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  1. well going to have a trip to boyes get myself some poly balls and poly cones to make some floats that will hold a decent 3 4 lb jack. A love to make these big old live bait pop up floats. Some of these poly balls and cones they sell could hold up a whale lol . Will pop some pics up when in the making and finished product
  2. wanting Siberian goldfinch cocks 2 if possible agate eumo lutino or satenets pm if you can help or put me forward to a mate thanks
  3. Forsale trio of black & red modern game large breed. From show stock top quality birds. Fed on decent grub , wormed and powdered for mites with multi mite special grade DE powder. Will take 30 quid for the trio that's me giving them away as need space and will buy me a 20kg sack of seed for my other birds
  4. Cheers mate thanks for info much appreciated. Hopefully beable to put some pics up if a catch a few bass.
  5. He's been watching too much bottom. Eddie put it on blow lol
  6. Just wondering if they've finished the right hand side of the pier yet. Last time I was over east coast " they was on with a bit of work " Just that I'm over on Monday and want to have a bash for some bass on that edge pier cheers for reading guys
  7. I've only just noticed a new breed a badlington
  8. Look at this guys a beddy whip will set you back a bag of sand lol.
  9. A give them to my nephew mate same with linnets and a couple of British goldfinches. I've only got sib goldfinches now and a few sib mutation bullfinches.
  10. I'm selling these birds at working man's prices 200 for the pair yorkshire area
  11. Brown pastel hen and Cock that's a carrier for brown brown pastel. Both big nice strong bird's. No meds in these birds just fed on top quality grub ie seed , vegetable's , fruit, berry's. No messers just genuine bird men I'm wanting to take these birds that know how to look after them thanks for reading guys. Pm me for price
  12. Here ive trio of black and red pullets bred from the highest standards of show stock in the country. And im not being byest by saying this there's no birds in West Yorkshire or near county's that have better bred birds. I know that because the chap who has the parents to these birds is one of the top judges from England Ireland Scotland and Wales and even over sea's guys. I'm wanting 100 quid for the trio pm me if intrested no time wasters please. These birds are the large game not bantams hence why am letting them go no room for them at my yard. The Picture is the father to the cock pullet
  13. I'm after 2 cock sib satenets if any one can help me out or put me onto someone that would be much appreciated kind regards bangers
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