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  1. The one

    Pityriasis rosea

    I get what they think is a stress rash , don't bother me but i look like the leopard man if i take my top off got to cover myself with dulilted head and shoulders shampoo for 5 minutes then wash it off twice a week for 3 months and im okay
  2. The one

    My house caught fire🔥

    Glad your alright houses can be fixed and i bet your Mrs never puts anything on the cooker again
  3. The one

    This Morning

    Eh NAH phones only for me calling folk or texting dont need a dear or a high tech one
  4. The one

    Average speed check....

    Thought as long as they had a pict of the reg it was good enough ?> The new ones on the motorway take them as your driving away so only get the back of the car
  5. The one

    Advice needed

    We know hes ripping the piss LOL
  6. The one

    isis bint

    She will get a house and everything she wants unless somebody here finds out where she lives
  7. The one


    Christ some of the old posts still have me chuckling BPR getting beat up by that disabled bloke for parking in a disabled space but that wasn't a really early post
  8. The one

    El Chapo

    Ali Gs the man LOl
  9. The one

    Average speed check....

    Aye i think mine is 4 mph out if the signs that flash your speed are correct im alaway reading 4mph higher on my speedo
  10. The one

    Average speed check....

    There a total waste of time folk here slow down while going under the bridge that has the cameras on them then put the foot down , or on the average camera motorways slow down when they see the cameras then speed up again so if there average speed cameras if there above 70 mph between the cameras there going to get caught But what size of computer must they have to read and store all the car registrations and work out the average speed there on the stretch of road covered by cameras ?.
  11. The one


    I got another tin of wasp killer in for the summer only a quid but the last few years have been really quiet but normally there in eating the ferrets carcasses and either me or the ferrets get stung
  12. The one

    isis bint

    No way in hell should she ever be allowed to return here
  13. The one

    Webley Raider 2 shot

    Aye if hes a RFD but if hes just a range master no
  14. The one


    Hello and welcome mate
  15. The one

    This Morning

    We were on a rabbit job this morning and there where 1000s of pigeons on the rape in front of building its surprising how they knew they where safe . i took 4 picts on my phone but there crap