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  1. Okay so I've a little busher, cocker x patterdale, nose driven even took him to a gundog trainer because I've always been around gundogs and he had something about him, feather mad just does it for him, I started him on bunnies which he'd give chase and voice (frustrated) and he's six and will find feather anywhere won't bother overly with cover unless he winds a pheasant, finds woodcock and snipe for fun, unfortunately gun-shy and his purpose is to find furry stuff for the lurcher but have any of you gundog guys had a gundog mad for fur ? Or struggled to get an interest in feather but not fur
  2. I went to Windsor safari park as a kid too
  3. Here you go , free to watch, thought provoking, if you've got kids .... state versus private and all fairly obvious really I'd make it a compulsory watch in parliament and schools I think...
  4. I'm had an easy week, but it's Friday, drinking that co-op malt but I've reduced it's score it's heavy in a coffee liqueur type way, but doing the job. Back at it Monday, kids have broken up for half term good vibes in da house
  5. I can't see nothing with a red filter , must be the colour blindness, but prior to the last year I've had perfect vision, could spot eyes miles off , but red filter couldn't tell if it was a sheep or a pug tbh
  6. I'm not sure it was something like for 200 a month so what's that? But you also get bonus crypto I think, he's sold them to a farmer who has a surplus of electric from solar panel fields....
  7. Few mates in Wales with nicknames such as wonka and Wilbur , and if they don't have a nickname there's normally a y stuck on the end or surnames with a y . Budda , pig loads and I couldn't tell you their real names after knowing some of them 20 year...
  8. Last ones I tried were off a small syndicate and were skin and bone presumably had some disease or other , anyway didn't get to enjoy them, I've bought duck recently but would need a couple to feed a family and gets expensive then , enjoyable bird though. I used to be on the wrong side of 600 bird duck days and think I sickened myself to driven shooting on them. Also when they struggle to flush them off of ponds it's almost embarrassing to watch. Although wild duck would be great sport I'm sure , always thought the teal was exciting ...
  9. As said get your ferret a decent run to get fit, give them a feed , and try some small warrens , the more you get out the more you'll both pick up , woodland can be decent for small places but you may have a wait on if they do lie up, but if they're fit and active they should get into it...
  10. Watched joker last night , good actor that phoenix guy , but not a great film...prime. felt like it was about to get going all the way through but never did...
  11. Me neither anymore , it teleported into some wee Willy's bank account
  12. A mate had a £5000 electric bill, he's stopped mining now it did keep his shed warm mind. Lol. Theres a cut off point for numbers produced I believe but doubt we're anywhere near it yet...
  13. Well when you've shot out all the dreys , where I was were lots of hollow oaks or oaks with holes where the squirrels would reside , enter a ferret and no ifs or buts the squirrels would shoot straight to the top branches where I'd dispatch with a gun. I probably bolted a dozen squirrels from a favourite tree... Had a Hob that used to follow me through the woods like a dog, he was too big for bolting but was a bugger for climbing trees had a few hairy moments preparing myself to catch him on his decent , he only went stupidly high twice I think.
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