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  1. Not yet. Lol. Some places I ride the climbs have me questioning my sanity and in them moments I'd swap my left bollock for an ebike but the descending always makes you forget the pain you've just put yourself through. Lol.
  2. 25km done this morning. Home showered and feeling fresh as paint. This exercise malarkey is good for body and mind.
  3. Can have this up in 10 minutes on my own and doesn't take much longer putting it away, might be a bit big for yourself and 2 kids but they come in lots of different sizes.
  4. More like a shape less xl bully.
  5. I seen fury acting the bollox then I seen him wobbling round the ring like a new born lamb, lol. Then lose to a arm punching cruiser weight. Lol.
  6. Only problem with that Len is he's not fighting wilder. Usyk is completely different animal from wilder as fury found out.
  7. Another that believes fury to be the greatest of all time. Lol.
  8. Tomorrow is going to be an entertaining day on here. Lol.
  9. Some more than others. Lol.
  10. I'd give it a rattle no bother, was thinking about buying a new one a few years ago but bought a mtb instead.
  11. Just a gypsy being a gypsy.
  12. We're gonna take the kids to Beaghmore Stone Circles tonight it's high up in the hills and one of the least light polluted areas in the north of Ireland, if the northern lights puts on a show like last night it'll be a spectacle from there.
  13. I'd hazard a guess there aren't to many migrants give a fcuk about the Rwanda flights.
  14. dogmandont


    I've no doubt it does and I've nothing but the upmost respect for any lads still doing plenty it just got all a bit to claustrophobic for me.
  15. dogmandont


    I'll get myself a little mongrely type lurcher some time in the future more as a companion than a worker if it does a bit it'll be bonus but I'll not be putting no pressure on either of us. Lol. For now it's just me and the kids fat whippet for company on our walks which will do for while.
  16. dogmandont


    They are the ones that working dog lads need but sadly are becoming far to rare, just another thing that won't continue unfortunately. In a way I'm glad I'm all but done with any kind of serious dog work, felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I'm almost ashamed to admit that but just wasn't enjoying it anymore, absolutely loved the dogs and working them but the bollox that goes along with it nowadays was taking the fun out it, took a while to admit to myself and say I've had enough but I'm sure a lot of lads go through a similar experience. Anyway sorry about the rant
  17. The last place I lived was out in the sticks on the shores of lough Neagh, lovely little community with plenty of hunting, fishing and shooting folks, the centre of that community like a lot of rural places was the pub, from a Monday to a Thursday if you dropped in for a beer you could here a pin drop, every man just in for a pint and a yarn but come the weekend it turned into the Titty Twister from Dusk till Dawn, seen more dust ups in that little pub than I'd ever witnessed before. But one thing I never saw was a female get a finger laid on them, it's just a line nobody crossed and rightly s
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