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  1. little subliminal digs are predictable and easy to spot shaark
  2. brexit a plandemic lies and biden wanting war with russia boris had it there next 3 elections but f****d it all up to line pockets
  3. we’re getting hit harder than russia paying threw the nose to make arms company’s and politicians rich while putin makes the ruble stronger and the dollar weaken
  4. no i’m talking about here in england how much it has risen we’re getting raped left right and center
  5. think the margarine was bollocks anyway chart lying again butter is better for the health
  6. from going and doing a shop born not estimated same as fuel from hundred quid to about 160 we’re getting raped left right and center
  7. i’m saying food here is 40 percent higher about russia aren’t feeling no squeeze there self sufficient and can still sell oil and gas the ruble is doing better than any currency this year
  8. anybody with a brain can see foods gone up you spend 200 a week on shopping be more like 280 now
  9. exactly country is f****d but has billions to send all over
  10. what was inflation at before we sanctioned them ? the world is bigger than europe and the us born why is the ruble up the pound down from what it was after crimbo january 1000 dollars was 730 quid now it’s more like 840 everything here as gone up some things double the price we are suffering much worse
  11. happy days hopefully whoever does follow stops rinsing is for ukranine and leaves russia to it we can only hope
  12. food and fuel prices have gone down in russia since we sanctioned them the ruble is doing the best it has in years of cause our fuel price increase has something to do with it we have to make money to buy weapons to send ukraine heavily from the west who get everythjng from china
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