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  1. Having a snipped hob ive sudden got a lot of new mates LOL
  2. I thought it was just cancelled last year due to the conditions and they called off the other two days due to the damage caused to the ground ?. its was horrendous like a swamp
  3. Nice result mate and a good bag of pigeons
  4. The one


    Nice going mate
  5. Hello and welcome mate
  6. The one


    Time Left: 14 days and 9 hours

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    Wanted a copy of John Broadhursts Terriermen and terriers 2


  7. The one


    Wanted View Advert Wanted a copy of John Broadhursts Terriermen and terriers 2 Advertiser The one Date 05/04/21 Price Category Miscellaneous  
  8. Even the ferrets wont touch these LOL
  9. I've got Hawke scopes on all my air rifles and one on the rimmy and never had a problem , if fact when my son dropped the air arms he did more damage to the gun than the scope
  10. You tried the green dust sheeting mesh we used on buildings it wont ball up the rats but guide them to where you want for the dogs
  11. Good luck posting for p[permission on here every bodies after the same thing LOL LOL LOL
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