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  1. The one

    Bad day for hunting

    Same as they did up here when you had to be registered to use snares , Remember you need to do a snare course after **/**/ 2018 to be allowed you use snares B.A.S.C. are running these snaring courses at only £199 a day
  2. The one


    Cant wait to see the first prosecution for shooting a crow in the already stretched courts its a joke
  3. The one

    Bad day for hunting

    Only. In England ans Wales must be the first time they haven't tested there new wildlife laws out in Scotland
  4. The one

    Hot x buns

    Love them toasted with a bit of butter no that pound of cheese you got on them LOL
  5. The one

    A good night with my mate

    Its just nice being out its so mild at night 13 degrees making the most of it before the weather changes and the cover beats us
  6. The one


    Hello and welcome mate
  7. The one

    Making nets

    Get yourself a starter kit then and a cheap ball of twine and just practice your knots till your happen them move n to the good twine , and only knit while you can concentrate one slipped knot and your entire nets fecked
  8. The one


    Getting ready to go night shift lamping hopefully be quiet everybody else at a Barby or pissed LOl
  9. The one

    Permission forms

    there on here mate just use the search engine
  10. The one

    Help to cull corvids wanted

    No chance you just buying a airgun and doing the job yourself ?. ive got all the gear so never knock back any job as it usually leads to more jobs and more trust from the landowner
  11. The one

    Picture tells the story

    Aye uve got some nice tools there ?
  12. The one

    Ferals take a hit

    great numbers mate and one happy farmer
  13. The one


    Wait till monday mate eggs will be 50 pence each LOL
  14. The one


    Nice going mate i never rated the .177 but your obviously works for you
  15. The one

    WTF any ideas

    With that over bite i would be scared of letting her put it in her mouth .