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  1. You could make a redneck doorbell from one
  2. Bit of a result on the local river this evening. We didnt get any fish but my son spotted what looked like a reel about 10ft out so i waded out as the river is low and clear. Looks like it has been there a couple of years. Not sure make or model on the reel but it looks like it was quality in its day. Made in japan and has a one peice frame, but is seized solid and has a couple of cracks so think its f##ked. The rod is fine except for the cork degraded a bit. G loomis lol, it would have been a sad day losing that, my son is made up though.
  3. There was a large group from manitoba here in wmu 354 last week, arrived with a load of trucks and a reefer trailer from what I have read. Cows, calfs, bulls anything they can get. Sometimes just taking the noses and back legs, trespassing and hunting at night...... and the cops / fish cops do nothing, unreal.
  4. You should take the piebald just to piss of the natives Ted. The "stewards of the land" are decimating the moose here with year round unregulated hunting, and causing havoc in BC stopping any non indigenous entering huge areas (land and water), while this piss poor government does f**k all except give them more money and rights.
  5. Bought myself some decoys and a cheap shotgun last year to have a go for ducks and geese here in Alberta. The season opened on Tursday so got out on some local DU (Ducks Unlimited) land and had a good morning. Built a quick blind from 2" weldmesh, ended with an ok mixed bag with blue and green wing teal, gadwalls and a young redhead (I think).
  6. I suppose it depends on how far u are spacing your poles when setting, but 18 inch is to short in my eyes. If your sticking it in the ground say 4 inches that only leaves 14 inches above ground. A few of my nets are only 13 meshes deep, and they hung fine on 24" poles at 5yd spacing, and I didn't bother angling the poles much either.
  7. Thanks, good to know
  8. Looks good, are you knitting the square mesh 4 deep and folding over the headline mate? Edited to add, is that a white Loomis needle?
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