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  1. Saltmoon


    What s the breeding in um bill?
  2. Saltmoon


    Rattler is the one for me bloody lovely and black rat but don't go drinking to much of that be pissed for a year off a few pints of that stuff. I find these dark fruit things a bit to sweet for me. Strongbow cloudy ain't a bad one somehow as the normal one taste like shit!
  3. Saltmoon


    Yeah because we all know black neck the biggest and hardest!! Don't hear about no one else going lamping in a frock
  4. Saltmoon


    Some say he beat chuck Norris, some say he fights bears in his spare time but what we do know is he's big bad bill
  5. Saltmoon


    Ain't it the fishing comp soon could just sort it then really and it's not far from me so I could take bets
  6. Saltmoon


    Think you must win the most wanted man award there's been a few asking for you to meet them keep up the good work and you may get a good star end of the year
  7. Saltmoon


    Handbags still out I see
  8. Saltmoon


    Has it feck bit a bit sad of those involed if it did agruements on the internet starting a fight. All talk every time it gets put out there
  9. Saltmoon


    Not easily swayed at all he dose go through to many dogs and probably don't give um half a chance but I'm only saying I don't think he's a right c**t he's bad but not the worse out there by far
  10. Saltmoon


    Got to say I was well against lurcherlad like most of you he dose go through some dogs can't denine that one at all but he had a dog up for sale I spoke to him about it and he was going to gift me the dog not sure it's all about the ££ for him to be honest if he is a peddling f****r he ain't in it for the money anyway. Didn't get the dog in the end wrong time for me unfortunately he was a nice dog. He offered to drive half way aswell as gifting the dog
  11. Saltmoon

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    You love it really bud
  12. Saltmoon

    The Places Ye Get To See

    2 mins from home
  13. Saltmoon


    My dog is board stiff but he very nearly got next doors cat last night went over a 6ft fence for it!! Luckily he didn't get it else that would have been some chat I would have had to have!!
  14. Saltmoon

    Good read

    Well it's either a big old dog or it's only 23tts and a short fella
  15. Saltmoon

    Good read