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  1. Looks like your keeping your programmes nash
  2. Bill seriously if your that blind you put a pic up of your bitch that's takes all teeth including heavy teeth and fallow especially fallow a few times a week it's cleaner than my pup I don't doubt your educated but fook me them Mali can't do what a decent bull x or Wheaton can do nor a coursing bred mutt can do get out of that kennel blindness
  3. Was your dog called hooch bill all jokes aside bill wtf as any of that got to do with lurcher work
  4. I think he needs to learn how to be part of a discussion instead of trying to be the discussion I put it down to not knowing how to be in a group maybe was a loner or lead a sheltered life when young
  5. Funny enough wilf I don't do much reading I should do really
  6. the thing I last Watched on next flix was last kingdom I enjoyed that normally watch documentaries films etc
  7. Bill 3 times the power that's some statement
  8. Never had a problem with Amber the dog and you can see a lot more frhd never been a problem as the season goes i do go to a darker filter but I find it Better for youngsters starting of
  9. Bracken or fern saying that I like the old traditional names but I'm glad you got sorted Keith
  10. Mines from Norse Viking pre 7 th century my surnames a annum gram of Viking meaning elder chief when my cousin traced it back a slightly different spelling surname but meaning the same it was one of a Viking warlord and the names popular in the isle of man quite interesting when I look at it
  11. They could be sorry if Joe public or a dog tried catching it
  12. Is that padding for when you meet ginger beard
  13. Blackmag


    He would certainly sort a few things for you dy get you organised can't see Mowbray there much longer
  14. Blackmag


    I see Warnock has gone from Cardiff i wonder we're he will go next
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