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  1. ive had my share if i have no more
  2. the apple doesnt fall far from the tree!.
  3. just be carefull what you put on the customs declaration .ie; gift!! kitchen equipement ,avoid the work knife if possible
  4. double that wouldnt be out of the way 40 quid is a gift !!,
  5. that corbyn is just not the full ticket ,infact fkn dangerous !!.
  6. work in progress kitchen knives , a real pain in the boll...blending the grinds so there is no grind line ,lot of work yet before heat treatement ,then a fkn lot more after
  7. wet and dry paper ,trick is mate get the deep cratches out before heat treat or clean the bevell up with a fine belt after h/t justt dont get the steel hot on fine belts after h/t keep dunkinking it in water then wet and dry paper go through the grades to fine .
  8. i grind before heat treatement mate so no issues there i know from experience that ive never had a blade come back from h/t warped the , i use 60 grt ceramic grain belts to ruff out and first grind then a 150grt ali oxide belt then its alot od hand finishing i fkn hate to see grind lines and scratches on a blade its abit overkill 60 grt belt but there is cobolt in this steel it would eat ali oxide belts
  9. its thin stock only 2.5mm to start so flexes alot i straped it to a piece of 3x2 wood but its more tricky than that mate you only grind to the start of the handle leaving a triangle to spine then itbecomes tricky you can feather the grinds in by hand but not above the spine if you grind it right it will give a distel taper from handle to tip lot of hand finishing mate .
  10. tricky job ken no gplunge on the grinds all blended into one very time consuming
  11. i dont fk about these days with stones i cut the cutting edge on a wicked edge , then just hone with 1000gt ceramic steel rod , easy ..
  12. bit of blade grinding to do tomorrow
  13. one for the kitchen from bohler n690 stainless
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