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  1. I've polished plenty of other peoples "turds" from rescue centres. Had one that was not the best field dog, but never failed to try. Made a cracking ratter and busher though.
  2. Thats true, but you can only polish a turd so much. Sometimes the right dog comes along at the right point in your life. They may not be The Best, but they will be Your Best.
  3. Its less about how they are bred, and more about how they are raised.
  4. I believe part of the Sensitivity collie x's is due to their brain. They pick up training very quickly, which is one of their good points. But its a double edged sword. Over do a correction/raised voices etc, and they don't forget. Even if its only once. Recently the better collie based lurchers I have had anything to do with have either had a touch of terrier in them too, or have been bred from mongrelised collies, that have had all manner of influxes over the generations.
  5. I’m finding the terrier crosses easier to bring on. In particular the Wheaton crosses tick a lot of boxes. They tolerate bad weather as well as collie crosses and cope with my diminished patience far better than any collie cross I’ve ever had
  6. Cracking dog! I’ve enjoyed the company of collie crosses for the best part of 40 years. I still have one in work, but I’ve changed and they don’t suit my temperament like they used to. They have given me some great memories over the years though. Enjoy them whist you can
  7. Bit of sun on their backs for a change
  8. Thats because you've never got any further than Peter and Jane books. You are the kind of feckwit that has to rape their own left hand. Despite the lack of DNA evidence, you would still talk yourself into a charge.
  9. I've enough sheep on the farm to know how to think for myself. And if you are that keen on reading, you will have noticed I never mentioned bragging. You inferred that. Like I said, just a child with a dog.
  10. Sonny, I don't need quote you. Trawling through the minor details of what "he said, she said", is for trolls. All you have done is prove yourself to be the idiot.
  11. No, you are acting like a little prick. And yes you have bragged. Repeatedly. All the "he said, she said "stuff belongs in the play ground. Which is where I suggestion you Return to.
  12. When you look to be defined by what you have done with your dogs, you are just a man with a dog, willy waving. No more, no less. If you want to be a "dog man" you need to have more class about how you manage your dogs and how you go about your business. Right now, "the Return" you are acting like a kid with a dog.
  13. I always know where my car is. On permission. So I’ve never felt that pain.
  14. So why are you worried about loosing your car?
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