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  1. Beautiful pup, standing four square...
  2. No Fred, I've never been out at night with a Drag Net... I've heard from a few Midland lads that you can really bag up, if you know the game... Netted a lot of rabbits and Hares, but I've never been schooled, to use a Drag Net... Never will learn now.... Stay safe Brother...
  3. Good to see lads,.well done.. Personally,...I like my young dogs to pick up birds, preferably edible varieties, and it creates a bit of interest for them.. I used to catch a fair few Partridges at night, not loads, but enough for a Jalfrezi.. Back in the day, these images caused a wee bit of controversy, and the Sporting magazines became a wee bit wary of using my articles.. They maintained that it would upset their Shooting readership.. I suppose they had a point.. Nevertheless,...I still like a canny jukel that will fetch me a dinner,..fur or feather...
  4. Good advice fellah I always get young lurcher out and about,.. as soon as possible... Once the dog hits puberty and the real prey drive kicks in, it can sometimes be an emotional old carry on Some dogs are just born sensible and laid back, whilst others cannot differentiate, twixt what is a legitimate quarry, and what is none of their business. Most problems can be cured with various devious, ways and means, ..but it makes for an easier life if you can keep everything, real chilled.... I've walked out with a lot of fellow enthusiasts, and to be honest, some of them,
  5. The beach is the safest place at this time of year. Dogs can swim freely and use their limbs and muscles, without the risk, of strains or damage. We are lucky here on Hi De Hi Island, so we hit the surf at every opportunity. Stay safe Brothers, all the best, Old Phil.
  6. Personally,..and I could well be wrong...I like to have a lurcher pup out with me, at the earliest possible age A lurchers 'lot in life' is frequently a difficult and hazardous adventure,...some make the cut, whilst others do not... Its a great feeling, to look back and see a young tyke following on as best as he can, clamouring over obstacles, and dragging himself through mud -filled ditches . These early walks out, are critical for a working dog's education.... I always try to introduce one new experience on every occasion, ..it is imperative to try and create a working
  7. Hey boys,..for fecks sake,..please don't mention old age... Big day for me,...and to be honest,..it is a miracle that I am still around.... I've done some really stupid, feck off dumb things during the last few decades, and by rights, I should possibly be quietly resting,..under the cold turf.. Still, I have survived....Seventy years old today,...Inshallah , I will last a wee bit longer... Hang on to your wee Lurcher books Brothers,...they are often worth more vonga, when the author has finally fallen off this mortal coil. All the best, stay safe,..regards, OldPh
  8. Some gorgeous lurcher dogs on this thread... Does any breed/type of canine, match the looks and demeanour, of a genuine working lurcher
  9. Yep, Chuckles was as good as I've seen ,...he had a phenomenal prey drive,..quite unusual and had to be seen to be believed... Mind you, he nearly didn't get into the Hall of Fame..... My Cur bitch was waiting on a bolt, and a corker of a large buck shot out of a hole just behind... She turned and struck it like a cobra,...job over,... Unfortunately, Chuckles was attached and riding the Buck, like a mustiline Frankie Detori.... It did not look good.... I gave the old ferret a wee bit of resuscitation (well I shook him until he responded).. mercifully, all wa
  10. Sensible to continue with a winning formula TOMO That amazing crew of top-quality, working ferrets has served you well, over the years...
  11. Nice fresh, soft Barley Straw allows the ferrets to make a good secure nest... Nothing better than gently parting the straw to see your Bitch, nursing her kits.... I miss little things like that....
  12. IF you run them,..they will eventual get hurt.... It is what it is...
  13. Goodonya Brother,...you are not alone.... A Hunting Man, is always a Hunting Man,..until he is resting forever, deep beneath the cold turf.... Be lucky now and stay safe,...all the best, OldPhil.
  14. Yes, I used a Fuller Garden Trap for Grey Squirrels,...I quite liked it.. At one time, my business partner and me, tried to get this sturdy trap made locally. My partner (and good old pal, the late Robin Tarrant.. R.I.P) had been in the metal business for several years, so he had all the necessary contacts withing that trade,..but, try as we may, we simply could not get that trap made in a commercially viable way. Financially, it was simply not on... This prompted me to bring in , modify and improve the Kania Trap. My aim as a Rural Pester has always been to strive for a
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