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  1. trenchfoot

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    She does okay. I've seen better, and a good few a lot worse. keeps me happy.
  2. trenchfoot

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    6 month and 21", still a bit to come and a frame to fill
  3. trenchfoot

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    The cream bitch is saluki/grey. The ginger pup is beddie/whip/grey to a whip grey, with a touch of collie a long way back
  4. trenchfoot

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Shaping up nicely
  5. trenchfoot

    Chris packham

    Are we allowed to call him a Special C#nt then?
  6. trenchfoot

    Chris packham

    His latest plan is collecting road kill and freezing it. He then feeds it to local foxes who are starving. If he had left it in the first place they wouldn't be so f***ing hungry. Claims his Aspergers syndrome means he cannot tell a lie. But it doesn't seem to stop him spouting bullshit.
  7. trenchfoot

    Stock breaking a lurcher pup

    A tool of last resort.
  8. A line bred farm cur x whip/grey. Not the fastest, but shy of a daytime hare id well on most stuff. The rougher the ground and the weather, the better. Waxing fat in her later years with her daughter.
  9. At times up here, the hardest part is finding stuff to run. We need dogs that will hunt like spaniels, clever, hungry runners (as my grandad called them) and a coat and physique that will brush off the worst the weather and the terrain can throw at them. Line bred, collie grew saturated dogs tick all those boxes for me.
  10. I'm rather partial to a good drop of collie blood. The reason for using collie in a lurcher falls into two camps. First, to turbo charge the collie and secondly to add engine management to a sighthound. If you fall in the first camp, then a half cross (or there abouts) is a fine creature to work with.If its the second case, then most working breeds will surfice in adding that bit extra to a running dog. If your not going to use the key attributes of a collie AND can get on with their nature, better crosses are out there. JMO
  11. trenchfoot

    Beddy x whippet

    4 1/2 months
  12. trenchfoot

    Pox ridden b*****ds

    Ivomectin, unless its got lots of collie in it. bath 'em start and end of season in Tactic.
  13. trenchfoot

    Rayon Butchers String For Purse Nets

    Almost, was good enough for a ten year old back then.
  14. trenchfoot

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    enjoying a bit of sun on her back for a change.
  15. trenchfoot

    Views on getting a pup on summer bunnys

    a dog learns little in a kennel. get it out in the early morning and work on recall when it misses its quarry, pays dividends when it misses on the lamp.And then retrieve when he catches. By the season you will both be in a better place, mentally, physically and as a partnership.