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    young dog 24 weeks old
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    12 years? I've got collars and leads I've had longer than that ffs. Who are you to tell someone they shouldn't breed their dogs? Especially someone who talks sensibly, not like the drivel you come out with. Fecking clown! Cheers, D.
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    Yes your dead right young fellow, I know of a few who have had dogs 30 odd years and still know the same as the first day that started out But you can't get experience overnight.
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    This bitch did well last season. Really pleased with her.
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    Blast from the past.....bitch I had a few years ago
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    I was fairly new to forums/Facebook at that time, always just kept myself to myself before that, didn’t realise the extent of the lies that get told on here & other places, even recently I’ve been reading comments on posts and the people writing them come across really keen & knowledgeable but the reality is a million miles away, dangerous place the internet
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    Starting to take shape now. Hopefully all finished over the next couple of days .
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    Found this on ebay half price kids love it and alot more space for the fish had the little barrell before this is much bigger and a bargain at 150
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    loads of lies and bullshit with these coursing dogs....sounds like someone was sold a dream by another dreamer on here.... when are folks gonna learn..... you don't breed pups from pups.....no matter how good the dogs behind them.... knocking over a few bits first season is not testing a dog. ... anyone says different is a f***ing bare faced liar and a peddling cnut
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    Anyone that says they’ve never been stung in one way or another is talking shit, those pups were looked after, taken out, ran and found to be no good & that was the end of that, no shame in admitting a dogs failed, if more people did it there would be less litters like that about in the first place, also a really good dog is a hard thing to find, sites like this would make you think they’re 10 a penny
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    Kieran, your "speaking the truth" is basically your opinion, not based on facts. It aint the truth folks can't handle as you put it, it's something you think without actually knowing. You've jumped to conclusions about a lot of people, stating it to be the truth, when in fact you don't actually know do you? Try thinking before posting and showing some maturity instead of mouthing off like a spoiled kid.
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    Time served does matter experience his gleaned with hands on ,when things ain't going right with a jkel its knowledge gotten from experience that eyes one through the difficult periods with a jukel a dream jukel ain't gotten most the time ,that's why the pounds a full the inexperienced ain't got a clue how to approach difficult situations I call it riding out the storm just given a home hemp stop net my nephew I knitted that thirty yrs ago still good I'm afraid it's the little things that make a huge difference ,more so in a jukel tats usually gotten from time served experience atb bill
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    When I lost a lurcher at two I thought i can't go through that again so went and got an adult dog no history never new the guy. But he was a great little fella and did every thing i needed.
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    Back to work today's office. Cheers, D.
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    Fukc sake delia I’m not trying to steal your limelight it was just a piece of steak .......
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    I actually rate the Magtech HP subs, but not easy to find these days and not cheap anymore either. Accurate and big HP which expands well. Not used the heavier Winchesters but the old ones had a big HP which also expanded well and (potentially) made up for variations of accuracy due to the damage they caused. Eley are no more accurate in my 452 than anything else, and expansion leaves a lot to be desired in my view, so a bit of a balancing act really! RWS are another worth looking at, very accurate in mine and even though the HP is pretty small it seems to expand better than the Eley!
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    Thet dont give a shit because come September they will go and nick a new one
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    Cheers yeh still have them I found Tyson a home in The end but still have the others sat here getting fat waiting for the season only had rabbis and a few big ears with pip hopefully she does what I want come stubble tried to take it slow with her my mate had a litter off minis full brother to a pure saluki and even that litter threw a blue eye weird as not much collie they come out nice pups tho
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    f***ing hell, you pair of clowns! Who the f**k are you to decry what type of dog a man breeds kennels or owns?!! You been crabbing sandy's dogs for being 'european' etc, I think germany's in europe, so f**k your gsd x's back over there is it?! And so what if collie john's pups aint got enough greyhound in em for you, or any other blood for that matter, he bred them principaly for himself. Bill, you should know better, and the return, f**k knows what you know, but it aint much!