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  1. And lads beddy whippet grey is immamculate lovely looking dog
  2. I talk sense mate as lamper all rounder there's a few different types tidy First crosses there's only 2 id ever go near as all-rounder mate Sal grey Whip.grey Bitza can be OK but hard to replicate Fox dog id go 1/4 bull rest grey rapid short bursts I wanted a killer relentless day or night that you know were id go
  3. Much better brain aswell mate can read land stood still speed is much better aswell mate I never said there's any thing wrong with a small amount a bull mate
  4. Better than a bull x on everything but fox mate Read chunky monkey topic mate lad on there has both types hunted alot big deer see what his thoughts are Exactly the same as mine
  5. few differnt breeds in em mate they definately breeding to type mate corkers
  6. lets have some pics mate of these great dogs with bag fulls a game or please show me one 3 runs a night is no good is it no wonder they manage 2 rtimes a week lol
  7. gleaming mate whats in it
  8. im done replying to bullshit merchants now lol only half bred any one puts pics up of with different game is jigssaw with first sal x ill let lads work out why for there self
  9. what keep qiuet like a good little boy while your little click talks shiote get up the 3 a ye this season a dog a piece we see what is what
  10. i said a 1/2 bull is for round a hole you said i talk some shit then proceeded to talk about what youd seen a 5/8 bull do once i wasnt talking shit at any point was i a half bull x grey is shite as a running dog great at teeth excellent a good one if your telling me a half cross bull grey is on average a great lamping dog on everything what am i suppose to say you speak sense
  11. your all blinkered mate think because something happened once it would happen over and over if you dont like what i put dont reply read its simple isnt it hopefully any one fresh in the game doesnt get took in by half the shite they read on here because the drun 90percent are banging is not even remotely true come across a s a bully get a grip were all adults make act like one your in diane abbot mode again
  12. as i have seen mate very capable day and night mate
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