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  1. A know it's a old post but champion getting them back. Just shows now with social media that them kind of dirty b*****ds won't get away with it any more. Just hope they caught the twats and throw the book at them
  2. It's true that after a year the signs will be there to what sex it is 100%. Some will try have your pants down with a female that can come out with a little note. To some one that's not clued up and new to the bird will fall for it
  3. Nice are pekings a like the Wyandotte bantams too
  4. Some more he's got on ebay now 10 hrs left on them all three adds are his. All these hens and cocks have won shows. Top breeders from over seas are buying off him in big numbers.
  5. Think he's done now till next season as the cocks are hit and miss now. You think they've been in a good 5 months now so tied of the same hens lol.
  6. After moult in the Winters there mostly in anyway if your showing them. That's when all shows are on after breeding season. But if your not showing cause you can turn them out through day
  7. It's a hit and miss the egg game because it's all about time'ing init. Time from when there laid then time in transit then time in incubator. But specially time in transit if it's a private company that deliver there own eggs then your more likely to get cushty eggs but any other courier services then it's a 50 50
  8. You get them from over sea's or a breeder over here or your self. It's okay if you've got your own stock or know of someone over here but that's the risk we take buying eggs from over seas. The wife wanted to buy a few parrot eggs. Says I've seen some 50 quid a says don't talk stupid there f***ing duck eggs . Nobody sell's parrot eggs ffs and if it was someone you knew they'd want 200 quid an egg lol
  9. Taffey put a pic up of your satenet pal please is it a sib goldie like
  10. Deleted my comment as I miss read your comment pal no worries
  11. A know it's an old post but if your after some decent modern game fertile eggs then simple modern game is the place to get them . You'll find the page on Facebook hope that helps a few guys out how's wanting some decent birds . You'll see on his page how he ships the eggs and stock hes got true gent too down the middle.
  12. Well just got the incubator going for the old game eggs I got my 10 year old. He's chuffed to bit with these as he's looking forward to showing them and pulling some red roseys for them. Which no doubt he will with the breeding. Few pics for you lads of the Cock and hen and a few offspring from same hens. Few eggs are black skin's so hopefully get a few hatching
  13. Got my 10 year old son into the game birds which I'm chuffed with . Just gone and bought him 6 fertile eggs and being a kind gent through him 6 for free. 6 are old black and reds and other 6 are his own breed he's on with. Here's a few pics of cock and hens to 6 of the eggs and bottom pic son he bred doing well for show
  14. It's been a bit since I've been on here only just seen your comment. A don't mate just got two young linnet x Irish mules that I'm keeping back myself pal.
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