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  1. what a fkd up world we are living in ,,,,,,,
  2. wind your fukin neck in no time for that silly talk
  3. riohog


    god bless you queen elizebeth , you were a remarcable woman
  4. riohog


    i dont think the old girl going to be much longer in this world , it will be a very sa day when she goes god bless her
  5. no thanks happy skimming on the top; fk going underneath to near davy joness locker
  6. engine room ,but started on steam boiler front then evaperators desal plants ,throttle jocky tanks and so on later onto diesel propultion , big ASR,s .sulzers , paxman and all sorts
  7. to right wish id have had 2 cocks
  8. they were fkn good times mate id do it all again and more
  9. i used to sail out of turnchappel jetty on that beast plymouth
  10. ocean survey ship. HECLA SPENT 27 MONTHS ON THIS TUB
  11. another one from the past.. rmas st margarets bay cable layer
  12. think this was simonstown or capetown 74
  13. //christmas 1973 we pulled into port lui mauritius ,on the way back from the far east ,,tied up next to a russian warship the admiral senyavin ,war ship in the forefront is hms dido leander lass frigate ,we got back into chatham dockyard 4 months later after a few stops along the way ,,happy days !!!
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