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  1. im retired now so do as i please but im out every morning first light for 2 to 3 hrs walking and mooching
  2. never had a rescue saluki, i had two salukis but both dead now
  3. yeah suppose if i had a spanial or cockapoo instead of a lurcher he wouldnt have said anything , anyway he can get to fk
  4. to many bunny huggers about these days ,like to feel inportant by giving the bill a ring ,i was out and about thismorning local to were i live ,chap came up to me and said ;you shouldnt be here , so i just said you fk off you dont own this land , .yes i do he said bollox you dont mr ..does ive known him 50 years so go fk off and go and anoy someone else off he went with a flea in his ear nosy c...t,
  5. riohog


    you have an opinion pal just like arsoles we all have one ,i am bright enough to see what your saying , and im sure you have a point .me i just like to keep life simple pal it prevents alot of headaches ..
  6. riohog


    i do hear what your saying , but alot infact most of these issues are self inflicted .and it comes down to ££££££££££££s im from that age if i cant afford it i cant have it ,now it may sound cruel but dont come knocking on my door cos you got into dept and its giving me mental issues ,folk need to be educated ,but you can lead a horse to water pal but you cant make it drink
  7. riohog


    i never fell ito the must have thing , i dont own a credit card , dont need one ,i look back and say fkn hell i wouldnt mind doing it all again ,,mental health issues dont think ive ever had any i was to fkn busy working!!!
  8. riohog


    fkn hell wilf .i nearly went in the shed too look for a rope after reading that ,, im close to 70 years old now had good and bad times seen abit.. im still here and hopefully for a good while yet if you let it get to you it will .the fkrs wont beat me down pal ...
  9. riohog


    my brother in law topped himself in barlinnie prison , dont think he was suffering with mental health issues ,it was more a case that if he hadnt have done it , someone would have done it for him !!.
  10. riohog


    im struggling to get my head around this mentalheath thing , ,seems that a fair few use it as a get out clorse these days .
  11. riohog


    bad do that , im sure drink and drugs play a strong part ,maybe he should have considered the devestation he would leave behind before he did it ...
  12. first grind done , now to clean up the grinds and drill pin holes
  13. thats why i prefer to grind the bevells before heat treatement ,i put the edge on when the knife is finished with wet stone so it wouldnt get hot ..
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