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  1. What dog jobi I know you have a interest and knowledge on bulls so what do you mean
  2. Scotsman Max was out of skipper ed Reid dog there was also dee and bullseye i think it was called that got pinched the dam to pye was called Maggie but some say the sire wasn't max but a dog from moss side but whoever it produced a lot of decent dogs
  3. Blackmag

    So leading on from the hard man thread.

    Peter Mongo son ?
  4. Blackmag

    So leading on from the hard man thread.

    Our team because as soon as he opened his mouth I know they would fill him in whilst I make good my escape
  5. A few lines gamerooster bred out of decent stuff weren't noted for dog aggression as they would never of been bred from and were culls I found bullxs loyal good to say and just wanted to please like most bulls today I would say 95 per cent are bred from pet shite as I think you would either have to be in a certain circle or very lucky for someone to put a decent bully to a greyhound any lurcher when sore or tired in the back of the van will growl or snap when stood on or lent on
  6. I think you got the bit about the bull xs wrong bod some of the best temperament i have seen have been bull xs because most are socialized properly from a early age yes you may get a exception to the rule but that goes for any x and most lurchers could kill a terrier
  7. Blackmag

    Saluki x Greyhound

    Jesus Christ for 650 i would want it cooking meals and cleaning the house feck me tight tonight were do you get theses prices from honestly
  8. Blackmag

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Fitzgerald v cheeseman been confirmed should be a decent fight its on the Davies ritson card
  9. Blackmag

    Hard men...

    Sounds like a strong good woman who pushed you to become who you are fair play to her I have yet to see anything stronger than a mothers love
  10. Blackmag

    Hard men...

    Fair play mush for writing that my mum had her issues and is a strong woman fought and beat all her demons bar cancer raised ten kids and never moaned but like my old man said you have one true friend in this world that's your mum
  11. Blackmag

    Hard men...

    I think those lads that do the t t have more minerals at those speeds those no second chance or comebacks
  12. Blackmag

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Making them sick as been happening years buddy when I first got raided in 89 they did that along with taking everything even emptied the freezer then the cnuts switched it off with loads of dog meat still in it but now with DNA etc things have become a lot more low key( unless your a face book warrior )if that's what your in to which isn't always a good thing as it attracts cnuts that want the gory side and not what true terrier work is about
  13. Blackmag

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    I will give you credit buddy your dogs always look in top order how's the big dog in background bred looks a handy type
  14. Blackmag

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    The sett was freshly dug they found a carcass and some blood plus his van was seen in the area
  15. Blackmag

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    No they don't my mate was one of the first to be convicted by using dna they matched pollen /blood outside the sett to his spades and also they had portable DNA kits when they raided his house which they used also in court