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  1. Sorry buddy I thought it was at Milan giroud been about a bit that leao is mentioned regular about coming to the premiership
  2. I think dy is on about rovers Newcastle
  3. The history of that stadium and the teams and players that have graced it brilliant newkid I don't think I would of missed paying it a vist if in Milan
  4. You not a hammers fan anymore wilf
  5. Just watched forest utd I wish someone would take Fernandez clean out whinging little bitch always looking for a foul then jumps straight up when the ball passes embarrassing or crying to the ref play like they did tonight haaland and co are seriously going to destroy them inside 20 mins on Sunday
  6. cracking pictures east coast a few memories there for him
  7. There's still plenty about but all theses new housing estates coupled with mobile phones and anpr make it harder
  8. Non taken mc ned ect did week in week out single handed or paired up what your coursers couldn't or wouldn't do every week horses for courses
  9. No them videos you saw they were out for numbers all them dogs were single handed
  10. As a example Scotsman max bred by ed Reid pye otter dee spike Sam Kelly billy Charlie may blacky and many more did what yours couldn't do in a night or a few times a week week in week out and there's many more less known family of dogs that do everything don't be kennel blind mc
  11. You haven t seen any decent bull xs by the sounds of it
  12. Mc behave your dogs would Jack within a night or two given enough it's not about how far they run because all runs don't run more than a couple of mins but what they have mentally
  13. Mc them Welsh hills are dangerous to walk never mind run gear and then dogs work seriously hard to even find gear no point and slip there and it's one thing a day or one night try a few times a week every week then you will know what you have
  14. A credit to you bullyson that black pup is my type a cracker that
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