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  1. Had a bit of practice with slingbow before after work to chill out. Had a small drama last night and de railed my triangle compound bow ffs , so will have to get it fixed somewhere. But got some nice groups at 10 meters , obviously never going to be as accurate as a compound, but I reckon you could hunt with one abroad were legal .
  2. Not particularly but thanks for showing an interest and bid you a good day . Atb
  3. Leo Sayer


    I remember buying them as kid, used to love all those type of mags growing up. I would be down the fields with my webley Vulcan and sheaf knife trying to build dead fall traps and such things.
  4. I would of deffo put a little something in the end of its shoes........
  5. Wolfie you shoot of the shelf or with beaver fur on it ? Or a plastic or metal stick on rest ? Am trying both , but find the arrow stays on better with the plastic rest. But they just cheap ones off Amazon and only lasted 3 days.
  6. Bikeriders 2024 with Tom hardy 8/10 was decent Nearly put convert on as I like guy Pearce, will watch this next weekend That's me Barry Norman saying goodnight
  7. I've tried three under and shifting anchor points and can't hit fek all. Been starting at 10 meters and string walking seems to be the only way I can hit the target but I don't really like it, it feels strange moving down the string. I would much prefer split or 3 under.
  8. Lol , I prefer to blend inn
  9. No I had a little side hustle at corrie for a few years for a few quid and went the odd time and met the cast. But that little nugget dried up a while ago. Funny enough my sister calls me a p***y and says I was never the same since I came back from living in a caravan down south in my teens. She says I am feral lol. I too always look shabby. In fact a at the end of winter I had built a hide in the woods at side of canal and had been baiting it up everyday after work. Now further on in the woods there is some tents were crack heads live. So this particular day am dressed in my usual
  10. I was on the set of corrie and met Roy in Roy's Rolls, was a nice fella. A lot of the cast was. I got asked if I wanted to do an extra cast, but declined as I like to be incognito in life.
  11. Leo Sayer


    First rule of prepping Don't talk about prepping.........
  12. I fancy a go at fletching my own arrows , well once I pic up the how to properly shoot the recurve , what do you shoot , split finger , 3 finger under ect and do you aim instinctly or aim ?
  13. Am enjoying the ride mate
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