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  1. Mates got 2 jack Russell dog pups from his litter last i heard
  2. Ive 12 ferrets here all colours mostly the lighter colours as i find there easier to see when working and ive 3 BEW jills and now 1 BEW hob there a little bit different but nothing special just working ferrets and when i last bred them i gave them away for free even the BEWs Its crazy just now for animal prices but on another site a guy reckon the markets coming down now
  3. Got a message , Mate hope you get your ferret back but if you don't i have a 4 month old BEW jill here only £50
  4. when i use google search on my lap top Elxa lights up then the averts appear
  5. As said your no going to get permission on here get out and knock on doors but your going to be lucky all the farms round Kinross are are let to goose guides me and my mate went up one side of the motorway to Perth and back down the other for 1 permission
  6. Dunfermline probably the same guys i know in Valleyfield and Lochgelly though the dog game was bigger a few years ago
  7. When i went out to fed the ferrets on Saturday night my complete hob was missing , i think his rattling of the door to get into the jills with the snipped hob had worked the snib loose . Had a good look for him and as i thought no bloody sign a 5 year old BEW i thought he gone even if someone picks him up .Phoned the SSPCA unless your wanting to donate or report cruelty there only open Monday to Friday 9/5 but my son went to the local inspectors door and got a number phoned it no joy no been handed in and the wife put it on face book . i went out with a lamp and saw loads of rabbits but no blo
  8. Hello and welcome mate
  9. Hello and welcome mate narrow it down a bit what side of the forth ?.
  10. Theres loads on ebay thought there a fiver a pop
  11. All i know is the Scottish blonde lassy tested positive so wont be shooting not that i would of watched it anyway
  12. Hello and welcome mate , surely you have better hunting breeds over there than that one ?>
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