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  1. The shetlands had the sloped down gunnels but dont remember ever seeing one with a cuddly like that Arry, but i may well be wrong! Either way I would say it is a fairly old boat (probably 30-40yr old), and If it was mine i would be checking the floor and transom for soft spots and rot before I hung an outboard off it, not worrying about the make and model. If you are needing to know make and model for insurance tell them the plate is missing and offer to send them photos but be prepared to shop around for a reasonable quote. I have fished off a few boats with similar hulls over the years, a
  2. Haha not quite, 243 soft point federal fusions
  3. Here is a wolf my son shot yesterday from a treestand when after whitetails. I didnt weigh it but if i had to guess i would say somewhere between 125 and 150lb.
  4. Very true, I always try and convince myself that having them PTS is the last kind thing you can do for them. Sorry for your loss Charts.
  5. Have had the pup out on a couple more hunts, I honestly cant believe how quickly he is picking things up. On his second trip we clipped a pair of gadwall that dropped close together and were both still kicking and flopping about which confused him for a minute, apart from that he has been stella . Last trip my son dropped 3 teal in two shots when we pulled up the truck to the side of a pond. Dog was still in his cage and hadn't seen them drop, and we could only see one but sent him out and he retrieved the first then found and retrieved the other two from the far side of the pond in some reeds
  6. You could quite easily get a top bred pup imported from the states to the UK, and still be way ahead on price. Most of the bigger breeders regularly ship / fly pups all across the USA, as well as abroard, and are set up for it. You can get a very well bred lab pup for around $1500 US (or less). When I emigrated to Canada from uk it cost me less than 500 quid to ship the dog with us, including vets and inoculations etc. so would imagine it would be similar going the other way. Just something to think about.
  7. His first (and second retrieve), it wasnt really planned as was just taking him out and getting him used to the decoys and a bit more breaking to gunfire, but a teal and spoony came in so let my son take them and he retrieved them perfect.
  8. My 6 mnth old lab Oscar, first gundog I've owned but training seems to be coming along nicely
  9. My 350 will pull a trailer off road no problem, (just not that fast) I would imagine a 250 would be fine for moles
  10. I've got a 2006 350 honda (and a new 420), the 350 has been an awesome little quad, only ever needed oil changes. I have had it nearly 5 years I think, my 2 teenage sons use it mostly and they dont go easy on it, what do you want to know?
  11. I would also add that 40 mesh deep (even at only 3 1/2" full mesh) would be a nightmare to handle, you could cut the net in half (lengthways) and still have enough depth. I would agree with the others though the mesh is to small.
  12. Just found this guy on youtube, seems to have loads of mid to late 90's stuff.
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