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  1. The one

    We need some rain

    Its been pissing down here since lunch time but its so humid now
  2. The one

    Squirell Tikka

    same cook in sauces are great for rabbits and go from Korma to Vindaloo
  3. The one

    What do you wear?

    Cammo trousers and cammo jacket but i have a cammo reed wildfowling jacket i like to wear both have plenty big deep pockets and i have no bother filling them
  4. The one

    New Member from London

    Hello and welcome mate
  5. The one

    Mesh in ferret toilet areas

    my hutches had that when they where at my dads they where in a wooded area out the road the crap fell threw the wire and the chickens cleaned it up , i brought the hutches here the wire was rotten i had to replace it a few years again same thing there piss corrodes it i put in solid floors , but then made my own hutches with solid floors , i didnt like the ferrets walking over wire floors all the time and although there where two sizes of mesh it used to clog up and i was often power washing it now with a wooden hutch i think its easier
  6. The one

    Putting kits with adult hob

    Some folk keep them in a group and put bitter apple ect on there necks to stop them pumping each other or get them nectured so they live peacefully , but if you can put up with the odd bit of noise it wont be worse than a jill being mated or pulled about go for it , with more than one ferret your going to have a rank system anyway
  7. The one


    Aye just another day but im no superstitious
  8. The one

    Nuisance flies

    I thought it was a good year hardly seeing anything and i got three funnel traps out of poundstretchers and have them round the ferrets and ever morning there full of dead blue bottles ive hardly seen a maggot near them either
  9. The one

    Breaking the Law?

    Sounds like dangerous shooting but its up to you how far you want to push it
  10. The one

    Hide pole repair

    Aldi clothes line pole and if you buy those bottoms they should last a lifetime
  11. Nice going mate but the dog sure looks warm
  12. The one

    What they worth

    You might sell them splitting them up but its a buyers market just now
  13. The one

    Bunnies last night

    aye nice numbers
  14. The one

    Not a wood pigeon in sight.

    You see loads on the grass fields and gardens now for some reason mate
  15. The one

    Holidays dog boarding

    Never liked putting any dog in boarding kennels they don't really watch them most of them just have schoolys they pay the minimum wage too, any dog coming back from boarding kennels has problems , snatch at it food , bolting it down and growling at other dogs when it never did before i would sooner miss a holiday or take them with me than face more problems when i get them back