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  1. I've told you will have a day come over Sunday mate no messing about. What was point in me meeting Greb no dog am not on permission. Is that why you won't come over. I understand if that's the reason why and your not risking a ban from mole trapping an ferreting with dog.. If that's how you earn your crust lol. A got that bad mate with my PTSD a was going to scope the carpark an wait for him finishing work an do the c**t in. A was in a bad way an deep hole mad a was. Thinking if I would of been gullible an say like a OAP " An thought okay love al go home give laxatives time to
  2. It would of made it worse mate too because they don't fold the big wigs they wouldn't accept the blame there c**ts I've had to fight mate. There's a woman who lives near me she had what they call a coil in. An the b*****ds left it joining to her servicks.. It got infected an she got sepsis had to have both feet off. She know has to crawl round house cleaning on her hands an knees.. They argued like f**k about her claim not taking liability for it. But what got me is when she went to hospital to one of her check ups about her feet an could bare weight on them by now. They said do you want a whe
  3. Honest mate I've got PTSD with it f****d me up big time I'm not the same person. Every day taking blood on the hour for five weeks a was like a dart board mate.. Because my wound didn't heal I had to have tension stitches in which were like cheese wire bedding in a was f**k.. Sorry to hear that mate bad they are. My cousin died because of medical neglect too.. Had meningitis said if they'd of done a blood test straight away he would of been still here today. He was two years older than me his feet was blue at the time c**ts was only 12 when he passed away.. They've been doing it for years try
  4. It's not my permission we didn't get ghosted mate so was okay. Plus I sold one of my goldys an picked some new blood up off one of his pals at end of day . Was guna put a few pics up but thought f**k that nowt to prove to no c**t. Plus trev70 did that an look where it got him. Lads noticing landmarks or where abouts. That's why the forums f****d
  5. A nearly lost my life because of the government under cutting the NHS an them being under pressure.. Was a junior doctor " said I had a bollock intestine on xray " But turned out it was a ulcer that had burst. A went back the next day as it got worse.. Was the same young doctor. Told me I'd not given the laxatives time to kick in.. Told him I know my own body a want a second opinion. He got munk on with me because he thought a was questioning his profession. Its wasnt Until a told him f**k this a want a second opinion an kicked off. So a signore doctor came an knew straight away said a could
  6. A didnt slip the dog because a used my head having to haul one of them big c**ts about f**k are morning up. Which they did f**k it up by being all over land. An a didn't want my lad there if law would of pulled us knowing a would of got nicked for being on land with game at foot. I'm known by coppers. An I'm not one for letting them take the piss an try take my dog , not even hold the f***ing lead like I've seen them do to lads when there getting pncd. Then take the f***ing dog not a chance. They've tried before giving it a letter will be through the post. A got straight onto professional
  7. A tell you what you come next week an you can carry it to motor then no f***ing about if you want one you carry the c**t. I'm not into the daft big c**ts I've had a few accidental in past mate when dog got onto one when missed run an it just fucks your day up when out coursing no good honest.
  8. It's one of them Greb you would of come been itching for me to slip on a roe argument would of come. You'd of gone home to misses argued with her like f**k for a running dog. Blame would of been on me so a did you a favour mate
  9. An you said that on pm ya numptie am not hiding it a lost my password for my email is that a crime ya fool. Talking with panda about serving for your country you wouldn't think so way your going on f**k off your boring me now.
  10. You don't see that friendship that lads have out coursing. With lads ferreting an lamping they bitch about each other or crab each others terriers or bull xs without even seeing them run. Soon as a breeders mentioned its what a load of shit then its the big old debate arm chair gumbies going on about what was times have changed. Lads want sighthounds because they see the crack lads have when meet ups are about an dvds up off lads in boozer having banta. All you get on here is crabbing c**ts.
  11. It was a working cock that I sold him nob head bigliks has one of the pups a chocolate one clown
  12. You know my old name you daft c**t on here an what's that got to do with now a forgot my email address password an couldn't get on here that was time ago an had better things to be doing than coming on here.. I only set another back up to have a chat with a few old faces and about birds. But a can still remember the crabbing c**ts that hate coursing lads can't stand um because the post were about coursing an not about ferreting an lamping lol. But what's that got to do with now daft lad.
  13. A know where that is been up them ends a few times pal near that air field near you all round there. A Lad took me up that way to show me what you lads have well did have lol
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