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  1. Blackmag

    Whippet x greyhound

    Are you and Bill related bear
  2. Blackmag

    Old girl

    Fd it's clear your a educated lad but unless your actually there you can only second quess on here like the rest of us but I can't see fireman lying he seems a honest sort he got a result at the end of the day and was out doing a bit we all have different views on that be a dog dug to /breeding /or lads themselves but you can only go of what you actually see and 30%of what you hear but unless your there you will never know
  3. Blackmag


    I think the only Thatcher you seen or knew worked on a roof buddy as micky said all the best places were guarded and fisty cuffs weren't uncommon
  4. Blackmag

    The Last Waterloo Cup

    I only went to couple sadly not the last one but you could still get a run round there but it was always warm all a shame it had to end
  5. Blackmag


    There was some good ones the first offline offer to Stan I think then doodles restocking his golf course and the lad with the laser control on rabbits there's been some good ones
  6. True dc I remember a old lad gifting me a pup back in 87 I tried to pay him but he was a mate of my old man's and wouldn't here of it then about 15 years later he lost his dog to a car accident running a hare he only kept one lurcher till near retirement then had a pup on I went and seen him when I heard and gave him a pup out of my old dog who lined a far better bitch if I'm honest he got bracken at 6 months she did far more with him than she would of with me and gained a decent rep locally and was a decent bitch because he was a very good knowledgeable man on all things and he had perm everywhere because of his job it wasn't the fact I gave him a pup in return and remembered what he done for me that made him well up it was the fact I gave him a reason to get out again rip dick there's still good lads out there dc
  7. I suggested one to the Mrs just think how you liked max and paddy how much fun we could have she said yeh and I won't even have to buy the pig you would come with it I said the world's your oyster she said ok no dogs or fishing gear allowed she's still waiting
  8. Blackmag

    Advice needed

    Don stop messing with the man it's not on buddy you need to p.m out team on here he has loads of pm s so just keep messaging him and don't give up he's your man if you need to know anything
  9. Blackmag

    Old girl

    Good result and good to see the old girl still has in her Steve well done
  10. Count yourself lucky she always got folk saying can't believe you married that c**t as he changed any
  11. What excuses have you heard for lads not going out on a night or day one that sticks out was I will meet you round the corner don't come to the door if she thinks I'm killing things with her dog she will kick me out plus she hates you
  12. I got this pup last week but the Mrs is due to drop next week and doesn't want a dog about with the baby due takes all quarry will swop for a air rifle pup is bred of pye lines Khan jihad to geninue benji lines who parents won the forley a record number of times pups done nothing take your pick
  13. Blackmag

    Longnetting at night

    Ot you remind me of a preacher up town preaching spreading the word sharing your wise wisdom when the disciples won't listen like on here but they will when they know your wisdom comes from experience and field craft and they will thank you eventually when they know your words were truthful keep up the good work
  14. Blackmag


    McCoy never walked when I saw him and I never heard of him doing so far better lads than me rated him highly I did see a couple of his offspring and they were very good dogs in fact after one dig a stiff one at that a good friend said after I commented said he's not his sire he was better but he's decent to dig too maybe the dog was having a bad day