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  1. LuckOrJudgement

    FOX problem

    I think the key word here is 'Abandonment', ie hard release - meaning literally kicked out the back of a van, versus soft release - into a temporary holding pen with food and water and then eventual freedom under close supervision and monitoring. My interpretation would be that humane despatch at the point of capture would be more in favour with the law than hard release, although the soft option is also ok if someone is willing to stump up several hundreds of £'s.
  2. LuckOrJudgement

    Web site.

    Rowan 285 Posted June 28, 2014 I must admit i'm in exactly the same position , ( not work in a factory though), sorry one and all to trouble you with yet another wannabe pest controller, but I am about to pay for the BPCA level 2 online course any feed back would be great , many thanks. There must be more than one Rowan on here. My apologies, old chap.
  3. LuckOrJudgement

    Web site.

    All I would say is: consider your budget very very carefully. I have a mate in a very similar position to you; he's in the marquee game and recently relocated from another part of the UK. He has a good website, but was still pumping in £1.5k a month this season on Google AdWords to make sure he was visible. A website is a good showcase but on its own doesn't automatically equate to new business or good business, for that matter. Don't spend a fortune on it, that's all I'd say, and work your existing contacts for referrals and recommendations. Winning good business on your doorstep is worth a helluva lot more to you than something dodgy that takes a 3 hour round trip.
  4. LuckOrJudgement

    Old school rat control

    I'm out of action today with gout, so the rats round here are quite safe. In the meantime, look what they're doing to me neighbours sweet corn
  5. LuckOrJudgement

    Old school rat control

    Always wanted to give this a go. I'm slowly assembling all the bits and pieces. Good to see.
  6. LuckOrJudgement


    From another angle - looks like a gorila staring out of the yew. It was a wasp nest. The entrance is the 'mouth'
  7. LuckOrJudgement


    Found this beauty in a quiet corner of our local grave yard.
  8. LuckOrJudgement

    Rats in town

    Never heard of him.
  9. LuckOrJudgement

    Rats in town

    From the shadow, I'd say it's a Great White. Rat infestations are like the fire triangle but with an extra side - if you think of oxygen, heat, fuel as food, water, harbourage and HUMANS; permanently remove one element and there is no problem. Of course, there are also scenarios where an 'innocent' party gets affected - the accountant next to the chicken shop with a roof full of rat shit and buffalo wing bones - but when it comes to self inflicted problems I would rather spend 5 minutes reading the riot act and then walk away rather than wasting my energy on a lost cause.
  10. LuckOrJudgement

    Moles and peroxide.

    Spilt some on its belly too. Proper Essex mole.
  11. LuckOrJudgement

    Moles and peroxide.

    Was this one a Bowie fan?
  12. LuckOrJudgement

    Vermin rabbit and fox control

    Did you just move to the Chorley area from another part of the UK? Or are you trying to expand an existing collection of perms?
  13. LuckOrJudgement

    Couple of hours with the nitesite

    The light from those screens is a real drag. You turn it off after peering at it for 5 minutes and find yourself blind in the dark. Been thinking about getting some of those gel filters in red or green, to fix over the screen and calm it down a bit.
  14. LuckOrJudgement

    Prepare ya sens...

    That is my point, Rez. A bit more accountability, and some basic safety principles could have prevented this. Not such a bad thing? The details of this particular incident are unknown, and I can only imagine whatever chain of events would lead to this boy dying from a pellet wound. Ultimately the person with the most questions to answer is whoever had responsibility for the weapon within that household.
  15. LuckOrJudgement

    Prepare ya sens...

    As has been already said there's been a few of these. How often do you hear about accidents involving kids getting blasted with 12 bores in the UK?