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  1. Was good old Loot round here for the merry go round
  2. I thought it was about knickers as well pmsl
  3. I've never shot a tubed catty, what's the score. Is it still aim with a reference/anchor point like with flat bands ? I see on facebook there is a lot of gypsy metal srod tubed cattys fixed with leather tabs to the frame and they seem to be shooting a fair bit of gear with them. So what's everyone's thoughts on them versus flatbands, in aiming and shooting ect. Any pics of frames and tubes you shooting would be appreciated. Cheers
  4. Watched it myself katch last night on my bent stick thingy, I have to agree was a bit slow going. All I could think was watching the wolf course the Jack rabbit , that was an easy pick up lol. To be fair I thought the affects were pretty good so not a low budget film, and probably not a bad storyline either. Just could of been a lot lot better. Anyway this is Barry Norman signing out and finish my coffee and off to work.
  5. A white man who wants to be a , put a N in instead of your J lol.
  6. I have myself, but am too tight. May as well stick my bloody Hilleberg on my roof rack lol
  7. Looked at them myself and I think there expensive for what they are. As I was looking for something I could pull up and use in out of the way car parks and laybys and get no myther. Just me and the dog and a little overnighter and a mooch or hike.
  8. I think you may be right, cheers
  9. Mike Tonkies, Moobly about a guy living totally feral with his German Sheppard. Cracking book, I read it probably over 20 years ago, but was always a favourite. Worth a read fellas
  10. All ways like the fell wanderer videos, used to love his old bivvy and bunny burner vids. Funny little fella
  11. I did exactly the same with tubegrip, had another blast in garden last night and was a bit better actually
  12. Just recently bought a goblet evo, and I find it a bit funny to hold. I've tried different grips and am just not loving it. It's a quality built frame and some weight to it, but it just don't feel right, I probably just need more practice with it. How do you find yours ?
  13. No you get a fine or even worse could go to jail .............. My arse lol
  14. Just ignore everything, never even reply or admit your name or anything. If some silly cnut knocks on your door, go back to first rule ignore. If they don't know your name and you ignore everything and don't admit to watching the telly there's fek all they can do
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