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  1. Bullx lure machines online there quite pricey mind
  2. He couldn't do that have you seen his feckin brush
  3. Little beauty she's turning in to bud
  4. I don't know your personally but I've been following this thread and the update pics of the pup I am chuffed as nuts for you getting this pup seems you could do with a bit a luck on your side and I really really wish you the very best with this pup and black dog your a stand up fella
  5. https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/plymouth-news/wild-dogs-caught-savaging-deer-3545227 Right next to a spot that holds plenty of bunnys where I go be hot as he'll round there now
  6. Looks similar to mine what's in that one?
  7. What part the country you in? Someone may throw you a bone and let you tag along with your pup for a night or 2
  8. Hahaha that's the bugger Winston was his Jamaican brother
  9. Won't see you but hear you coming a mile off in that horrific thing
  10. Well that could end up with some nuclear reactions
  11. Terrible really was started as a very intelligent well thought out thread I thought we may get on to the subjects of thermal nuclear reactors and quantum physics
  12. Don't you let let Tommy hanks hear you say that else you'll be on the end of the Chinese glove
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