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  1. Most aren't travellers as such nowadays either in a permanent site or House I know most round here and I have know bother going on site if there is a issue it's always the younger that cause it but the main man on site always puts a stop to it as he doesn't want the grief
  2. I have seen a few like that they don't normally turn out friendly or on side
  3. I have just looked at your profile and the your questions you ask
  4. It weren't just my tools they took it was the all fecking van opened with a key plugged a laptop in to the ecu and of they went in convoy so it couldn't be picked up by cameras if theses c**ts want it there having it took a few round here lately there even finding the trackers and chucking them
  5. That's the thing nash they aren't the depressive type or negative type to harp on about it honestly you don't see it coming there not morbid far from it and it is a mental issue but when it's close it hits harder than someone who's terminally ill wether that's a shock factor I don't know but it does
  6. I have seen some good father daughter lining produce decent 5/8 3/8 but like penda said best doing your homework
  7. I have a lot of respect what you post mate you don't see any media bullying ? she was hounded out as soon as it came out being arrested and as it came out she lost her job ect that's enough to tip some over I lived with my first wife who had issues she stabbed me twice once whilst I was asleep that's mental health my youngest is autistic at twelve years old he self harms and talks about suicide we check on him 3/4 a night not knowing what you might find is hard but trust me stiff it's harder for him than us but you can't blame her fella those that want to do it say nothing you have to live it stiff before you can really appreciate what some go through daily
  8. I would be surprised if it was natural chid with what's gone on in her life
  9. So that's were you have been Ken
  10. Blackmag

    Storm Ciara

    not from what I read its going to be worst than the last one a bomb cyclone or something like that it's the amount of rain it's bringing in with rivers already full and the ground still soaked I can see a lot more places being flooded
  11. Seen that clip before there's one were there searching dry river beds and lifting cats from under the mud or the bird chest deep in water feeling for them and pulling them out with her hands
  12. Blackmag


    I bet there's a few teams and fans laughing about it though I wonder if they appeal they will get a reduction
  13. Blackmag


    You not a fan then mate
  14. Blackmag


    I didn't see that bit sid I would think the money they will lose and more importantly possible signing will hit them harder than the fine
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