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  1. two different ones for friend and a new one i'm kicking about
  2. hope to post them all tomorrow , cheers
  3. there are some more on there now they sold whiles i was in work :)
  4. Yes going to do a different one next year
  5. http://ebay.us/2jO6U4?cmpnId=5338273189 xmass is coming , prints numbers 20-40 once they are gone no more until this time next year
  6. if they are screaming,Could be as simple as a mouse or a slug had pups do it to me couple of times once they had noticed a slug moving out of their reach and another time a mouse was living in the brick wall next to the kennel , check for anything moving around in your yard at night could even be a spider
  7. Cheers I'm watching for one of the known easy places to hold
  8. Cheers I've done my bit now its fingers crossed he does his
  9. He's bouncing to go another month and maybe
  10. i wish it was their field , and the welsh black cattle in it
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