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  1. riohog

    Cheeky Bast**d

    he knows full well what he is doing .tell him to stop doing it ,he will say they are my birds ,, you say fk off they are on my land my birds .
  2. think the best bet is to get some loaded to spec ,
  3. https://gamebore.com/uk/cartridges/clay/subsonic-clay-loads
  4. riohog

    Saluki Question?

    alot are sent to the m/e from southern turkey sanalufa area they are greyhound cross.used for the races in the gulf states .
  5. riohog

    Confined to barracks!

    your wrong there pal sounds like obolo virus to me 3 asprin twice a day should cure it!!!.
  6. riohog

    I’m done

    wtf are you posting then ? just dont log in .do you really think anyone will miss you ..?
  7. riohog

    So I came home .....

    lol never mind dog food mate id eat it !!
  8. could have launched the car at him instead of just sitting there , ,see he got a bunch of medal ribbons on his uniform , were they for playing chess , and snakes and ladders//
  9. riohog

    Cod in Thames etc!?

    there will be cod in the estury grvesend and so on but i doubt up river ,water will be brakish up river just not condusive to seafish .
  10. riohog

    EU Chief Says 'Press Freedom Has Limits'

    comunism , but under a different name . ,do as i say not as i do!!.
  11. riohog


    haaaaaaaa you havnt got 6 toes on each foot by any chance ?
  12. riohog

    Help regarding newts

    i may be wrong but i think the common newt is protected under the wildlife act aswell , but not sure about moving them , think i might just keep quiet about it ...
  13. riohog

    Holidays next year.

    have a good trip
  14. riohog

    Catch a bullshitter

    i cant see that happening for a number of reasons certainly not with a spring air rifle ..even a pre charged jobby i think the small soft leaded pellet would distort and be all over the shop . 177 pellet