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  1. i good Hawke scope will give you change back from that budget mate
  2. Hello and welcome mate
  3. I got a estate where the last guy didn't fill in his holes he dug and a highland cow stood in it and broke its leg and got PTS the guy used to come out for a couple of hours on a sunday and go home . The farmer drove me round and he said you wont ferret that you wont ferret there , When i asked why no he said the old guy said its too deep LOL i said i will be up the morning start here and finish up near your house after he saw me there and ferreting away i got run of the whole place , We took over 3000 off four fields second year after we ferreted he followed after us with a manitkou ? with a wire bucket and filled in any burrows he could the counts dropped from 40/50s to 20s i can still get a good day there as there rough spot he couldn't do And every year i pick up wee nets and a odd ferret in the burrows where boys have seen the rabbits and thought here we go but you need big nets to cover the sandy burrows as they cave in when the rabbits are digging them and look like fox dens and need a good few ferrets to work big deep sandy burrows there
  4. Aye i was wondering how it compares to a air rifle for punching holes in the sheets
  5. Very nice mate i never get that close too them
  6. no seem any for ages they must no like the rain
  7. If the old tales are anything to go be the amount of fruit about its going to be a hard winter ?
  8. Seen a few on the cut verges at roadside but the covers still crazy here
  9. Good luck mate there making good money these days
  10. Hello and welcome mate , it always surprises me the valuations folk throw at post like this as without pictures or at least seeing the gun who knows as one persons idea of good condition is totally diffrent from somebody elses
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