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  1. i was lucky , i had the best times over a period of 50 years ,.mobile phones and social media fkd the job , just walk alone ,and keep it to yourself
  2. will see how he goes hes dred for the job so there is a start ..
  3. last week was a bad do , i had to pts my dog brain damage no choice ,thats all that needs to be said ....so i went and fetched a pup dam and sire done plenty,dam in last pic sire is sandman.pics are shite as i couldnt download origionals
  4. you will get a better rate in turkey,,as you will in most countries . just dont exchange in hotels as they will charge more ,as do airports change in the high streets
  5. yes if i was needed i would , but at 70 if they need old fkrs like me we are in deep shite ..
  6. if i could turn the clock back ,i should have stayed in the merchant navy ..still enjoy travell but dont get payed for it these days ..
  7. i get that ,you just hopefully make the best choices for your family ...
  8. im an old man now ill survive cos thats what we do my fear is for my young grandson what kind of world he will have to survive in ,we were made from different stuff , how youngsters will manage im fkd if i know
  9. the citys are full with scum from all over so they now draft them int the villages .and fill questhouses full of romanians albanians and so on jobs fu...d cost 8mill a day to keep this scum
  10. its fkn sad mate we are the dustbin of the world ,.but once a great nation ,,
  11. thats another 140 million quid ,we gave ruanda writen off . ,this is tax payers money yet again down the fkn drain!!
  12. its like fred carnos circus.,,,bring back boris
  13. bloody job is fkd now do they just pull anyone with a running dog and say your out in persute of puss .bloody noncence,,
  14. was you interviewed under coution ?arrested and charged?
  15. we are fkd ..,im 70 now and i had the best times ,and they wont return this woke society we live in now is right over my head ..
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