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  1. Anyone done a bona-fide wasp nest yet this year? Just had a call from a customer who says he has one in the loft.
  2. If I buy a Hills Pump will I also need an adaptor for a BSA probe? And what type? Ta.
  3. What do you want for the s410 Donny?
  4. Wanted .177 View Advert Any used .177 flavoured guns for sale Essex/ Suffolk area? Advertiser LuckOrJudgement Date 10/04/21 Price Category Airguns  
  5. Time Left: 18 days and 20 hours

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    Any used .177 flavoured guns for sale Essex/ Suffolk area?


  6. I bait my Cats with these wax block baits. They're really good - better than appes etc.
  7. And another thing - I was on a FB group the other day and a lad posted up a picture of a mole that had been trapped by the wrist - blood and all. We all know that unfortunately foul catches occasionally happen, but to my mind, uploading images of carnage (especially where it is obvious that the animal must have suffered) to the internet is self destructive to those of us who enjoy the rural life and make a living out of trapping. If the Anti brigade start lobbying parliament with such pictures then I can see mole trapping being banned outright.
  8. I see no benefit to gibbets these days. Those in the know, know. No one else needs to see it.
  9. Knocking on doors is the best way. Get yourself some mole traps and learn to catch moles - a piece of piss once you suss it out, then offer your services as a mole catcher - much easier to get onto peoples land than being a gun wielding unknown quantity. Once your there, and trust has been established, offer to do the moles for nothing in return for the shooting permission. You'll soon have perms coming out your ears. Good luck matey.
  10. I rate them. You can disguise em with leaves, debris, loft insulation etc and it doesn't interfere with the mechanism. Very good for neophobia.
  11. Its funny, when the pictures of them in use first came on the internet I was like, why do they only catch small rats?? Then I ordered some and realised it wasnt the rats that were small but the the trap that was huge!
  12. Funny old world is mole catching. Popular wisdom, as it was handed to me, always said you must make sure the tunnel is a run that the mole travels in either direction - there's no point setting in a dead-end. And yet, using putangs, I often set in dead ends, and I often catch in them - in fact I catch in them regularly. Another law - 'don't set your traps in mole hills.'. If I'm up against it, I'll often shift a molehill to see if it's sitting on a run and if there's a tunnel running beneath, the traps go in and I often catch that way too. If I'd have stuck rigidly to all
  13. Yes people just ram them randomly into the tops of mole hills . It's bizarre, as if they think the mole is going to scramble obligingly through the soil and neatly trap itself.
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