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  1. Yes mate, and my son has a bull moose tag, shot a spiker wt last night. First cold spell we have had, crazy weather this year for sure.
  2. Got permission on a field that was absolutely loaded with snow, speckelbelly and Canada's, as well as ducks, (speaking with the farmer he reckoned somewhere around 2500 geese). It was misty/ foggy at first light but between me and my son ended with 4 snows, 14 specks, 2 Canada's and 10 ducks in 2.5hrs shooting, dog did great as well on only his second goose hunt.
  3. Canadian Rockies, around Jasper pal.
  4. Wasn't fishing, just keeping the mrs happy with a trip to the mountains before I dissappear hunting every weekend for the next 11 weeks
  5. I still laugh out loud every time I think about my mate picking one up when we cornered it on the school field, and that's more than 30 years ago.... your right, them feckers can bite
  6. The dog retreived his first (and 2 and 3rd) geese today, he made a meal of the 1st and dragged it most of the way back, but by the 3rd he had it (mostly lol) figured out.
  7. You are probably right there is more chance of a black bear attacking you than a griz, i cant be arsed looking up the numbers but there is probably 300 or more blacks for every griz in most areas where the populations co exist, and not a lot of areas where griz are common... I can tell you most people out here who are around lots of bears see blacks as a pest / nuisance, and griz as unpredictable and a real danger. Obviously with wild animals making generalizations is not that wise but most black bear are fairly timid and scared of people, griz just don't give a feck about humans full stop. A
  8. There are plenty of wolves here where we hunt, as well as black and grizzly bear, and cougar. I would certainly agree with what u say on them been a clever, top level predator, but if I had to bet I would say the farmer would be scared of them from a damage ($) perspective, rather than personal injury. Bears, moose, cougar and even coyote are a far bigger risk than wolves. The wolves (with the exception of the habituated / fed ones in the parks) seem to have an inbred fear of humans and if u are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one they are gone as soon as they spot or wind you. Where I am
  9. Found this an enjoyable short vid from Sitka on labs
  10. I have a savage mark 2 lefty in 22 that has a cheap busnell banner on it, it's been fine the 8yrs I've had it Wolfie.
  11. Glen Waters did a very good write up on rat snaring Rat Snaring | The Hunting Life WWW.THEHUNTINGLIFE.COM
  12. Thanks mate, he's a pleasure to own (most of the time lol)
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