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  1. How many books has Bill Doherty written when searching Amazon I found five is it the same guy ?
  2. How many hunting books has Bill Doherty written ?. a quick name check on Amazon shows a few but is it the same guy ?.
  3. Its our time folk are out doing a bit just now , its far busier come the summer thats when the boxing matches start LOL
  4. Hello and welcome mate and good luck with that .
  5. Google British ferret club mate theres a list of Ferret Friendly vets on there
  6. Hello and welcome mate , nice bit of the country im up there ever other week
  7. Ive got the chance to buy issue 1 to 250 in leather binders for a couple of hundred quid are they worth that ?. then when i add mine to them after buying 9 binders i would have the full set in binders What would they be worth if anything ?.
  8. Hello and welcome mate , Put your sunday best on and get out spend a day knocking on doors and let the farmers see you
  9. Break the cycle food + shelter and leave traps set 24/7
  10. Im filling in m y renewals now for March , when did it become 15 pages long that you got to print off yourself ?. Mine says they will contact the doctor to see if you have any problems and then if they need a letter you will be liable for the bill ?. Only thing that bothers me is i havent fired a lot of 22 bullets due to the lack of rabbits i just hope my FAO is understanding ?.
  11. I dont think it will ever die just to be on the safe side i bought a few same with collars as well to cover all bases . but i was getting them serviced every summer till the guys where saying the parts where getting harder to source , so i went to the electrical dept at work and at first they said bob you got a couple of quids worth of components there but the hard part is finding out what they are as there numbers have been scored off , but then i got the bits i was after and was able to send them back with the boxes . But there easy to do the only problem is a limited market so nobody is going to pump money into a new version
  12. Isn't that a back to Deben job ?.
  13. Hello and welcome mate , if your struggling treat yourself to a mole catching dvd for Christmas
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