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  1. Would I bollocks if it's a parasite why would you feed your dogs an ferrets that shit. If i wouldnt put it on the plate and eat it then my dogs an ferrets wouldn't too. And a definitely wouldn't pass it onto a pal incase owt happened to there animals. No repercussions then
  2. It's true that I'm new to the game an won't go out paying daft prices for thermal image cameras.. Get caught out local round my way they'll think your a peeping tom On a serious note though all the older guys I know always came home with a game bag full of bits an bats for ferrets. Like you say on a full one you'll see owt roosting up nice when grounds white with snow & skys are clear.
  3. Jackal an Hyde comes into mind. But it's true you can put all the time in educating a young pup bringing it on with the commands an lead work. But once out working its a different way of educating your young dogs. You find it will just do its own thing for a couple of months till it finds its feet an settles down . But we all know more outings an quarry that the young dog sees , more it will come on. Some though like you say are just too head strong an I find it depends too if your have the young dog round other dogs that are c**ts picking up bad habits so all that hard work on getting the d
  4. Great pics mate. I'm not bad at hitting the target in garden on the drop box. But soon as a go out an try plink sumat I'm shite lol proper does me that. I'm thinking do i put a few more yards in when shooting target. Because I'm shooting the target at around 20 yards and hitting it fine. But when out I'm wondering if I'm not eyeing in the distance. A might have to keep changing the yard on the drop box so that I can judge it then an get the eye an feel on the bands. It takes time doesn't it lol. A should be okay in about ten years time when am 50 lol
  5. Cheers for info I've both 9 - 9.5. Where's best place for the bands ie quality an best price. I'm only just getting back into the catty world. A remember years ago having the black widow as a kid plus the one with the weights on the bottom to balance the catty that was fun too lol. Back to the bands I'm wanting to buy them already made up ?
  6. I'm just wondering which flat bands would be best for killing rabbits an if 9mm ammo is big enough for killing rabbits thanks for reading ?
  7. Had pup out again this morning picked up on a scent which sent her mad. Am thinking it was a fox that had been mooching about early hours. Because near that cover there was some fox shite an little bitch tried to roll in it. Stinky little b*****d Was loving it. It's mad because a was reading up about why wolf's do that in the wild , they say it's so that the wolf masks its scent when hunting wheather its true or not ? A once knew a chap who had a fox terrier that used to roll in shite. Says every f***ing time we walk down there where travellers have shite in woods he's straight in the b*****d
  8. Me an a few pals once went up holmefirth , as youth mind picking the magic ones. An f**k me never again first an last. " A was trippin plus must of pick a few bad ones an the stomach pains from picking some wrong ones was unreal felt like my stomach was been eaten away lol.
  9. I'm after some flat bands for rabbit hunting any info would be great guys. Thanks for reading Bangers
  10. Been out for a morning mooch an came across this made me smile Elmer fudd. Great bit of work somebody's done on one of the bird & bat box. There's another one of the point of the lake which who evers made the boxes has put the point on it. Just shows that us fishing an hunting lads do care about the wild life an the surroundings too an these anti b*****ds portrait us like them.
  11. I manned two young Harris hawks up a male an female both Was taking off the glove in a couple of days. I had the birds in the house me sat watching TV bird just sat on Glove like a said before just do what I said you won't go far wrong. Two weeks a was free flying the bird. Had abit of bad luck with the male bird got killed by my Jill ferret. At the time I was out but the misses was in. Shes gone let the whippet bitch into garden. Bitch must of been pottering round garden heard ferret kits in the back of the cage. Curiosity must of got the better of the bitch an sadly opened the cag
  12. Yeah seen the stouts great work Think the trouts taking the flys though will take some beating. A can see one of them in an orvis tackle shop above some hardy reels in cabinet. If I was doing them that's where I'd be taking them to sell doing the rounds at all the money shops. The frog work he's done too an the terrapin something else them. Reminds me of bates motel told Norman bates lol.
  13. Just been looking at some of the lads work the fish are something else first time I've seen that kind of work brilliant
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