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  1. Operation Popeye - Wikipedia EN.M.WIKIPEDIA.ORG quick search if people that are saying it are labelled conspiracy theorists chances are they are telling the truth
  2. they were doing it in vietnam search on google
  3. they who have the science to do it the usa have had it for decades it can be used all different ways cause droughts hurricanes floods be used in war
  4. the conspiracy theorists got laughed at for decades about it and again they were spot on they can and do control the weather
  5. closest i’ll ever come to lynx in this country
  6. what age did you start playing football wilf 30 i can see it now your one a them parents with a bit a cash i bet your type to sponsor buy kit buy juice for the water etc for your lads team while stood on the sideline thinking your sir alex fergusson i’ve seen loads like it
  7. nearly a bite wilf mate i been there seen it with my eyes they very rarely touch kids from bad backgrounds there are exceptions but it’s rare out of thousand s a lads maybe one will make it you have academy years maybe one from a full squad will get to play a game for the club they have been at since baines me sisters lad was at city from 7 never made it only one did from his team and he’s the captain of leeds now only one made it out the lads i played with got a to play for city the into lower league me cousins lad was there threw the academy few years f
  8. i may be but i don’t know we’re there’s lynx
  9. heat is coming off it so it will look bigger and fuller more rounded
  10. properly old man sponsored put money into teams on his way up been there seen it have you i’ve played every week with lads that turned pro have you i’ve family playing professional now you talk about football and are clueless wilf
  11. another grew up in a single parent household in a council house wilf ?
  12. this week i’ll try getting n some land we’re i seen them big american coon cats they bigger than siamese mate greyman would come in his pants
  13. it will most likely be the most populated area what’s that got to do with them coming from a good background ?
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