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  1. Looks like block and tackle, what you cooking, lead?
  2. I've set fire to a BBQ with those fatty lamb skewers , can't remember burning myself as much during a cook....
  3. Maybe designed to be on silver birch or a lichen on a rock? Great pic
  4. Borr

    BBQ Smoker

    Just warmed it slow for lunch everyone stuffed and in pain ,it was finished around midnight. Thicker part was perfect had it with corn on the cob, chips, avocado and bread and butter...
  5. Borr

    BBQ Smoker

    Looks banging I still got about four hours left
  6. Borr

    BBQ Smoker

    To add , my brisket has been at 300f for over an hour , hoping I can get it 225/250 in the next hour, I've shut vents and hosed it down twice
  7. Borr

    BBQ Smoker

    Good shout , the Costco salt and chilli belly slices I get I put a heat deflector in and crank it up which means I can have them in there for an hour or two and the fat renders well , ribs is more about connective tissue I guess, I've mostly avoided them along with short ribs as I begrudge paying for bones lol...
  8. Borr

    BBQ Smoker

    Got relatives over from the states in a few weeks going to do sticky pork ribs , so looking forward to that. Brisket just takes too long , I struggle to keep low temp on my egg especially if it get hot first, and it's expensive, it works as it's protein for the week and youngest loves and he's almost a vegetarian think he might be the milkman's ....
  9. Early BBQ , brisket tonight and rest of week for these...
  10. Just says age restriction, what is it , I'm guessing zombie land....
  11. Borr

    BBQ Smoker

    About to dish up BBQ kebabs , pork shoulder steaks and sausages, to feed the kids when they get back from swimming . Now main event got a brisket on now, bit of a gamble, yellow mustard smoother, new rub mostly oregano with paprika, sugar, garlic powder, onion flakes, veg salt and pepper bit late hopefully get it done by midnight
  12. It's generally the owner that needs training,not the dog. Including myself in that lol.
  13. The grass will soften one side and shrubs will cover the other, looks a good job
  14. Why do we have to set our moral compass by historical past deeds, Britain had an empire, so did Mongolia and Italy but they don't keep harping on about it. I agree that people aren't top priority in any of these conflicts but I just think I'd rather take the western system warts an all than China Russia system, I can't fathom how you think they're the same ....
  15. I believe lots of musicians and actors have visited the troops during wartime. Ukraine produces 30% of world grain I believe The war is primarily being fought in the east, it's a huge country. Getting a bit personal on here, just opinions at the end of the day.
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