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  1. IF it is Mange,..Sarcoptic or Demodectic,..its a big old problem....
  2. Yeah,..Border Collies are fairly common,..but, they also come in various guises, some are obviously not suitable to produce sane and sensible running dog composites. Its all down to temperament Mind you, Ive always prefered a nice rangy long backed worker, to the more chunky types of herder... In saying that,..the man who really wants and desires a pastoral based hybrid, isn't usually going for looks. No shortage of Sheepdogs,...but ya gotta choose wisely....
  3. Well done to the young man...he talked very well,..and trust me, it is not easy when that TV camera is right in your face..
  4. I bred a fair few litters,...they mostly did ok....
  5. Never hunted Copyu, and I wouldn't want to...however, I did place a Half Heeler in the hands of a noted Copyu hunter, who lived in the village of Eye, in Suffolk... I visited him, and stayed for a few days, hunting, this and that... Amazing wee village, in as much as, it seemed that every other house, appeared to own a running dog ! Anyway, my guy sadly lost the lurcher that I gave him whilst out hunting the Copyu.. The young dog was keen for the task, and reputedly a natural finder and dispatcher, of these curious looking rodents Alas, whilst waiting on a bolt,...he
  6. Ive had several running dogs damage their legs.... One bitch broke her leg , running the deer,...and I had it repaired, at the Royal, College of Veterinary Surgeons. She was fitted with a Titenium Metal plate and plenty of metal screws,...folk used to joke that she was worth more in scrap, than anything else Well, facts were, she was worth a whole lot more to me as a worker, so the £80.00 fee was a bargain. I ran her for a couple more seasons , then one night,.pursuing quarry, we attracted the attentions of the enemy,..and their Land Rover,.pretty soon bent that old metal
  7. A few years back,.I had a Terrier enthusiast stay with me. He was based in Ireland, and used a robust type of Sealyham Terrier mix,...to dig the Badgers... He made a point of telling me, how they always released the quarry once the dog had worked it well, and only dispatched them, if the Farmer requested it. Tom was a really nice guy,...I taught him Mole Trapping (what a waste for an Irish pester, eh) and I also showed him how to cull a colony of Prairie Dawgs In return, he offered me the hunting holiday of a lifetime,....sadly,.I never crossed the sea to accept his ho
  8. Personally,...I feel that if there is ever a ban on rabbit hunting/control,.... it will cause a lot of problems , not only to Farmers and Growers, but also for Land Managers , Railway embankments, Motorway sidings, historic sites, etc, etc.... Facts are,..the damage that rabbits can do in such vulnerable areas,.. is quite extensive,... Times have changed, and we can no longer rely on noxious Gasses to erradicate the coney, so a more traditional option has to be brought into play.. One such option is to use Ferrets,...and in many cases, we will require dogs to assist in marking
  9. That's the worst,...claggy as feck...
  10. Our Bilko Bred, Race Whippet,..helping out in the chicken sheds...
  11. Looking forward to the Eubank v Smith fight this Saturday night.. Does anyone know of a Free Streaming Link please... Many thanks,..OldPhil..
  12. 100% correct young Sir Hares are pretty easy to take in wires,...to some,...its maybe not fair, its perhaps not kosher,.but as my old Trapping Master repeatedly said to me, "snares are deadly".. and Brothers,....he was nae kidding...
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