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  1. Blackmag

    Jeff Burrell

    Best bet grab a seat and ring him
  2. Blackmag

    Title race

    Well after all the talks that always end up towards a lower non inverant pissy little league team on here as it always does what about a big team like man Utd is ole the answer given his record or should they have for a bigger name
  3. Blackmag

    Big Cat Sighting

    I agree I have bolted a few with the terriers out of earths over the years one out of old badger set was massive compared to your average cat something im sure could of been mistaken for a big cat at distance or half light and it was a tabby not black or foam coloured
  4. Blackmag

    Champions League

    When I look at non league clubs and I see the grounds I have been to when they was in the league it a crying shame but it does make you think your county's Halifax luton Tranmere Stockport etc surely more can be done to help such clubs when you think how much money a club can make even being relagated or how much a player is paid
  5. Blackmag

    MINSHAW .....

    Im sure most have not got minshaw blood in them nowadays like pye if so it's very diluted it's just a name to sell the lads that graft there dogs and take or not take the numbers mentioned fair play just for getting out today like it is at the end of the day regardless of name the dog as only one person to please and we can all pick fault with any dog just enjoy because it's only going to get harder
  6. Blackmag

    Whippet/saluki types LETS SEE THEM

    The best dog I ever owned was a Sal whip grey wanst a fox dog but a dog that could take them but on edible was a half decent dog run any were on most ground on some land some wouldn't slip day or night just knew how to run would have him back in a heart beat
  7. Blackmag

    The Final .

    Now now max I was only trying my new bait rod out and I know it works fine now
  8. Blackmag

    People your dog don't like

    Maybe but did they no anything about it
  9. Blackmag

    joey barton assaults barnsley manager

    Kinell that's a bit harsh for what's he's done
  10. Blackmag

    The Final .

    He tried it on the footy threads then brexit thankfully South hams put paid to the boxing ones and swiftly fair play to him for doing so
  11. Blackmag

    People your dog don't like

    Trust me it's not just that Dutch herder I think most of the dogs you get it from are ones that realise they have just woken up with a ginger cnut
  12. Blackmag

    The Final .

    If my question was to difficult max the answer is he scored less than half the league goals the following season not what you would expect of a top class striker really
  13. Blackmag

    The Final .

    Did he ever get close to scoring that many again in the top flight max
  14. Blackmag

    The Final .

    That's other seat they will never fill
  15. Blackmag

    The Final .

    Give him credit he had one good season how does his record after that stand up max compared to others