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  1. riohog

    Bad day for hunting

    just more silly bollox they will ban roller skates next , or fishfingers ...
  2. riohog

    10 Churches attacked in a week

    bloody sick b......d
  3. riohog


    i have no idea wilf i just see it as the looneys running the asylum .
  4. riohog


    history tought us a lesson wilf , ,it should never happen again , that regime was barbaric run by lunatics , .. lol sounds abit like westminster !!!.do as i say not as i do ..
  5. riohog


    think it was the hot summer we had in 1976 , i was home on leave , and being hot i went for a few wets , met a couple of chaps i knew in the pub an old yugoslave guy and a polish chap named pete , anywaypete allways wore a suit ,but this day being hot he had his jacket off , and shirt chuffs open . he leaned forward to get his drink , and i saw the tatoo on his arm , i knewe what it was , said to him was you in a camp pete , ? he didnt answer me , .anyway soon after he went , and the old yugo guy told me he was in auschwitz -birkenau camp .he said he wouldnt talk about it , all he knew was he recieved a small pension from the german govnt as he was both phisicaly and psycolgicly damaged from the camp , .i remember him he was a barber and allways carried his kit with him in a leather bag .hes dead now but i remember him as he gave me a cut throat razor ,i still have it today
  6. riohog

    Finished another one

    the sheath is very good . room for inprovement on the knife ken , you need to get to grips with the grinds ,
  7. riohog


    yep ,its a comedy of errors .and yes its allresdy being watered down , more to come for sure ...totall piss take
  8. riohog


    never mind there fkn holidays ,all mp,s pay should be stoped till its done///
  9. riohog


    bet they are rubbing there hands again, thatll cost billions of pounds ,, we will soon be skint at this rate .
  10. riohog


    yep were being shafted proper , and not a bloody thing we can do about it.
  11. riohog


    you fanny ,sure you wern bent over giving the gaffer a bj
  12. riohog


    definatly !!.they just dont want to leave the eu, .remember what the old boy said you can kid some of the people some of the time ,but not all the people all the time //
  13. riohog


    lords wont scupper it ffs you got the likes of niel kinock on 1.7mill a year pension from the eu he wont want to loose that..
  14. riohog


    we are being dry ass fkd mate simple as that ,,,,
  15. riohog


    WATER ffs dont be silly beer is the answer