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  1. regardless of the cross ,the man on the other end of the leach will have alot to do with how good the dog is
  2. riohog

    Veg & Meat Boxes

    supermarkets sell it ,all be it at rediculous prices for a small piece of venison
  3. riohog

    Veg & Meat Boxes

    allthough i dont think itwill be a big market .how about oven ready game in a box , rabbit , phesant ,ect
  4. nicely done , very neat and tidy .....
  5. its a terrible thing to happen to anyone .im sad to say i just dont feel any shock value today , as it seems anything goes!!.
  6. north of the wall i think like you say salmon was the thing , and still is so im told
  7. they were used a fair bit on bambi mate
  8. sighthound x herding dog ,longdog sighthound x sighthound think it goeds back to the days when the common man couldnt own pure greyhounds , so he managed to cross them with the old farm collie .
  9. basc will not fight your case ,they may offer advice .if the f/d regard you unfit to hold a fac , job done , you can fight it privatly through legal council yes that will be very expensive with no guarantee, ..... re apply for a fac and see if you get the same reaction !!!.
  10. listn pal you sharpen a knife to a wire edge then hone the edge ,if the bevell angle is cut correctly only the edge is sharp not the full bevell , but hey i dont really give a f,,k what you do my mother used the back door step to sharpen knives and it worked for her all her life ;;
  11. i didnt say carry it all the while ,do you carry a lansky all the while .as i said maintain the edge !!
  12. fine ceramic honing rod , it wont sharpen a blunt blade ,but the trick is dont let it get blunt just maintain the edge
  13. fkn hell solum voe trminal that bring a few memorys back i was on a surv ey ship running from around there lerwick to bergan happy days ..
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