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  1. Caprieve good or always easy to get some tramadol atb
  2. Well that’s what the forums for what in your ideal world we all think the same and get along lol you a labour voter by any chance lol
  3. How many game line pits can be let of to play with other dog lol so how are all these pet bull Xs game then lol
  4. Lol it’s the definition of game lol going and going until it can’t I don’t mean stopping coming back getting it’s breath running next I mean the dogs never same again sometimes don’t make it but no they not game
  5. Lol no a dog that will chase until it drops isn’t game is it lol But a dog that weighs four time what it’s got hold of is as game as they come lol run hares for a few week and watch your game bull x get sick lol ears back rail tucked that’s a fact lol
  6. Pics ?? If you want a run anytime we have a go out me mate got a skinny bitch not even 20kg tackle any fox atb
  7. Unless you have 1000 of acres permission you’ll soon wipe them out especially ferreting atb
  8. Lol You no the score need that lock jaw
  9. Lol if I was talking like a c**t I’d be saying foxes are hard quarry only big bull x will do or anything 3/4 greyhound has tough skin and solid feet lol when in reality foxes was getting killed by dogs way before the first bull x was about by whippets pure greys and collie curs and If you think saluki saturated dogs Can’t be as nasty and game as other lurchers well kettle calling pot springs to mind now out with terriers different
  10. The carry back to the car is when you no you should a been fitter lol
  11. Little things show behind an hare lamping them same dogs would look sound I’ve had bitches come in season couldn’t kill a hare still looking 100 percent lamping
  12. You replied as I did joe I agree and which cross is the kamikaze runner
  13. Joe you have a saluki x they run different on average to a bull x a saluki isn’t beating the ground it slows up on some land turn up speed on others they run clever so not to damage there self a bull x run same on plow seed stony land even the road they powerfull runners that equals a knocked up dog no one can truthfully tell me a 1/4 bull 3/4 grey doesn’t get banged up more then a saluki cross and the 1/4 bull 3/4 grey only cross worth a carrot any way
  14. a coursing dog running it heart out on the best quarry there is taking itself to the limit every time it’s out if you run a saluki x as a bull x knocking about lamping it last till 12 if you took a bull x doing what a saluki x was doing it wouldn’t be there by 12 o’clock dinner time I’m not slating the bull x sensible handy dogs but theres limits to them is all I’m saying atb
  15. Not one mate tell a lie one Out of a half cross to coursing bitch handy dog died old age on me old lady’s couch but seen plenty late 90s best one I ever seen a belting dog see if mate got a few pictures also seen saluki saturated dogs that are stronger gamer then a bull x
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