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  1. There is nothing better, than feeding a dog top quality scran, and seeing the benefits and results, out in the field..
  2. I live in a coastal area, where the practice of old style Wildfowling and Punt Gunning, was extremely popular... I've spent many long (and cold) hours in the semi-dark, waiting for Widgeon, Teal , etc...to drop into splashes, natural ponds and estuaries. Great times on those frosty mornings, and it was a stars flight away, from commercial Duck Shooting.... I would echo and agree with other contributors, in saying that, shooting ducks amidst such an artificial arena, can be fairly sickening. I remember one afternoon, when an impromptu last drive was added to the day's ev
  3. Lovely picture fellah What's that old saying,..."Work them' Hard and Treat them' like Heroes "..
  4. There is nothing soft about wanting the best for your Jukels... I've never had a working dog, be it a Whippet type or a roustabout rough coat, that ever needed a coat, when out and about.. However,.. if a dog has been hard run, (generally after dark) and has really done a full shift, I have frequently 'rugged him up' prior to bedding him down.. Some dogs, like to feel warm in order to get a good night's sleep....they definitely need this, especially if you are booked in to work on the shushis in the morning. When you are rabbiting for wages, the dogs (and the ferrets) are
  5. Real nice animal,...looks to be a serious unit...
  6. Phostoxin is a cruel way to kill any animal..... Cymag was not a lot better.. Alongside the dreaded Strychnine, I have used both of those two noxious gases,.. and I regret doing so... I like to think of myself as a Hunter,. not a murderer... Humaneness, and a quick dispatch of the chosen target species should always be the goal, of any sane man..... Go careful now lads, stay safe,.. all the best, OldPhil.
  7. Only ever seen the one example of a genuine Black Rat... That was many years ago in London's Dockland.. the rodent was incredibly agile and it was walking along a roof beam, in the Old Bonded Warehouses.
  8. I like the Putange mole Traps Clive (NicePics) put me onto them originally, and I have since purchased, a few hundred more from other suppliers.. Nowadays, I try to keep the trapping jobs to large Country Houses (Downton Abbey style places).. I still have to work for Racing Stables, and amongst sheep Paddocks and Golf Courses, etc,. but mostly, I try to gain employment from uber-wealthy payers, who do not mind fecking paying... The Putange offers a certain advantage in such a domestic situation....and it is a particular benefit, that is frequently,.. overlooked. Stay sa
  9. Bottom line is,...You either use your dogs, or you don't use your dogs,... I have plenty of places that I can walk over, and hunt , 'proper'.....it is not a problem.... But, for most young bucks and other, super keen lads,.. a wee bit of permission sure ain't gonna to last for long... You can only kill the same bunch of deer and hares once,...then you generally need to move on... Men freelance, because they need to keep on, keeping on....simple as that... So,..it would be ridiculously hypercritical of me to say,.. please don't trespass or poach game,... Facts ar
  10. Really nice type....great times ahead
  11. As far as Trapping various critters goes,.. catching moles, sure ain't Rocket Science.... Some guys insist upon making the job, far harder than it is,.. I guess that is a kind of traditional mode of thinking.. I used to be the same, and refused offers from Pest Control Equipment Suppliers, to run a few courses for modern Pesters. To me, it seemed a dumb fecking thing to do,...why educate, all and sundry (often competitors) when I was still heavily engaged in the trapping job myself. The paltry fee from the large companies would never cover the potential loss of earnings by sch
  12. WE walked out together,....we laughed together, and we drank Ale together,...and sometimes, we even caught a few rabbits together... R.I.P. Gary Hosker.
  13. Not much beats, the scent and smell, of old style Sweet Pea Flowers.
  14. I would love to have a day wandering around with a metal detector,...it seems to a curious a form of hunting.. We were out on a mouch yesterday, right out in a wild old place, and there was a line of chaps, working right across a muddy field,.. they were all 'heads down',.. using detectors . I was sorely tempted to ask them if I could have a quick go,.. but I didn't.... Stay safe now lads,. all the best, OldPhil..
  15. That looks very nice...I have always envied practical guys,...I am not practical....at all...
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