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  1. A reliable Marking Dog,..is a massive tool in the pro-rabbiter's armoury. The action of marking an occupied warren (or other hiding place), of a particular quarry, is childish simple for most canines,..however,..only a few lurchers are ever allowed (or requested) to undertake,.. this useful task... It's all down to what you want from a dog...
  2. Yeah, dogs give us unconditional affection,...they 'live in the moment' and they don't seem to worry too much about the past,... or the future.... I wish I could think like that....
  3. Ye can't get better than that...
  4. The Snow offers a multitude of photo opportunities..
  5. Ye can't ask much more than that from a Jukel..
  6. Super images lads..
  7. Lovely , inspiring tale,...I saw the Auld Fellah, as a young Buck,.and he has certainly done you proud
  8. Great to see the dogs in action,...makes ya feel alive just watching them..
  9. C'mon now, nothing to fear,...youv'e just the right type of nets for that wee job
  10. That legislation is so flawed What if the man with the gun,..wounds the rabbit....and how quickly does this Bird of Prey, dispatch a rabbit Surely a nice gentle, fetch back to the handler is preferable,..especially to the poor old rabbit...
  11. Lovely , evocative scene,...reminds me of the 1980's....fecking frightening actually...
  12. Barrie, you have always done great work for the Terrier fraturnity,...I am sure ALL genuine hunting men, wish you well and thank you, for your service
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