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  1. Wife is out on the clays this morning so me and the daughters late breakfast
  2. No she's a shithead when you try she fecks off she's about the same size as the brindle one now ill try and sort one out
  3. Is all OK just seen a tanker at the local station so no riding my bike tomorrow but still will only be putting in 40 quid as that will do me for the week
  4. Also be funny when people can't get to work because they can't get fuel, sites running low because vans have no diesel. Thing is when petrol stations get fuel again it will happen all over again. I've asked in a couple garages now when they will be getting a delivery and the answer is we just don't know because the whole country needs it
  5. I'd have my drill out the back and put fecking holes in them cans absolute f***ing wanker
  6. Well I still can't get any so push bike to work tomorrow which really isn't ideal on a 60mph road
  7. If I can't get fuel over the weekend I'll be push bike to work on Monday
  8. I didn't know about this fuel thing until after work yesterday when my fuel light was on and no where has any f***ing diesel left because of thick c**ts who probably didn't need the fuel anyway ABSOLUTE f***ing SHIT c**ts
  9. I was lucky to be gifted my 4 year old boy when he was a pup and I've recently bought a well bred sal bull grey gave 300 got 50 back for luck didn't know the man before I met him that day. There are still people about doing it fair
  10. There are still people about not in it for the money and will sell you a dog at a sensible price but it all depends on how much that person wants to line there pocket.
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