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  1. So he chose Norwich over Barcelona I can see why
  2. But yet again you couldn't proceed any further than the earliest rounds even when you actually made it name me one scotch player that would make that England first eleven tonight last 4 competitions 2 finals 1 semi 1 quarter Remind me again if you got there how far you went
  3. Remind me how far did you shite cnuts get lucky to even be there never mind you got out the first round again we got rightly beaten in the final by the best team in the competition there's a thin line when challenging with the best in footballs elite its called hardians wall in your lots case
  4. It's not just me then
  5. Could turn in to a nice profitable side line for you
  6. Poor jocks this must be killing them the English in another final
  7. It's always the same with blacks bringing racism in to it any chance they get Ferdinand did it last week when saka scored we just got through to a final and there going about racism what about when Beckham got sent off and then hoddle chucked him under a bus in his interview after the game i don't remember any black players coming out in his defence
  8. Like many I think the Dutch were hard done by with the penalty but first half I thought we were good first half foden probably had his best half so far and young mainoo has been a perfect partner for rice and to think how far hes come in under a year since making his debut fa cup winner and euro final on Sunday
  9. Please don't try and tell me she could write a book she can't even find matching shoes FFS a proper racist who gets away with it because she's black and no one will say anything about it
  10. That's the difference between a firms manager and a man manger who gets results
  11. I saw that about wolves as any of you heard about a crocodile in a river Bristol way my mate was telling me about it last week as he sometimes fishes down that way
  12. At least the jocks have lived up to there normal expectations and are going home early again now they can all support who we play against again
  13. Was you watching the same fight as everyone else MC fury lost fair and Square uysk hunted him every round the ref saved him every pundit including ex world champions said it was a clear decision it wasn't close he was beat and he knew it before the fight he couldn't get at uysk
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