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  1. Your being rearrestted for murder oh good I did it then makes you think what he actually put her through behind closed doors
  2. One of my perms as a stall on bury market I go through him for all my cuts of meat as dido says it's not as dear as you think I know he does me good deals but it's not a lot considering the quality . I take my lad up to the farm he lets him pick his own eggs again not much for a tray of large and most of are veg is from a farm I use to have again not a lot but fresh my Mrs does soups from scratch oxtail ect and most meals are home made as she teaches are lad how to cook which he loves so it's a win a win are fish is from the local fish monger unless out the freezer that I have caught but I n
  3. Cambridge university as a autism research centre that's ploughed aload of money in to the links with food and autism lem it's just one of many researchers going on and there seems to be a lot of funding for it
  4. I agree zouma is a great signing but when you look at the players Chelsea have sold and then signed back or even those who they loan out year after year it's scary to think what kind of team that could be assembled from those but fair play to moyse he's got you a good team spirit and playing well how's bowen been playing always rated him
  5. At least you will get a decent view Sunday should be a decent game that I can see city beating Brighton and Liverpool beating utd hopefully for you you can keep that son quiet what a player he is surprised they have kept hold of him
  6. A good result and performance from what I read and had A lot more possession .it seems to be working for him at West ham but that's a bad view by any standard
  7. I was reading on points to games ratio he's two points behind klopp at 104 games played but I can't see ole taking utd to the next level like klopp as done I don't why that vande beek as never played after spending all that on him and he's made it clear he isn't happy either
  8. Blackmag

    MP stabbed

    Yeah they flooded it with poles and got shut of the English lads I did a week I think there only 10 English lads in the hole place horrible atmosphere
  9. Blackmag

    MP stabbed

    The one at bamber bridge dido
  10. I think that's the point she doesn't want his attention that's why she's told her husband and him pulling saluki boy over it
  11. Does ole have that same ruthless streak in him pogba is most likely the biggest disruption in the changing room I bet Bruno isn't far behind maybe there is to many egos
  12. That's it they had catona giggs scholes Beckham Ronaldo and strikers who knew we're the net was but further back they were always solid likes of Bruce pallister stam Ferdinand and probably the best ever keeper in schmichel he built many teams but ole doesn't seem to know how to get a team playing as a team collectively
  13. Blackmag

    MP stabbed

    Who s the one in Preston
  14. Blackmag

    Rat bites

    Mine was when out lamping I found it in a snare I was struggling to push the wire up after I had scruffed it and it some how nailed me it struck like a cobra and clamped on like a fecking croc eyes shining looking me in the eye I admit I squealed like a pig the lad with me was laughing as I couldn't get it of
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