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  1. The one

    Hi all! Looking for info!

    Hello and welcome mate , Any permission you have permission on is legal to hunt rat and rabbit otherwise it can be a bit hot in some placeses
  2. The one


    Nice too see you try and use the pelt and skull
  3. The one


    Every time i see one of your threads i hope its John Craven thats the topic
  4. The one

    Roll on Friday

    I need to go to spec savers when i first saw it i thought whys he wasting it by putting lettuce on it the lettuce is scrambled egg ?>LOL
  5. The one

    Is it a fetish ?

    Same here if there under jeans whats the point
  6. The one

    Why can't we do this?

    The fact that they have hid the report on Dunblane for 100 years shows they have something to hide
  7. The one

    Simon Whitehead book

    Thanks mate
  8. The one

    Simon Whitehead book

    Anybody know where you can get this book or have a spare copy of The Catcher and the Rea ?.
  9. The one


    Hello and welcome mate
  10. The one

    This weeks mission

    Theres a good few farms round me at Lochleven hold good numbers of geese and the farmer let the shooting to goose guides and then dont let anybody else on the land as there making enough money from the guides
  11. The one

    just the one

    Still better than nothing mate i think this year a few permissions are going to struggle to give up any number of rabbits but the ones will tally up in the diary come the end of the year
  12. The one

    Rotherham council at it again

    These cnuts have more rights than the victims
  13. The one

    Mine's a terrier !

    proper dogs no like some of the freaks today
  14. The one

    Red stag

    Very nice mate with a good rack on him
  15. The one

    eating deer

    Hello and welcome mate