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  1. Borr

    Muster dogs

    Decent watch so far on Netflix about kelpie pups in aus ,
  2. Sweet , too sweet thatchers Katy for me raskal isn't bad.
  3. Seems all a bit french/Irish celtish.... Lol, I had red last night but not my normal go to , Guinness I enjoy some in the winter ... Wales has decent wine and beer... Whisky/cider not so much lol
  4. Make a wish , I like to buy British, when not drinking foreign stuff, korev is okay , we have utopian lager which is great but only found on tap I believe. Cider English only I'm afraid and the best I've found with decent voltage is lidls vintage which is 750 ml for under two quid and made by Henry Weston's ....
  5. Deffo beer garden weather , then yanks bought aspalls out after 300 years ...
  6. What's your flavour then shark
  7. A little peroni whilst the chicken thighs are cooking...
  8. I knew a guy who had one 10 litre? Crazy big said when he towed his big caravan ( looked like a silver rugby ball) up a hill at it did 1 mile to the gallon
  9. I have the pleasure of taking kids to pub tomorrow to watch fa cup , can't say I'm excited but maybe a bit to see their reactions to the shouting and atmosphere, youngest is man u , I've looked at the odds , not in his favour...
  10. Borr

    BBQ Smoker

    Lidls pork shoulder steaks rubbish better buying less and thicker from butcher , butcher ribeyes banging ....
  11. Was greeted by this chap this morning on the workshop door...
  12. Borr

    BBQ Smoker

    I see you've got Kirkland salt, I bought lots of big tubs from Costco, love " the hottest fxcking wing sauce " lol. Costco salt and chilli belly slices are still my favourite along with good ribeye and lamb shoulder. Kids wanna watch fa cup final Saturday so I'll probably throw something on the smoker for after the pub..
  13. Borr

    BBQ Smoker

    As for method/times I use internal temp probe , means it's spot on mostly, and wings etc just cook until they're how I like em well done lol. Ribs I tried online recipe 321 belly pork I do really slow to render the fat so it's like butter. I'm getting hungry thankfully got two ribeyes for later ....
  14. Borr

    BBQ Smoker

    Just googled them mate , this was the jerk rub.... Jamaican Jerk Seasoning WWW.JOCOOKS.COM This Jamaican Jerk Seasoning blend is made right at home... The lamb I just make up as is basic and forgiving meat. The brisket I try different online rubs but have a base I start with, once you've got the spices it's pretty easy, can't go to far wrong with salt pepper garlic powder onion powder and maybe smoked paprika.
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