiliser now
  11. Yeah lack of nitrogen allegedly so Defra going to let you use manure again and rollocks to the E.u . Can't get more natural than sugar hotel India tango ,and most farms and politicians have lots
  12. Your mum doesn't need an emergency fan belt from the garage Stav but if you want to get her an expensive smelly petrol is available
  13. Same last night ,lambs in the fields, no moon bound to be a fox about. No not a 1 ,sky dark ,cold no wind but couldn't find a fox if I'd put an add on gumtree. That's hunting for you ,still the keebab on the way home was nice
  14. Wasn't the bullet from the rabbits was it . Thought you were training to be Scottish
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