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  1. Hi Neal,.. yes, I read Mike's Kelpie book a long time back.... During the 1980's, I actually encouraged a rabbiting mate to embark on a quest for Kelpie info, during hunting his trip to Oz .. Back then,.. there was no books or Internet, and we had scant info available, other than from relatives in Australia and New Zealand,.so any news was precious... I've written a chapter ,..(on that particular crazy chapter in my life, for a possible future publication).. suffice to say, when my pal was out in the Bush hunting the pigs and sundry critters,.. his mood suddenly changed, and h
  2. I've docked plenty of terriers for lads,...I like a long 3/4 tail on a tyke.... Not up to date on the current legislation, but I cannot see a problem with docking, 2 day old Terriers,...Its quick and relatively painless ,..and they soon forget the experience.... Possibly best to keep things, in house' and just get on with it..
  3. This Border Collie was superb....
  4. Recently gave 40 away,... free to good homes...
  5. I once tried a wee Bedlington/Border....
  6. The way I look at things,...the game has changed dramatically, these last few years, and will obviously change, even more so.. bearing in mind that I am an antique, and ancient in the extreme,...I can still foresee a massive change in the style/type of hunting canines, that will be required...Some lads will still walk the fields after the hares, and plenty will be, out and about, with the dazzler,.. but, the Law is now our big enemy, and legislation has insured that the Lurcherman is going to be heavily penalised, for even the most trivial of wildlife offences. Part of me yearns for the old da
  7. I like both the Beardy and the Border Collie lurcher types These dogs (in their pure form) are incredibly similar, and it is only their preferred style of herding, that makes them seem different.. The inherent traits of the Border Creeper, and the noisy Huntaway Beardy, are all that separates these two. Obviously,.. many contemporary lurcher enthusiasts have strong opinions,.. mostly formed, via their experiences owning various examples, of the Black Country Sting... In reality, such opinions are fairly biased, in as much as,.. other than the Greyhound side of this algebrai
  8. Yeah, the herding composites can be a trial,...and often the end result, after enduring, a lengthy period of frustration and stress, is simply not worth it We have always bred and kept our own types, and I've found this to be the best,... and safest method,... The majority of gifted, or bought in pups, from various sources have still caught me plenty of game, but somehow, my own home-bred curs, have pleased me far more.
  9. Considering the low numbers of rabbits in our area at the moment,.. I feel you would be wise,.. to stick to your pure Kelpies,...
  10. Its curious, but I always found the bolted rabbits on The Plains,.to be incredibly awkward for a dog to catch.. At first, the terrain seems just like any other vast stretch of rough turf,.. but it is only when a running dog gets into a full gallop and really starts to stretch out, that the difficulties suddenly appear... The Plains have been used for decades as a training ground for countless regiments of soldiers , and the heavy Tanks and suchlike have churned the chalk and turf over, time after time... This has often left the place in right state, and created a fairly unique
  11. This particular bitch sustained a truly horrendous injury, to her mouth and tongue as a young gal,...the result being, she frequently hit her rabbits in an awkward manner , but in truth,. once she was on their case, not many got away..
  12. Yes, I would agree with that statement.. Facts are, the bitch in that photo, actually hit the rabbit with her jaw, and quickly juggled the Coney,.. back into her mouth.. It is not the perfect image,. but it reminds me of a good lurcher,... and of equally good times...
  13. We used several pure Greyhounds for the Roe deer job,...they made easy work of them.. Back in the early Seventies,.. I reared a nice speedy Black bitch from a pup, and took most quarry with her,...great days.... We did not worry to much, about mathematical equations, to produce the various hybrids,...we just took,.. what was on offer..
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