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  1. 100mm blade from 14c28n sandvik stainless steel 58,,59rc after cyro treatement and temper .anciant fenland bog oak handle over blue g10 liners saddle stitched leather sheath .
  2. riohog

    Bucket List Trips

    basicly they cut the dead body up and feed it to the vultures
  3. riohog

    Bucket List Trips

    watched a program about sky buriel some time back the old boy who cuts them up gets a good drink down him before he chops them up ready for the vultures to take them
  4. riohog

    Bucket List Trips

    fk it just buy a flight if it all goes tits up with the chap so what your in nz
  5. riohog

    child killer released

    it would have been a different dissision if one of the kids were a child of a parol board member ,,,, more fkn maddness from a bunch of snowfklakes ...
  6. riohog

    War Veteran Dies

    words fail me .the c,,ts that did this need vapourizing..
  7. riohog

    Mount Everest

    lol i once climbed snowdon .. well you have to start somewere
  8. riohog

    Syrian boy bullied.

    the fkn looneys are running the asylum .
  9. riohog


    ffs weve been trading with europe and beyond since the fkn ice age ,brexit or anything else isnt going to stop that migest mistake the eu made was to open all borders cose the fkn lot like before no passport no entry , i remember the days when you crossed european borders as a non national no money no entry , i got a fkn big stamp accross 2 pages of my passport in 70 toegang geltzveld from holland ,, no money no entry fk off ,, british consulate in dusseldorf lent me money to get back to blighty ,
  10. riohog

    Migrants crossing the channel

    if they arew fleeing a warzone there is plenty of space in mainland europe to flee to without crossing the chanell ,, . sorry we are full no more room for them
  11. riohog

    Migrants crossing the channel

    lol they are crossing one of if not the bussiest shipping lane .i do hope a tanker doesnt bump into them on the way ,
  12. riohog

    What skin is this

    tibetan tiger
  13. riohog


    only on wednesdays
  14. riohog


    yesterday ,sorry wrong after brexit