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  1. I'm far from brain dead my friend just a personal choice
  2. Same here I've no problem sticking a mask on and will carry on doing so regardless of the no mask rules
  3. She went out mate and I'm not aloud to use electronic kitchen goods unsupervised so had to be grown up about it tonight
  4. I've only just been aloud metal knife and fork mate I'm just glad I dont have to use paper plates anymore bud
  5. Not 100% sure what shes put in this but stuffed peppers, rice, crispy bacon, cheese and what looks like smaller chunks of peppers aswell but its bloody handsome anyway
  6. I got the wrong end of the stick I thought it was on about the Mali xs
  7. Didnt old bill hardy have mali xs? Or something of the sort?
  8. I'll just give em a red bull before I go out that'll do the job I reckon
  9. Gospel claims they are not but yes they are no matter what he says the manner is the same and both names love a wind up
  10. Pups coming on well learning most things fairly quick I'm happy with her and the the boy has always been a pleasure to own apart from him being the biggest food thief going
  11. No chance exmoor is about hour an half from me bud I live on dartmoor always bloody wet but plenty of farm land around and the moor not that I lamp the moor
  12. You must know me! Nikes packed away soon my season nearly done
  13. Gos what dogs and xs do you actually have if not pure sals?
  14. What do you run then gos? If not pure sals? Genuine question
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