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  1. That's normally case too far to collect but thanks for the offer means alot that mate. A friend of mine is trying to get me some off a job there doing now. Building a new football stadium with cladding sheets. But won't be finished till in new year. Was hoping to get some before weather comes in bad. I've some cladding sheets on the roof at moment but with me climbing up over the years I've ended up bowing them in places so now waters getting in. It's with neighbours big conifers dropping all the shite off them. Me getting up cleaning the roof. My fault for putting the birdroom directly under
  2. That's a normal bred from pied breeding. I bred it this season just gone. So put it with a visual hen for next season. That's off Siberian pieds. But this bird looks smaller than them you've showed me mate
  3. Your right mate some are full of shit. Unless you know someone really well or know other bird keepers that can vouch for them a wouldn't touch them mate.
  4. This is what a mean by looking like classic sibs alot bigger on images that a British. You look at a British native goldfinch. They look alot smaller.
  5. A don't know about smashing glass bottle am sick of youths near me smashing them under local bridge with cattys. Last week a caught one little b*****d. All under bridge glass every where. It's not the big bits you've to watch for its the little bits that bed in the the pads which you can't get out gives the dogs some jip.
  6. You know that Phil better than a argos catalogue That's something a will never forget lol. My grandfather that Xmas morning coming down stairs all my family in livingroom over at there's. Over 14 family members. Anyway cut story short when I opened it. " Am like what's this granddad argos catalogue eh " . He says seen as though when you come over your always in cupboard getting ours out we thought we'd get you your own for xmas . You can imagine as a 8 year old. Thinking your getting something decent . A Fcking Argos catalogue. Lol After all family had a laugh watching me flip. My
  7. Surely somebody has had ago at this ? But I'm thinking don't want to speak up about it ? If that's so pm me please I'd like to know if it's worth doing.
  8. Am thinking of buying another HW100 but just wanted to know what the 110 was like Phil cheers for the comment. This time a may go for a lighter stock. Because your right about weight the stock was heavy on that 100 I had. But that was one of the first that was on market over 16 years ago longer maybe.
  9. Just a question has anybody used the kit for the Crossman ratcatcher. Just been watching a little clip on YouTube on modifying the gun to give it that little bit more power. Plus the kit that's out there on ebay looks decent gives it that little bit of a better look to the gun. Be happy to get the gun firing at 12 at the moment ad say it's firing at 8 maybe 9. Am thinking with this kit though it may take it over the legal limit. That's why I'm asking before a buy one what it's like and the change in pressure.
  10. Looking back at some images that I had in the cupboard at home. Found this image of my hk100 carbine. Can't believe it's over 16 years maybe more since a bought this gun. A bought this gun when they first came on the market. Am not going to put what a got back three years later for the gun but a will just say it held its money a didn't come home short changed. Beautiful to shoot this gun , was very quiet too. Used to put rabbits flat on their backs looking back now I had some fun. Anybody on here shooting the HW100 and what do you think about the gun. How would you rate it to the new HW110
  11. Cheers Jimmy. The hens parents have produced some eagle heads her siblings. Two out of the six young were eagle heads. So hopefully this time to the right cock bird a will produce some myself. I've a none visual normal cock bird from pied breeding. So I'm thinking of putting her with him.
  12. Well all DNA sexing done for next season ended up with 5 cock birds and 7 hens that I'm keeping back for next season. Before I sent off for DNA testing a wrote on some cards which birds I thought was cocks and hens. And they all came back what I'd thought the sex was. So 70 odd quid down but better to be safe. Paid a little extra for the cards to come through the post with the DNA on. Here's a few more birds that I've bought in for some new blood.
  13. Parva is a European goldfinch not a native. And some come over here mate I've noticed with the climate change here in Yorkshire in our local wood on some feeders that have been put up the difference in size in the british goldfich and the European that comes over here. Even though it's only a Cm difference you can still see the difference in the birds. Here's some other names for the goldfinch in other countries. Good read this article that a red.
  14. Cm difference 12cm native 13cm parva and I'm guessing maybe weight too. You can see the difference. When looking at the birds too the parva looks similar to classic sib than a British.
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