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  1. riohog

    RIP the Labour Party

    hope they catch a stray round!!,
  2. riohog

    RIP the Labour Party

    oh how sad ,they are all a bunch of looneys
  3. riohog

    isis bint

    perhaps she would like to talk to this man if she was to return to blighty
  4. riohog

    isis bint

    depends who is funding the union .keep the paymasters happy ..
  5. riohog

    isis bint

    lol just becouse your born in a stable doesnt automaticly make you a horse !!
  6. riohog

    isis bint

    hopefull mother and son will never see blighty again ...
  7. riohog

    isis bint

    she gave birth to a boy child in syria that child is not a british citizen , ,regardless of her status
  8. riohog

    countryfile tonight

    it is
  9. riohog

    countryfile tonight

    strange isnt it , part of our culture for hundreds of years ,, yet now not tolerated , yet foregners come to our land with some barbaric religious customs , and guess what .. laws are changed to accomadate them ,,, something very wrong there !!.
  10. ready for heat treatement !! .cut and profiled from 3.25mm bohler n690 . premium austrian stainless
  11. riohog

    isis bint

  12. riohog

    isis bint

    maddness ..,.she is a threat to national security NO ENTRY
  13. riohog

    sharp stuff....

    to much fuss for a working knife asthetics over funtion yes ,pretty ,but built for a job !!,
  14. riohog

    sharp stuff....

    oal 210mm, 95mm cutting edge , 3mm finished at the spine .from 3.2 steel , ,58/59rc after h/t cyro and temper , ,hand rubed finesh to 1500gt