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  1. When a dog is out at the end of a long run on heavy quarry, especially single handed, it can take a bit of a pasting. If its going to be doing on a regular basis, it always make sense to use a type that thrives on coming up to scratch, not just bottomless stamina.
  2. Dont need to slip a dog up here. One of them extending leads would do it
  3. Fair law, or social distancing?
  4. Cheers buddy, He has a long way to go, but physically and mentally he is looking good
  5. Beddy x deer/grey to Whippet x deer/grey. Only young but showing great promise
  6. Id be looking for a bitch doing the job you require, on the type of land you are going to be running on, first and foremost, Regardless of breeding.
  7. Because nobody wants a dog cleverer than themselves. Lots of them saluki types about though
  8. 25", probably another good lunch to come yet
  9. Platts "deerhound"/Laguna whippet x Platts "deerhound"/Bedlington 8 month old.
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