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  1. Have a look for European breeders who are working their dogs, there is some very good stuff out there look for a breeder with lots of work and a few dogs and not a lot of dogs and very little work
  2. Similarly bred , did you ever find a photo of your two ?
  3. J.Park with his line bred Breay stock , influences of both border and bull, mid 70's I think In 1850s a high sheriff bought a black broken coated bull + terrier from london and took it to the lakes
  4. Brian told me he used his Grandfathers dog fells which had been mated to two tiny pit bulls over his border Bitch , he line bred those then used Frank Bucks Davey, then most of the studs he used for new blood were Breay/Buck blood
  5. The type was around in the Mid 1800's as a chocolate type, Breay /Buck type changed in the 1950s, C.Breay brought in a new brood bitch a very hard chocolate coloured terrier that produced black terriers with the bull type head .... choc bitch probs a bull cross
  6. Thanks you , although I breed and reared him for 6 months I've past him on to a youngster to work so its fingers crossed for both
  7. He could done with a Bob tail never stops wagging it
  8. Can you tell the camera was out yesterday , pup shaping up nicely
  9. As you get older the holes are no deeper just wider
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