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  1. The one

    Pussy no more

    R.I.P. she had a good innings
  2. I respect a good working ferret to much to put it to rats thats what smokers are for
  3. If you cant see any sign about week 5 look at her nipples if the hairs fell off round them shes pregnant
  4. You can bet there's going to be a load of shit bred this year guys seeing the £££££ signs and guys taking the easy option and breeding because its the easiest way to get a jill out of season
  5. If your going to breed her her , ask yourself is she a good enough worker to be bred from , if no put her in with a snipped hob (probably best option ) as the jill jab will pump her full of hormones
  6. Your just going to have to wait and see , some jills look like there going to burst from 4 weeks onward some never show till they drop them
  7. Aye a chance to earn there dole money LOL wonder how many would got or the usual ive a sore back or i would be there in a heart beat
  8. We went round 8 super stores yesterday to get the grandson enough nappies formula and wipes etc for 2 weeks to give us some breathing space . i hope i dont bump in to one of them wastes of oxygen storing baby food or worse selling it for inflated prices
  9. On a Sunday last place i would be going it will be heaving ?.
  10. Always surprises me the amount of newbies that come on here and first post looking for permission theres 1000's of lads on here looking for the same
  11. Very nice mate , totally different from the usual mounts
  12. Have you tried looking at night with a lamp you should see there eyes and maybe be able to walk up to them and pick them up
  13. When i clean out the ferrets i always double bag it then put it in the blue council bin , the nice lady on the phone and the lads at the local recycling yard said i should be putting the meat remains in the brown gardening bin LOL they said same place as your turkey remains at xmas , Well i cant wait till the summer now ive enough pheasants and rabbits put away to feed them for months so whats going to happen the first time the brown bins full of maggots and they dump it in the motor LOl
  14. I just feed carcasess late at night and remove the remains in the morning the carcasess are still fly blown and after a few days the metal bin i put the remains in is alive with maggots just wish there was a fisherman who wanted a couple of pints of maggots , i tried mine on dry food but they just scattered it over the floor
  15. You just got to watch chicken as it can go off quickly , but why mince they got big teeth as there carnivores
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