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  1. i’ve tried wagyu that’s farmed here a few times its belting
  2. poor c**t most likely killed him to say he’s done one and hope more was sent up to take again
  3. starter from me other pals at the caribbean yesterday mate lol he said irelands f****d ten years you’ll be talking sub saharan lol
  4. it’s the muslim vote shows how strong they are won’t be long before your a revert lol
  5. half brother to yours mush be 5 few month im dreading him getting older wish he could keep this age for the rest of my hunting days lol most likely attached to him more then any dog i’ve ever had garden another season about done
  6. young ain’t it for cataracts ? had them with it 12 ish i just leave it there not far off the one way trip at that age
  7. some are descent for a quick scran aint they stewed steak beef stew better then the soups
  8. it’s a shithole ain’t it lol
  9. that’s he’s finishing men at will that lads like azeez couldn’t mate i think he will go far fast hand puts shots together good power and good reflexes
  10. wankers they can come up with rules when ever they want it’s never when your losing though
  11. love it when some one relieves the c**ts of a chunk lol
  12. that’s it seen a good few down from them dogs not for me
  13. doubling up helps em no end the dog behind gets at it when it’s turned if it wasn’t doubled they have 50 meters to make up every turn theyd catch f**k all and only have the one run in em i’ve seen very few that struggle to kill the fox once it’s gripped
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