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  1. The numbers have been building up on Morecambe bay good few thousand on there now
  2. You would piss yourself if you tried jumping a fence with a bull x inside infact I would say you would fill your dunlops that quick and full your feet would squelching for weeks marching through the slop you would need your 300 yard slips then
  3. No there wrong but close I think you already know that
  4. Wigan became well known round here for its apbt the lad I spoke of earlier use to have a good mate beech hill way and I think that's who's dogs he took on I know a few lurcher lads that kept them both here and over Wigan and Liverpool i would of liked to have learned more about max( pye sire from Manchester) after finding out it wasn't scotchmans max but it's been the best thread on here in a good while
  5. Regarding other performance dogs you could have a lot of good input diet fitness regime's etc instead you want to argue why spoil this thread
  6. Max don't spoil a good read please
  7. That certainly as that look and stare
  8. Nash like in the lurcher and terriers did some of them dogs produce better when out crossed or bred tight
  9. Looks like one of the most iconic grounds in football the San siro is going to be replaced Milan will feel like city West ham and arsenal fans it will never hold the same memories or feel to it
  10. Cheers for that Nash it was just something that I wondered about how you would handle a dog that wants to have a go at you I agree about unpredictable dogs having seen the results of a few incidents one bad one but I have no knowledge on sporting dogs so thanks for the answer
  11. Started seeing a few Friday heading to Southport no numbers just half a dozen small skeins
  12. Max it's a bit of banter you need to lighten up I don't know how you couldn't see it for what it was
  13. Max it was a joke why are getting all defensive and why would I be jealous and as for it narks me look back i said mid table and have praised your results and performances
  14. Nash how would you train a manny dog or handle it as certain lines threw them up regular how could you trust or train something that could turn at any time
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