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  1. I suppose it depends on how far u are spacing your poles when setting, but 18 inch is to short in my eyes. If your sticking it in the ground say 4 inches that only leaves 14 inches above ground. A few of my nets are only 13 meshes deep, and they hung fine on 24" poles at 5yd spacing, and I didn't bother angling the poles much either.
  2. Thanks, good to know
  3. Looks good, are you knitting the square mesh 4 deep and folding over the headline mate? Edited to add, is that a white Loomis needle?
  4. Got to agree with Mickey Finn on this one. We are been overrun with wolves here in Alberta, and the taking out the alpha members of the pack is the message commonly put out by antis and is thought baseless by most. The wolves as apex predators typically decimate the game poulations in their area, to the point the game poulations cant support the pack. The pack starves, and they get desperate as most die off. In areas away from human populations and farming, once that happens, game populations rebound, and eventually the wolf packs rebound and the cycle carries on. In areas with humans and stock animals, once the wolves decimate the ungulates (deer, moose, elk), they turn to the farm stock once desperate, and cause real problems. And I doubt you could keep enough dogs in your kennels, to protect a large farms stock 24hrs a day from a large pack...
  5. https://americanshootingjournal.com/man-survives-bear-attack-but-loses-face/amp/ That guy was pretty lucky, but no doubt changed for the rest of his days.. Some other photos on a different site https://www.canadiangunnutz.com/forum/showthread.php/1990527-Grizzly-Bear-attack!-gt-*Warning-Graphic-Pictures!*-lt-Bites-Mans-face-off
  6. You want a small multiplier on it Jigsaw. In usa its called a bait caster. Looks something like this: https://www.cabelas.ca/product/116560/shimano-slx-casting-reel
  7. I haven't tried the torch method on neoprenes, but for breathables and pvc waders it works well
  8. That looks like a lovely river. The easiest way i have found to find the leak in waders is to stick a torch in them in a dark room, even pinholes show up.
  9. That's a great days sport. I haven't fished for them, but know the runs in bc, Canada (closest steelhead to me), have generally varied from pretty poor to abysmal for most rivers the last couple of years.
  10. gazjon5

    Fuel prices

    Lol, agreed on it paying the bills. Who knows what to believe, or what goes on behind the scenes politically? Rumors here suggest even the usa shale has nowhere to go on cost cutting / efficiencies and it seems there is very little left to give for any producers, SA included. The Canadian production is f****d with Trudeau at the helm, and indigenous groups looking for a huge cut / payoff on every deal. At least the American producers were expanding and oil and gas investment was flying high with Trumps policies, up here in canuckstan companies are going bust daily. King flu and the associated stock market massacre are going to make this a brutal year though pretty much everywhere.
  11. gazjon5

    Fuel prices

    None of the oil suppliers make money when it's this low, but if SA just produce more to make up shortfall, they will put a lot of producers out of buisness. Agree once demand picks up and the glut is burnt through, prices will skyrocket. It may be a while yet though and cheap fuel will be no use if most people are out of jobs....
  12. gazjon5

    Fuel prices

    Ours had dropped to $0.749 CAD yesterday Tilly, crazy times, r u still on the island?
  13. Some spots round here you would risk getting taxed at gunpoint, and the coppers won't be any help or do f**k all if they find out u were on a reservation. Everyone is equal in Canada, it's just some are a lot more equal than the rest.....
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