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  1. Have you had her since 8week old? Has she been attacked? Positive encounters try and get friends with dogs to help you out getting her use to them slowly getting her round more and more dogs
  2. What are you planning putting over her bud?
  3. Alright lads I'm after a terrier for ratting I'm after a patt x ideally anybody know of any litters due or planned?
  4. Yeah that's the one mate I just cant get me head round it because he knows he shouldn't if I get home first I know straight away because he stays in his bed and dont come out where as if he ain't done nothing he cant get to me quick enough pain in the ass but it's just things like that he has a thing about ripping things up to the smallest of pieces but that's no problem really the pissing is a problem though
  5. Hes a cracking dog to own and works really well but just haven't the stuff to go at. However the last month or so he has taken to pissing in my hallway and have no idea why he is 2 1/2 year old now and has been fully house trained since a pup but now this is happening nothing has changed for him routine is still the same 3 walks a day cant seem to get him to stop so I think he will be going out in a kennel when no one is home then can come back in when were are back
  6. Think most normal headed people hates a bully and yeah I dont get that there in the wrong and start threatening people its beyond me. The one of the places I've lost perm I got on with the farmer really well give him a hand a few times when he needed it and he said sorry to me for not allowing people on anymore but said if someone sees a lamp going round they know somethings in there and they come back. Another one will only let guns on now along as they have nv so no lamps going round and round but cant argue on any of there points they let people on and others ruin it
  7. One of these days someone is going to get really hurt or killed I watched something a while ago and they pulled a metal bar out on the farmer but I'd put money on if the farmer beat them hed be the one in trouble which is a joke really
  8. Having issues uploading photos off my new phone it says its uploading then pops up saying failed -200 I have zero idea why had no problems with my old phone
  9. Trouble is we are all branded like this because of muppets we are all classed as thugs and in some gang but the shitter is it's a few messing it for the rest of us I've lost perm because people poaching and wrecking gates and driving fields now the farmers wont have anyone on there what so ever
  10. Had a go once clipping my old sprocker it took the hole day and several attempts throughout the day he was wired all the time total nightmare and looked a right mess after but cooled him down some in the summer
  11. fear piss.... is that not to be confused with excitement piss?
  12. Saltmoon

    Storm Ciara

    Not stopped raining here all day wind is bad had to go and bodge up father in laws fence just outside tavistock this evening as it was half over winds are still bad ment to be dieing out tomorrow afternoon. Fed up of this rain now dont mind the cold but rain is abit much now. I had knocked the season on the head with my dog early but if I hadn't it's to wet to run anything anyway
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