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  1. Didn't know you was into your cattys mack, fair play and nice mooch. And Nell McAndrews ooooooooohhhhh arrrrrrrr suits you sir ! Lol keep on bricking
  2. That's what it's all about, love that kinda crack. Happy days Wolfie
  3. The fridge/air con engineer who services and fixes my business fridges. Tells me that in our area he will only eat out of two curry house/takeaways as all the rest are terrible hygiene, some of them manky and get away with it. He works at all times of the day and goes into the city at night to do the resterants and takeaways and says they are unbelievable some of them and how they even keep trading.
  4. I think some people are just so bad managing money. I have a step brother, lazy f****r but switched on at setting businesses up and getting the work inn. But he just gone bump again for third or fourth time, he's in the building trade. But they have a big house , lavish lifestyle, expensive cars on drip, eat out in expensive restaurants every week. But do all that before paying the bills. And he is lazy and doesn't make it in the office most days and just leaves the staff to run it into the ground, we're as I'm first inn last out in mine. I've always said if he won the lottery he,d be skint i
  5. I own and run a small business, we are busy. But crippling raw material prices are going crazy. I have just come out of my fixed term electric, I do use 3 phase electric for some of our machinery, I was paying £7000 a year and my new bill is £33,000 , so it's gone up a whopping £26,000 A year. Seriously with that and crippling material costs I don't know how next year will go. I was lucky to stay open during covid and worked right through it, I have a cracking team of staff who are worth there weight in gold and who go above and beyond. In fact during covid when a lot of business got a free
  6. Prefer the dam myself , drugs and brass houses lol
  7. Paid £1549 , used it for all sorts. It's that small just chuck in my pocket or chuck it in van if going out , just to av a nosey
  8. I bet was a lovely site, I was into falconry as a teenager and a fella I know had one and it was a powerhouse sat on your fist. The sheer size of the talons and the power , as you say I was in awe
  9. Lovely pics and a magnificent bird ! Until you have actually held one on your gloved fist you can't appreciated the sheer size and power of them.
  10. Thanks much appreciated, I mite have a go at that. In fact could be a double whammy for my dry skin and arthritis . Cheers
  11. What skin complaints and how do you make the cream and is it very good ? Thanks in advance
  12. A young black un. Bill Brightmore bred, bought him directly off Bill. He was getting on in years when I met him, but what a character. Sat in his farm house listening to his old stories. The dog had a good start, a bit too hard and grew a tad too big for the sandy tight earths I was working at the time for me. But a lovely dog with a good nature.
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