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  1. Omanyra

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    Great image...love waxwings me......
  2. Omanyra

    Out Ratting

    Hi Matie..yes there are a few books left, and we have been putting them up as Christmas offer.. We are not that far way from you, even a bit cheaper if you want to collect, Just let me know Thanks
  3. Omanyra

    Out Ratting

    I think its Co matie....its an oldish photo, pre Spud
  4. Omanyra

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    For anyone who hasnt seen a gannets egg...
  5. Omanyra

    Out Ratting

  6. Omanyra

    can any scousers on here help..

    Cheers matie Bill
  7. Hi.. Im checking to see if theres anyone on here from Liverpool, that could help me get three tickets for the Red Star game on October 24th? Im not a season ticker holder, so when they go on general sale, they get snapped straight up Any help appreciated The Geordie Scouser
  8. Omanyra

    Out Ratting

    A couple in black and white
  9. Omanyra

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    A crop of an osprey image, 300mm lens
  10. Omanyra

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    An oystercatcher at her nest
  11. Omanyra

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    Another little owl, this time in flight
  12. Omanyra

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    Two young little owls
  13. Omanyra

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    Another great image matie, not seen many up here, but I have rung them before with the BTO....Lovely birds, and very photogenic
  14. Omanyra

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    Cheers matie.. not sure of the exact distance, probably 20 feet or so..its quite a heavy crop
  15. Omanyra

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    Sparrowhawk with chicks