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  1. I have a free adblocker but some stuff asks you to remove it to access there site second word is off
  2. Bloke goes to chemists and buys some condoms Chemists asks do you want a bag ?. Bloke says no thanks i will just turn out the light
  3. The one

    Not a clue

    Junkies fighting over there pitch ??>
  4. Its a wonder there no saying its a xl bully thats all they say dogs are just now
  5. Is it no just using the tunnels to move about unseen
  6. Because they got a huge rat infestation ?.
  7. Hello and welcome mate , think i would of went for a 22 rimfire such a handy rifle for rabbits etc
  8. The one

    6 Nations.

    A game of two halves nice and exciting to watch
  9. Bought a euro millions ticket for Tuesday that should cover it , But does that include the house contents or would that be extra ?.
  10. Aye and you can buy the deer forest next door for another 7 million
  11. You want another guess your well off LOL
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