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  1. No a mate of mine down the country bred them of his bitch he always send up a few when he breds a litter
  2. He wouldn’t be a giant to be fair. but she’s a big lump of a bitch but gets everywhere with ease so far
  3. Sister to my dog that a mates owns.just started this season but already shaping up real well
  4. Ya the only difference in the flesh is the black dog has a small bit of a jacket. Similar in every other way same height same build
  5. Believe it or not there not even related at all I bred the chocolate dog and the black one a mate down the country bred
  6. First season black dog and second season chocolate dog
  7. Don’t be showing off dilly that’s one smart lot of dogs
  8. What age is it. Normally pups will grow out of it but if not it’s only a small op
  9. It’s walking with them around me in my opinion they do far more damage than the fox. They will kill pheasants for fun and if they get into a pen they will kill everyone of them and usually take none.
  10. I always taught these white ones were supposed to have a brain
  11. It’s a dog he’s bull wheaten greyhound. Looks smaller than he is in the pictures he would be 25 inches or that
  12. Put a post up her a year ago looking for a pup and derrylad offered me exactly what I was looking for free of charge. Didn’t no him before then but he didn’t hesitate to send this pup down abs we have chatted regularly since then. Fair play to him
  13. Are u trying to get him out of the game as quick as he’s started. Get him a proper dog finding a proper border pup will be as hard to find as hens teeth. All the best with ur search
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