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  1. They exist, just got to be prepared to go look, a friend of mine brought the original zamaldelica back to Europe, I have done a few solo seed collecting trips, always found something of interest.
  2. Put a bit of cheese on top.
  3. Which landrace strains interest you?
  4. By hoying the kettle on, dishing out tea and pizza the UK is setting a come-one come-all precedent, its like the old floridian wet-feet dry-feet policy, hotels,pizza, good times, they all begin once you touch base.
  5. f**k hoying the kettle on if you realise they had rocked up in your back garden with no intention of ever leaving
  6. I don't agree with the home office spending £21,000 in 3 months on pizza for whoever decides to rock up at Dover, the system needs a top to bottom overhaul, it's f****d.
  7. 'I wouldn't want to live had it continued': 92-year-old survives week without power | ITV News Tyne Tees WWW.ITV.COM John Cecil Alderson was unable to cook for himself, wash, watch television or read in the daytime... Meanwhile in some sort of weird alternative reality Home Office spent £6,757 in a month at Domino's in Dover to feed migrants who had crossed Channel WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK Hundreds of pizzas were bought from the Dover branch of the fast food chain in July, totalling...
  8. Watched Squid Games on my kids recommendation, different 7/10.
  9. I had the same, might have surprised the people who were in the basket with me
  10. Most substances overused bring misery,my lady has worked in A&E in the UK, and also a Cancer ward, I have heard horror stories of legal substance abuse, a friend of mine is security in a hospital in sunderland, always having to deal with alcoholics.
  11. I don't know how they can implement it.
  12. I still have a place near Twickenham, nice area
  13. Middle class drug users could lose their driving licences and PASSPORTS WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK The Prime Minister hit out at 'lifestyle' use of Class As by people who thought they were...
  14. I did one flight there mate, but as I reminded them, they were apprentices who hadn't graduated to props
  15. A sudden reckless impulse to do something self destructive, interesting read.
  16. Hendon Plummer was probably the most influential and successful of all fieldsports authors, but in hindsight maybe the least experienced, but he could weave a tale.
  17. Used to hand catch them as a kid,got to spin them a bit to disorient them, always liked rats.
  18. The spurs are bound with tyings and tape, the odd one may peck at the bindings once or twice but most don't seem to notice.
  19. I have seen literally thousands of fights, never once seen or heard of a bird decapitated, seen them stuck together often enough, seen fights that lasted only a few seconds, but decapitation?
  20. The first time I went up in a microlight I wondered if I should unbuckle my harness, I could almost envisage the jump, I wonder how many people have actually acted upon the impulse, not suicides who have thought it through but spur of the moment jumpers.
  21. It almost pulls you over, must be gravity working on your mind or something, I used to think if I jumped I would fly.
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