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  1. Vasolbrmo,..Two ferrets are always happier than one on its own.... If you really care for the pug,..find someone who also owns a ferret,...and give them yours, as a gift..
  2. Anything less "Out of Sight" than those Victor monster munchers are , I have yet to fecking see.. However, the trigger mechanism is pretty slick,..I've had some Talpex triggers modified in a similar way and by feck, do they fire quick..
  3. Really enjoyable ferreting film, accurately depicting a realistic (and visually awkward), ferreting job...many thanks for posting, all the best, OldPhil
  4. So good to see nice, healthy rabbits
  5. Absolutely gorgeous,.I wish them well
  6. At the moment..I am mostly drinking 19 Crimes....give it a try....
  7. Try this my old friend,....I eat a lot of Curries.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbW2NyoXVts
  8. Good words from you guys.. I remember , back in the 1980's , writing a few words in a wee Journal, which I titled, "Lamping can be Dangerous". It had been a bad old season, and I just couldn't seem to stop losing dogs... Life goes on,..as folk often say,..so bearing this in mind,.. I stuck to the hunting game for a few more years,..and predictably, lost a few more jukels... I don't think you ever become hardened to saying goodbye to genuine mates, whether, human or canine,..I fecking know I don't.. On my last ever lurcher now,....she is no great shakes and to be honest, she would not have made the cut, in days gone by... I am trying to keep her safe and make her last,...but the urge to hunt is so strong in some animals, that I have to accept that, what will be, will be.. Good luck to all our canine hunting pals,....let them live the life of a Tiger, albeit short and sweet,...and always,..with no regrets, eh..
  9. Still mouching around fellah...
  10. Useful and informative info KD... I only had a few seasons with the Gins,...and I can only say that they were a inhumane device for catching rabbits in the burrows,...but ,they have never been beaten, for efficiency.
  11. Hi Lads, just a heads up on my forthcoming Book Sale.. I've a bumper bundle of bargain priced sporting books,.. available to good homes... Please watch this space...
  12. Great to see your old dog Comanche
  13. With herding dog lurcher composites, its all about keeping everyone happy.... In my experience, you have really got to want one, or you might end up,.. a tad disappointed... I've kept them for several decades , so I know the score,.but for many lads, they are simply a 'bridge too far,' and hardly worth the effort.
  14. When I started catching rabbits on a professional basis,.I went away from the larger (and arguably more versatile jukels) and instead I favored, the smaller, more compact animals. Obviously, such critters do have their own physical limitations, however, this factor was replaced by their ability to get 'down and dirty ' in the darkest hedge bottoms and dense brash. I've kept a miscellany of lurcher hybrids, but never bothered in retaining working dogs that were not best suited, to the task in hand. I've done it, I admit it,..but I always found this folly to be a wasteful pastime....
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