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  1. Is name says it all for me guys MC hull FFS . Could you imagine a drive out with him over 100 mile. Sorry 50 because he'd be getting left there the 50 mile back
  2. Sad carry on when you've got to think that unborn calve could of been another young efer maybe a prize winner or efer her self could of already been a prize winner
  3. It's shit to see a decent looking animal like that laid there but farmers are finding it hard enough with government buying from over seas an giving us in the UK the short straw BN. Our government walk round with blinkers on they don't live in the real world like we do. It's like my grandfather always said they never did owt for the working man proper grafters. The government want to stop these peddlers breeding f***ing dogs for coin. More of these daft twats are taking these dogs on walks up dale's an lakes with the covid carry on so they will be many more dogs feeling the sod.
  4. Shame dog had to get laid on the sod because if I would of been the land owner ad of shot the c**ts who was holding the lead not the dog. You can educate dogs you cant planks of wood nowt between the ears
  5. Nice looking pup mate atb. A man's post turned into shite talk yet again ruined never changes this forum.
  6. It's a sad carry on for the dogs an young pups that aren't getting shown how to go on around livestock. Some may think that farmers like shooting dogs which they don't it's not in there interest to be chasing f***ing dogs round unless there causing harm to live stock. Farmers live aside dogs an use them to work aside them too.
  7. Feed them at dusk when it's dark an take away at dawn best way then no worries of fly's laying eggs
  8. I've bred these for feeders next season hoping I've a few hens. Plus the hen bird that's reared there was a last year's bird an she's going to be a feeder. So I needed to makesure she was going to be a decent rearer before I put any goldfinch eggs under. I've two Mexican hens bringing four chicks up each. They laid four an reared four so not bad going to say there's no cock birds in with them.
  9. Be nice to see when through the moult mate atb
  10. Just over a week old now these guys first three was born two Thursday's ago others 2 Friday ago. All five chicks are feeding well very lively indeed. Won't be long now till four of them are out of nest others one is a bit behind yet. Here's a few pics of them enjoy
  11. Yeah the cock birds are too much that's my opinion nipper mate scatty hard work
  12. Am using the wire external pans they sit nice an tight on them nipper mate. That is when you take the cocks out. The cock birds want to sit on nest fronts out of the way from view. Soon as you go there away on the wing in the flight with hen tailing him nightmare very scatty birds. Now I've took them out a can go in birdroom go In the flights an cages hens can see me don't move.
  13. Went in the birdroom today to feed an drink up an one of my pairs of Mexicans that I'm going to use as feeders next round have got three chicks in the nest all with full crops. So that's made me abit happer knowing now that I can trust them as feeders as they were last season birds so trial run first . Glad your seasons starting okay nipper pal atb mate
  14. It's true Muppets sat on other side messaging shite like dog or bitch how old house trained FFS Read the fecking add ya thick kant. Had it with a few birds Mal an mal lol you mean male male to proper bird men cock an cock. A says no breeding pair. Turned out the Kant was a Cantonese Mal an mal pmsl
  15. Us over in the UK go on about grounds too dry not wet enough ra ra ra. Look at that dogs feet run on some really dry ground and not one toe knocked up all different kinds of terrain there. It's because our dogs are pampered to much same in horse game a horse isn't a horse any more not worked
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