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  1. as usuall she just spouts aload of shite ,i dont think she talks the feeling of the scots majority
  2. lay off the marching powder !!,
  3. as mentioned before the fkn mobile phone fkd the job , along with the bellends posting pics on f/b and so on .i walk alone these days do what i need to and just leave a footprint if i have to ...
  4. 1.9tdi vw bora 60 mpg on a motorway run diesel
  5. shame they didnt get the same treatement as those in the iranian embassy job
  6. if i had a small child in the house i would be very reluctant to get a rescue dog ,,regardless of the breed
  7. it doesnt happen over night pal .folk need to trust first esspecially in this day and age
  8. the ukrain lad deserved the win ,powerfull lad .alot more to come from him yet ,if he can stay away from injuries , and stoltman did very well more to come from him yet aswell
  9. thought you were a soldier , you should be used to doing as your told
  10. sleeting here in leicestershire , it can fk off as quick as i likes for me ,,
  11. i know things moved on abit since 1963
  12. just been for a walk with the pup fields are all flooded ,hundreds of geese on the fields , lovely morning , bit sharp on thee fingers , , but better than rain , had enough of that ..
  13. nothing to worry about ,itll all be over next week when borris does the brexit deal
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