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  1. The one

    Few resent mounts

    Very nice mate and totally different as usual
  2. The one

    Topping up the ferret food.

    good going mate
  3. The one

    Me troy and rapid

    Nice result with a air rifle mate
  4. The one

    Lucky permission

    Nice result just as the season starts too
  5. The one

    My brief introduction.....

    Hello and welcome mate
  6. The one

    air rifles

    Hello and welcome mate
  7. The one

    Hello from Croatia

    Hello and welcome mate
  8. The one


    whys he training is dog fox due back
  9. The one

    Permission wanted

    As said your never going to get permission off of here your only giving us a laugh get off your arse now the harvest is cut and farmers are seeing a few rabbits in the fields . and want somebody to do something about them , just do what the landowner asks even if it goes against the grain and if you do a good job he will mention you to a pal and the permissions snowball in
  10. The one

    2 days aren't the same

    after its cut it cant take the birds a day or two to find it and numbers to build up then its amazing how the message seems to get about theres nothing there
  11. The one

    Where did they go.

    Waste of time if you dont set up under a flight line some days they wont pull 20 yards from it . But if the weathers nice i find its just nice to be sitting watching all the traffic of folk going to there work while im sitting relaxing
  12. The one

    Chester/north wales

    Hello and welcome mate
  13. The one

    Tired of receiving cold calls?

    thats dated but still funny
  14. The one

    big cats lol

    Plenty Big Pussy's in the countryside
  15. The one

    A quick session on the corvids.

    Youve no half thinned out the black vermin mate