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  1. If thats anybody off here my money would be on Katchum he got that many offer to box on here rumour had it the mods where putting up a THL cup LOL
  2. Heard a gaggle going over in the dark last night but it didnt sound like many , the farm i shoot on a lochleven i havent seen a goose on
  3. Not seen or heard a lot coming over from Loch Leven
  4. Noticed most americains dont use silencers on there rifles apart from noise reduction we even use them on smaller rifles for health reasons / any reason why they dont use them ?
  5. Aye watched one today they got 3 trails cut and check them in turn but i was thinking that could be 1000+ traps
  6. Watching Yukon men and the last Alaskains they talk of cutting a trapline 10 to 15 miles long . But they never mention how many traps they put out one every 250 mtrs or 500 mtrs be a good few traps needed
  7. If there just mated or early into there pregnancy i still work them if i need all my ferrets but they wouldn't be my first choice and later on i wouldn't work them
  8. Its nature and there blacking out the best bits ?.
  9. You buy one of the new type or buy a old one from ebay
  10. Who cares the country's fcuked let them get on with it as long as they don't preach it to me
  11. Is it any wonder theirs no respect for the police any more
  12. Hello and welcome mate . i dont think hes got the height for irish wolfhound x but as long as your happy with him does it matter?.
  13. Now that depends what site you where on ???>
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