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  1. hope you have a corker jig
  2. there’s different types francie warts etc are hpv
  3. me oldest daughter has had it didn’t know lads could have it will be to stop the throat cancer from eating minge dc lol
  4. speaking a nose that labour mp been on the rob for his beak habit
  5. we’re do you think your bull terriers come from in the first place you head the ball england ireland scotland lol
  6. listening to everyone warren usyk manager it’s usyks side pulled out the interviewer asked usyk manager it’s udisputed he wants he said yes but then why put a rematch clause in because if that happens then all the belts won’t be on the line in the rematch mandatory’s take prioritory he stuttered lol fury give him the rematch clause the next day they sent email we will talk in the near future we are out of negotiations lol usyk rinse a few fights bank some money and then maybe take fury fight to cash out
  7. sickner ain’t it i was looking forward to it but shit happens
  8. in the end fury even let them put a rematch clause in ffs lol lol dubois will most likely take them belts now ffs lol
  9. good old brookie talked sense on the dogs didn’t he his salukis in pedigree of a lot today and fury won every belt like he said were you’ve still got your half naked aj pic still on the bedroom wall lol
  10. lol the fight has fallen through because one fighter wanted a rematch clause to cash in joshua called his bluff lol
  11. and this is the reason we will be like china in no time joe public really do think the government are trying to help them
  12. the greedy little ukrainian wants to cash out why he wants two fights like i have been saying if he doesn’t fight fury now it won’t happen because he is losing them belts fast anyway he’s not got what it takes to keep em for any amount a time
  13. ffs if that’s the case i’m going missing for a while lol
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