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  1. It’s the same with all hares not just whites, the grounds the telling part, when the seeds/ploughs are bottomless wet even average hares take some stopping
  2. Whites are a great day out if there’s plenty to go at, easy pickings for a decent dog when they’re on open moorland with a good way to go, but get them in those deep peat hags with all their holes & tunnels they’re as tricky an animal as you’ll find
  3. I’ve had both, left on & taken off and I’d always want them off from now on, just another thing that can get caught, knocked, infected etc, I’ve had enough problems with nails so f**k keeping another one on they don’t even need
  4. If I bred a litter of pups these days I’d gift them to mates & any leftovers I’d pet home, too many bad owners, on the other hand, if someone decides they do want to sell their pups that’s up to them, but if someone’s complaining about spending £400, I wouldn’t want them having it, if you’re too tight to pay that you’re not going to spend the money to feed & look after it properly
  5. Been said earlier in this topic but be careful what you buy, most people with coursing dogs are fantasists, best buying something out of a bitch you know has been ran & a dog you know can produce, nothings guaranteed but that’s a safer bet to start with
  6. If getting rid of a dog you don’t like makes you clueless I’m alright with that I’ll leave this site to the experts
  7. Where did I say I was an expert? I had a dog I didn’t like so I got rid and now I’ve got a dog I do like, what’s your problem with that?
  8. We saw them run every week believe me they were never making class
  9. Mother was a jacker, offspring were shite, we got stung end of story, getting rid when I did was the best thing I’ve done since I started keeping dogs and I’d do it again
  10. Experience? It wasnt my first dog, I knew mine wasn’t what I wanted & I made the right decision, what I’ve got now is worth 10 of those 2
  11. Took them to a place we run mid November at 15 months and they were getting dragged all over the place barely putting a bend in, we went back to the same place mid November season just gone with my young dog at the same age & he killed 2 with neither run going over a minute
  12. Anyone that says they’ve never been stung in one way or another is talking shit, those pups were looked after, taken out, ran and found to be no good & that was the end of that, no shame in admitting a dogs failed, if more people did it there would be less litters like that about in the first place, also a really good dog is a hard thing to find, sites like this would make you think they’re 10 a penny
  13. Hear this a lot “been in the game 5 minutes” I’m young myself but worth remembering some men learn more in a year than others do in 30
  14. I was fairly new to forums/Facebook at that time, always just kept myself to myself before that, didn’t realise the extent of the lies that get told on here & other places, even recently I’ve been reading comments on posts and the people writing them come across really keen & knowledgeable but the reality is a million miles away, dangerous place the internet
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