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  1. a litter at 5 weeks old and 4 of the litter at 10 months
  2. the old girl over run by youngsters 17 months 19 months 7 years and 7 months
  3. I've not breed many with any white on them , and I don't know why, my bitch out of that dog was pure black but one of her brothers and a thin white blaze on his head a white front leg and white from under his chin to his belly
  4. well to be honest and looking back 30 odd year and just breeding workers I wasnt really in control you're often end up breeding worker to worker sometimes because breeding what you had left alive to breed that summer, I've bred stuff for blood and it's worked often it's based on faith
  5. when I first got mine they had about five lines back to Breays Tig and she was a choc , early nuttall stuff throw a lot of choc stuff , the sister to Nuttalls brood bitch Penny was a rough coated choc very much like Dillydogs terriers , I think when people started line breeding the choc gene reappeared
  6. the butcher dog out of poker had gears and was a decent digging dog
  7. running with the fox by Dr David McDonald, he went out with terrier men who caught his first foxes for tracking in the lakes
  8. apbt and a working terrier completely different animals , one is surrounded by men , held back or egged on , rested treated, in a safe environment, could even have the towel thrown in for it , Brains not needed ...the other is on it's own pure drive, in the dark lack of air , tight even the hard earth can take its toll on their body , although help is on it's way it could take hours , no little ring to walk across more like a 3D puzzle with its prize on the move ,it may be facing something way out of its weight range more aggressive more suited to that environment ....there is only one game dog and it has f**k all to do with fighting it has more to do with brains and heart .....as such I see no reason to cross them if it was done leave it there in the past
  9. my take on terriers and the bull breeds is they are British , the Brittonic people of the west of the country known as the uk ,Devon Cornwall Wales and Cumbria , as far back as roman times the British were famed for bullmastiff types , then all the terriers breeds famed as workers at some point come from what is called Celtic Britain I wont bore you with a list but from badger digging to fox killing , then the early pit dogs hundreds of welsh moved to the English midlands , (many of whose desendants return to the midlands of wales to this day on holiday a tradition which first started as the first workers return to see parents and grandparents) during the industrial revolution taking with them there terriers these mixed with bulldog blood produced the first pits , depending on how they were then bred depended on size more bulldog or the bulldog greyhound crosses popular at the time produced larger animals , any that made to the USA or Canada did so with money people , then during world war one US troops bought and took back some of the finest English pit dogs money could buy , this was repeated after the second world war and is well documented as far as terriers in Ireland many crossed over from Britain to Ireland about the same time a good friend of mines grt grt grandfather of the surname Case tells me 3 brothers came over to dig the canal from midlands to Llangollen , two returned , those returning took back dogs and horses to sell , the Irish working terriers of what ever color came from the UK ,
  10. I think all of the Nuttall blood was added a good decade before legions kennell buf I cant read your peds eyes are f****d these days
  11. i remember reading it in one of plummers books how did the hybrids work ? Plummer used Nuttalls after Hinchcliffe’s jacked terrier work although Hinchcliffe’s terriers carried s lot of blood of Brian's via K.Powers Flint also known as Pennine Flint I just cant remember the names of the Nuttall studs used I know it was mid to late 80's and wasn't Micky
  12. Brian Plummer or people breeding the early plummers used Brian Nuttalls stud dogs 1980's I think , afew of the pups looked just like the Breay Rusty Type weather Brian Nuttall took any for stud fee I cant say for certain but it was about the same time reds appeared again in Brian's Kennell , Simon's Sire side won't have any white blood for at least 8 gens , but there is a line back fo R.Westmoorlands Slim and Biddie , Breay bred stuff that was know to throw some white dogs I think Bert Gripton made use of these white throwbacks in his kennell
  13. you keep hunting them otters you wont go far wrong the best breed of terrier of a hundred years ago was bred to hunt them , the border terrier the forerunner of the patterdale , once the otter was taken off the menu the border lost ground to the blacks , bull was thought to be a quick fix , from what I've seen , more like problems poor nose , lack of sense and many way to big or it's been added for a look for £££
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