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  1. Cheers pal she'll have a top quality life She's loves raw chicken mince an tripe. Plenty of dog wind lovely lol. Are lasses plug in air freshers don't do shite for smell of dog farts pmsl.
  2. That happened to a pal of mine danny . Taken some old living room doors off night before. Was picking some new one's up day after , well evening after work. But his Russell had left him a nice present at bottom of stairs big old steamy for his bare foot. " A Told him you shouldn't have open plan for dog to roam abart . Lol
  3. There's that lol not so bad once they learn the toilet business but till then it's hard work . Once she's had her jabs won't be so bad. She's not too bad she'll mooch round house then run back to box a made to do her business. She's not done no mess round house. She pretty forward mate for 10 weeks clever pup.
  4. She's a parson x lakey pal. She's a c**t a forgot how much hard work it is looking after a pup at this age constant shiting & pissing machines an im the poop picker lol.
  5. Best bug killer on the market but make sure you take the birds out first better than the pronafit. Pronafit you can leave the birds in but with these you can't. Makesure if you use the pest expert you take all drinking and food products out.
  6. Yeah vasceline bottom of nest pans too mites stick too it. The coal tar shampoo works wonders an makes birdroom smell fresh better than the soap nippers on about I find anyway.. And the multi mite drys the mites out when in contact. A use these smoke bombs too from pest expert before season when no birds are In the birdroom. Creepys drop from every where with them.
  7. Cheers pal she's very clever for 10 weeks of age.
  8. I use garlic granules that you get in your spice rack mix it in with the egg food with a few other spices plus s76 in the water an spray bottle give the birds a spray daily with the mix in the bottle. Use multi mite round the cages an birdroom in a puffer. An coal tar shampoo they hate the smell some use that other soap. I seem that the coal tar shampoo is alot stronger smell an soak the nest felts in it an leave to dry natural. I've not had red mite for 4 seasons this will be.
  9. If your meaning water in the bowl there's water in the top bowl Kenneth about an inch. Just that I'm not daft to fill the bowl to the top for a 10 week old pup to be playing abart end up with a kitchen full of water or should I say pups area full of water. But at least you've been heard your little rant for day on the HTL
  10. Well yesterday went to local butchers for some scraps for dogs an pup. Pups face when a chucked this peace of beef bone in box was a picture. She's looking at it to think wtf is that. Starts barking an playing about jumping at it. Until her nose touched it an got a smell of the meat. Then she was like hayup what's this lol. Starts off by licking it a few times then little nashes were into it. Next she picks it up an puts it in her bed rest his history she's there this morning tucking into it loves it..
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