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  1. Yes - I was called out to a kitchen a few weeks back, described as being 'swarming with wasps' - same thing - lots of dozy queens had ingressed from an old nest in a ceiling void. At the time I thought we're in for a bumper year. But those queens have dissapeared totally. Where are the foraging wasps in the hedges and shrubs? I'm seeing nothing here.
  2. Seem to have dissapeared here in north Essex. I have some old sheds and panel fences in the garden and normally these would have wasps on them harvesting pulp, but there's nothing. Also been looking in other people's gardens in the course of my mole work - nothing. Plenty of bees of all species though.
  3. Bit of a tangent, but I think moles are a protected species in Bavaria, requiring a permit to trap them. Interestingly on genuine talpex packaging, the German language description reads as 'Wuhlmausfalle' which translates as 'vole trap'. All very confusing, because I bet voles are protected there as well, and in any case, a talpex for a vole is like using the proverbial sledge hammer to crack a nut!
  4. I had this double in the putanges a few weeks back
  5. Nice write up. I thought slugs were only any good in fac rifles so this is very enlightening. Will be trying some myself.
  6. My nephew has one. It's not a bad gun, but there are a couple of things to look out for: The ring/ bracket that secures the barrel to the air cylinder is sloppy - even with this fully tightened, the barrel can be easily manipulated to 'lock' either left or right of centre- you're better off removing it and having the barrel free-floating. Make sure the cylinder ports in the loaded magazine line up with the entry and exit holes on the casing. If they don't (as was the case with my nephew's)you'll get deformation of the pellet as the probe pushes them into the breech, which will effect
  7. I agree its a head scratcher, but its a fact - there is a 10mm difference (high and to the left) when Im using the NiteSite. ?? I'm just as confused.
  8. I don't mind heads-up nv, but it only really serves you well with a mildot reticle and when shooting from a comfortable static vantage point with known ranges for your kill zones - otherwise its pretty shitesite. I do have to say I can be very accurate with my viper in this situation, but walked-up stalking is a non starter for me.
  9. My scope has to be re-zeroed when I put the Nite Site on it. And then re-zeroed again when I remove it. Otherwise, its ok for ratting at 20 yards. But the different zeros are a pain in the ass.
  10. True Shaaark. In my case, with the springer it was me versus the gun, but with the pcp it's me versus myself.
  11. I used to shoot rws hobby out of my 97 out to 20 metres and they were dead on.
  12. Ive got a queen just started building a nest above the bench in my workshed. Fascinating to watch but progress is slow at the moment. I think we need some consistently higher tempretures to get things moving. I opened my woodshed and disturbed a queen which crashlanded on the grass outside and took a while to recover itself before flying off.
  13. Update: no nest, just lots of dopey queens on the windowsills. I shooed them all out before the customer could douse them down with Raid. So, its shaping up to be a good year for wasps.
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