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  1. Alright bud what's crackin dogs all ready for the season?
  2. f***ing 800 notes for a bull x some right crack heads out there with dogs asking stupid money!
  3. Yeah pal looks a real honest bitch to built to graft
  4. Looking stronger every time I see a new pic mate real cracker there
  5. She's turned out lovely looking though
  6. Mines a right thieving little cuntbag but the best one to date was my father in law just done a load of grated cheese like a.whole block turned his back for a moment and my dog just had the lot in seconds my response was it's his fault for leaving it in range. Can be funny but can be the most annoying thing going
  7. Site I'm on now a vinci site got signs all over the place about distance and all that and not a single person is doing it at all. And there putting back the finger scanners from Monday
  8. Only just seen this mate cheers for that offer bud ended up on a blank not even a bite was rough as hell waves smashing my line for 7 hours moving the bate around so much in not surprised but was good to get out still think I'll stay local next time. Cellers beach normally chucks some good fish
  9. Off to slapton sands for this evening not catch a fish in a long time so just going to get the line wet and pick up a few doggys just to get catching
  10. I've had him on the lead for a.cpuple of days already just watched him get up and walk without a limp I'll keep him on the lead for 4 weeks like the vet said hopefully see him sorted ready for the season
  11. Been to the vets they took him in while I waited outside checked him over good for me and they said it's more then likely deep broozing lead walk him for 4 weeks and that should fix it so I will see I suppose. It only got me confused because normally his is totally fine if he's had a run after a ball or something then he seems to get it
  12. Always wanted to fish chesil just never made the trip don't know why really I've heard really good things about it over all
  13. Your pals never wanted out to do with me only ever you that did
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