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  1. I just like the heads-up shooting position. It's very comfortable and perfect for static ratting. All I need to compliment it is a basic thermal spotter. A question for Pard users: Is it possible to mount a screen on top of the unit, so that it works like the Nite Site?
  2. I posted on here a while back, explaining I had a problem I couldn't get my head around; I was having to re-zero my scope whenever I fitted the viper - with test shots always being wide of the point of aim. I've now worked out that I had been canting the rifle. Because I never took care to mount the screen perfectly plumb to the windage on the scope, I was holding the ns screen level but the rifle was of course canted as a consequence. Now I know to dial in the windage by adjusting the vertical position of the screen, or better still; make permanently corresponding marks on the scope
  3. Definitely. I take a lot of care with my sets and to me it's obvious when a mole isn't having any of it and a change of game is required. Thankfully it's not often, but when it does happen it's a bloody pain. You can't credit a mole with much intelligence, but they do have instincts like all wild animals. If you're the wrong side of one that's spooked then it's just a case of getting creative and varying your traps and tactics.
  4. When you have a single mole consistently back-filling or going round/under multiple trap sets, there has to be something else in play other than poor trap placement. I've been trapping moles for over 20 years and I would beg to differ.
  5. I call 'em Wise - Guys. I did a job for a farmer who'd trapped the moles in his garden all his life but had been unsuccessful with one that had been giving him the run-around for a year. It was no small thing for him to call me in, but he was at his wits end. It took me six weeks to get the little bstard, making a mockery of Duffus, talpex and putangues, and eventually falling foul of a Trapline well bedded into the floor of a run. I think you do get moles that have a 6th sense for when something isn't right.
  6. available next month apparently. Don't know cost?
  7. Try some JSB's through it. You can get selection packs of different brands as well. Really important to experiment with pellets - airguns can be fussy about them. My weihrauch hates Field Diabolos sprays them all over the shop.
  8. Have you tried any other pellet brands through it?
  9. Can I ask why you use Diablo Fields?
  10. Need someone with a couple of terriers to work a garden with burrows and runs in heaps of spoil, compost etc CO8 postcode area. please message me if interested
  11. I still have some of Clives that are going strong. Get good strike rate with putangues. in garden work, I tend to set where I first break in to the run and use whatever trap best suits what I find. Don't like wasting time searching in vain for the perfect terrain. if one end of the dig is galleried out with a hallway and/or multiple runs funneling in, then I'll use a Duffus. If the customer has been spooking with Chinese scissors, then the talpex is deployed. otherwise it's mostly putangues I favour. Brilliant traps, but not the be all & end all of mole trapping.
  12. Using a trail cam over a period of several nights prior to shooting is a great way to gauge how many rats you are up against and the times they come on parade.
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