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  1. i was talking your mates lurcher that didnt take feather
  2. lol i think you'd a ate the fox bk then mate you can eat pigs heads and trotters youd eat out lol youd a struggled with your choice a dog though
  3. obla the gold standard if it was a pot filler then it was a lurcher mate
  4. fur and feather is there bread and butter just sickner when its your feather chart
  5. a lurcher was rated on its pot filling capabilities mate edibles it still is for me lol
  6. a saluki isnt a lurcher mate lol you wouldnt a run fox back in the day no antibiotics you cant eat them it would a been pointless lol
  7. the bull x lads think thats linebreeding lol brother sister father daughter
  8. i would say a lurcher was for edible originally mate wouldnt you meat for the table for the peasants ?
  9. im the same mate my days of intentionally hunting them is long gone edible is my choice
  10. Never wrapped in cotton wool as a youngster mate lol
  11. that he did lol id have no kos with 14 or 16 oz gloves on fighting on the back foot like you mate lol
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