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  1. Try Donny c on here moocher
  2. I released a vixen a few nights ago in a wire she looked heavy in cub feck him next door who set them he only checks them every few days hopefully she cubs out of his way I will say she was darker than normal and her brush was almost black hopefully see her about later on this year
  3. no it doesn't but they can't find foot prints ect near the waters edge Police are also following other lines of inquiry including her boyfriend as had 2 businesses dissolved in the last 3 years and money worries and are searching 2 nearby campsites
  4. Her husband has contacted them now the woman sister has said there's no sign of her falling in the river and police have said the same and she doesn't believe she has the dog was dry as was the tennis ball to apparently
  5. Arry that's actually a peg in front of the bench were she left her phone the steps were dug by the fishing club you can gauge some of the banking size to the water by folk stood on it I doubt you would be able to hold on for long arry as it would of be freezing and the undercurrents are strong
  6. I get were your coming from foxdropper but how many times have you seen folk take shots at birds well out of range and (goose shooters are the worst ) they have pricked them I bet there's big numbers every season just because they saw someone on YouTube do it as a example I shoot a place were next door 2 lads shoot they don't even own a dog between them yet shoot over some fields and gullies full of water im forever picking there birds up dead or injured I shot a fox in October that could hardly move looked like it had been shot in the back end I bet it was them and I could give a lot more exa
  7. It's tidal not far from the estuary there's been a few drowned round there over the years one of the fishing clubs on there named a swim after one lad who fell in and drowned the water has been like chocolate lately with all the water coming of the fields
  8. Arry it isn't small or certainly slow flowing there's a fair pull on it the river wyre and the banks are steep
  9. This is right next to one of my perms helicopter beens over regular search teams in the farm yard I was talking to one of the coppers he said something doesn't sit right with her fella and his answers but there saying she might of slipped in the river wouldn't be surprised if he is involved
  10. 2 lads from round here with decent careers ahead of them have wasted it through drugs one beat cheeseman( bad decision in my view ) and Fowler and was set for a decent purse in a rematch with Fowler got put in rehad a few times and the other fell the same way plenty of talent but drugs as ruined them
  11. Yes he's a good lad mc but as you know being a mod on here is a thankless task at times
  12. I would be more wary of theses lads that can't keep there mouths shut or who want to take pics and post on Facebook that ex plod
  13. Wow that's some paranoia francie
  14. Paul probably got fed up with the arguments on here but he does more than his share with the dogs mc and always had and does have good dogs round him he does a lot to promote lurcher and terrier work as well he's good company to be around and knows his stuff
  15. basc ca have there own agenda and it doesn't involve dog work there more interested in shooting and protecting that they couldn't give a feck about us how many dog men matched in London yet we got shite on and chucked under a bus the same as happened again yet were the criminals when we go for a walk yet theses cnut s drink enough on a shoot day that legally you can't drive yet still have a weapon in there hands and nothing's said
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