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  1. Little omelette , bacon mozzarella and tomatoes
  2. Now that’s quality at its finest…. The Hobart doing its job
  3. My lovely view overlooking Stanley park, from the new LIVERPOOLS ground new stand
  4. Who ever thinks that’s a (big cat) needs there eyes testing it’s a blatant moggy just on the mooch for mice or so on…. 🫤
  5. Last weeks (shot and retrieved)……venison back strap
  6. My mates bitch has had this rash or cut for 3 weeks, don’t no what’s it’s caused by, but tried savalon, hibiscrub, triscrub, salt water, leucillin antibacterial spray, antibiotics for a few days nothing seems to be clearing it i said purple spray it but he won’t cause he wants to keep a eye on it we’re purple spray covers everything. what’s people suggestions to me it don’t look like a vet job as of yet? Thanks Jamie
  7. Hello mate you still alive??? I have message u a few times after few of your air rifles. 

  8. Lovely watch pal….. but your wearing it like a woman on the right hand
  9. A don’t no how appropriate this is like but here goes
  10. That’s it I ye right it’s not all about heavy setups I just don’t like light bands they don’t agree with me each to there own
  11. Ye mate I find hitting targets it ok and soon ye come give game a try ye tend to rush the shot more, patience, practice and time is key, it took me a while I still miss now but I’m alot more relaxed taking the shot, just keep at it moving the targets greater distances few weeks u will get there a lot of people will go for smaller bands then 1mm that’s just how I like to shoot heavy bands with a nice strong draw.
  12. I usually purchase my bands off eBay off one of the 2 sellers in question
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