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  1. thanks for the replies. both dogs will only be used for below ground so apart from stock breaking not much training
  2. hi all. currently got all my dogs living outside In kennels. in the evenings I have the one of the terrier pups Inside to sit infront of the fire on the couch. both are only 6 months at the moment. a friend says letting them inside is going to make them soft. does anyone have any opinions on this or experience with dogs inside vs outside? plan is for them to be dug to. thanks
  3. hi. as above really. looking at buying a bike probably a honda. will be used I expect but I don't know how many hours is a lot for a quad and how many is low? looking to spend about 3 or 3.5k. thanks
  4. this is obviously for a collar I take it? looking for something to replace a trigger clip. how do theese release? being called a panic clip are they supposed to let go if streched? thanks
  5. ha! sorry! ideal. would have liked to go wider but 30cm is as wide as u can go without taking the box out.
  6. hi. looking to get some chequer plate boxes made up for the back of the truck. I have a dog box and draws so was wondering what the smallest dog box I could get away with was? I know it depends on the dogs. hoping 300 wide 450 deep and 450 tall. cheers thanks
  7. still looking. happy to repay the favour etc
  8. after a day from hell last week I have unfortunately had to pts my young terrier bitch I was hoping to bring on next season. big ask especially to chaps that don't know know me but I'm after a pup from worker to worker breeding. happy to pay i don't expect it to be gifted. down in the south west but happy to travel to get something for decent stuff. please private message me and I'll pass on my number. thanks
  9. my 13month bitch. fingers crossed for next season
  10. hi. yes new to terrier work. been on a few digs with others but this is my first terrier of my own. like I said I don't want to rush her and I am conscious if ruining her early. I'll take the advice on here and keep her back till next season and try her again somewhere shallow. thanks all
  11. thanks for all the replies. hopefully she comes good else I'm without one for the season. got a pup conning in a couple months. just going to keep giving her rats and hopefully show her a few behind a shovel if we get any more call outs and see how she is come September
  12. unfortunately we only had her so couldn't verify. hoping she's a good one so was just a bit disappointed
  13. long post and also new to terrier work so please bear with me. I have a new to be terrier bitch. had her a couple of months and she should be 13 months old according to the bloke she's from. a friend of mine has been loosing lambs this week and asked if I wanted to try my bitch as it's a shallow place. we got there and he said his lurcher was marking, all be it a bit half hearted but he was pretty confident that there was someone home. collered her up and she went in fairly keen. few mins later we would hear her baying at .6 so thaught we were on. moving slightly so assumed she was digging on a bit to get to it. we were going to leave it 10 mins for her to settle before we started digging. next min mate shouts look up she's moving it might bolt with that she appeared and then went back. didn't hear anything more whilst she went through and when she came back out she wasn't keen to go back. no smell on her or marks. not sure what to think. I'm disappointed because I thaught she was on and I was chuffed but then it's her first entry and all she has seen is a dead red one. obviously I know not all dogs make it and I'm fine with doing the right thing if that's the case but at the same time I don't want to jump the gun and I want to give her a fair chance. I was going to leave her the summer and chain her at a few beginning of the season but I thaught i would try her seeing it was such a shallow place. one last thing is when we were leaving I cleared the hols of sticks and stuff and we found a dead lamb just inside the hole. didn't look dates so unsure if it was stuffed down there or if it was dragged there but mate said hopefully the lurcher wasn't smelling the lamb. opinions wanted no matter how brutal. thanks all and sorry again for the long post.
  14. thankyou. made something similar in the end
  15. want to make a teather to chain the dog to on digs. can anyone send me pictures of a decent design please? something that doesn't tangle thanks
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