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  1. Why are rats hanging round your smallholding? Good housekeeping goes a long way to keep the rats at bay.
  2. Re. the hw100, theres plenty of long range sub 12 plink videos on Youtube, but this is my favourite
  3. Always nice returning to an old haunt.
  4. A can of worms, then. In my case this Sett is in a village on my doorstep, and on public land too. From a political pespective, it would be an unwise move to get involved. Better done by someone from out of town, I reckon.
  5. Has anyone on here got any experience of this? Been asked to quote for one, but its a first for me. Interested in whats involved, apart from the obvious - JCB, explosives etc What else do I need to consider? All the correct licences will be obtained.
  6. Not for me. Compared to previous years, bee action has been minimal.
  7. Nothing like a fat lady with her growler out. I know what you mean, though. Round our way its the paddle boarders and kayakers - my local river is busier than the m25. Watched through my binoculars as one family tossed the remains of their uneaten picnic into the shallows. The gudgeon loved the drum sticks. Sooner it cools down, the better.
  8. A mate of mine knew a concierge in a London apartment block who knocked out a wasp nest by shimmying up a ladder and blowing antpowder into it with a drinking straw. A little bit of theatre goes a long way in pest control, and I personally wouldnt consider that method for less than £500 + tips, although the concierge did it simply to save his budget. Brave geezer.
  9. I used Formidor in the past, but at that time it wasn't available in a gun-dispensable packaging format. I thought the Maxforce was a more professional looking product - especially in the eyes of the customer; ie you could justify charging more for pulling a trigger than merely squeezing something out of a little bottle. That said, Formidor is definitely as good as Maxforce.
  10. It's very good on black ants , indoors and out. There is a species called the yellow meadow ant which nests in lawns - don't bother using it on those as it's useless for them. It's very important to identify the species before investing in the treatment.
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