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  1. riohog

    The ffs can't we get along thread .

    its tame these days compared to 6 or 7 years ago . regular 10 or a dozen pages of grief .
  2. nice job nick,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  3. riohog

    till we meet again

    bad do that pal , you have to keep going
  4. riohog

    sharp stuff

    black g10 0ver red and blue g10 liners ,handle
  5. cold teabags will sooth the eyes
  6. riohog

    Bowie and not David

    looking good ken ! ffs youll have your fkn arm off with that
  7. riohog

    sharp stuff

    thats 3.5 x40mm not 400
  8. riohog

    sharp stuff

    bohler is very nice steel ,exellant stainless properties ,bit of a mare to drill if it gets hot due to the cobalt in the steel , and isnt cheap at 60 quid a mtr for a piece 3.5x400 mm ,but you cant make a silk purce from a sows ear ..!!
  9. riohog

    Killing a tree

    whack 2 or 3 copper nails in the trunk it will kill the tree
  10. a few blanks profiled and ground .from 3mm bohler n690 stainless ,ready for cyro and heat treatement .
  11. riohog

    Nobilo Sauvginon Blanc

    fk it get a bottle of buckfast down you
  12. riohog

    Sliced coat/skin

    needs a few stitches
  13. riohog

    Gut hook .......

    managed to keep out of a@e then ken must be getting better !!.