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  1. LuckOrJudgement

    RWS super field..177 4.52.

    Bought a tin of these of f the bay. Had been meaning to feed some to my 97 after having been impressed by the performance of a sample baggy a while back. Well what a load of shite they are. Seems every third pellet is falling low - up to 4 inches from the point of aim at 20 yards. I've never seen anything like it. Totally unusable. Has anyone had a similar experience?
  2. LuckOrJudgement

    Pistol for rat dispatch

    I use a gas crosman 2240 for close range despatch. It's rated at 6ftlbs and to be honest I wouldn't want to use anything less, even point blank. As much as I hate rats, shooting a cornered one that's shrieking and squeaking is a bit of a head-f**k.. Kill traps are always better in my opinion.
  3. LuckOrJudgement

    Rabbit cage traps.

    I have a mate who swears by toast as bait. I haven't got round to trying it myself, but I don't think he's the type to bullshit me. I've found that on some rabbit populations, cage traps just dont work, end of.
  4. LuckOrJudgement

    Worst mole trap ever, for me ! (Putange)

    Hi Socks, where do you get them at a quid? Cheers.
  5. No offence intended. I agree with your view and had added a comment of my own which was a bit too vicious so I edited it out.
  6. LuckOrJudgement

    First feeder to go out.

    Yes it is. The product is only licenced for indoor use, so as to target squirrels that have invaded attics and other voids. This is crazy because squirrels are very easy to trap - and just adds to the risk of secondary poisoning to owls and raptors via ingestion of mice that have eaten the product and then gone outside. In this day and age, when the unnecessary use of anti-coagulants is ostensibly frowned upon and even prohibited under Stewardship and other programs, this stuff should never have seen the light of day. The best poison for greys is peanut butter smeared onto the trigger plate of a good trap, or lead, administered at high speed via an airpowered delivery system!
  7. LuckOrJudgement

    Squirrel bait

    Unbelievable. KG and the like are happy to tout the CRRU - and then allow people to needlessly leave piles of this in attics etc. I don't get it.
  8. LuckOrJudgement

    Squirrel bait

    I sympathise. I try and keep everything well within a 20 minute drive from home. That's great - until a valued local customer recommends you to their friend who lives on the wrong side of a distant town - completely effing your routine. Keep it close and keep it simple - that's my motto.
  9. LuckOrJudgement

    Squirrel bait

    I'd be interested to see the label. I've never used it, but I can understand Forestry wanting it - if it's licensed for outdoors?
  10. LuckOrJudgement

    First feeder to go out.

    I just heard the HSE has reliscenced a poison bait for grey squirrels after a break of 5 years. Worth bearing in mind if you regularly eat what you shoot... I think it's a grain/warfarin combo.
  11. LuckOrJudgement

    First feeder to go out.

    It shows promise. And I like the fact that a shortage of materials has not put you off. I also admire your optimism with the wire mesh.
  12. LuckOrJudgement


    You'll get it in the end. It won't resist forever.
  13. LuckOrJudgement

    Rat Bait

    Yeah you'd only want it as a monitoring or nontoxic trap bait.
  14. LuckOrJudgement

    Rat Bait

    Interesting. Might try cooking up a candle and add some flavours. Like the waxblock rodenticide baits....