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  1. Aye but go with the humidifier first them the mushrooms will pay for the De humidifier
  2. I would be plugging in a humidifier to get rid of that damp
  3. Why would you want to treat the inside of your shed you treat the outside to stop wear /rot from the weather ?.
  4. But in the tv his brother was called tristian but wasnt his real name Peter
  5. Maybe but i know that peter left the surgery he was in and went to another one said his last one was going to stop doing farm work and he wanted to stay with his farmer mates and he was quoted as being over 60 then
  6. You ever read the James Herriot books he made out that Peter was a knob only being a vet because his brother sigfried was the boss of the surgery LOL LOL and it comes across in the tv programme
  7. Hello and welcome mate
  8. Owl box there putting more and more up at newly planted woods hoping the owls will control the voles and shrews One of the forrestry scientist said a vole or shrew would eat threw a seedling rather than go round it if its planted on its run seems a bit far fetched to me
  9. I was out shooting with the rimmy and the fence had a electric strand sticking a foot off it i went to lean on the fence and i swear it must of been wired into the mains LOL One of the lurchers hit a strand of electric fence with its tail knocked the stuffing out her for a bit and every time we went up that hill she remembered about it but was fine elsewhere
  10. R.I.P. mate i also liked him in New Tricks
  11. Aye there all stamped Fenn the other ones are just stamped Springer Trap
  12. Last i heard i think he came off the oil rigs so maybe not got so much free time ?.
  13. Aye gone are the days when i would load up the car and lamp 3/4 farms theres no the rabbits and the milage would worry me just now , I bought some plastic plant labels maybe a 2x3 inch square on a 5 inch stem and i want to go out and check the zero before i lamp a local farm before the cover starts to go crazy again
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