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  1. The one


    R.I.P. at least the guy spoke the truth
  2. If your ferrets always killing below i reckon your making to much noise on top , but some days they fly out other days they dont
  3. Fife but the west coasts no bad LOL
  4. The air arms and falcon seem to like air arms field diablos but recently theres been a few damaged skirts in a tin
  5. Whats happening thats given everybody mouse problems , in the last fortnight six folk have whispered ive got mice in the house can you get rid of them ? Usually get a couple of requests when the temperature drops and they start coming into houses but 6 at one time not near each other and first question are you or the next door neighbours feeding the birds ?.
  6. Mine sleep in a plastic crate with no roof on it filled with shavings on the bottom of the hutch and if there too warm they sleep at the side of it never put a roof on a sleeping compartment yet
  7. Easy enough to knit a long net can be done during the summer when it quiet and gives you time to knit 100% bagging , but to buy in all the stuff for one box your better picking a guy you like the look of his boxes and buy one it will be cheaper
  8. some good numbers about but its patchy , one place i was too leave till the holidays looked promising then got hit last week by Myxi and ive never known it hit that late here
  9. Just on Sundays my day of rest
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