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  1. Funny enough a couple of Sunday's ago I was out mooching at first light and seen 4 parakeets , then seen them a few days later in a another stretch of woodland. I know they are all over the other side of Manchester from me, but I haven't seen any round here till now. And yeah I was surprised by how loud they was.
  2. What would be the best bait to attract roe too ? Something that’s relatively cheap and easy to get hold of ? That would bait them to the front of a hide to photograph? Thanks in advance for any advice or answers.
  3. Exactly same round ere mate, took over all the little coops. And you get all the theiving smack heads in them, giving the staff sh1t. All the bag heads crack heads and general scum.
  4. Been to Orkney and Sanday, had a good time. Nice people and met some characters. Would go love to go again someday.
  5. They seem a relatively cheap price. From what I can see from TW vids. You would have to get very very close to your quarry to have any success. I would imagine optimum field craft.
  6. Wolfie , have you had a go with the blowguns ? Or are they illegal in your state mate
  7. Yeah seen that video mate , unreal that !
  8. Ive watched a good few of the blowgun vids, and I was surprised by how limited the range was on them. So am surprised they are banned in certain states. TW certainly seems some character, but living the dream and travelling and making money out of something he loves to do.
  9. That's one of the reasons I bought the pulsar mate, so if not in use for a long time I can store without battery inn. Also when I got mine I got a free battery and dual charger thrown in with the bundle.
  10. Mines the pulsar axion 2 xq35. Av ad it ages , I think I paid about a £1500 ish. But I think they a little bit dearer now. But can't fault it, it's bang on mate
  11. Can see quite far with mine, pics up woodys Maggie's pheasants at night at a good distance in trees , wish I'd bought one sooner tbh
  12. I had a simple shot frame with tubes looped like that, but they pinged a few times and hit me in the kite ! So I binned it off as a bad job lol. Deffo strange trying to shoot tubes when your used to flats. Maybe I should give it another go , as I have some KCB tube to try .
  13. I've tried Dan and just can't do it. If i put tubes on a 90 to 100mm frame I can shoot it . But it feels weird and slower compared to flats . So flats it is lol
  14. Must admit I loved lamping hares back in the day. But my old dogs were just cobby stocky old mongrels and a daytime hare would out class them apart from the odd one. We used to travel 3hrs in the motor to lamp some up Gretna Green way.
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