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  1. All the old linebread coursing stuff is saluki lurcher but ye I agree straight Sal grey not my cup a tea
  2. Most coursing bred is saluki lurcher I don’t get what you mean when you say they make for a better stronger more versatile dog so if you cross a saluki bred dog that an all rounder to a coursing bred Sal x you get a better hound
  3. young un looks happy looks greyhoundy in the face but body more shaped like a saluki sandy mere nice hound atb with it
  4. Lol another labour supporter lol on an open forum telling people if they reply they be blocked some people act like kids man lol
  5. I don’t think it matters Tory or labour get in the agenda is the same it’s an illusion of a democracy but really behind scenes were no different to a dictatorship proberbly are thee dictatorship lol
  6. You do sometimes talk sense shadow lol
  7. Your buying a cheap lamp from China I’d be happy with a season I think white light off led A shite Really good for odd run knocking about but a 20 quider out a B an q just as good lol
  8. I’m the same nothing beats the old lightforce 240 100w
  9. 3/4 whippet quarter beddy if I was just rabbiting
  10. Mine are out from 3 month just watching getting a run on out live bk to Hand then just mooch them let them get there own things up but smallish land hedgy we had loads a. Rain now so I’m out for a run every other day for pups you want hedgy land better if it’s longish slow them a little or get on that clay after heavy rain try making it as easy as possible no good going big land while weathers still warm to much running with bit a warmth spells trouble but few runs right land do them world a good
  11. Ali baba or trade China everything comes from there lol
  12. Battery’s always let you down whether cordless or battery pack none last for ever some only a season
  13. Me and me mate have a dog pup each both nearly identical mines best pup I had for been switched on from a pup took to everything like duck to water If I hadn’t 2 young dogs I’d a snapped one a these up Cracking bloodlines and you no pup will be in cracking order From fensfar
  14. I don’t take me self to serious mate lol I have these little Debates with me mates they run everything from bullx to whippet I haven’t been able to convert them all lol still trying though
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