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  1. riohog

    Best Guide for moose hunting Alaska

    recon his real name is " dick turpin " lol
  2. riohog

    Distilling spirits at home

    i wouldnt be shouting it about making spirit as its illigal in the u/k without a licence
  3. riohog

    Malinois takes out ISIS

  4. riohog

    Malinois takes out ISIS

    hope they gave the dog a rabies jag .you never know what they might catch from them scumbags
  5. riohog

    That’s it, Brexit is over

    no good winging if you really pissed off with the way this country is run. fk off somewere else
  6. riohog


    just looked on the map its in the middle of nowere . and scandinavia is fkn expensive good luck!!
  7. riohog

    PURE !!!

    fk that/what they use a fkn flame thrower ,them dogs are from urfa southern turkey .pound to a pinch of shite there owned by a guy called yosuf ciftci.
  8. riohog

    PURE !!!

    turkish tazis ,more greyhound than saluki in them
  9. riohog


    i quite enjoy it ,if you have a long way to go several thousand miles ,, just the only thing to do ..
  10. riohog

    The Marrakech declaration

    its a foregone conclusion we are going to get shafted ,, whats new there ,,fk all . we are the worlds dustbin
  11. riohog

    THE Game Fair

    i stoped going to game fairs a good few years ago ,they just got to expensive ,entrance fees 20 ..30 quid a time and the stuff isnt cheap. like alot of things just easier to buy on line these days
  12. riohog


    im not seeing many plenty of swifts but very few swallows ,i was talking to an old mate about it just wondered these days houses seem to have eves and soffits made from that plastic stuff and closed in maybe had an effect on the job
  13. riohog

    sharp stuff

    one of my knives in action
  14. 100mm blades from sandvik 14c28n stainless proffecionally heat treated and cyro treated twice tempered back to 58./59 rc these are proper jobbies pm me if interested
  15. riohog

    Long haul holidays

    lol watch them boys with the banjos if they ask you to start squeeling like a pig !!