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    Just seems like a he’s trying to buy his way into the coursing game for bragging rights and wouldn’t of give the hares a second thought if it wasn’t illegal, why else would he be on here spilling his guts about what he gets up to. Another brain dead Facebook warrior.
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    I know a shit load of lads that are nothing but honest about their dogs be it lurcher, terrier or hound and are actually their own dogs biggest critics but then again they aren’t peddlers and ain’t trying to sell the dream to dreamers, you’ll realise at some stage that if you keep honest reliable company more than often honest reliable dogs come your way either free or for very little.
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    i'm getting to that age now rossett hunting with the summer sun on my back lol its fingers crossed
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    problem is the snowflacks ,vegis and all the other wierdos take notice of him .and that ilk of looneys seems to be growing ..
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    my 13month bitch. fingers crossed for next season
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    There are 3 sides to every argument. Your side. Their side, and the truth.The sooner some of you lads learn that, the better your decisions will be. I spent decades "knowing" what I wanted. I've seen some good dogs been put under the sod on the back of such thinking. Some commenting on this thread need to learn what they need from a dog. Wants are for dreamers.
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    Brown Hare Stare by Martin Billard, on Flickr
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    Cry baby its really back fired on you trying to get a rise on this topic, all you have managed to do is show people your a fool
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    What s your point I done more in one season than you have in your full life
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    Listen I was out doing a bit while you daddy was offering to share his miget gems with your mum at the back of the bus so pipe down sweet cheeks
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    My best friend is 40 years older than me I'd give up my own life for him my other is my father in law both are real onarable men true friends are hard to.come buy Atb stay lucky pups looked well looked after good luck john
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    It’s a fact of life but you’ll never keep such company as your to much of a bellend. .
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    The countryside belongs to people and he should not force his opinions on everybody else.. if he feels so bad then he can buy his own land and tell people no hunting letting others to decide whats fitting for the land they own.. I'm think it shall only get worse
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    Your need to respond to my post tells me as much about you as your reply does.
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    Looks allwhite
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    that's just perverted.
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    Truth is give it a couple of weeks and it will all stop ... because it doesn’t matter how many pertitions are sighed and how many threats he gets nothing will change , first it was hunting ban , now it’s ban on shooting birds soon it will be shooting altogether and hunting all together that is banned because this country is f****d ,, I feel the ship has already sailed
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    that second pic foxpack is a fine stamp indeed reminds me of a fawn dog from that area atb
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    Thanks mate, I always enjoy trips to the flat, just had a nice meal.
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    will you show it mate
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    More random shit? That's enough of this for me, like I said, when you're all grown up and have reared and trained a decent dog yourself, you'll get some respect. You'll find out dogs mature at different rates and all sorts of things that come with experience, not when you're an immature gobshite who runs his mouth without thinking. Keep on point and slipping and may you one day reach maturity and grow up.
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    Nice one si, that would be great, il let you know in the next few days, thanks for the offer pal
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    Looks like cry baby has spat his dummy out and fecked off in the huff
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    Cheers , he keeps himself in shape doesn't stop pulling never mind how many hours of road work , very laid back almost nervy at home , would take on a bull outdoors
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    2nd dog in the picture a nice looking animal fair play
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    For that little comment let’s hope or paths never cross because I’ll kick your teeth down your throat and I’ll start with the back ones first.
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    Surprised hes still got a job must be in with the in crowd at the BBC
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    Asked 3 or 4 times and not answered. Like I said, you might do better with your 2nd.
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    So what you are saying , you don’t wear The trousers
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    If they were getting dragged all over why didn't you leave them of for a few months and every pup is different mentally as well a physically at that age and should be entered as such even if it means waiting a few months
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    I always know where my car is. On permission. So I’ve never felt that pain.
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    So why are you worried about loosing your car?
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    We'll I love reading stories from over sea hunters and seeing your pictures so keep calm and keep posting lads
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    if you do the flixton one on the 6th drop me a pm bn... sort you out a rabbit session out!
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    Make your mind up dimwit, either I go ferreting and run away crying when 'my dog' grips a deer, or whatever is supposed to have happened, or I'm a dogless anti. Come on, choose
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    Trench, the kid's another bellend. f**k knows what post he thinks I put up about some deer when I was ferreting?but I haven't kept ferrets since about 1982-83ish lol. I don't do ferreting
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    Nah black and white are good all black or all white no good but brindle is best not that I'm biased in any way
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    saw the prick on the news this morning hes got a face only a mother could love,smarmy little git
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    The prick is thriving on the publicity,he doesn't give a shit about wildlife, all he cares about is feeding is ego.a crow don't care whether the person shooting at him is doing it for sport or doing it to protect his living.
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    Yeh mate he’s rather round now . He’s been a good old sod
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    this is my mate mick -- what you recon ?
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    Great photos pal, atb
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    is there any proof of it being pissed off hunters??? I doubt it, the hardcore antis pull of all sorts of sh1t to drop us in it... ive been grassed up to land owners and the police by people saying things that are bollox! hears mr trusting save the word being busted lying about harrier nests, cant seem to find the original the mans a narcissi
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    I’d didn’t know that lapua made .22 subs and at that price I wouldn’t want to know, I’d definitely give the Norma a go
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    Ideal for conditioning your dogs or hawk. Unused and instructions on how to make it was found on THL forums, lightweight and professionally put together by a welder/fitter with all new parts, asking price just covers materials/labour. Runs on 12v power source, battery and line not included. Pick up from Burton on Trent.


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