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  1. I'm on the fence with big cats being about I dont see how they could move about without being seen alot but at the same it could be done as they can be stealthy to believe 100% I'd have to see with my own eyes one in the wild
  2. Shes not bad mate long road of training ect but we will get there
  3. Cheers bud the little one is same as your new pup sal bull grey be interesting to see how they turn out
  4. Going to pop down and see him later on this evening
  5. Alright lads I'm normally on the lurcher section on this site but looking into air rifles for abit of rat shooting and maybe some squirrel aswell. A mate of mine is selling his hw 100 for £750 it's in very good condition and been serviced it will come with bag, pellets, scope, 4mags and a few other bits it's a 1.77 all I'd have to get is a pump or bottle. I'm not that clued up on air rifles but looking at them online there all around the 900 - 950 mark so I think I'm getting a decent deal here but I dont really know what do you think?
  6. You want to try googling wife pegging
  7. Looks a nice one that bud
  8. Hahaha that's just made my day
  9. Ideal hope it all goes well
  10. You getting the dog for your lad king?
  11. Must be in Australia for a couple of them
  12. The hunting abilities I could get over but I dont expect to much from my dogs I'm of the mind they will do what they will do and that's fine by me I enjoy just being out with the dogs mooching about and abit of lamping and what pops up pops up. I didnt realise about the mental issues with the dog that is a worrie with rehoming I agree there but personally I'd keep the dog rather then pts but that's just me I do understand the point of culling but I just couldn't to a healthy dog that was alright with me
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