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  1. shaneg


    You keep a nice family of terriers rh fair play
  2. shaneg


    We had 2 hounds done in the vet that broke there tail hunting they were healed in a couple of weeks
  3. shaneg


    A bad dog will make the worst of them look good and a good dog will make the best of them look average
  4. shaneg

    What's the longest

    Mad money isn’t it. It cost me 150 at 12 at night
  5. shaneg

    Phantom pregnancy

    Spot on thanks a million
  6. shaneg

    Phantom pregnancy

    How much and how often mate
  7. Right lads I have a Bitch that’s having a phantom pregnancy and is after coming up with big bags of milk the last day or 2 what should I give her to dry her up
  8. shaneg

    What's the longest

    You got ride I had a c section on a bitch last summer and it was €150
  9. shaneg

    Cow mats

    Most my dogs are grand but I’ve 2 dirty pups that keep going toilet in the bed and I can’t make it any smaller. I reckon the mat should do them fine a quick hose of and clean again
  10. shaneg

    Cow mats

    I was thinking of putting cow mats under the dogs for the summer I normally use shavings In there bed. Would the be a bit rough and will they loose hair on there legs from lying on them or an I just over thinking things
  11. shaneg


    Belated that
  12. shaneg


    We had 2 in one pack I done a bit for and I found they were well able to hunt but would have no problem doing there own thing. Then my mate ran 4/5 1/2 crosses with another pack and they were well able to hunt but one or 2 at the end of the day when u would be calling them up had the tendency to hang about a bit in cover. But u would let them away with that they were great to draw and always up the front on a hunt
  13. shaneg


    Do you not find the welsh hounds a bit independent we had a few in the pack well able to hunt but could be independent by times
  14. shaneg

    Hound Pack Pictures

    2 days a week they were. No the other 3 photos are my mates pack
  15. shaneg

    Hound Pack Pictures

    A local pack I done a bit for last year