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  1. I like 40grit as rips off metal quick. 60 is decent . You can also stick the grinder in a vice and free up both hands to guide axe or whatever.
  2. I'm just looking at a possible job of replacing a fence on a relatively steep sloping garden. I was planning on going a little higher than regs. My first thought is post and rail with feather edge , maybe 5x5 x3.2/3.5 m and a 4"X2" rail. I've also found post protection socks that pull over bottom of post to preserve in and above the post/concrete. I'd be interested in suppliers, other comparable materials , ideas . Also whether or not to use weather boards?screw rails and nail feather edge? Cheers. Joe
  3. If it's for sharpening an axe be better off getting a small angle grinder.
  4. I favour a tea mug, not fussed on the chalice , always nice to have something fancy but rather a fancy drink...
  5. Borr


    Let's face it NATO (USA)wanted more money from EU, Germany have uped it to 100 b same for UK, they're laughing would they risk it all for some gas money?
  6. Borr


    The oldman married my mother and went out for three years the following day, brave fellas back then, I know he came back 76' hoping for green and pleasant and found dry and desolate, heat wave and hose pipe bans
  7. Borr


    I digress again, but all employees were given a booklet called blue flame , a tutorial on making moonshine, and as my father was early over he was on the American camp and had a giant pickup, so collected all their sugar. Obviously the fact that someone sold liquor to a prince and he killed the Oldman , that was the beginning on the Muslim ban I believe. But a colleague of his got locked up for selling to an Arab and did two years and sued Aramco for a few mill I believe. The US wives would stay home watching the moonshine , men folk would return to play poker and drink it. Many women were alc
  8. Borr


    Yeah don't be a mug , accept your fate , this is the real world you're all daft etc. Unfortunately occasionally they're right lol, I don't care to listen unless it's said by someone who never says it....
  9. Borr


    Not a bad shout, would give a concise winner every time
  10. Borr


    To digress, my father was a radiographer in Saudi in the seventies and although he learnt his trade in a pub over three nights off an old boy, and took advantage of Saudi oil boom , he had the ability to run men and not be intimidated by anyone, which is a very good attribute to have when shutting down millions in productivity or dealing with hardened contractors, he wished in hindsight he'd stuck with Aramco who offered him a top end job , but such is life, he halted a barge operation for the wrong degree prep on pipe and he went at heights to shut down a job that wasn't preheated , he had ba
  11. Borr


    Get back in the slop....
  12. Borr


    Apologies I was rude, sometimes though you muddy an already muddy pond...
  13. Borr


    Native American....
  14. Borr


    They do .... Without the evidence which is easily obtainable I can't argue, but again a high sec line would have high end inspection. That said I know hinkley has had a cowboy inspection co caught out and that's nuclear so I'll wait for what should be an easily answered question, once welds are assessed
  15. Borr


    Get f****d you conspiracy maniac, is the covid section dry....flu will be along soon maybe even some flat earth stuff
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