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  1. Saltmoon

    Up for stud

    And I want pick of the litter so I can sell it as a world beater in 6 months time for loads of cash I may need a new car by then or something
  2. Saltmoon

    Up for stud

    Up for stud my dog isn't an all rounder will catch one rabbit a month £1200 fee plus a few cans of cider and a snickers bar. O and not even 2 yet
  3. Saltmoon

    Up for stud

    Ffs chased a few bunnys get all sorts of planks after a quick buck
  4. Saltmoon

    Whippet x greyhound

    Could they over shoot alot on smaller ground? That's a lovely looking bitch
  5. Saltmoon

    Lurcher Litters

    Cheers bud
  6. Saltmoon

    Lurcher Litters

    I've dog here bred by poxon off here mine looks different to his in my view but there litter mates that's mine poxon may put one of his bitch up @poxon
  7. Saltmoon

    Whippet x greyhound

    @Trev70 what's the grew like on smaller fields picking up speed and stopping? I like the x but could they be to fast for there own good on smaller land?
  8. Saltmoon

    Bedlington whippet bitch wanted

    Seen a few beddy whippets but I think I prefer the beddy greys personally just for a bit extra size.
  9. Saltmoon

    Help with ferret breeding

    Try reading a feckin book instead of jumping into things knowing f**k all
  10. So you ain't a clue what you want really then
  11. Saltmoon

    Bedlington whippet bitch wanted

    I heard NL was into his fat labs aswell to be fair
  12. Saltmoon

    First cross bull whippets

    Really nice looking pup that looking forward to seeing this pup grow
  13. Saltmoon

    Whippet x greyhound

    Fella on here got one making a very handy dog for him. If it's rabbits you want then I'd say that's the dog not sure what they like outside of work but both dogs very easy to be around so couldn't see the x being any different.
  14. Not just yet but I'm hoping the less I wear ear defenders at work the sooner I'll be def then I'll be in bliss