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  1. Great to hear some netting chat....
  2. OldPhil


    Casper's understudy...
  3. Hi Tats,.. yes, I've always been an avid enthusiast of the ancient types of Herding and Droving dogs... Accordingly,...back in the day,.. I went out of my way,....to travel around the UK and meet up with anyone who might give me some further education on these, much talked about canines... My visits were always interesting,....but in terms of enlightenment and genuine truth,. were frequently disappointing In answer to your question,...yes, I did meet Aubrey.....
  4. Such kind and thoughtful words Brother,. much appreciated... Good old Don, eh... I remember your kindness when you generously said that I could use him over my Dusty bitch..... Everything was planned for the long trip North from downtown Hampshire, I had my Bus fare sorted and some sandwiches packed....and then,.. a massive feck up with the dates,.. and almost overnight my bitch was standing, ready and willing,... a wee bit premature,.so I had to quickly make contingency plans to use a local Stud dog...No complaints,. the Red Cur did a fair job and my small litter was a succe
  5. Lovely memento fellah You are 100% about wishing you had more memories of your jukels,...I've had some real honest lurchers over the years, and very little hard copy to remember them by... My final old cur bitch , will be just that,...the last one ever.... I am dreading saying goodbye,.. but now,..at 12 year old,. .I reckon it will be sooner rather than later...
  6. Well I'm a lifelong advocate of the Herding composites,...I find them real easy to school for most of the tasks that I needed them to do,.. BUT,...my tumultuous decade of using a Saluki hybrid for freelancing,...assisted me in getting on the housing ladder (and nobody in my family had ever managed that)..so, I would have to say that (for me personally) no lurcher hybrid can match a powerful , quality Saluki lurcher, for all round harvesting of saleable critters,...be they Hares, Deer or shushis.... However, such driven canines do require an equally driven partner to bring the best out o
  7. Smashing sort of dogs ,...always good fun...
  8. Lovely to see... My mind harks back to a time when nearly every running dog one saw, was Deerhound influenced
  9. No right or wrong way to make a post,...just write from your heart and ye won't go far wrong...
  10. Good to hear you speak well of an old Pal,....most of my hunting partners have also gone to ground,...I expect it will soon be my turn to lay quietly under the cold turf.... However, as long as we are in the land of the living, we should always award our true friends with the honour they deserve,....its only right and proper.....
  11. Holiday resorts are the same the World over,.... You tend to get what they think you want. I always head for the mountains and hang out with the locals,...but, its not really much fun for a family of lively young' un's,.. I do understand that.... I live 5 minutes from a sandy beach, so that holds no attraction for me.. If I am going to spent time and vonga on a trip abroad I want it to be different,...really different....
  12. Done many moonlit nights with the ferrets and Long Nets,.. quite a few legally ,.but far more illegally. Great craic,...always memorable and invariably exciting....
  13. Hope that you are keeping well fellah.... Yes,...good ole times back then,....Halcyon Days, eh...
  14. Good answer... I feel exactly the same,...it used to really upset me that I felt like that,...but thank God, at last I have realised that there is far more to life than, "Dawgs and Ferrets"....I've done my service,...I've ate slept and drunk the hunting life, for over 65 years,...I feel confident that my life with lurchers has not been wasted,. .the dogs have opened so many doors for me, and in a roundabout way, my obsessional interest in them has given me a good living. But now,...although I will still always have a walk out , and can never really let go completely,...to all int
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