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  1. No I wasn't digging at you far from it buddy I get were your coming from I really do and your 100 per cent right there dossers your lad is special as is mine but I bet he's mentally stronger than most especially given his daily struggles that most won't see
  2. I disagree buddy my lad is autistic he was 13 when we had the old bitch put to sleep same age as him they grew up together never apart from her being 8 weeks old he carried her in the vets and stayed with her yet I know lads who i have had to take there dogs because they couldn't face it yet my lad can't get on a bus full of folk
  3. Yeah I don't think she shred a tear when he croaked his life spiralled in to drugs ect when she left and he lost his wage earner if I remember right he was brutal even if she sung a note wrong all ways drugged up when the money starting coming in
  4. I remember watching a film about her life he was a nasty fecker that first husband she had she seemed a down to earth sort in interviews ect
  5. Nice handy sort terry I can see you both having many a good season and experiences
  6. Add a bit of bull x you will be right I keep telling mchull the same but I'm sure he will listen eventually
  7. Terry trust me I'm the same and it's a godsend no running round delivering stuff like Amazon to family and friends
  8. The lad that made those films running the hills and mountainside had very good dogs for hunting at distance the best I saw personally was bear a pure border endless stamina and a pure hatered of foxes he could find and Mark any were
  9. Every credit to them both and there not lads in there 20s either but fair play to them its always been a very rough place to go and you don't get the reputation they have without good reason and they have serious numbers to young and old but the result on night is what matters and there through to a final
  10. Well done forest another season in the prem it sounded a great atmosphere like most games have this season to be fair and fair play to the owners by sticking with Cooper when things got rough and well done city on another title win the last team you want chasing you down but credit arteta and his young team they have done brilliant this season and gained champions league football they will keep building and hopefully now can attract a better player and hopefully moyses pulls it of in the final with a win wether it's is final game or not but it would be a great way for him to go out
  11. I haven't seen Bosun about either for a while I hope all's well with them both
  12. credit to sheff wed a magnificent performance and what a result but every credit to the fans and players who both played a part but especially Darren Moore who had some shite aimed at him and his family yet some how pulled it of hopefully they go on to win there final be good to see a team as big as Wednesday back in the championship
  13. Great performance given they hadn't been beat at home in Europe I think I read I hope the headlines are more of what happened on the pitch than of it great result another English team in a European final
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