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  1. shaneg

    new season

    I’d no choice but stick it out my usual digging partner was working and the other lad that does a bit with me only lives 2 minutes from now this place and he was in tramore for the weekend
  2. shaneg

    new season

    That was Saturday morning. It was the last thing I wanted this place I’ve dug 30 plus times and 4ft was the max. It’s always the same when your on your own
  3. shaneg

    Hound Pack Pictures

    Out with the mink hounds
  4. shaneg

    new season

    And 8ft yesterday and I out on my own. Couldn’t believe the box when it said 8ft never seen this place go over 4ft in the 10+ years I’ve been doing this place. The ground was like concrete from start to finish
  5. shaneg

    I’ve seen it all now

    I 100% agree with you here the bitch I have would be from that family you are talking about.but I would say the lads that have them the last number of years have done a lot more for them than booth could ever claim
  6. shaneg

    I’ve seen it all now

    He was but came from rb. He’s supposed to be out of miloe x tonic. But god only knows with that man
  7. shaneg

    I’ve seen it all now

    I’ve a bitch heavily bred back to Ali here. Only going into her second season and has been spot on
  8. shaneg

    I’ve seen it all now

    No she was second to none working
  9. shaneg

    I’ve seen it all now

    I seen that somewhere she had 16 litters and no failed pups
  10. shaneg

    I’ve seen it all now

    I could think of a lot faster ways of getting a short cut to getting a worker. I would highly douth the parents have grafted
  11. shaneg

    I’ve seen it all now

    He sells a dream. These are the best thing since sliced bred. 1000 for a pup and probably another 500 in courier fees. It wouldnt surprise me if he sold you a complete different pup that what he’s advertising he was on to a mate of mine looking to buy pups on Facebook to pass of as his own a few years back
  12. shaneg

    I’ve seen it all now

    More like a 1000 for a pet
  13. shaneg

    Locator, the best

    I’ve a banged up pickup, 6 terrierbox, whatever’s cheap to wear no matter what I wear hunting they don’t last long. €50 hair boots of eBay. But I do have a sharptooth
  14. That’s a nice red dog what ways it bred if u don’t mind me asking