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  1. Saltmoon

    Pet hates.

    People who sit in there car for ages at a petrol station after they have paid when they know I'm sat behind fcuking waiting to use the pump!!!
  2. Cheers d they ain't looking to bad
  3. I'm useless at photos it's a friend who has her own business for collars and used these pair of idiots to "model" them for her photos so I can't take any credit for the photos unfortunately but thought the dogs looked alright in them
  4. https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/plymouth-news/big-cat-sighting-man-comes-6371350
  5. When it don't listen just walk the other way away from the dog, I've never used treatsjust make a bit of a fuss when they do what is asked of them. If walking away doesn't do it then hide from the f****r they soon get scared then don't want to be left again so listen well after that
  6. That sounds about as stressful as it could get mate!
  7. Yep £163 of that was the consultation fee he's right as rain now though pain in the ass but it's done now I guess can't change it but I may change vet's though a pal of mine has given me a number for a lady who deals with a few local hunts aswell so I'd prefer to use a vet that understands hunting dogs
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