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  1. LuckOrJudgement

    Droppings In A Loft

    Did you bait it with anything?
  2. LuckOrJudgement

    Droppings In A Loft

    New one on me. Good post
  3. I was mooching in the woods yesterday and happened upon this big-foot type thing sunning itself in a glade. I think I startled it because the creature charged at me, growling ferociously. I had no choice but to shoot it through the eyeball whereupon it fell lifeless at my feet. I didn't have a camera on me, and shortly afterwards, a huge eagle decended carried the body away. Anyway, if anyone has lost a big monkey, that's what's happened and I'm sorry.
  4. LuckOrJudgement

    Another cracking two days

    So that Porta Aim is ok with a springer?
  5. LuckOrJudgement

    Garden perm bunnys

    Nothing like a nice garden perm when the owners are away on holiday. Blackbirds singing on the chimney, accompanying the satisfying thwack of lead on bone.
  6. LuckOrJudgement

    no mole pricing

    Black gold!!
  7. LuckOrJudgement

    no mole pricing

    Move em on where?? Another part of the garden?? A lot of my customers have big spreads. If I pump ferret shit into the kitchen garden and the moles all decamp to the croquet lawn, I'm going to look a proper dick. A bigger one than you.
  8. LuckOrJudgement

    no mole pricing

    You can keep harping on, but I'm never going to try it. My business depends on the moles returning again and again. The more the merrier. If I banish them for good with ferret shit I'll be out of a job.
  9. LuckOrJudgement


    Christ, I'd be wary of that customer. Check with your insurer, and/ or the BPCA if you're a member.
  10. LuckOrJudgement

    no mole pricing

    The carers will be along in a minute to sedate him.
  11. LuckOrJudgement

    no mole pricing

    I use Red Bull and lion shit.
  12. LuckOrJudgement

    Any sensible airgunners live in West Wales?

    I know how you feel. Where I live, the c**ts work the hedgerows like something out of jurrasix park. It makes me wild.
  13. LuckOrJudgement

    First wasp nest of the season

    I haven't seen a single wasp since the rains arrived. But the moles have gone ballistic.
  14. LuckOrJudgement

    Tree vermin

    Love to see sub 12 doing the business.