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  1. I got into terrier work in the late 70's its been doom and gloom since, and there have always been knobheads in the game,i remember when people could first afford camcorders some right pricks filming stuff that has no place in the hunting field, these days its no different, this programme could of been far worst, with what people post on facebook and tik tock Terrier work is legal and when carried out responsible is the only humane way of controling a fox problem under ground
  2. Right I was busy earlier but have you heard the saying a little knowledge is a dangerous thing ? Because your clueless ask the owner of the father of the dog I used how he worked his breeding and his demise ,before you try and second guess my breeding plans
  3. They've always been thin on the ground and the so called Steven's dog has two lines back to my dog Chaz
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