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  1. bad do that mate your missus sound like a strong women we could all do with one a them
  2. blankety blank stop with the messing lol
  3. something like these @chartpolski any a these would do lol
  4. a thermal fix that mate be plenty up for sale come end a the season mate
  5. i need tio have a word with meself gl rubbing off
  6. we have a go up next week fens come on katchum sort us out lol
  7. if i ever go pure something under 24 tts id go for smooth over feathered or a little feathering at most cream be ideal lol
  8. to be fair mate ive had more photos etc with the bain out with me alot this year i dont take a picture phone out with me when out
  9. theres plenty a genuine good lads on here with good mutts and loads a knowledge
  10. belter chart he keep more smooth or feathered they all look big types he have any smaller type 21 to 24 tts ?
  11. its a hunting site mate a few pics a dog and post odd time when youve been out is what its about be a betetr site if they was more of it
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