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  1. riohog

    Aly bedding a T3

    i had the old 595 tikka in .222 imo much better quality than these new ones but you gotta work with what you have
  2. riohog

    Aly bedding a T3

    you cant make a silk purse from a sows ear pal , .but ifthere isany chance of the metalwork moving on the bed it needs sorting the issue with wood is ;;it can move .wet/dry hot /cold conditons maybe a synthetic stock correctly bedded is a good option !!
  3. riohog

    Aly bedding a T3

    glass bedding
  4. riohog

    Barcelona turning into a toilet!

    im totally dismayed with the whole setup her and in europe the authorities seem sh..t scared of upsetting these tyks . a fkn blind man on a galloping horse can see why crime rates have risen in the past 5/10 years dustbin europe!!!.
  5. riohog

    wonder lust

    lol theres plenty of desert in the middle east ...
  6. riohog

    Pole kits

    try these ken http://www.benwick-sports.co.uk/pole-spares/4360-sensas-spare-pole-sections.html
  7. riohog

    It never rains .....

    some things are just not ment to be ken //
  8. riohog

    Dislexic son.

    my view is you need to get social services involved to fight it .i hope all goes well
  9. riohog

    wonder lust

    your a fkn long time dead pal so just do it
  10. riohog

    wonder lust

    what the fk has that to do with it ? if your upset its in the wrong section go drip to one of the mods
  11. riohog

    wonder lust

    take it thats a no then be a cold day in hell when i have to ask my wife if i can do something or not
  12. riohog

    wonder lust

    i was comfortable with the flight price hotels arnt expensive
  13. riohog

    wonder lust

    whats that then ?
  14. riohog

    wonder lust

    lol if i wanted to live in a tent id join the scouts
  15. riohog

    wonder lust

    ive travelled a fair bit but never landed there so why not