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  1. The one

    Question ?

    Wait till the next time he moans about your parking and say the neighbourhood watch want a word about your naked gardening
  2. The one

    It’s almost time chaps.

    Some horse paddock are ready just now for a wee shot , but the rest are going to have to wait the covers horrendous
  3. The one

    Cop runs over cop.

    LOL thats got to hurt
  4. The one

    Guess the vets price

    Up here they all drive about with personal number plates thats where the money goes
  5. The one

    Game prep process...

    i always bring everything home complete rabbit wise if we are ferreting my son guts them into a black bin liner in a metal bucket and that goes into the council bin with all the dog crap and ferret shavings while i do the collars and hang up the nets . If we are lamping i leave them in the garage in a big plastic box till i get up the next day i gut them into plastic tubs put a lid on them and build them up at the side of the garage to be used as fox baits whils snaring my son will bag each rabbit in its jacket in a poly bag and build them in the freezer for the ferrets , If pigeons i just cut the wings off and put 3 in a poly bag for the ferrets
  6. The one

    out again

    nice going mate fairly getting the numbers
  7. The one

    Some recent success

    Fairly getting your tally
  8. The one

    HW 77 V 97 V Pro Sport V TX V HW 100 KS .22

    Great numbers for shooting them with a airrifle mate
  9. The one

    Only chance of tonight.

    It would make a nice supper
  10. The one

    Mr Peter Roberts

    Hello and welcome mate
  11. The one

    Close call

    Beat he won't be doing that again
  12. The one

    1st car.

    A old morris marina royal mail van great for all the dogs and gear and when the wife came along i scraped it for the saloon version
  13. The one


    My kids earn more than me LOL but its great getting them involved in the sport
  14. The one

    Couple of bandits

    nice going mate
  15. The one


    You certainly dont waste time getting the jacket off the rabbits