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  1. I was refering to Pye, in this instance.
  2. Why value the 30 plus years of line breeding of a dog thats not produced anything whose name is worth adding to the value of that line in the last 15 years? Line breeding is great when you cull the litter wastage, Every time you sell that wastage on the strength of the name, you dilute the line. That games for messers and peddlers.
  3. Jesus, I've got brighter sheep than you. Good luck, you sure need every bit you can get.
  4. If you did have permission, get it in writing. Your memory is that short, its like chatting with a goldfish. Which is apt given your preference for the wet.
  5. As a farmer who keeps running dogs, and has been dragged in to the magistrates courts a few times, after been stopped on permission, I have a good idea of the situation. ag
  6. I have to agree. You are not an arm chair hunter, but given the number of letters you get, you must be a shit poacher.
  7. Keep running your mouth and Her Majesty will give you a break from them.
  8. When a dog is out at the end of a long run on heavy quarry, especially single handed, it can take a bit of a pasting. If its going to be doing on a regular basis, it always make sense to use a type that thrives on coming up to scratch, not just bottomless stamina.
  9. Dont need to slip a dog up here. One of them extending leads would do it
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