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  1. Borr

    Fecking London

    I find it hard to believe, it'll be Albanian, russian , Turks , African, asian . They moved most Londoners out in my old man's youth back in the 50s and 60s .....
  2. Presumably it'll go back to the grid to be allocated to those who can't pay their bills....
  3. Good stuff, should be more of it, especially from large corps . Unfortunately government seems to bail them out , whether grants or tax relief anything with taxpayer written on it has the arse teared out of it as a given.
  4. Borr

    Fecking London

    If you're still there socks get yourself in here for a beer on the balcony OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar & Brasserie – OXO Tower London OXOTOWERRESTAURANT.COM Visit South Bank’s OXO Tower & discover 3 dynamic venues...
  5. Yep I've been knee deep more than my share.... It's amazing scenery mate, just think we've had an exceptional couple of years and the south west got clobbered but I think it'll subside a little so changing laws at this time is purely opportunistic.
  6. Borr

    Six nations

    I think he did well for England, I'm looking forward to a fresh start or a different take on a decent team. Roll on six nations....
  7. I get what you're saying , guardian of the land etc, but I don't buy it anymore, national parks should be for the people. I dare say where estates employed and housed hundreds of people , and your average garden was big enough to kick a ball about in , it may have been the case , but no more. Most of this county is owned by farmers, what little bits of woodland you can walk your dog in they've decided to stick cattle in them too for 'enviromental reasons' . I would compulsory purchase swathes of land , provide walkways and cycle paths, bridle paths get kids and folk off the lanes and roads. I'
  8. Duchy owns 70k of it so should be plenty of places to go but just another example of big money taking public rights away...
  9. I agree with that but feel the arse will drop out of the boom staycation a little, which was most likely the reason it got out of hand. I was more thinking about 10 tors and the people that experience a bit of wilderness in small tents, I agree the giant setups should find camp sites if they're after home comforts.
  10. Saw this article , seems a hedge fund manager has managed to stop wild camping on his part of Dartmoor. BBC: Historic wild camping tradition outlawed on part of Dartmoor. Historic wild camping tradition outlawed on part of Dartmoor WWW.BBC.CO.UK Wild camping on part of a Devon moor has been ruled...
  11. Borr


    I'm just putting this out there in case you're planning anything drastic...
  12. Bah humbug , ban the conspiracy theorists and thead killers and it'll come back to yapping....
  13. Borr


    As said as non athletes, Pele was the best I've recently watched his documentary and it's slow motion compared to today but certainly the best of his generation....
  14. Set my fecking smoker on fire didn't pay attention, 450° , hellfire probably years of fat or maybe turkey juice either way save the tomahawk and ribs , made a packet peppercorn, life is good...
  15. Borr


    At a cock fight drinking viper blood playing russian roulette in some back alley bar....maybe
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