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  1. Ive used a lot of different stuff a plastic ruler for rat net got a load of wooden mesh boards but even hardwood wears down with use and your knots become uneven so ive settled on metal ones now
  2. Its hit and miss here one farm has nothing but the next farm has some , We Where to start a new estate on the 7th of January and thats been put on hold for now its like the good old days like watership down just hope there still there when the land owner says get rid of them
  3. Very nice mate you just need to take out a mortgage to fill them with pea nuts LOL
  4. Thats good going mate with a gutty
  5. Got to agree any excuse send the chopper up , it must make a huge dent in there budget ?
  6. It's minus 6 here just now but they reckon it could drop to minus 16 , I think its just with it being like that for the last 2 weeks it feels like its getting into the bones LOL
  7. Gym at works heaving and when we asked the Biological officer to make enquires he was told Elite Sports LOL . Woman and Mens football and Woman and Mens Netball on the same Night? ???? they couldn't stagger it??
  8. Nice bit of film but doesn't half amplify the noise as everything's so quiet
  9. So do i , its part of the rules on one big permission .But its a waste of time the armed response came out 6 times last year and when i asked why they said the control room doesnt tell them anything
  10. Ive got 5 x 8foot boxes 3x 15 foot boxes and 26 collars and a mk3m with 2 collars now if i can get them serviced every few years there going to see me out
  11. Been frosty all week and snowed twice here
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