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  1. its a nice pup id have it ,bit of growing to do yet
  2. nice pup , but i do like to see abit more meat on a pup ,can allways take it off when its stoped growing
  3. i dont remember reading anything about her being raped and killed maybe i missed that bit!
  4. im not so sure about letting her be abused ,but there is deffo something not right about the whole thing
  5. thats a fair point but they are both switched on people ,who is to say the whole job wasnt premetetated ,look back at the interviws ,especially with mrs mC ann she is a very cold calculated person , and showed very little emotion ,,,,
  6. beer and sex . all you need to knoww international talk!!
  7. i left the rn in late 70,s went on comercial ships after ,cable layers tankers and scientific vessels . no pictures of me and mutts sorry to disapoint it was a long time ago
  8. really!! i was running puss when you were shitting yellow , and before . its not top of my list these days. .and like i said i wouldnt admit to it these days only a fkn bellend would admit to coursing puss these days well done fatty
  9. you cant educate pork fatty ,so i would be wasting my time trying to wise you up!
  10. fatty , i would never admit to what i get up to' i walk alone
  11. whatever they did they didnt jack like your s does fatty i know you wont admit it , but that poodle x you got is a jacker !!
  12. took you long enough to bite,fatty or do they call you Mc jumbo, up your way ?
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