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  1. yes mate i do remember that ,but as we said khan covered alot of bitches in his time so it would be a lottery to know were that bitch came from
  2. problem is re breeding , unlss you know the breeder and saw the sire and dam personally you are going to really struggle , ,it might well be that khan is in thee somewere ,but my guess and only a guess is khan did go to alot of bitches most probebly bieng salx,s not full greys , but i might be wrong , its guessing game ,and as i said its not uncommon for breeders to tell a few porkies re breeding ,
  3. riohog


    yes the job is fkd mate i know that /////
  4. riohog


    as long as they dont start the noncence on the mainland they can carry on and wreck belfast and derry for me .
  5. treason horse whip the fkrs ,,,,
  6. sounds strange to me , you usually pay custom fees and vat pre delivery , my view is they are trying it on ignore it ..
  7. the man is a fkn bellend should be pts.
  8. thought the local suez pilot was in charge of steerage through the canal ?
  9. i get that are folk frightend to say they sold a pup fk giving them away ,do folk think it costs nothing to rear a litter /. i dont breed , but if i did im fkd if id give them away ,
  10. some good old runners there .............
  11. yes a worker to worker ,line should give a fair chance of something decent .it depends what your expectations are ,
  12. heres a thought ,, how many pups out of a litter make real gooduns , not all ,and it will depend on the guy on the other end of the llead to show it gear ,,
  13. for sure jo no guarantees like i said he will do for me as a companion and maybe catch my dinner for me
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