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  1. Just buy the best pcp you can afford - lads on here have already said what to look for. Pissing about with a single shot breechloading heavy spring piston is just pure masochism these day for what you've said you want an airgun for.
  2. Has anyone been using these in large numbers for a while? If so, what do you reckon to them?
  3. Probably not. Just seen this on the telly
  4. I'm going to do that. I'll ask him if these are live capture traps and report back.
  5. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9104197/Parakeets-face-massive-cull-Government-considers-shooting-grey-squirrels-sky.html
  6. I was going to put a trail cam in and then reflected that it might be a job to which I never return!! I do fancy giving those black cats a spin. Not bought any yet but people are certainly praising them up.
  7. Yes, my initial thinking was that squirrels will succumb to my fenns quicker than the difenacoum w/w grain. The situation is that there is evidence that both squirrels and rats are visiting this particular job, although due to the client having no concept of social distancing whatsoever - insisting on climbing in the loft with me despite my protests, then draping herself all over me trying to pick cobwebs off my hat after Id come down - an absolute fcuking nightmare of a woman - luckily me and my family has already had covid. Anyway fenns and rodenticide it is - the sqizzers can take
  8. Thats what I was wondering; are squirrels just as likely to take a grain bait w/w difenacoum etc as they are the licensed warfarin formulation?
  9. Does anyone have any experience of grain-based bromadialone/difenacoum formulations killing greys?
  10. I've eaten them before. They tend to repeat on you a bit.
  11. Me too but I don't think mine had any springs in it at all!
  12. That white thing that looks like a prawn - is that bait?
  13. I would strongly reccomend the self employed route off the bat - if that's your aim. If you start off employed and then try and cover private work at the same time, you'll be running round like a blue arsed fly - especially in the winter. Plus your employer (if a Pest Control Firm) won't like it one bit. Add to that the fact that a lot of the work is out-of-hours youll be giving yourself an impossible task. Worth giving your strategy some serious thought beforehand.
  14. 30's not old at all! The larger pest firms round our way are always advertising for new staff and if you can afford to finance the rsph level 2 yourself, then you will be ideally placed to get a foot in the door. You say you've been on the tools: anyone who is practical and good at problem solving can apply those skills to pest control. A word of caution: there's a reason why a lot of postions are always available and that's because of high turn over - get with the wrong firm and it might put you off for life. Also, don't be under any illusions- as an employee of a general pest contr
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