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  1. Yes its official Newcastle is closed so check out early or 2 weeks in a room in Newcastle for you my lad
  2. Browny points time is very painful for us husband types ,they have strange ideas them women do
  3. Does seem a bit smoke n mirrors, warning of toerags yes .Tall tale ? Saw the article the other day and wondered why it hadn't made the TV news and or national newspapers?
  4. The wickes 1 is a fair depth Phil you may be pleasantly surprised or have a look at the big store box from Aldi for 15 quid that may suit your needs atb
  5. Banjo check,dungarees check ,6 toes on each hand check,bloodhound called Cleatus check
  6. Dont forget, never pick up the soap in the shower
  7. Its Latin name is costus nowtus which translated means they're loss your gain ,cheers easy. And paranoia is good ,who said that
  8. You got guests and i dont think you invited them
  9. Icotec 350 ,never pulled a fox near. Best fox call fake mouth caller 1.50 from China brought 4 foxes in. Technology isn't all its cracked up to be
  10. Derbyshire police put warning posters up to deter hare coursing, like wow a sign that,l work . Far more scary than boots on the ground
  11. They don't care because the police don't come.Reported a silver Ford ranger no number plate 2xpikeys hare coursing police came out 3hours later and ooh shock they,d already "travelled "away
  12. Bugga when that happens Si. Sat in a high seat watching for a clear shot on a Fallow whilst a fox sat at my feet To shoot the fox meant the Fallow would get away and shooting the deer meant foxy cleared off sharpish. Youl get them creatures of habit they,l be back.
  13. Oh and for all those who forgot Merica saved us from the nasty germans switched off U571 a load of scheisse about how they recovered the enigma machine without anyones help
  14. Watched Jungle last night ,shows just how dumb "woke ,hippy backpackers " are but its a true story and the main character had the will to survive x 20 a good use of a spare hour .
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