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  1. The one

    Rabbit tails and rabbits foot

    They tie one to a cane and put it in and out every flower to increase the pollination rate apparently , i thought bees and insects did that for them
  2. The one

    stolen dogs found

    Bit more than stealing all them for selling on for xmas dinners
  3. The one

    Rabbit tails and rabbits foot

    Same here i just cut the tail off and give it to whoever asked me for it , its usually boys that grow a few tomatoes and want them to pollinate the flowers
  4. The one

    Westminster controlled explosion

    Need more details probably somebody left a bag etc and to be safe they just blew it up
  5. As long as there firing you forget they all need a odd bit of maintenance
  6. The one

    Misty Morning Roe .

    Cracking picts mate
  7. The one

    Anyone know what this creature is ?

    aye i would go with that
  8. The one


    take it you can check them clean them from inside your house ? thats a bit inconvenient
  9. The one

    A closer look inside the "Duck Decoy"

    Nice seeing the dog work maybe subtitles would of helped ?.
  10. The one

    Air Rifle Hunting, Time To Trim The Grey Invader

    Nice bit of film mate great idea putting a spinner on the side of the box
  11. The one

    Meghan Markle tubbed.

    Watch Wills having another one so there's a few spare to keep harry's lot well down the line
  12. The one

    Weihrauch HW80K

    some cracking work there mate
  13. The one

    Text book

    nice going mate , and looking at the blood filled ears your placement is spot on
  14. The one

    hunting africa

    Hello and welcome mate
  15. The one

    Life on the edge

    I got a old cooker from a caravan and keep it in the garage , your a braver man than me