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  1. trenchfoot

    New Arrivals.

    Thats because you've never got any further than Peter and Jane books. You are the kind of feckwit that has to rape their own left hand. Despite the lack of DNA evidence, you would still talk yourself into a charge.
  2. trenchfoot

    New Arrivals.

    I've enough sheep on the farm to know how to think for myself. And if you are that keen on reading, you will have noticed I never mentioned bragging. You inferred that. Like I said, just a child with a dog.
  3. trenchfoot

    New Arrivals.

    Sonny, I don't need quote you. Trawling through the minor details of what "he said, she said", is for trolls. All you have done is prove yourself to be the idiot.
  4. trenchfoot

    New Arrivals.

    No, you are acting like a little prick. And yes you have bragged. Repeatedly. All the "he said, she said "stuff belongs in the play ground. Which is where I suggestion you Return to.
  5. trenchfoot

    New Arrivals.

    When you look to be defined by what you have done with your dogs, you are just a man with a dog, willy waving. No more, no less. If you want to be a "dog man" you need to have more class about how you manage your dogs and how you go about your business. Right now, "the Return" you are acting like a kid with a dog.
  6. trenchfoot

    New Arrivals.

    I always know where my car is. On permission. So I’ve never felt that pain.
  7. trenchfoot

    New Arrivals.

    So why are you worried about loosing your car?
  8. trenchfoot

    New Arrivals.

    Your need to respond to my post tells me as much about you as your reply does.
  9. trenchfoot

    New Arrivals.

    There are 3 sides to every argument. Your side. Their side, and the truth.The sooner some of you lads learn that, the better your decisions will be. I spent decades "knowing" what I wanted. I've seen some good dogs been put under the sod on the back of such thinking. Some commenting on this thread need to learn what they need from a dog. Wants are for dreamers.
  10. trenchfoot

    New Arrivals.

    The only thing running on this thread is your mouth.
  11. trenchfoot

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

  12. trenchfoot

    New Arrivals.

    It shouldnt limit their ability to work sheep.But they would do it just that little bit faster, Ours have all coped with dual roles
  13. trenchfoot

    Wheaton x greyhounds

    26" but only 50lbs ish. Very deceptive to look at, but he only carries bulk where he needs it.
  14. trenchfoot

    Wheaton x greyhounds

    He's 3/8th Wheaton. Allegedly
  15. trenchfoot

    Wheaton x greyhounds

    Just coming back from surgery. The more time I spend with those type the more I wish I’d considered them earlier