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  1. Went along to the various Marches,..as ya do,...but got a gut feeling that the 'deal' had already been done and dusted,.. and the minor contingent of the Field Sports fraternity, (the Lurcher enthusiasts and Terrier Men) were already being consigned to the History books. Had a wee bit of craic with some canny lads from around the UK,.. but mostly came home with little hope for the future,.. just multiple bruises.... My time is in the Sun is now almost over,...and I just give thanks that I have lived, all through the halcyon days, and most definitely.....filled my boots Kee
  2. Well, I hope that you can continue with the Hare hunting, I honestly do... We have loads of hares here, so it is inevitable that accidents occur,...same all over the country I suppose No, I was only thinking about my own early days (1960's) with working dogs, and remembering locally, just how scarce on the ground, and how few in number, the proper running dog types actually were.. Truth is, I never knew anyone with a genuine Greyhound , let alone a Saluki! However, as the seasons moved on, we kinda drifted away from roustabout curs, and ended up with Deerhound and Sal
  3. Bit illogical to make comparisons, twixt totally different types of canine hybrid... Personally,....I would always use the right tool for the job in hand,...anything else,... is just a waste of a good dog... Times are changing,....
  4. Times are changing,...and changing fast..... In many parts of our country,.. this type of roustabout vermin hunting tyke , might soon become, the chosen one.
  5. Cracking, evocative, well captured image....I love those action pictures where the dog is all over its quarry...
  6. The easiest rabbits, are the ones hanging on your carrying straps,...nothing is ever certain, until its captured... The catching of rabbits is a varied old subject, and is not quite as cut and dry as some folk imagine... I envy lads who harbour definitive opinions and who are not hampered by the realities of constantly playing away from home...A well known terrier man once said to me, 'that a rabbit is a rabbit',...no matter whereabouts it runs, in the UK... I have hunted throughout the land, and I have not found this to be the case...far more variables than one might think
  7. It pains me to say it,...(and that is the truth),...but after 60 years of pursuing the Coney,.. much of it on a professional basis, albeit with, and often without,.. permission,.. I honestly believe that with few exceptions, Nationwide,. the rabbit population is in such a weak state, that I can never see the numbers reaching the heights of the 1980's/1990's .. And,...alongside this sad prophesy.. there is obviously the spin off from that fact,...and once again,..it makes me sick to the core to say it,...and that is,...the eventual demise,.. of the purest 'rabbiting dog'..... I am b
  8. Personally, I WANT a working dog to think he is the main man,...a Male canine needs to , 'have some balls'... Your mission,... should you choose to accept it, is to school the tyke (and whilst still retaining his youthful vigour),.. let him know in no uncertain terms, that YOUR balls are much bigger than his.... You are the Boss. Admittedly, some Alfa male canines can be a pain,.. but when ya do get a good'un,...its frequently a real powerhouse hunting machine...
  9. Hi David,.. I have favoured the Herding composites for several years, and we have owned and bred a fair few litters,...some have been the regular Black and white or Red and white, Border collie marked types, but as is so often the case with pastoral hybrids, the Merle colour frequently creeps in... Personally, I find this unique hue to be amazingly interesting,.. and I enjoy working with them.
  10. Good old Sky,...she was a tryer ,...but was also,...very trying...
  11. What a fabulous Front Cover..
  12. I like your script fellah.... If you need a chat,...call me,... and I'll try to offer a wee bit of advice.....
  13. End of an Era,...Great and Noble Woman....RIP Queen Elizabeth
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