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  1. It was a decent game to be fair and a good result it's always nice to see the jocks get beat
  2. Give him a bell marvel I'm sure he will tell you
  3. They are very good I was going to mention this cross but couldn't be arsed good feet good coat natural retrievers and can take a knock
  4. No hull the saluki or xs have better wind /feet and can run any ground regular that's a given but when things get emotional I would back a bull x in my opinion you get the best of both worlds when there mixed
  5. hull mine don't snatch buddy nor do they cause a fight that's a fault I don't tolerate and they know that mine don't look to cause a fight but know how to finish one your sand dogs won't last long trust me and not all the UK is knee deep boggy land with only hares on get out on the hills or flats it's a eye opener seeing how dogs work different ground and quarry
  6. See that's were you show your inexperience there's dogs that hunt and then there's dogs that rummage can you show me one of yours hunting that kind range
  7. Hull reading your posts I agree with a few of your posts but a lot I don't for example once your runner connects it's all over I think you said buddy I can promise you on the big lads especially that's far the case even with your intervention and honestly carrying 2or 3 down and moor or mountain is enough for anyone and as for Bill xs you haven't clearly been out with decent stuff trust me your dogs would be lacking when flight turns to fight I know of a few similar bred to yours that take a beating and do the job but most bottle it even running alongside don't be so kennel blind could y
  8. Don't worry buddy it's a bit like them time shares in Spain feck all as been built or proven but they take your money
  9. Don't worry there's time blacky yet you never know he might want them to chase fur instead of a rosette so you might get the much in demand bowlegged grew after all
  10. Let's be honest a grew is limited the claims of this bowline being the best bred etc a load of shite because 2 lads that did show a interest tomo and Trev could have put more graft in front of his pups than most so if that was me that's were 2 pups would be going but no one on here is getting one blokes a crank surprised a mag even published his notes because he can't string a sentence together on here simply the best I bet there's l loads of dogs that would show your world beaters how it's done
  11. Find something who's parents do what you want and ask as many questions as you can about them but also check the parents temperament out and have a look at the environment there kept in is it clean ect and are they wormed up to date that should give you a indication and if your not happy about something walk away good luck in your search if possible some one of here might come with you for a potential viewing
  12. I have saw 3 from that way bred run first was bred from Leigh way a jacker who run of his own accord called brad 2nd was a red bitch I forgot her name but she was from cockermouth way owned by a lad called Carl that bitch was a pleasure to watch run knew how to run gear and had super stamina and thirdly was a dog called fly only a youngster looked like a collie again a very clever runner for his age I would of liked to see the likes of Chester /blue etc run and that bitch arron had Rosie who I was told was a very decent on almost edible
  13. I would get a few seasons graft in her then you will know her strengths and weaknesses that would give you a better idea what you need to look for in a sire but I would also look at whether you could buy a better prospect in and in a lot of cases you can because rehoming pups can be a nightmare unless you know the lads personally
  14. My new team Lincoln did me ever so proud even getting to Wembley
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