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  1. my two youngster for the season ahead
  2. yes think we've seen some right shit work with hunts , all I can say on % is I once bred a litter of 6 and all 6 were as good as you could wish for unfortunately I had bred the litter and gave them away , but all ended up with good lads and I saw all of them work and have there blood in mine now , and because it was so goodi repeated the mating 6 pups again 2 good workers 2 yo-yo and 2 rubbish I kept two a yo-yo handy for the hunt , and one good one did a lot of earth stopping with , 3rd litter 5 pups 4 good 1 only wanted to fight other dogs the more I know the less I know lol sorry very long list and as far as my address it's the house with a loaded 410
  3. she been described here , but the bitch Tilly was something she would not kill a rat til she was 5, I dug from 9month work she'd bay them up and hold not mark on her after 2 seasons she got brave and had them by the head as day light hit , she'd suffer a kiss or two ...Chaz had them by the head from word go if it got proper tough and long the boy would sing both a joy to dig ....as have been those who come after them
  4. 50% I class as ok with lots of work over years id rather it higher , hunt work I expect 90-100 % I find it's the reckless don't make the grade
  5. I'm in a state of flux at the moment lot of stuff under 3 years old , I bred a litter of 6 pups 21 months ago and 5 have started and 1 still not interested at the moment, so I wont know my % now for a few years
  6. so glad she started well for you mate, Chazs last granddaughter, high Hope's
  7. he sounds the same pain his father was as a young dog before I kept on couple or was down a hole , was he digging on to take 3 hours to get to his fox ? ps I still work them but the graft isn't about like it was 30year ago
  8. Cheers I'm happy with him ... I'll be honest with you he'll never be fully tested in the same way as other terriers mentioned were but they've only ever had to put a smile on my face
  9. few different bits and Bob's added .... there is only one line Breay/Buck , the rest are just families bred down from them
  10. yes they are that inbred they are born playing the Banjo ...my latest offering to the gods of the underworld lol
  11. Yes mate... long time ago now
  12. I never bred Tilly, my cousin did she was out of a bitch I bred and her sire was also out of a bitch I bred ,
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