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  1. Cheer Ken she’s coming on very well for 14.5 months ..
  2. Haven’t posted for a good while…. Little walk up Moel Famau last weekend with my bitch NALA. Was a lovely day up there
  3. Been off the site for a good few weeks now popping on the odd day, come back on today for a good read and what do I see, MC numb skull back at it…,,, It was good while it lasted this hunting life site, but i am now one of many who’s deleting his account Nice talking to the lads who I spoke to. Take care, atb jamie
  4. My mate Noe’s him very well from game fairs etc had loads of collars from him? Want me to put a word in?
  5. To muddy for me there not nice
  6. Obvs… I was just replying to a message sorry dytkos 🫡
  7. Bit shit like only had 2 18s can get them in my local park won’t be going again
  8. RH fisheries, brought my brother for his 30th
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