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  1. Youve done a lovly job with him nothing better seeing a terrier you've breed doing what it was bred for cheers
  2. I thought Mark Hankinson may have given it away or had he moved on ? I think Tim took over at the United for a while afterwards, i still regret setting Jim up with some terriers but there again if i hadn't there would be no film footage of me with hair ?
  3. I was on part of that film, the black dog having a collar fitted was Matt a very good working dog, the dog that bolts the fox was Ben died young poison in a drain, Ben was on the secound dig but killed his fox in so the film was heavily edited, i think it was filmed in 1997-8 we where out with the United the good old days myself , Tim Wood and the bellend Jim ?
  4. In all the years i knew Brian that was around about 40 years , not once did he claim to of bred Smithy, he always claimed the dog was half his breeding and it was Colin Didriksen who bred the dog,selling him to Ray Smith of dagenham who then sold him to Ken Gould No point slagging Brian off now he's passed away ? Like i said do your research less chance of f***ing up with steatments such as ''they had no bull or russell in them'' as the kids say these days ''own it'' and stop dragging others in to cover up your mistake
  5. When i asked Derek he comfimed what i posted here and some years ago i must add and Brian used to have a A4 note pad with all his breedings written down, i had pleasure of a few brews with him and he'd pass it over for me to read these went from his breedings of the 1950's right up until 2005 at that time maybe i was just lucky .... does it really matter of course it does, research and more research before people post is probably the anwsers certainly would stop false information been passed on as first hand knowledge would of saved rob a dog and few other paper hangers some embarrassment
  6. In Colin Didriksen book he says Bella ( dam of Foxy and Dilly) was by Poker out of Susie in the chapter before be gives Susie's breeding as bull/ russell she down from fighting line and a bitch called Rosie a pitdog below Susie's breeding, Bella's breeding and Foxy and Dilly
  7. ROM1, Brian came to see me with all the letters to post on the internet , i was pretty shit on computers at the time so after a chat with the owner of Roady's terrier site she typed them all and put them up and i just watched the mayhem unfold both in ireland and USA i got death threats from both country's seems gullible fools don't like people to know they got conned lol , some of the biggest defenders of rob a dog have now moved on to the AC bloodlines
  8. ROM1 , Brian definitely bred Tan i think you could be getting mixed up with the dog Rocky John Lawton bred , i'll post some the letters that where written 22 years ago
  9. The original Tan a choc dog brought by rob a dog and his cousin was mother son breeding Nuttalls Sonny x Penny, Tan was mated to a border that mating produced the dam of Nuttall Rocky
  10. I've never had to use it but a mate of mine used it with his lab who failed to rear two litters he used this got a healthy litter of 7 pups , but there again labs are not as tightly bred as most working terriers, so maybe in/line breeding coupled with herps is the deciding factor
  11. If it is herpes ask your vet about Eurican Herpes 205 Vaccine its given to the bitch during pregnancy she then produces antibodies which passes to the pups via the placenta which then keeps them safe during their first month after which their own antibodies kick in
  12. Have you had your terriers tested for canine herps one of the most common causes of fading pups, (but not the only one)
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