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    Few for the pot

    Great vid pal
  2. gazjon5

    coyote bow kill's

    I think it was his reaction after killing the bear and the fact the antis got hold of the video and publicised it that got spear hunting banned here Ted. From what I remember of that vid the bear was dead in seconds but the guy dancing around screaming like a tit looked bad and I think they capitalised on that. I dont bow hunt either but have seen enough vids to know that it can be a very quick, clean and ethical way of taking game. I think the trouble is it takes a lot of practice to get accurate and skilled enough to consistently make the shots, and whereas a marginal shot with a rifle quite often is ok, with a bow it often isn't. I may not bow hunt, but I certainly wouldnt want it banned, and have seen as most have how antis try to divide hunters and once one thing is banned, they move onto the next.
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    BODYGRIP TRAP ????????

    Did you buy them with the stabilizer legs on the bolt Micky or make them yourself?
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    View From Your Swim

    Alberta, Canada mate
  5. Alsone I agree with a lot of what you say. When hunting in bear country I (like a lot of people here) carry bear spray. Its lightweight (size of deodorant can), fast to use and creates a wide cloud, so you dont need to try and hit a small target area (brain, spine etc) on a bear that can run 50 yards in under 3 seconds. That is in addition to my rifle simply due to the speed I can deploy it and the larger spread. In a lot of studies done it also compares better than a firearm in an attack. Where I am handguns aren't allowed without a shit load of permits and f****n about so very few people carry them in the bush. So for protection (those who carry extra protection) carry either spray or a shorty shotgun loaded with slugs / buckshot or combination of both. If I was choosing a specific calibre for hunting griz or polar bears I would without a doubt be looking bigger than 300win mag, and would probably go 338. I have nothing against the 300win mag, it is an excellent round, it is just I feel I dont need it for what I do, and I hunt black bear. As I stated above, to pull out a single example of a (very capable) calibre not doing a job is foolish. The 308 is plenty for black bear, and in my opinion as I stated earlier the OP should, if looking at shooting brown bear, borrow / rent / buy a bigger gun. To the OP good luck in your search and sorry for the detail, I will leave it at that. As a side note the largest every grizzly shot here in Alberta (and at the time world record griz) was shot by a woman with a single shot 22. https://www.ammoland.com/2017/06/bella-twin-the-22-used-to-take-the-1953-world-record-grizzly-and-more/#axzz5d1OsyB95
  6. Alsone to pull out one example of a black bear getting up and blame it on the calibre is a little stupid, and if I am honest does make you sound a bit inexperienced. A misplaced shot can happen with any calibre, and even a perfectly placed shot with a bullet designed for the job can sometimes take longer than you would expect to finish the animal. I am in Canada (Alberta) and on a number of BC, Alberta, and Sask and USA hunting forums, and can assure you both the 308 and 30-06 are very well thought of as cartridges for black bear. So is the 300win mag, and a host of others as well, but black bear are not that tough, and almost always bolt away once shot. Griz and polar bear are different and will sometimes charge and attack you if they think it's you that has caused them pain. That is why you want the extra bone smashing power and penetration from the magnums to try and anchor them, as if that bear reaches you, with one swipe or bite it could kill you. I owned a 300 win mag and killed both mulies and white tail deer with it, but sold it as the recoil was to me, in the lightish rifle I had excessive. In our hunting group a number of guys use 300 win mags and get on well with them, but to say they are needed as a minimum for black bear is crazy. Elk and mule deer are harder to kill than black bear in my opinion (and from what I've read most people in the north american forums I frequent). I hunt black bear and have had them to around 350lb and just over 6ft. Here is a blackie i got this spring, droped on the spot with 30-06.
  7. I would say for a first rifle stay away from the 300wm, as you may find the recoil to much and develope bad habits. Sure it is a great calibre but unless you are expecting long range and need the flatter trajectory or require the extra oomph for dangerous game I don't think it's worth it. I would say the 30-06 has a greater variety of bullet weights over the 308 and the edge slightly in energy but not enough for game to care. As stated put a good bullet where it counts in a suitable calibre and the animal will drop. Get a rifle that fits and you enjoy shooting and getting accurate enough to put it where it counts is more important than a few fps or couple of inch drop at a given distance. Edited to add if you want to go after brown bear borrow a rifle, black bear and moose aren't hard to kill with 308 or 30-06 at realistic ranges.
  8. gazjon5

    Sea fishing (boat)

    Mersey has been producing codling lately I believe, but the only slip is at New Brighton on the wirral, and you used to need powerboat level 2 and insurance and there is a fee to launch unless you got there early then it was free . Anglesey and the Menia Straits has quite a few slips dotted around, Bull Bay, Moel y Don, Menai Bridge, Trearddur Bay, Traeth Bychan, Beaumaris an a few others. In spring / summer I would definately head down the Llyn peninsular, one of the best launches (and fishing) was at Trefor but I believe they gated it off and closed the slip this year. On the north coast of llyn that only leaves Porth Ysgadyn or Porth Colmon, or launch at Ty Calch in the Menai Straits and steam down. Or you can beach launch at Nefyn or Morfa Nefyn but the beaches are shallow. South coast of Llyn easiest launch is pwllheli or beach launches at Aberdaron or Abersoch, or the other side of Cardigan Bay at Shell Island. Not sure on cost / insrance requirements etc on these now, but we just used to get there before 7am to save paying lol. Boatlaunch.co.uk used to have info on all these and more. Feel free to PM for more info
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    my hunting setup 2018/2019 pic heavy

    How's the CWD (chronic wasting disease) situation near you Ted? Seems to be spreading across Alberta quick, and an elk from where I had my last one (Suffield) tested positive as well.
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    Sand sculptures

    Where was this Tilly?
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    View From Your Swim

    Fair play ooks a like a great time Bell and the on board toolkit / engine to transom custom mounting adapter is genius mate✌
  12. Do you bother with the spring bear hunt there Ted?