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  1. it’s weekly now with the wrong uns Bogus taxi driver jailed for raping teenager - BBC News WWW.BBC.CO.UK Lazarus Olleh targeted the woman, 18, after she left friends at a club and headed home, police say.
  2. lol ain’t started yet been hectic still dry aswell
  3. lol it’d take a dozen just to get threw my bollocks
  4. they should be arrested jailed and returned to there country
  5. it was a good ko mate he is with warren so the fury fight could happen easily enough but he’s mandatory for usyk now so he might take that route
  6. she knows what the british want and that’s no immigration we want a white british britain the c**ts with money who control the media will say different and brainwash the foolish but this will get her votes without a doubt
  7. rankings all joshua has to do is beat wilder fury would have to fight him why isn’t he making that fight he just pulled out a negotiations with wilder again ffs lol
  8. he just fought his mandatory dillian whyte
  9. xhang is mandatory for usyk aint he so will have to fight him or vacate in next few year same would happen with fury and the wbc
  10. i facking new you’d had a bang to the head shaark lol
  11. what a great time and great opponent lol ribalta was shite lol
  12. he’s moved to light middle because it’s a weaker division he wasn’t going anywere with crawford etc there but charlo tyzu will still be more then he can cope with still some big money fights for him like
  13. it’ll will happen because zhang wants it and there both with warren
  14. another usyk and joshua won’t go near
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