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  1. riohog

    Herb chopper

    not bad for an old soldier
  2. riohog

    The lunatics are over the asylum

    i just cant get my head around all this , ,i have a young grandson , if they start peedling this shite at his school ill but up there like a fkn werling derbisher , ,.what the fk is in the heads of these freaks ...
  3. riohog

    Wtf is this

    lapwing ....
  4. riohog

    Choppers daddy .....

    fk me ken it wont be a scratch next time pal youll have your fkn arm off!!
  5. riohog


    you just cant educate pork !!,
  6. riohog


    the chokis are well in with iran they want to build a pipeline to pakistan , then bet your bollox on to china
  7. riohog

    Help Please....What did this??????

    mice ...
  8. riohog

    Old boxing matches

    just been watching mike tysons knock outs... ffs he was a bloody animal ,he really wanted to damage his opponants and did , !,
  9. riohog

    Normandy Landings 75 years ago today.

    hats off to them ,, and a thank you brave men
  10. riohog

    the fight

    he just wasnt good enough ,he cant take a slap , he was fkd after he got slapped at the side of the bonce , he just cant take it !!.
  11. riohog

    the fight

    it was a payday for him ,but aj just cant take a punch , and seemed lacking in stamina the fat boy gave him a good hiding ,
  12. riohog

    Course stone suggestions?

    diamond stone ,then finer stone to finish