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  1. Herd of pups of a 15/16 year old terrier not long ago. I’d imagine every dog is different tho
  2. Different dogs we were talking about after
  3. Nice little start for Dave 2 handy ones in the last few weeks put him away till next season now
  4. Where did u work him in England. Pm if u prefer
  5. I never seen the dog come off to be fair but he was an out and our bayer but that was in his latter years no nothing about him in his younger years to look at him he was reckless at one time
  6. Clay was a wheeler dog no pick axe as far as I was aware dug him a nice few times and he over this side of the water very average dog to work wouldn’t be my cup of tea
  7. Are u sure the dog on the right was bred that way I’m nearly sure he wasn’t if it’s the same dog I think it is
  8. Fair play to u lads that work them piles ye have bigger balls than me anyway. Thank god there’s nothing like that around me
  9. shaneg

    Tattoos 🤔

    I’m booked in for the full day so we will see what he can knock out. He reckoned about 4 full days should finish out my arm
  10. shaneg

    Tattoos 🤔

    no im not a goth never was into that. I just liked the tattoo when I seen it and I had to get it good and dark to cover what was there before that
  11. shaneg

    Tattoos 🤔

    One I got done a few weeks ago to cover up a lurcher one I had done 12 years ago and booked in to get the lion done in a few weeks and finish of around the woman’s head
  12. Just looked on eBay if it works ur laughing
  13. We must sort a day out soon see what all the fuss is about these white ones
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