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  1. Hey Wolfie lookachew all grown up and getting married and stuff,Congratulations,it’s about time we had a talk……………….
  2. My sister is in Dubai at the minute for a couple of weeks,wish I had gone.
  3. mackem


    He sounds a real character mate,lived a very interesting life,if you ever fancy it Biggin Hill do factory tours and flights. Fly a Spitfire Spitfire Tours - Biggin Hill FLYASPITFIRE.COM The Biggin Hill Spitfire Factory is a working hangar where you can see Spitfire restoration projects at various...
  4. I have eaten in Dishoom,really nice food.
  5. Be interesting to see how many of us actually turn up and the police reaction, I have been to a lot of Demo's, the last one was pro-palestinian (for reasons I don't need to go into, but it wasn't as it seemed) I climbed onto a bus shelter to get pics and coppers asked me to get down "for my own safety", they were very softly-softy, I get a feeling next week they won't be so nice.
  6. You should have went BC is beautiful,I am in Canada for six months quite soon.I have been watching your suggestion.
  7. I was in there Wednesday shopping.
  8. mackem


    It’s all about the gravy bro.
  9. mackem


    Cannabis is legal,I know a guy who used to import it illegally,he now grows it in a huge facility on the continent and legally imports it on licence (which costs beacoup ££) his famous cousin is the face of the company but he is behind pulling the strings,it’s just £££.Victoria Atkins husband Paul,biggest dealer in the country but legit because he pays to play,you have to put down cash for a seat at the table.
  10. If ya knar ya knar…….ya Knars?
  11. The Last Stop In Yuma County 8 outta 10 Sting……Giant spiders eating people 4/10
  12. Wish I had gone to see Phil Collins when I had the chance.
  13. I am just going to get one from the local cabela's Dan, I did a search and they have a few in, the blokes who work on the fishing section all fish the run, it's on for 6 weeks or there abouts, looking forward to it, last year I used a fixed spool bait runner type reel which did the job but a few people advised to go with a centre pin. Access Denied WWW.CABELAS.CA
  14. Good concert apparently,bit wet though.
  15. Don’t builders finish half day on Fridays?When I got my bathroom in they did.
  16. Incredible place, desolate and pristine, all along Northern Canada is a huge belt of wilderness, if you get the chance go visit.
  17. mackem


    Ergo the government are the biggest criminal gang in the country.
  18. mackem


    I used to make quite a good living in Europe moving ciggies,long time ago obviously,didn’t even need to bring them back to the UK,there was a huge industry moving them from the rock across the runway to La Linea and thence up to the Costa’s (not the chain of coffee shops).There used to be a few big stores just over on the Brit side of the Gib border that facilitated the game by selling nothing but tobacco.
  19. mackem


    I like bees.
  20. mackem


    Smokers V non smokers lungs.
  21. mackem


    Same. Cant stand the smell of a cigarette,love the smell of a spicy hash or really rich cigar,I was in a hookah/smoking lounge a few weeks ago with some Turks,had to excuse myself and go to my hotel for a shower and an early night,the smell knocked me sick.
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