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  1. shaneg

    new season

    What’s that white thing dc. I taught they have to be black to work
  2. shaneg

    Bad run of luck

    All good now t have 4 pups under her and the butch is doing good
  3. shaneg

    new season

    Really looking forward to this season have a few nice dogs to enter this season. Had a young bitch out for a walk the other day and she marked a place up lovely so as soon as this weather cools of a bit I will slip out with her and I can forget about her for a month then and concentrate on some of the other pups
  4. Dirty f****r who does that foxdropper. I never bring a lad to a hole that I wouldn’t put a dog in myself. I’d always tell them straight what it’s like before they enter there terrier
  5. shaneg

    Dogs dinners

    I normally get a good suply of beef fat and bones but the last few weeks I’m getting little or nothing of them so one of the lads sorted me out and I’ve filled my freezer with chicken so that should get me out till the meat is back again
  6. shaneg

    Dogs dinners

    I’ll mix it up so
  7. shaneg

    Dogs dinners

    I’ll be back to the beef soon enough but I don’t want them loosing order and the season around the corner
  8. shaneg

    Dogs dinners

    I’ve always feed beef with a bit of bone and fat but it’s gone slack the last few weeks so I’ve managed to get my freezer filled with chicken carcasses wings and legs today. Would it be good enough one it’s own or would I want to use a mixer through it
  9. shaneg

    Raw Diet.

    I’ve alwats feed beef with a bit of fat and bone but it’s gone slack the last few weeks so I’ve sorced chicken would I want to be mixing it with something
  10. shaneg


    Real nice dog he’s a credit to you
  11. shaneg


    Nice dog what blood is behind him if you don’t mind me asking
  12. shaneg

    Bad run of luck

    How could 3/4s of Ireland be in poverty and the likes of you throwing out 3 or 4 times the price of a dog to the lads over her
  13. shaneg

    Bad run of luck

    I said 3 pups were born hours apart so how would I no if they were born hours apart if I wasn’t around to see it. I breed for myself and no one else only a few mates so I don’t need to go around like you saying this litter and that litter were top class the lads can see for them selves I don’t need to go around blowing up my dogs. The runty pup was nearly dead coming out and we spent ages keeping him alive and leaving the vets he said he will be lucky if it makes the night it was less than half the size of the rest. I can do nothing about a bitch jumping in on top of pup and being a bit rough with them. She is over mothering them a bit. As for the welping box I probably should have used one but I’ve bred a few litters over the years and never seen the need for one. Including 9 or 10 litters of hounds pups in the last 2 years when I was kennelman and terrierman for a pack of hounds and we never had much of a problem. Now I’m not going to argue with you for the next few days. You worry about yours and I’ll worry about mine
  14. shaneg

    Bad run of luck

    Who said I didn’t no she was starting to pup. I knew all day she was up again pupping and she didn’t start till half 5. She had one pup i left her be and went out and hour later to check her and she had another and then another and so be. But from half 8 till 11 nothing so I took her to the vet. You go buy ur second rate dogs in and don’t be bothering me I’ll just bred my own and get gifted pups as I always do.
  15. shaneg

    Bad run of luck

    She’s in a kennell on her own blinded of from the rest of the dogs in a good big bench 4 ft by 4ft. She can’t see any other dogs. She’s a first time mother it’s all new to her. You would be better of working your dogs and not worry about pedigrees and my dogs