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  1. Ferrets are such valuable hunting aids, it pays to breed the best,.. to the best....
  2. Well, there really is only one sure-fire way to find out if the job is finacially viable,...and that is by giving it a brave go... I started out many years ago,..and to be honest, my only option was to reach for the stars, because I sure as hell was going down the hill,..fast.. Nowadays, there is a whole lot of legislation that I did not have to face, so as you probably know, it pays to get yourself certificated in the various tasks, or trouble will ensue. I only do a few Moles and Rabbits during the Winter months, and treat Wasp and Hornet nests from May through to late Septem
  3. Lovely images lads.. Some nice Fallow...
  4. Despite being born deaf,...my dear Honey made old bones, and defied all the odds in doing so. Sadly, today her time was up, and at the amazing age of fifteen, the Grim Reaper came to call.. We had some good walks out together and although things were often traumatic,...I do believe that she made the most of a difficult situation. Another one bites the dust , eh.. Part and parcel of the hunting life I suppose... RIP Honey..
  5. Same as most veteran lurcher enthusiasts,..I've enjoyed walking out with many different running dog hybrids Loved them all and had success,.. and of course,..failures with them all.. AS for trainability Well, this is a curious affair and really depends upon one's requirements and concept,. of trainability.. Personally,..I like a jukel with plenty of smarts and which can understand my ways,...I've never needed a hunting pal that is super -inteligent.. Such canines are in the same league as some humans who posess amazing Mensa -like mental acumen, but are frequently useles
  6. No sure WHY these useful rabbit traps were made illegal,... Possibly far too expensive to produce Who knows... But, what I can tell you, is that when I introduced the Conibear(Body gripper) on a commercial basis to the UK,..I had a real hard time with the Trap Testing authorities.... Long story, but they also gave me massive grief with the Kania Trap and the Tube Trap.. Both these traps required a bit of tweaking to meet the standards required, by the Ministry of Agriculture... It pleases me to see guys showing some interest in the Humane Killing Traps...
  7. Same as yourself Kens Deputy,..I have also seen the bewildering miscellany of trap designs put forward, to the powers that be, when the Gin was banned.. The sheer ingenuity of some men makes your eyes water and the crazy ideas and theories that some folk offered, was truly mind boggling. Mad scientists comes to mind! As a guy who has rarely even put air in a car tyre and who possesses, no practical skills whatsoever,..the entire scenario is, was and forever shall remain, a mystery.... Thank God that I can set a trap and earn my living via my skills as a hunting man ,.because I sure
  8. Plenty of nice Imbra Rabbit Traps for sale
  9. I used the Double Flat Top Fenn,...they were difficult to stabilize and ,...(in my opinion),....were no improvement on a regular Duffus. Mind you, I could be completely wrong..
  10. Still using Eliza Tinsley Duffus style. mole traps,...really like em...
  11. Lovely bunch of dogs Sheep Chaser.. The lurcher is truly beautiful, but I particularly like that wee Red tyke....
  12. Great for ladling your Base Gravy..
  13. We bred a fair few Collies when I was a young man,...my Father broke many dogs...(back in the day, spaniels and Herders were broke, the word trained,.. was not in their vocabulary)...Anyway, we had several speckled and merle coloured dogs. Even then, we twigged on that Merle to merle was not a good bet. We frequently got deaf and white pups. Obviously these poor critters were not spoken of, and went straight in the bucket. I learned a lot about the Merle factor, and passed on this hard won knowledge, to certain lurcher aficionados Anyway, that is all 'water under the bridge
  14. OldPhil


    Real nice old book, obviously an influencial piece,...written around 1963 ...
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