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  1. Ye but you just basically answered ye own question it can be a gamble regardless? Like wise I have had pups for £500 off top lines and jacked but the parents were the dogs danglies so it’s one of those. Who knows but ain’t every pup a gamble am sure most will agree
  2. Would one of those tickle yer fancy ? Just seen them now, gotta be worth a £50 gamble surely.
  3. Yer never to old pal, as we only are guaranteed one thing in life is death, make the most of what you have left while your here, ( get a runner) best of luck… Jamie
  4. Am starting to think MC HULL has shares with any type of saluki blood. Ye backs up all the time when people mentions anything to do with this over rated breed… either 95 percent of people are wrong on here or just you on yer own are right, I think I no the answer, maybe if you read comments you may learn something.
  5. That’s it mate I have been a few times when I go down to padstow I pass through, but being in Liverpool I just order them boxes and get them delivered when I run out, they hold 20 litres each so takes a a good few weeks to go through it.
  6. Just having a few glasses of Rodger Wilkins cider, it arrived a few days ago it’s a lovely drink, can’t have to much tho as I am fishing in Lincolnshire tomorrow ( 3 hr drive )….
  7. Just ordered my Christmas drink from roger Wilkins cider farm down in Somerset said it should be with me Wednesday next week, a got £100s worth so hopefully that lasts me until the new year lol
  8. Ye won’t unfortunately some dogs are just like that very full on you just have to pick the terrain and hope it goes well.
  9. I hope not Ave just messaged him on facebook asking to sell me one
  10. Ok mate cheers ille try and get in contact with him
  11. Can I ask were you bought the lamp mate need one with a dimmer my self ? Cheers
  12. I can tell you for sure there not, mine does squirrel so that 3 things
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