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  1. LuckOrJudgement

    Public Liability

    That's the firm I'm currently with.
  2. LuckOrJudgement

    Public Liability

    Thank you
  3. LuckOrJudgement

    Public Liability

    Anyone got any recommendations for PL insurance. I'm just a one man rural pest controller. The premium has now crept above the £200 mark and I'm wondering if this is standard?
  4. Got a mole job on in a garden on a steep hillside. There are several springs in the area but this one runs all year round and has been piped off to duct it away down hill. There's still a permanent damp patch where it rises and this is where I set a putangue in a very shallow run that seems to come from higher ground. Two weeks on and I've taken 10 moles from this single trap. Quite a little bonanza.
  5. LuckOrJudgement


  6. LuckOrJudgement


    Seen more hornets than wasps where I am. They are definitely in decline round these parts.
  7. LuckOrJudgement

    Classic Feinwerkbau Sport, 124 and 127 mk1`s.

    I had a look at the feinwerkbau.de website. The current Sport Model is a very striking looking gun. It's listed as coming in 7.5 and 18 joules format which puts it just above UK legal limit. Has anyone here had a go of one?
  8. LuckOrJudgement

    Putting in the training with the HW 97K .177

    Superb. Is that with the JSB's?
  9. LuckOrJudgement

    The HW 97K .177 has landed and a short review.

    There's Pete's Air Gun Farm, a couple of FT clubs and a rimfire range. But it's either a bit of a hike or fitting in with their opening times etc. I have a couple of permissions with plenty of space, and on a still day these are good for punching paper at 40 yards plus. I just need to set more time aside.
  10. LuckOrJudgement

    The HW 97K .177 has landed and a short review.

    Thanks Mark. I get plenty of practice at 20 yards which is the limit of my garden range. My nearest 40 yard range is at my brother's house and his Mrs isn't always friendly about me being there, so when I do, the results are always a bit disheartening with groups of 30mm AT BEST with a 97kt and RWS Superfield. The quest for accuracy is a bit of a demon sometimes. The more you have, the more you want. But like you say, it's really only practice that will get you there. Thanks, Silas.
  11. LuckOrJudgement

    The HW 97K .177 has landed and a short review.

    It sets a new standard in Springer shooting. Can I ask, Mark - is that bench rested or off sticks?
  12. LuckOrJudgement

    The HW 97K .177 has landed and a short review.

    Wish I could shoot like that....
  13. LuckOrJudgement

    Putange mole trapping

    Right trap secured in the right terrain = humane despatch. Just chucking them into mole hills or poking them into galleries isn't going to cut it.
  14. LuckOrJudgement

    Putange mole trapping

    It's only a minor issue for me, and anyway we traditional trappers don't need high tech. Might end up out of a job. My first experience of man versus mole was 40 years ago, as a small kid. Me and Dad watched in wonder as our neighbour hosed up the exhaust pipe of his Capri to a mole hill in his front garden and revved the living daylights out of it. Can't remember what happened to the mole but I hope he escaped!
  15. LuckOrJudgement

    Putange mole trapping

    My go-to trap now is the putangue. Just need someone to invent a detector that can tell you if it's been sprung without you having to disturb the set.