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  1. There all nice birds an it's hard to keep these kind of birds on the sticks never mind breed them. A tell birdkeepers that don't rush into spending money if you don't know who to care for these birds. Not like natives at all you only have to look at them the wrong way an there toes up. Am only joking about that bit. You'll see novices now going into birdrrom with head down now lol
  2. The one second from the bottom is a isabel pastel others are eumo
  3. Tell me about it shops every where's got the fcuking trimmings out already mix with the Halloween shite
  4. great that he enjoyed him self then.
  5. A like how you blame stepson first time out he gets blame other than that well done guys atb
  6. Cheers mate. I'm putting the cock bird over an isabel pastel the hen with a split mutation cock bird.
  7. Happy with the pair of pieds am picking up what you think guys hay or nay. Top pic is the hen bottom the cock bird. Hen has most white round the mask
  8. Pied cock I'm picking up next weekend
  9. Does any one on here now of lads that breed pieds ?
  10. This is why I won't give my birds greens from garden or any other surrounding areas because you don't know what's on them lads. Hepacur has all the compositions like milk thistle dandelion artichoke celandine all great for many things like recovery of the liver when birds are put through treatments for respiratory problems an once a month as a precaution.
  11. An baytril will sort any respiratory infection an will help with gapeworm which is also known as gape. Mostly common in chickens. Here's a diagram of the cycle
  12. You need to find a avian veterinarian which are like rocking horse shit Peter off Yorkshire vet is the man for me when it comes to birds taught by the best Alfred white. The man can put his hand to any kind of animal there not many that can do that now hold that much knowledge on animals. Like you say there like doctors straight to the ipad lol
  13. I've always got a stock up on some treatments never without it. Baycox baytril , probotic , hepacur , calcium, vit k , an a few others all from easyyem
  14. A was going to say give it some baytril sorry to hear that
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