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  1. if it was shit he went into could be amonia in the shit thats burnt him ..
  2. yesterday there was a girl riding her horse through the main street in the villiage .i just shook my head in disbelief. .more folk on bikes than the fkn tour de france ,
  3. if it would save there lives yes why not?
  4. cat will be in a curry tonight then
  5. no massage parlours for a bit then ,,,,
  6. yes but i got lucky i developed selective hearing 39 years ago
  7. ive been married over 40 years ,im fuked if im training another one now////
  8. if you get real lucky july next year might be a possibility
  9. riohog


    im not overly stressed about to be honest ,just like to keep up to speed on how things are moving .
  10. riohog


    whatever works for you
  11. riohog


    sorry dont get it ,i would rather know whats going on if its bad news so be it. i suppose some can deal with it better than others
  12. riohog


    just out of interest hows the artwork coming on
  13. riohog


    that possible sorry think it was maybe kanny
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