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  1. Glyn.....

    Old nuttall stock

    Punch a dog i gave to Limb , few lines going back to Blitz2 and Poker , Barrie your Photo of Snapper reminded me of him
  2. Glyn.....

    Old nuttall stock

    Very Nice Barrie i remember chatting with you about snapper the first time we met , nice to see a photo of him
  3. one man who posts on here has some and is happy with the way they work , i tried some gould stuff with bull in the breeding when i was at the south it was ok for hunt days but i'd of had to of kept 30 of them to do a season
  4. I have never said he didn't know the breeding of these terriers , and was BN quoted or did some say it was a BN quote , Brian sell surplus stock and always has others didn't and are/where very secretive about there breeding Brian may of been allowed to use a dog so long as he kept the breeding to himself, so gaps in his peds
  5. That is not where the bull was added that was border terriers, I don't think Brian took a pup out of Dw litter I could be wrong, at that time he was trying to get away from bull blood , this doesn't mean he may not of used it a gen or so down the line, it was about 10 years latter Brian used a bull outcross
  6. Like i said both photos sent to me with notes attached the bull blood doesn't interest me from my limited experience of staff bull blooded dogs not so much Wheeler as the gould stuff they are to hard and have poor teeth
  7. Glyn.....

    Would you breed from a jacker?

    a long time ago i had a handy bitch who worked lovely , but she disliked a much handier bitch i owned , so when a hunt teerrrierman asked if he could borrow her , i agreed , unfortunately i didn't know they liked to work terriers in the same earth , i got the bitch back and i could see her back end, legs had tail been chewed, i asked what had gone on and was told a young dog had slipped in behind her got off on his own , or so i was told , i found out years later the wankers had nothing worth keeping and my bitch was always in front so getting chewed both ends, first dig i took her on she went in and yapped a few times came off , she failed 3 times wouldn't go she was 5 years old had done 3 good seasons in fact faultless seasons with me luckily for her i took a hunt terrierman job , and she would bolt foxes from bales and drains , so she stayed and was handy if you needed a bolt from certain places by the end of that season she was killing the odd fox again , you could see her confidence returning she wanted to be in control again , at the end of the next seasons she began to work all before her again and did until old age , a jacker yes she was, did i bred from her yes i did , and a good % of her pups worked , you need to know why they jacked, i've had a few jack on me but i know when do i know its not because of then being handled wrong , these i would not breed from unless it was , that or start out all over again
  8. Glyn.....


    has he seen anything yet wedgey ?
  9. Glyn.....

    What color

    my guess is she'll look like a smooth border terrier , a dark grizzle
  10. Glyn.....

    Old nuttall stock

    My very First stuff where bred around AS bitch Slug one of her granddaughter who was also a grt grand daughter was the most like a mini pitbull i've' bred , hell of a digging bitch in fact most of that stuff worked and worked very well
  11. Glyn.....

    Old nuttall stock

  12. Brilliant i'm looking forward to these