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  1. There was some Sunderland fans here watching the game because they couldn't get tickets I think they are students and some Newcastle fans turned up they had been in Blackpool one lad got done by a Newcastle lad and had his nose broke and teeth done .he was asking for a old shirt like the one he had as he thought it ruined .it started of as a bit of banter but one dickhead took it to far shame really considering the result
  2. Well Leeds do have a big following so maybe a bigger stadium would help bring in more revue funding sponsorship ect .but I think if they do takeover they will bring in a new manager
  3. They have done well do you think the owners of the 49ers will takeover now
  4. Villa played well mings and chambers were brilliant in defence and they silenced the crowd but those 5 mins city were devastating but Liverpool have had a great. season and it's not over yet and that was a nice touch for orgi at the end
  5. A great result for you greb one many didn't see coming Brentford haven't conceded in there last 4 at home and given your defence I thought they would beat you but credit were it's due greb they hung in there
  6. Darren Moore as done a good job there and I think there being strongly linked with Lewis Yates he's a decent striker if they get him I think windass and Yates up front could fire them straight up
  7. What a result that would be for moyses against his old club
  8. I remember going Wembley when we played Bolton we took of down a beaten track to get out the away of escorts ect and ended up in some back end pub on a main road but it ended up being like Zulu dawn
  9. As I expected they won Stan and were the better team Neil is a decent manager a good few questioned his appointment at first but are now glad they got him. More than half that team won't be there next season otherwise there straight back down but the quote of the day for me was it's not championship we deserve but champions league but I'm sure under Neil they will be ok
  10. But didn't his decision after signing and then resigning not cause a good bit of resentment especially when you were short up front and results were going your way
  11. Cracking photos of the youngster max no doubt were her loyalties will lie but didn't Defoe cause a bit of a fuss suddenly announcing he's retired leaving you some what In the lurch getting a replacement
  12. Just think greb both you and max will play each other next season it could be like the 73 cup final
  13. No greb but fair play to max he's had only 2 user names you have more in day to qoute max fact and because your that desperate aren't you just to get back on line for someone to talk to but I expect Wycombe to pull some stunts to win but I think safc will go up but they will need some serious investment otherwise there going back down
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