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  1. I learned TTF, but I switched to OTT as I personally find it more accurate. But I can shoot both
  2. But you didn't get triple the amount of chips again did ya , there always stingy on chips when you eat out lol
  3. I went years ago for a week's piss up. Seen the usual bits of culture, really enjoyed it. One thing I will say is I went in January and I've never been anywere so cold. No wonder they all wear ear muffs lol.
  4. I used to see Dave at the various shows years ago and always have a chat, and I watched his dog Katie work up in Scotland at blairgowrie. A nice fella.
  5. Cheers for sharing that, just watched ten minutes and looks good, will watch them all later when I have time. Thanks Terry
  6. At first I did look at the cheaper ones, but decided on this after research
  7. Mines the pulsar axion 2 xq35, was about a grand and half. Seems a good bit of kit, I've been spotting magies roosting in trees from a good distance. Seen roe in cover with it, bunnies hopping about in front of me, at night these tho. But I did see a hare squatting in the daytime at a fair old distance. And pics up squirrels easy in daytime. Am happy with it. I wish I'd of ad one years ago to be honest
  8. I bought one for mooching and same thing as you. It's been handy for the cattys and in general I have enjoyed just genuinely watching wildlife through it. They are a complete game changer. Would of been handy back in the day for keeping your eye out for two legged vermin trying to catch you .
  9. Leo Sayer


    Deathwish was my favourite or Mr Magestic
  10. I got one off Etsy for a fiver, probably get them on fleabay for the same. Or buy some cheap magnets off Amazon and make your own.
  11. Nice pics of the humming birds, sometimes it's just nice to sit back and take in and appreciate what's around you.
  12. My thoughts exactly, my next dog probably a spaniel x terrier type I would ideally like. My old dog here is 27inch and be my last big dog I think.
  13. I bet Fred would have fitted one in the wall lol
  14. MC you going down the fixed bed route ?
  15. Nice shooting , I got some of them wasp red sights myself and really rated them
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