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  1. He drove back up dy after rehad he was pictured with a joint a day after getting out he's not in a good place at the min or with lads he should be at this time
  2. I know him well buddy like you say should of kept quiet I know his dad Dave well too Scott is a decent lad but he knocks about with some numptys and there lies his problem everyone Hearn his dad Mick jenning have all tried to get him away but Scott keeps going back there's more to it as well rusty but I'm not saying it on here
  3. Scott been bailed rusty and as far as I know is on a bender silly lad I hope he sorts his head out
  4. I doubt you can travel buddy as it's not essential you could pick up a fine but it's a case of if you want to risk it and as for vets you would be better ringing them first
  5. I hope it comes of for you lads if it does you should all have a good crack up there
  6. Blackmag


    Good glad to hear it Stan
  7. Yes sadly it's true saying that I thought cheeseman did enough to win that fight he's been a bit screwed up lately drugs drinking gambling all his money but he's always had that kind of personality from a young age
  8. Scott Fitzgerald Hearn put him Tony Adams rehad a few weeks ago and wanted him to stay in London holds a British title
  9. Well Eddie Hearn is having a bad day one banned for that video and another arrested after a police chase for actually battering his Mrs about a hour ago
  10. Is there nothing on the ratting thread that would suit your lads needs wouldn't hurt to ask a few on there if they know of anything
  11. Ralph Pearson (wholesale butcher )is paying eastern Europeans cash to work weekends cheap Labour whilst English lads are at home see what happens when they feck off home if they do cnuts trick
  12. I was going fishing to France in September can't see it now
  13. Quarry near here is still open as is his recycling plant next door can't see him stopping
  14. Blackmag


    Cheers sid I didn't know how to look
  15. Blackmag


    Has any one heard from him I haven't seen him on lately always liked his dry wit I hope he's ok
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