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  1. Shout ?? It was just copied and pasted from the lad who told me the breeding I will try write it smaller next time
  2. She’s just a touch under half x mate … dads a 16th over half bull cos he was out of a half cross bitch to a reverse 5/8 bull 3/8 greyhound dog mother is 5/8 greyhound 3/8 bull
  3. I might invest in one now for my collection I have them up on eBay. haha it’s the first reaction when you see one that looks the same just makes ye laugh when ye see one so similar
  4. Theses are pretty cheap I just buy in bulk, worth having so don’t need buy more for ages at reasonable price.. balls of steel Sussex happy shooting lads.
  5. Well done mate there the best shots when ye don’t expect them, . All so I could of swore that was my pup in the passenger had to double look spit when she’s asleep… and also what’s ye thoughts on the nick hegarty cattys they look smart ?
  6. Cheers Dan she’s coming on a treat. Well happy with her up to now. And a love brindle for a dog one my top colours credit to bobby2 for the mating
  7. Little stroll through Formby woods… then down to the water for the dog to cool off.. when we bumped in to this dead critter.
  8. Had a brilliant weekend with my brother and two of my mates. Down on arrow meadows. The estate lake Solihull..Brilliant surroundings outstanding lake and one top trip. Well worth a visit, Alan the owner was very helpful with tips, bait, and the lake in general couldn’t fault the man atall….had a good few nice fish and a really good catch up,. Role on RH fisheries the mere in the next few weeks. cheers lads
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