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  1. These don't look too bad for price Terry. Looks a smart little bit of kit. Might invest in one myself. Good feed back on it too 4.5 stars.
  2. Nice looking birds nip. Looking at the top image & bottom one the bird looks like it's got abit of displayed legs mate. I've a canary that looks the same it's like the joint area turns in
  3. Think that's the same prick that I'm talking about. He wants a proper kicking selling his own people out to line his pockets sick b*****d. He can't spend it when he's not here.
  4. British asylum housing tycoon breaks into Sunday Times rich list | Rich lists | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Graham King, whose firm is paid £3.5m a day to accommodate arrivals in the UK, listed among... Wants to be ashamed of him self greedy c**t.
  5. This morning the bullfinch chicks jumped the nest. Only time a seen them really was when a ringed them & just their heads when getting fed by parents. But could resist going in & picking them up. Out of all the birds bullfinch young are so tame it's unreal. The other two were getting fed by the parents at the side of me. It's mad how the parents get tame too in the breeding season.
  6. Two for the price of one Wait for me mamma , f**k off ya little greedy b*****d lol
  7. Ano my grandad used to tell me that. Listen kid don't go too near waters edge it'll have thi arm off just be careful .
  8. I've been told this by another chap that he was filming a young peregrine that came from a cathedral in Wakefield , headed over south Yorkshire way Rotherham on a reservoir. And Same again the water birds were diving under. Then the peregrines sat in the shallows of the water. He said the bird was learning its skills to take birds off the water. To which he got some amazing images & video clips of it. " Was telling me the sibling to the bird got killed flying into some high rise flats just a stone throw away from where they were born. "
  9. They don't they like to hit ones that are on the way home from a race lol. Or out exercising like a pal I know. He watches the peregrines throw the binoculars. And he says soon as any of lads let the youngens out to fly. The peregrine comes over. The allotments are bang next to the town centre. The peregrines have clocked onto it. A peregrine isn't going to go 80mph to hit a bird on concrete and may of the birds that are round the town centre are close to building & members of the public. So they fly out of town. They may get odd bird that's around their nest site. But many are killed away
  10. You can see why lads who race pigeons don't like birds of prey. But you've got to say peregrine falcons are a stunning looking birds. Be watching some live footage of a few pairs. And every nest site had racers rings in. A think the feral pigeons are clued up to the birds.
  11. Same here bred 4 at the moment these two jumped the nest. Two nice chevs. Got two nests with 4 & 5 eggs both nests only 1 fertile egg. Was going to bin them but one of my pals said see what happens but it's a f**k about 1 chick.
  12. Just go pick the dandelions blend it down in a bullet then give them it through the drinkers. There's no mesh then too my birds love it.
  13. It's easy too say that to stand back. But it's not fair on some of the Ukrainian general public to put up with that Putin invading their country. Same with any country. Shocking our goverments think they can Just invade others
  14. They mean shit to them the Russian citizens just like now. You'd of thought they'd of learned. They could stop tomorrow in Ukraine. Ukraine give them the opportunity to give themselves up when hitting Ukraine soil.
  15. Just sent a link to Tomo Mc read that. Russia would of been done if it wasn't for us back then. We had better quality than any other country even better than the U.S we were a force to recon with our steel works & plenty of great fabricators & mechanics and engineers the best in fact for quality work. Now we've got f**k all as you'll already know. I drive past sheffield most days seeing all the steel works shut down its gutting our industries gone.. And governments are blind to see these c**ts over continent can buy all this top military equipment. Because we've lined their pockets by
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