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  1. trenchfoot

    3/4 collie

    the more collie in a lurcher the less suitable they are as pets. They need work/mental stimulation. And lots of it.
  2. trenchfoot

    For all you anti's snooping around this page😑

    do we have a lot of coyotes in the UK?
  3. trenchfoot

    My Mali X

    Thats a useful looking cur. Handy type to keep the farm and stock safe.
  4. trenchfoot

    Beddy in the mix

    9 Months Beddie whip grey
  5. Never get a dog that has more brains than you have.
  6. About to receive advanced train from a saluki
  7. trenchfoot

    Good Running dog books?

    Books are there mainly for "entertainment". Whilst some have more fiction in than others, I wouldn't knock folk for writing them until Id tried putting one together myself.
  8. trenchfoot

    acd x greyhoud

    You're right about the Huntaways being too noisy for most. Those Idaho shags look like some of the mongrelised farm dogs that can be found here in the uk. They make some handy dogs indeed
  9. trenchfoot

    acd x greyhoud

    They'll cope with being kennelled, but they need to spend more time in the field than they do in the run.
  10. trenchfoot

    Punch lines

    If you value your dog(s), Working dogs on pigs/boar is not the job for the faint hearted. No time for getting your phone out to film it. Get in and make sure you finish the job PDQ.
  11. trenchfoot

    Punch lines

    Best you get your running shoes on then.
  12. Nobody wants an average dog, but in reality its what most people actually need, or are capable of making the most of.
  13. Aye, because changing the law has made a load of difference to how things are done in the world of working dogs.
  14. trenchfoot

    Beddy in the mix

    Question is, was Spud a genuine 1st cross Beddie grey, or was there something else in the mix
  15. trenchfoot

    Let’s see your Pups