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  1. Blame the government for that mate. We would do the same if we come from a country that was on its arse. To the government and the rich money is money. It's always been the same for the working man up north now the south are feeling the same as we have up north since Maggie f****d us up. Nobody from down south way give a f**k about us up north.
  2. Looks like sumat a pull up from bottom of birds flights after breeding season lol
  3. Ffs you need to grow up an most are fathers abet. Spending most of your wage on this shite instead of the kids one next to me that's a drip. Kids haven't had an holiday since living there nine years. All there money goes on weed sad carry on
  4. Its all good because I'm going in for compensation after wards again west Yorkshire police for not taking a statement off the wife before me getting interviewed.
  5. This guy doesn't see it that way. But these hilly Billy in bred b*****ds in the states that are racist to f**k that have it pumped into them like this chap most probably has lol. About gays an race proper chimp..
  6. What because of James polish name ffs it's full of them on here
  7. They said a could keep it at maj but wouldn't let me pull this teacher up on him on his phone. Which he said he wasn't and was right next to the teen who went to kick the dog. So they said if you want to take it to crown you can that's totally upto you. Both don't carry porridge at maj or crown. But this is a matter of the truth. Am not having some prick on his phone at the otherside of the pitch. Who's ment to be watching the lads lie that he was at the side of him just to cover his own back. And a think most on here wouldn't be happy anyone kicking your dogs.
  8. A didn't think of it like that you must be talking from experience then eh
  9. That was the misses written statement with this letter that they'd written up for court an just for us to verify word by word it was okay to send in for the date of trial.
  10. That was my first hearing mc. And the charge wasn't aggressive behaviour if you read the comment. Right the judge at maj wanted me to plead guilty to a aggressive behaviour instead of me coming over racist. But you must be up on your charges something I'm not pal. It just shows you can't walk your dogs without dumping into pricks that haven't been taught no manors and respect others.
  11. f***ing anti dick head you seen my posts. Am anti against dick heads like you. My cousin was over in Afghanistan an Iraq in 2008 to 2017 . Both area's he was made to feel welcome by the locals. Because they wanted a better life for them selfs and family's. But they have pricks like you over there that won't let people just live some were in the british army that caused trouble but were soon flushed out but made it hard for the locals to trust then. Always something to say or do to others because deep down you've got problems your self.
  12. Like a told dilldo a wish that was true that it was a dream save me a few quid if the jury believes some prick. But a can't see that because I've two witnesses. One another dog walker an two another stand in teacher that was on the field. But it just goes to show I could think every black lads the same all little fuckers. But that would be judgemental of me and I'm a grown man not still got a child's way of thinking like some on here. There's having a laugh then being a complete arse hole
  13. It's dick heads like you that f**k our country up. All talk on a forum I'm 100% racist but when it comes too it your a shit bag full of wind. It's not stopped them coming into the country has it this racist shite. As for people thinking I'm full of shit with the court case. A wish that was true lol. Save me a few quid in my pocket for some lieing little f****r throwing the racist card. But will see what happens. But that hasn't made me hate every other person in that nationality it's just one of them things a prick like we have in our race eh lol ?
  14. Bum hole like a wizzards sleeve lol
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