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  1. Ask one of the public hear hold the reins she's had all the training and got all the gear to deal with it , unless like usual she waiting to go in mob handed
  2. Aye why did the other cop no get off her horse and deal with it ?.
  3. I got another message from a woman asking if I could take some cockerels as she has to many and costing her a fortune to feed, when we arrived she gave me a dozen and said since we had come through for them we could also take a couple of fattening birds and would I like to take 2 Turkey stags, would I ? Its no just the ferrets that will be eating good for a wee while
  4. Hello and welcome mate , It depends where about in the uk you are if Scotland you need asnaring licence
  5. It was like they had been left out in the rain and had heavy rusting in spots like a Dalmatian cleaned that off and they still have light rusting as you would except but look alot better
  6. The one


    Guess Socks didnt see that coming either you beat him to the punchline
  7. Hello and welcome mate , enjoy your journey and post some of your hunting picts on here
  8. Are we reading this right ? is the guy paying the farmer ? there's a few folk paying for ferreting now . I had roughly the same had a local farmer i did his land for years sold up for houses i went to his new farm did a few years them he said somebodies approached me to pay for the shooting sorry Bob . A couple of years later i gets a phone call can you come back the guys a looney he has cameras everywhere flung off folk walking and there where guys metal detecting i gave permission too , When i went to see him he said this guys supposed to be a gamekeeper there's pheasant feeders everywhere b
  9. Last year i got a pile of show rabbits ,the owner wanted the rings back but when you straightened there back leg the ring just slipped off . They where Harlequins ? so i thought there nice i might keep these . Then my son comes in and says see the rabbits you got in the garage i necked them for you . Then the ferrets weren't keen on them LOL
  10. Seen a couple of red hinds but the boss reckoned they had been feasting on Yew in the bad weather ?.
  11. Been away and got 6 this morning , not a old one among them all young and tender but when they start to crow they got to go . A very nice lady on a smallholding bought for her horses got the lot Guinea fowl , peacocks, ducks and loads of hens says theres another 10 at least maybe 20 cockerels i will catch them up and give you a message cant beat free ferret food during the summer
  12. I joined all the local poultry forums on facebook offered to rehome all unwanted cockerels for the pot , Ive had a lot of offers great ferret food for the summer and its free , these folk breeding chicken dont relise like ferrets over 50% could be males and then when they start to crow they want rid of them great getting a few big ones for eating myself too
  13. I had four deben lamps with red , amber ,green and blue filters on them and i used to do a lap of my work (a campus with 500 odd acres ) with red then a lap with amber and then green and blue .i don't know if it was the time scale roughly 30 minutes a lap or changing the colours that let them settle down and come out again . But as said red and amber where no problem i struggled to see them in the green till they moved and the blue was eerie we always made good bags but never quite hit 100 which i aimed to do often hitting high 80's and 90 . But i learned about a couple of weeks before i fanc
  14. Not mine but i will pass the message on but i think hes looking to sell as one lot
  15. Hes now got 6 collars and the box £300
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