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  1. available next month apparently. Don't know cost?
  2. Try some JSB's through it. You can get selection packs of different brands as well. Really important to experiment with pellets - airguns can be fussy about them. My weihrauch hates Field Diabolos sprays them all over the shop.
  3. Have you tried any other pellet brands through it?
  4. Can I ask why you use Diablo Fields?
  5. Need someone with a couple of terriers to work a garden with burrows and runs in heaps of spoil, compost etc CO8 postcode area. please message me if interested
  6. I still have some of Clives that are going strong. Get good strike rate with putangues. in garden work, I tend to set where I first break in to the run and use whatever trap best suits what I find. Don't like wasting time searching in vain for the perfect terrain. if one end of the dig is galleried out with a hallway and/or multiple runs funneling in, then I'll use a Duffus. If the customer has been spooking with Chinese scissors, then the talpex is deployed. otherwise it's mostly putangues I favour. Brilliant traps, but not the be all & end all of mole trapping.
  7. Using a trail cam over a period of several nights prior to shooting is a great way to gauge how many rats you are up against and the times they come on parade.
  8. I reckon Devon & Cornwall FEO have more questions to answer than 000's of responsible law abiding gun owners. In anyone's eyes, that devil was a feckin wrong un and should never have been in possession. I wonder why he owned the gun and how often he used it? Isn't there some clause that says if you don't use the gun with a certain frequency for a stated purpose you stand to lose it? Someone will put me right.
  9. Yes - I was called out to a kitchen a few weeks back, described as being 'swarming with wasps' - same thing - lots of dozy queens had ingressed from an old nest in a ceiling void. At the time I thought we're in for a bumper year. But those queens have dissapeared totally. Where are the foraging wasps in the hedges and shrubs? I'm seeing nothing here.
  10. Seem to have dissapeared here in north Essex. I have some old sheds and panel fences in the garden and normally these would have wasps on them harvesting pulp, but there's nothing. Also been looking in other people's gardens in the course of my mole work - nothing. Plenty of bees of all species though.
  11. Bit of a tangent, but I think moles are a protected species in Bavaria, requiring a permit to trap them. Interestingly on genuine talpex packaging, the German language description reads as 'Wuhlmausfalle' which translates as 'vole trap'. All very confusing, because I bet voles are protected there as well, and in any case, a talpex for a vole is like using the proverbial sledge hammer to crack a nut!
  12. I had this double in the putanges a few weeks back
  13. Nice write up. I thought slugs were only any good in fac rifles so this is very enlightening. Will be trying some myself.
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