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  1. Saltmoon

    Just heard on the radio about staffys

    My old bullx was bad with most other dogs also alot of people aswell but nothing ever happened I walked him really early before anyone else was about and really late after everyone or if go way out on the moors he wasn't on the lead much and still never got anyone. Had a few dogs nothing bad though luckily. One dog he was on the lead and I was asking the other person to get there dog back but they just said he's alright with my response mine ain't so feckin get it away!! To late by that point but once I fully understood the dog it never happened again.
  2. Saltmoon

    Just heard on the radio about staffys

    Well that's sorted this thread out 🖒
  3. Saltmoon

    Looking for opinions on breeding

    Seems abit cheap for a dog of that calibre mate is say £3000 best bred dog on here that dog single handed was what made dinosaurs extinct
  4. Saltmoon

    Wet behind the ears

    If your traveling try and get to know the fella first before you set off if there decent they will keep you up dated on how the pups are. I drove 4.5 hours up to poxon to pick up my pup never met him before but he was continuously giving me up dates and answered all my questions I had pics sent of sire dam and pups and I wasn't disappointed. Also got stuck in traffic most the way back on the m5 took around 6 hours to get back but all well worth the trip and met a genuine nice fella aswell 🖒
  5. So listening to the radio on the way to work and the "goverment" want to put Staffordshire bull terriers on the dangerous dogs list long with pitbulls ect I think this is madness!! I am a strong believer in it's the owners not the dogs yes there will be some dogs out there that do have issues but normally those issues are made from a previous owner. What's your opinion?
  6. Saltmoon

    Cornwood show Devon

    Not far from plymouth this show just thought I'd stick it up incase anyone fancys it
  7. Saltmoon

    The things you do for your kids

    Me and my Mrs have a house that we've rented out that will become my little ones one day she can live there or sell it for her own place that she chooses we try and give her everything we can but at the same time we don't let her sit in front of screens all day she has to walk the dog with me at least 4 times a week and we give her little jobs round the house and once she starts it she has to finish it weather she wants to or not. For me it's building life skills not everything we do is what we want to but have to suck it up and crack on and get the job done
  8. Saltmoon

    Holidays dog boarding

    That's the bloody way!!!
  9. Saltmoon

    Lurcher stud dogs

    only yoking
  10. Saltmoon

    Lurcher stud dogs

    Don't take it poxon
  11. Saltmoon

    Holidays dog boarding

    When I had 3 they went to a local man's kennels at £40 a day for them all and 14 days on holiday it soon bloody adds up!! I'm going away end of the year for a week I've only the one dog now but finding someone I trust enough to look after my dog is hard!!
  12. Saltmoon

    Lurcher stud dogs

    I'd say no younger then 5 for me have would need 3 good seasons under it's belt at least 🖒 I've always thought about one day breeding a litter but I'd worrie about rehoming the pups and what wollys would end up with them
  13. Saltmoon

    Collie x greyjound

    Really like the looks of that one