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    Fuck off you stupid bastard
    Being on this site has served me no enjoyment what so ever
    People get in touch saying they have nothing against me ...that usually means that they have...why would yous be like that ? I've done absolutely nothing to any of you
    So ...get on with it ..I wouldn't touch most of you with a barge poll or piss on you if yous were on fire
    You are all like a bunch of kids, and I don't want to play
    Burn in hell the lot of you

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  1. Aye but I'm not gettin any ha ha ha
  2. Ha ha ha ha Pictures Ha ha ha ha
  3. Ha ha ha Cheers matie and the same to you
  4. Ha ha ha ha ..... f**k b*****d Christmas......
  5. I will be getting one, I always support other authors when they have a book out... Without support and people buying their books, it will stop, and we will have nothing ...
  6. A bit more order details of the book for anyone who's intretested or maybe just don't give a f**k
  7. A couple of ideas fro Christmas
  8. View Advert Book Another Bird in the Hand New book out now Another Bird in the Hand £20 Christmas special Another Bird in the Hand and A Bird in the Hand £25 Paypal please send to; Bill.Doherty@sky.com Thanks guys Bill Advertiser Omanyra Date 28/10/19 Price £20.00 Category Miscellaneous
  9. Pleased you guys enjoyed it ...That'swhat it's all about ? The book is also available from Paul Morgan at Coch-Y-Bonddu Books Don't forget, there's a Christmas deal on for this one and, A Bird in the Hand, £25 including postage costs UK Cheers guys Bill
  10. Hi guys For those who haven't heard .. This book is now out You can get signed copy from me? If paying by PayPal, send payment to Bill.Doherty@sky.com £20 and that includes all postages costs Thanks guys Bill
  11. We'll, at last, my new book Another Bird in the Hand is here.. Anyone interested in a signed copy direct from myself please send any payment using PayPal to, Bill.Doherty@sky.com £20 this includes all postage costs. Orders to southern Ireland, please add £5 for extra postage costs.. PM me if you need to Thanks Bill
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