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  1. shaneg

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Nice bitch pity about the color
  2. shaneg

    Pups first time to ground

    And all this coming for a man that keeps belingtons
  3. shaneg

    Any lurcher pup about

    Mothers a 1/2 greyhound 1/4 wheaten 1/4 whippet and fathers a 3/8 5/8 bull greyhound
  4. shaneg

    Any lurcher pup about

    The best dogs are alway gifted because they are bred for the right reasons
  5. shaneg

    Any lurcher pup about

    That’s it I have a list of friend the length of my arm with terriers that would help me out but lurchers is a different story I’m not in the known when it comes to lurchers. And I’d be f****d if I was going to buy someone’s else’s rubbish of DoneDeal
  6. shaneg

    Any lurcher pup about

    The parents seem exactly what I like in a lurcher so hopefully the pups turn out the same. Fair play Derry lad
  7. shaneg

    Any lurcher pup about

    I got sorted lads fair play to Derry lad he’s gifted me a pup and I’ll have it in a week or 2
  8. I no it’s a long shot but would anyone have any well bred foxing pup or plan on breeding any. I no it’s a long shot. I haven’t had a lurcher in about 10 years because of the lack of rabbits around me. The pup will be reared with the best and want for nothing and will not be passed from pillar to post. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Preferably something without Saluki blood in it
  9. shaneg

    Took the wife lamping

    My idea of torture. Go of with the dogs for a bit of peace and quiet.
  10. shaneg

    Digging bars

    That’s exactly what our ground is like. It’s always in the Jeep but only brought in as we need it
  11. shaneg

    Digging bars

    I’ve been in different places around the country and the sharptooth worked grand it’s just the land I work it’s no real advantage to me
  12. shaneg

    Digging bars

    I just find the heavy graft far better than the sharptooth in the ground I work. There’s only one or 2 places we dig that the sharptooth performs better than the graft
  13. shaneg

    Digging bars

    I no what ur saying but I just reckon they would shift a lot more ground a lot quicker than the sharptooth. Personally I don’t like the sharptooth if I broke mine in the morning I wouldn’t buy a new one
  14. shaneg

    Digging bars

    I’d be the same heavy graft all day before the sharptooth.has anyone put a heavy onto the sharptooth. I’m thinking of cutting mine and doing it
  15. shaneg

    Digging bars

    That’s what I use all the time I wouldn’t go without one. Heavy to carry but definitely saves time when digging