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  1. Not that long ago, but definitely a different way of life
  2. Agreed, over here i have eaten both pike and perch and to be fair they are both pretty decent when taken from a deep, clear lake.
  3. As nicepix says it's called a flasher and is just a fishfinder / sonar . Bit tough to explain them but instead of displaying the water column as a scrolling chart, it show as a circle or clock face with the depths shown round the edge. When a fish comes under you it shows as a line in the circle at the depth it's at. Bit tough to explain them but lots of info on youtube under ice fishing flashers. Here is a picture of my fishfinder set up in flasher ice mode / screen, might make it a bit clearer, but the depth shows 0ft and 3.7 degrees as it was in my garage lol. And agree Sasha looks alright
  4. As mentioned they are very defensive in the spring when they have kits, and will come out of the water to engage dogs. My mate used to pull down the dams on his land with a couple of quads with winches, and a big grapple hook. Unless you put a f****n big hole in the dam, they can usually patch them in a night or 2, it's crazy how they can sort it with just sticks and mud. He started using tannerite, way easier and more fun.... they are pretty amazing, tough, animals, but a f****n nightmare with the damage they can do, and with no natural predators in the uk they are nuts to reintroduce them.
  5. I ordered a sheet of net off Brian Brinded about 15yrs ago, took about 8 weeks to arrive and I only got it after threatening to drive up to pick it up in person......
  6. Yep I did down south, not to much underground/ unorganized stuff but travelled around for a couple of years for some of the bigger clubs and events, few in milton Keynes, Reading, Manchester, Wigan pier, helter skelter, dreamscape, etc favourite weekly club though was kinetic in stoke, think I started around 93 to probably 97 or 98....
  7. At least a few double figure lake trout A whitefish (any size will do the feckin things seem to be my nemesis....) Beat my sturgeon pb (8'4") At least 1 trip out to Vancouver island after salmon.
  8. The shetlands had the sloped down gunnels but dont remember ever seeing one with a cuddly like that Arry, but i may well be wrong! Either way I would say it is a fairly old boat (probably 30-40yr old), and If it was mine i would be checking the floor and transom for soft spots and rot before I hung an outboard off it, not worrying about the make and model. If you are needing to know make and model for insurance tell them the plate is missing and offer to send them photos but be prepared to shop around for a reasonable quote. I have fished off a few boats with similar hulls over the years, a
  9. Haha not quite, 243 soft point federal fusions
  10. Here is a wolf my son shot yesterday from a treestand when after whitetails. I didnt weigh it but if i had to guess i would say somewhere between 125 and 150lb.
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